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  • Cusco/Iquitos Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Aug 13 2008 Submitted by: James

    Cusco I have spent about 8 months in Peru over the last 3 years and I lived in Cusco for about 3 ½ months. There are some very attractive girls in Peru. Almost all my experience is with screwing locals, but I have a little bit of info about paid sex as well.


    First, it’s easy to pick up local girls and get laid for free, even without making much effort. You have to know some Spanish, but not a whole lot. I’ve found the local girls are initially a little inhibited sexually, although this is not always the case. Sex is often vanilla but generally good.


    One issue is the girls can get attached to you if you screw them a few times, take this into consideration before you leave a trail of destruction as I did my first year in Peru. Within 2 months I had 5 girlfriends in 3 cities and there were some hurt feelings as I had to break some of these off. This was a mistake.


    The bricheras (as mentioned in previous posts) which hang out in the dance clubs and bars around the Plaza de Armas in Cusco and pick up foreigners can be fun. These girls are generally just out for a good time and prefer to play with gringos. I think very few of these girls are criminals and out to rob you, although you will hear this alot. But be careful because this does happen. I have screwed a couple of these girls and hung out with a few others. I haven’t heard the word brichera used outside Cusco. They can be very attractive. I have had a couple 9s walk up to me in the bars to start conversation. These were not working girls. Some girls from Lima travel to Cusco for vacation to have fun and meet gringos. You will meet these girls too.


    The bricheras are generally more liberal than other local girls, and some have probably slept with many foreigners. For example, one girl I met at a Cusco disco, the first night we met we had sex, then the next night we hung out with her friends who harassed me all night to buy more and more alcohol for them, then we went back to the discos. I went to the bathroom and when I returned my date was making out with another gringo. After a little arguing we went back to my hotel and screwed again, and she threw a temper tantrum in the morning because I wouldn’t fuck her again in the morning. This is a brichera.


    I have very limited experience with paying for sex, but I’ll relate what I do know. Some friends took me to a club in 2007 in San Sebastian outside Cusco, I think it was De Camaron, my first time amongst whores. It was a fairly well lit place and girls in 5-8 range. One of the boys brought over several girls but I didn’t like any of them until I met a very curvy, very classic Peruvian looking girl, about a 7 or 8. She kissed me passionately for quite a while in the night club, it was very good kissing and she came off as very interested. She wanted S/ 200 ($70) for full sex which was more than I wanted to pay and I was a little too drunk anyway. I didn’t try to bargain her down. There were many Peruvians in the club, and I really doubt they are paying S /200 so the cost is probably much less. My Peruvian friend also said it was “mucho”.


    In 2008, I went to the nightclub on Avenida del Sol in Cusco, the one mentioned as being new in a previous post. It is near the statue called Monumento Pachacuteq, which is only a few blocks from the Plaza de Armas. There were some attractive girls but the place was very dimly lit. I didn’t care for the atmosphere and couldn’t see the girls too well so I left. I liked the club in San Sebastian much better.


    Iquitos I traveled to Iquitos in the Amazon for 6 days this year, 2008. The Peruvian men talk about how beautiful the girls in the jungle are and this is true. But if you are used to picking up bricheras or other locals for free sex in other parts of Peru you should know the girls in Iquitos are much more difficult. They will come off as stuck up and some will not even respond when you try to speak to them. I had planned on finding a local girl to play with, but realized pretty quickly something was different. I talked to some of the young men and even a couple of middle-aged women to try to figure out what was going on.


    The young men said you have to keep returning to the girl before she will respond to you, and the women said the girls will act disinterested and that you have to be patient and wait. I was so horny from all the hot girls and the hot weather I decided to pursue other options.


    The working girls on the other hand are very friendly. Some of the girls in this town that are working aren’t so obvious, at least to my untrained eye. I approached two gorgeous young girls sitting in a doorway near my hotel just to try some small talk as I was leaving to go to the nightclubs, and they asked if I wanted them to accompany me.


    They took me to a bar called Anubis we had a bottle of beer and then they took me to a find a room. One girl was a 9 and one a 7. Every guy in the bar was looking at the 9 without blinking as we left. They use a motel on the same block, costs S/ 20 ($6). The girls were so good looking and they were very pleasant to be around so I went for it. They asked if I would like both of them. I offered S/ 300 ($100) for the two of them for full sex, shoot my load 2x and they accepted quickly.


    I think they would have accepted less, but it was a fair price for me. They would make most of their money off the Peruvian boys who just couldn’t afford this, so the price must be much less. In my naivete (this was the first and only time I’ve paid for sex) I was expecting a couple hours of fun, intense sex with two girls, but the sex was only about a 4. There were some moments that were fun but they just weren’t good at building the intensity and sometimes they just weren’t cooperative, I don’t know if it was inexperience or they just didn’t want to, and after awhile they started to rush me. We returned to the bar and I hung out with them for the rest of the night. My girls pointed out 2 other girls working in Anubis, both 7-8 range but in early to mid-20s and offered to introduce me.


    The 7 turned down other offers but the 9 left for 15 minutes with some guy she already knew, I think this is more the typical service she offers, a quicky.


    There was also a transvestite prostitute and some gay men in the club and the straight whores are friendly with the gay men for some reason. By the way, there have been problems with underage prostitution in Iquitos so be mindful of this.


    A Peruvian also recommended two other nightclubs, Gato Salvaje and Luna Roja but I didn’t visit so can’t comment. You’ll want a room with an air conditioner because in the 80 degree heat and 90% humidity you’ll sweat buckets all over the girls.

    (Review # 24480)
  • Lima / Arequipa Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Aug 05 2008 Submitted by: Jefecito

    I'm an American, but I have been living in Peru for nearly 5 years. Having read many of the posts I think I need to add a few comments.


    First, Las Cuscardas is an amzing place to visit. You must get a good taxi driver and tip him to take you to this nightclub. Have the taxi wait for you - the area is bad.


    The club is full of 40 to 50 very sexy young women - and you can take your pick, fuck them in private rooms (30 minutes is 40 soles (about $15). I've been all over Peru and have never seen better looking women and its cheap.


    If you want to try good looking trannies, try La Victoria - after midnight there will be a nice mix and you can get complete sex plus a non-condom BJ for S/50.


    In Miraflores there are various discotecs (what the locals call them) and they will be full of good looking girls trying to fuck you for about $100 - in my opinion this is too expensive for Peru.


    In Arequipa there are some nice clubs with good girls too. Ask a taxi driver to take you to Avenida Jesus (ironic isn't it) Club Eros, Club Amanecer, and Club Africa - you'll have a good time and entry is only S/5.00 (less than $2). Anyway, have a great time in my adopted country!

    (Review # 24427)
  • Lima Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Jan 14 2008 Submitted by: Norsman

    I was thinking submit my experiences in Lima, one of my favorite cities for sex. Last time I was there was my 3rd time there so I starting to get some clues about the marked there. Lima after my opinion is actually the best place I have been to when it comes to finding sex, both free and hookers. I usually live in the part of Lima called Barranco, who is a nice and safe area (never experienced anything negative there). In the area there are many good nightclubs where I find it was easy to score on the chicks for free.

    To be honest is many girls there who is around 5-7, some that are 9-10 to but they tend to be popular by all the other male guests so, my advice go for the 5-7, if you are drunk enough they are absolutely fuckable for the night. The Nightclub Bierhaus in Barranco wad the best I think, and I scored several times there. Just be a gentleman and buys some drinks and dance and you will end up with a girl, at least if you are a gringo. I also tried many massage places (Banjos Turkus) just ask the taxi driver, they definitely know about someone.

    I found the banjos extremely relaxing. They have spas and a bar in the first floor was you can really relax, take a beer and have a nice sauna. The second floor has massage girls. The girls’ ages goes from 18-40 years old. Some of the girls usually the young one will only include a blowjob in there massage, but a lot of them will also fuck you. You are lead to a room where you can choose between 8-15 girls, depending on which day you are there. In the reception you must leave you values in a deposit box that is safe because you are given the key to twist around you ankle.

    So everything you are buying there are put on your bill, including the massage and the extra massage, the girls are often asking for some tips after the fuck session. My suggestion is around 25-30 soles if the service are good. A session of massage and special massage was around 250 soles. So I think it was pretty reasonable. The girls there are from 5-8 in looks, but you can be lucky and find a girl at 9-10. At the nightclubs with hookers I will recommend Tequila Rock who is located in the street Diez Canzeco (every taxi driver knows about that place).

    Stay away from overpriced strip clubs like Emanuelle,Suitos de Barranco and Eclipsey, were you pay way to much for the drinks, the sex and the entrance. At tequila rock you will often let in without cover charge, the drinks are is not very expensive (of course it cost more than a average Peruvian nightclub, but after all it is a gentleman’s club. The girls there are extremely hot as well, and you can spend the evening there party with the girls.

    I have been really chocked when I heard that people are paying 150 dollars for 2 hours with the girls there. If you are taking your time not stressing you will with no problem find a girl for 100-90 dollars for the night, I was able to find it all the time. But my advice there, do not pick the most aggressive girls, they usually provide the badest service. Street action I have never tried there. But if you go to Parque El Kennedy is a lot of street girls there who you can get to a cheap price. I wish all the guys who are traveling to Lima, and will find the city wonderful. If you just use some common sense you are inn for a very nice time.

    (Review # 22272)
  • Lima Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Nov 04 2007 Submitted by: Gugger74

    The evening of my arrival I was very tired from the long flight. But hey, I have used the time to reading true all your postings in the WSG. Like I do it in every city, I take the city map and mark all places I know to check them later. Lets go!

    I was for 5 nights in Lima and I had my hotel "El Docado" just 4 blocks away from the Larcomar shoping mall at Miraflores. It is the best area to stay, safe during night time even if you are alone.

    Street action:
    Well the postings from the pizza avenue, just around the "Oval Miraflores" are true. There is a nice street starts with the Rustica and ends with a Brazilian bar. After 9pm there are some street hookers walking around this area. You have just to sit there and checking out who is a hooker or not. But after there second or third round you will know. Well I was walking true this street and to girls asked me very quick to escort me for the night. We went to a hotel just around the corner but they didn’t like to give us a room for two hours. Well we took a taxi and went to the Shell Street to another small hotel where I had to pay 60 soles for the room. After a shower with both we have started with the action. The both played with my lap and I had the chance to fingering all four holes of theme. Hey don’t forget your own condoms. They usually don’t have some with. We have used 4 condoms during these 2 hours. They have fucked like crazy. They were between 19 and 22 years. Price 150 soles each. For the six beers we ordered in the hotel I have paid another 120 Soles. Be careful, they want to take a shower first. Take your personal belongings with you to the bathroom and never let your open beer out of attention. I don’t know if one of them putted something in my beer. So I only have nipped on the bottle after action. We went back to the pizza avenue by taxi. Looking 7 and 9, action was 8. One of them, the rubia called Yvonne. The negrita I don’t remember.

    Bar action:
    In my last night I choose to go to the Tequila Rock. It was about 10pm and there where about 10 people in the club. I don’t hade to pay an entry fee. I was going directly to the bar to order a beer. I saw a really pretty girl sitting in the sofa. She gave me a sign to coming over and I did it, of course. She asked me to order a Cusquenia Negra for her. 1 beer 10 Soles. She spoke Spanish, English and Italian. Good for me. I speak English and Italian. Her name was Cecilia and she told me that she is 28 years old. Perfect. She was very well dressed and her face and body was 9-10. After another beer we went directly to my hotel. No, first we bought another 6pack of beer.

    At the hotel she had to give the ID-Card to the receptionist but first she doesn’t like to do it. They have charged me 10$. 2 reasons for her not to let the ID card there, cheating me or she was much older. The second one for sure. In my room where I had a first beer party with an erotic strip show. Now I was sure that she was min. 34 years old but, very nice and a very thin body. No silicon, only natural and sexy. She blew me first with condom before I stated to lick her shaved nice pussy. So we had 2 rides in two hours. After that I shoot her out because I hade to go to the airport at 7am to travel to Cuzco. I paid 150$. Looking 9, action 8. I will try it again next time.

    Well that is something for non scaring people. At the "Rustica" (Pizza avenue) I have met the "Big Boy". He was working for a tattoo studio near this area. After a couple of beers we went to the studio to look for some tattoo designs. We smoked a joint and after I asked him to show me a good night club. Well we took a taxi to the Lima center, about 20 minutes drive from Miraflores. We stopped at a dirty club, just behind the Alianza football stadium. The name was "Le meme". I think it was a industrial area. I had to pay 5 Soles each to enter.

    About 10 girls (6-10) where standing in front of there small rooms. So I have choose Alex. She spoke only Spanish and was light skinned. But guys she was a 10. I gave her 40 Soles for 30 minutes. After a wild ride I gave her another 40 Soles and she gave me a massage, a very relaxing one with a blowjob wow. I gave her another 40 for a second ride and after 90 minutes I gave her a good tip. She gave me her number to call her another night. The big boy was little angry to wait me 90 minutes. But I paid him a ride with a Columbian girl and he was content again.

    We were there for another hour and we spoke with some of the nice chicks. The girls there are changing every day. So it is the best to ask for the number and to meet her in town again. Hey, it is not an area to walk alone. Ask a local you trust to go with you or a taxi driver who knows this club. Behind the club they are taxis to bring you back. The address is: Av. Guillermo Dansey, 1194 Lima Cercado. ( Enter Av. Colonial 9 than Argentina 9), name Club Le Meme.
    Have fun on your trip to Lima.

    (Review # 21687)
  • Arequipa/Lima Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Oct 02 2007 Submitted by: Smart

    I am a Peruvian girl, engineer, and happily married, 10! "Not prostitute" as well as most of Peruvian girls. Was looking after to buy a house and accidentally this page appeared and it was very entertainment to read you all, jaa, first as a Peruvian I can tell you that most of the things are like you have write, pay attention an don’t be cheated, yes there are a lot of women that like that kind of life, and as I know the fair rate from the awful ones is 20 dollars, the little more better goes up from 30 to 50 dollars. And Peru doesn’t have Japanese influence!! Where did you take that from?? Most of the Indian people have that face, little eyes, dark skin, short, no ass, smell not good, there is escort service, call service with very beautiful girls, many like Jennifer Lopez for example and I’m not overreacting, is just to know how and where, and of course if they are very beautiful like in this case it cost you 100dollars, but if you are cheatable more, of course a typical thing in Peru is that.

    Everybody ,taxi drivers, girls, will give you in first instance a rate 3 times more, so you must say "no es mucho", (is too much) and they will low the rate, but you must keep saying the same till they really low it at its real price. Another thing, foreigners in Peru are seeing like beautiful people, Peruvian girls like very much white man and with blue eyes, is the best, tall an extra point, good body ? Perfect, so in the end when you fuck the Indian girls as you call the ugly ones you are giving them a favor and I assure you that they would have done it gratis (free). Awful girls willing to be with foreigners (fuck) in Peru gratis, you will find everywhere, of course if you are more than 60 you will not be as much attractive but I assure you that anyway you get it, anyway, I suggest you all guys to go to discotheques, where the Peruvian girls from 7 to 10points hang, and I assure you this girls are not prostitutes, have no diseases, most of them are students or decent jobs and go out the weekends to dance, relax and have fun, I assure you that easily you can met a beautiful smart girl talk to her dance have fun and if there clicks you can have her in your hotel room, and begin a nice relationship, or friendship, no need to pay for get love, no need to be with awful girls that may rob you"! In Peru there are 9 boys for one girl, boys are very macho man, that’s why girls are positive in front the idea of meeting foreigners, so don’t be shy, and don’t resign to have a girl 0-6 and paying and be exposed to diseases and robbery.

    Dare, go to decent places, discotheques, and be with real girls, beautiful, smart, nice, honest; in Lima; Discotheqs, Aura, Barranco La Noche, Cusco, mama Africa, Arequipa El Forum. Ojo: "Bricheras" are girls that have the firm decision to marry a foreigner, never work, get out of the country, they will pretend they are in love with you, how you recognize them easy, "they are usually doing nothing sitting in the plazas, they will approach you as friends," normally good girls don’t come and approach you, so if you are willing to get a nice girl you must approach, believe me 90% probabilities they will not say no ( I mean to ´start a conversation, go out, take a drink). At last, be careful, in Peru most of these girls are thieves, the same when you take a cab, they kidnap foreigners specially when they come and go from nightclubs because they assume you are a little drunk and have money. Take safe taxi, ask in your hotel, it cost you 2 dollars more probably, ok hope this help you all

    (Review # 20988)
  • Cuzco Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Sep 17 2007 Submitted by: Limpdick

    Just back from Peru and haven't written a review in some time and at 66 I am not the stud I used to be but still love the girls. I was in the square behind the main square and came across a massage place that advertised 1 hour for 20 dollars. I got this older Quechua Indian woman who had hands of steel and gave a very good massage and by the way she was handling my balls I knew she would do more but a hand job was all I wanted.

    I was too horny and paid to much but she did do a terrific job. One of those nice long drawn out ball busters. I noticed later that there were plenty of other places and was solicited by girls on the side to come in so I think that is what you want to do there. Have fun

    (Review # 20756)
  • Lima Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Feb 03 2007 Submitted by: Globe Trotter

    Well guys I'm back from my excursion in the south, South American that is. Well my hotel name was El Codado or something like that, nice room nice area, cool bellboys. The first night was a little tired from the flight but was ready the next day. The bellboy Hoesa was more than helpful when it came to getting a girl I'm not sure if he was a pimp or what but one night he provided me with a sexy Peruvian, who was sent up to my room with no problem.

    I was a little leary at first because I didn't tell Hoesa what I like, no matter because the female that came to my door was dynamite!!! Anyway I got naked, because that's what I do, and she had no problem doing the same. She didn't speak a word of English but the international language of love is the same all over.

    Well this girl was very safe, covered blow job, and sex. The blow job was nothing to rave about but I tell you she rode me like a brand new Harley. Wow!!! Needless to say, I wore that little chica out.

    The next day I was sitting in front of the hotel talking to one of the locals, and these two chicas walk up to me and started kissing me all in the face, I tried to protect my mouth but these chicks were all over me. Anyway they were about 6 and 7 in the face but 10's in the body.

    I always said I will do an ugly chick with a good body, but that's just me. Anyway the local I was talking to asked them how much and to make a long story short it was about 40 US a piece for the two of them for just me. Got them back to the room after putting everything away (safe) and the girls did a little strip tease. Then I got naked. Man! These girls went to work on me, one on my balls and the other on my cock 2 thumbs up.

    Anyway to make a long story short it was like a sex marathon condoms flying everywhere. Me being the man I am whore those little chick-a-dees out. I been around the world and seen a lot of things, but those girls were some of the best sex I've ever had in my life. Not to mention the sex in Panama City, Panama and Dominican Republic, but those are another story.

    Well guys I'm back from my excursion in the south, South American that is. Well my hotel name was El Codado or something like that, nice room nice area, cool bellboys. The first night was a little tired from the flight but was ready the next day. The bellboy Hoesa was more than helpful when it came to getting a girl I'm not sure if he was a pimp or what but one night he provided me with a sexy Peruvian, who was sent up to my room with no problem.

    I was a little leary at first because I didn't tell Hoesa what I like, no matter because the female that came to my door was dynamite!!! Anyway I got naked, because that’s what I do, and she had no problem doing the same. She didn't speak a word of English but the international language of love is the same all over.

    Well this girl was very safe, covered blow job, and sex. The blow job was nothing to rave about but I tell you she rode me like a brand new Harley. Wow!!! Needless to say, I wore that little chica out.

    The next day I was sitting in front of the hotel talking to one of the locals, and these two chicas walk up to me and started kissing me all in the face, I tried to protect my mouth but these chicks were all over me. Anyway they were about 6 and 7 in the face but 10's in the body.

    I always said I will do an ugly chick with a good body, but that's just me. Anyway the local I was talking to asked them how much and to make a long story short it was about 40 US a piece for the two of them for just me. Got them back to the room after putting everything away (safe) and the girls did a little strip tease. Then I got naked. Man! These girls went to work on me, one on my balls and the other on my cock 2 thumbs up.

    Anyway to make a long story short it was like a sex marathon condoms flying everywhere. Me being the man I am whore those little chick-a-dees out. I been around the world and seen a lot of things, but those girls were some of the best sex I've ever had in my life. Not to mention the sex in Panama City, Panama and Dominican Republic, but those are another story.

    (Review # 17293)
  • Lima Cusco Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Dec 15 2005 Submitted by: xxchairmanxx

    I travelled to Lima and Cusco about 4 months ago, and was going to post this review a lot sooner but never got around to it--until I read the last Lima review, which compelled me to write this now, especially since the last guy didn't know what he was doing.  I have to say that I have been very pleased with the accuracy of many of the WSG's postings--they definitely helped in many instances--so now I am returning the favor.

    When I arrived in Lima, my friend and I stayed in Miraflores at the JW Marriott. The Marriott is right outside the LarcoMar shopping center. Miraflores is, for the most part, like a downtown Manhattan area--lots of large businesses, stores, and people. It is a relatively safe place to walk around with no fear. The cabs all around will pull up to you and try to hustle you for a fare. The very first night, we walked from the hotel down Avenida Jose Larco to the Avenida de las Pizzas (tons of Italian restaurants). There are many slot machine joints, as well as a few casinos on the way. There are several girls hired by restaurants and clubs on Pizza Alley to get your attention to spend your foreign dollars at their establishment. You can tell that they try to find the cutest ones they can afford to catch your eye. My favorite is at the Rustica--a restaurant that is a cross between Hooters and Pizza Hut.

    Well anyways, the first night we stopped in a club and I met Ysabel, an attractive Peruvian girl. She spoke as much English as I spoke Spanish (which isn't a lot). However, she offered to show me around town and the sites, and gave me her cell number. Being suspicious, I asked her how much she was going to charge me, and her response was nothing--she just wanted to take me around. The next day, I called her and she didn't answer. Later, I find out that most of the girls have pre-paid phones which the service is extremely unreliable.

    My encounter with Ysabel would have probably fell under the Cusco report of a "brichera" - where for a bit of shopping, I would have received a bit of ass. I bumped into Ysabel later that week, and she claimed to have not received my call.

    Tuesday:  We went back to Pizza Alley, and across the street is a very well-lit park. My friend and I met a pair of street girls who we took back to our hotel. We were basically walking back to our hotel for the night, and they approached and propositioned us for about $100US for the pair. We were probably their 2nd or 3rd date for the night. Their looks were around a 4-6, and they put on a good effort, although their theatrics left something to be desired. We did a swap and my friend did a COF. Be careful not to have your valuables laying around; these girls swiped all the soaps from the bathroom and drinks/snacks from the mini-bar on their way out.

    Wednesday:  We hung out at the Rustica during happy hour. There are a lot of girls hanging out around Pizza Alley, some normal girls just looking for boys, and some working girls looking for johns. You can easily strike up conversation by buying these girls a drink. We met this other guy, and the three of us picked up a pair of girls. We drank and karaoke'd all night, then went to the Tequila Rock to dance. The reports on Tequila Rock are true--you can definitely find some hookers there. The ones we saw ranged from 3-6, none all that appetizing unless you are in deep need.

    Thursday:  Since I had won enough money to pay for my trip at the casino, I decided to treat myself to an adventure. Many of the cabs around Pizza Alley flash niteclub postcard ads--all trying to hustle you to a club. This night I decided to try one. I went to Emmanuelle, and the cover which I wasn't smart/brave enough to haggle over, cost me around $15-20US. As soon as I walked in, I felt like a piece of meat eyed by a pack of hot-looking, hungry jackals. The girls line up and wait for their victim to sit down before they try to work them. There was a large stage where they had some dancers (girl and gay-guy combo when I was there). It wasn't long before a nice cute 7 girl-next-door type came by and sat for a drink.

    Be careful, the girls' drinks are quite expensive and cost quite a bit, if you are not counting. I had already taken my blue pill (Viagra) that I bought from la farmacia, so I had a raging hard-on when she sat on my lap. She started flirting with me, kissing me, then rubbing me. It wasn't long before we were negotiating the price of love. The bar fine cost me $80US, and we settled on $200US for the whole night (after which she wouldn't budge even with some hard negotiating). She came back and stayed with me until the next afternoon. The sex was good---very girlfriend-like--and she was accommodating. I thought she would have bolted after the first time, or the second, but we hung out all the next day.

    The next few days, my friend and I went to Cusco to go hiking. After we came back from the mountains, we stayed our last night back in Cusco before going home (a Thursday). We went to several of the discotecas---and saw many of what seemed to be working girls. They kept eye-balling us, and it would have been easy to take one of these home. However, my friend and I, after reading the report here on WSG, decided to try to visit some niteclubs, including some in San Sabastian. We went to about a half dozen, including Noica, Rhumba, and De Camaron.

    It was one of the most fearful experiences I have ever had--I thought every cab ride to the next club would be our last, and I felt like I was about to be robbed at every turn. These clubs were in some of the roughest parts of town. Make sure, if you find a cab that you feel you can trust, to pay him an extra 5-10 Soles ($1-3US) to stick around and wait for you, in case you need to bolt. Late night is not the time to be alone waiting for a cab that might not come in those hardcore poorer areas.

    On our way back, we had a layover in Lima. We travelled to our old stomping-grounds of Pizza Alley, LarcoMar, and others. That night, we stopped in Suites de La Barranco. You would never find it on your own unless you knew where it was. The building is hidden behind secret walls, so that from the street you wouldn't know it was there.

    It was there that I met Heidy, who was a 9.9. This was a girl you would want to show everyone her picture with you in it, because she was so hot. I rented one of the rooms available there and she gave a full, unrushed sexual experience that I will never forget. In fact, afterwards, she even took time to try and chat with me, even though my Spanish is horrible. I fell in love with this girl, but unfortunately she found a boyfriend before I could make it back to see her again. The cost was about $60US for drinks (champagne), $80US for the room, $150US for the girl.

    All in all, to set the record straight, there is PLENTY of action in Peru. You just need to know how to look for it. Take advantage of their slower economy and exchange rate, and have FUN!!!
    (Review # 13308)
  • Cusco Strip Club Review Dated Added: Fri Nov 25 2005 Submitted by: head south

    There is a new club in town. Usually, you have to go by taxi to Decameron or others in dicey neighborhoods. Well, a new club opened a few months ago.  It's called Casanova, and it's right in the center of the tourist area. It's 5 blocks from the Plaza de Armes, down the main drag Avenue Sol.  It's across from the Citadel (a famous central site of the city, all lit up at night). It's in an alleyway, 50 feet from the Ave. Sol, right before Players Club (an American sports bar).

    This place is hot.  I never tried any place else because it was so good.  A stripper bar to naked, the girls are all 8-10.  You will not think they are Peruvian.  Beautiful.  You can take them in a back room, if you wish, and pay the house fee - $30 (an old disco room - you can dance to the music, use the pole, and use the couches... or take them to a hotel, or your own... price will be between $70-100. Well worth it. Don't miss it.
    (Review # 13166)
  • Lima Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Jul 11 2005 Submitted by: Mark

    Fabulous sex in Lima. Super fine 22 yr. old from Venezuela. Very busty, attractive, and loves to give BJs. Her name is Carolina and her cell number is 971 64047. About S/.150 ($45.00) for the BJ and full service. You might be able to negotiate it down to S/.100 ($30.00) plus the room. She's a sweetheart. Be nice to her and she'll take you to heaven.  (Review # 11996)
  • Cusco Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Apr 17 2005 Submitted by:

    As for the girls in the El Sol newspaper this is a great option, though you will need a little Spanish to get by and set the date up over the phone. Note, you can also access their advertisements online at:

    My personal recommendations are: JULY (Cell: 9937072) Cute little chick and very nice. Looks are only about 7, but her attitude makes up for any lack of looks. Straight sex is S/. 50 ($15), which includes the room; And she'll do great anal sex from any position for S/. 100 ($30). She keeps a room next to the San Pedro Market in the San Pedro Hostel about a 3 minute walk from the Plaza de Armas, though you need to call her before just showing up.


    MISTICA (Cell: 9736299 / Definitely cute and nice body! Good straight sex, and she likes it on top (no anal sex though). She also does a little massage at the beginning and tongue your back and neck a little - sexy! You will need to call her and then go to Hostel Fiori on Avenida La Cultura (about 5 minutes from the center), get a room (S/. 20/$6) and then call her again to tell her your room number -- she'll arrive in about 10 minutes. S/120 ($37) for an hour, and you can have as many times as you want within that hour. She's really cute, very polite and nice.

    (Review # 11277)
  • Cusco Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Apr 17 2005 Submitted by:

    Here's a little more on Cusco -- I've lived here for 3 years now and have learned a lot more about the scene than when I first visited the place as a tourist. There's lots of stuff going on in the bars in --


    "Bricheras" are local girls looking to hook up (though the word "brichera" is not a polite one). These girls will often just act as tour guides and take you around while you are in town -- essentially for nothing except meals, small gifts, etc. The sex can be great to not good at all. Any bar in the center has "bricheras," and most will approach you relatively shyly at first making conversation.


    That all said, for the guaranteed thing you have to go out of town. The municipality frowns on any kind of stripping or prostitution in the cultural center. However, about a 5-7 minute taxi ride out of the city, in an area called San Sabastian, there is a "night club" ("night club" in Peru is where you dance, drink, and get sex; a "disco" is where you dance and drink) called "De Camaron."

    Here the girls range from 5 to 10+ in looks and most range in age from 18 to 25. You have to buy the token expensive drink and make a little conversation, then it costs S/. 30 ($9) to leave with the girl (bar fine) and the girls charge around S/. 100 to S/. 200 ($30 - $60), though that's negotiable. If you're a little shy about approaching a girl, just tell one of the bartenders or waiters to bring the one of your choosing over to sit with you.

    Straight sex and blowjob is normally S/. 100 - S/. 150 for an hour; anal sex is between S/. 150 to S/. 200. As for blowjobs some of the girls will blow you without a condom, others won't; and once I got a great little ass-licking :).


    Make sure you've agreed on BOTH what she's willing to do and what you're going to pay BEFORE leaving. Once you've paid the bar fine, the girl will either go back to your hotel or take you to a little hostel just up the street from the night club -- the hostel will cost you another S/. 20. It's small, but clean and every room has a private bath (though you need to tell the desk clerk to make sure the water is on).


    NOTE> The girls are NOT permitted to furnish their own condoms, so you will need to have some along, or you can buy them on your way out from the doorman for S/. 2 each.

    (Review # 11276)
  • Lima Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Jul 04 2004 Submitted by: xtraraw

    Love the site, thought I'd give back. I went to Lima in June and had a great time but there are some basics about the girls there and where to go to get them that might help anyone thinking of going.

    First of all you can rent a penthouse in Lima for about $500 for a month, (a nice neighborhood is around Jose Pardo Ave.) trust me when I say its better than a hotel. These penthouses usually have doormen that are friendly and can give suggestions as to how to get around town and get what you want. In Lima no one speaks english and you'll be hard pressed to find anyone who will try. If your not into staying that long, there are more affordable hotels but make sure you get one in a good area.

    There is not much street action in Lima before about 2am or so other than in the really run down sections of town so your best bet comes down to either 1. Outcall girls featured in the newspapers. Or. 2. Going to a "Nightclub" and taking a 'dancer' out for the night. Pretty much every local newspaper in Lima features massage listings in the classified sections usually titled "Relax". The only bad thing about this is that there are no pictures to go on like here in nyc, only trumped up descriptions.


    Here is where you kinda need to know Spanish. The prices are not usually listed in the relax section so you have to ask for price when you call the girl up. Unlike here you don't have to be careful about what you say on the phone so feel free to ask them how much for extras like anal and two girls and so on. The going rate for an hour varies but it is between 90 to 100 Soles (Peruvian money) which is approx $30-35 dollars. They usually add on 10-20 Soles for cab fair so you should pay no more than 120-130 for any outcall girl unless she is social in some way (tricks etc.) she is coming from far away, or she is doing something extra like anal - (anal usually will cost you about 50-60 soles extra depending on the girl).

    There is one thing you should know about the outcall services in Lima:
    1. In general the girls are below average. 5-6 but fuckable. How much they charge is an indication of how good they look.
    2. No matter what the guy or girl on the phone says about the age of the girl, they will always be at least 3-6 years older than they claim. This has been my general experience. Your best bet when you call up a place in the classifieds that has multiple girls is to get the youngest girl there. If they say she is 19 she's probably 25.
    3. There are several types of girls in Peru, since the population has a heavy Japanese influence, many of the cute girls you see will be part Asian. If you are looking for a tight Asian girl, if the girls say they are Asian, they are probably only of Asian decent or just look a little Asian. The other types are the mixed European and aborigine type girls. The mixed Europeans advertise themselves as Rubias (blondes) and the aborigine girls are Negritas.

    To tell the truth, the girls with the best attitudes and who fuck the best are the Negritas because they are generally jungle girls, girls from the southern part of Peru, they have darker skin, skinny, not too tall, but they fuck great and they have better dispositions.
    4. (The most important one) You DON'T have to accept the girl that comes. In fact your best bet when calling is to tell the 'dispatcher' to send three girls and you'll take the one you like. The only thing about this is that the girls arrive by cab, and if and when you pick who you want, you have to pay the cab fair for the other girls to go back. This is not really bad as anywhere in the entire city of Lima can be reached for a cab fair of less than 20 Soles which is about 3-4 dollars. Believe me is worth it if you get three girls to come to you place and you can pick the best one, the descriptions they give over the phone are not enough.

    Outcall in Lima remains the cheapest and best way to fuck, there are always places open 24 hours and for a mere $40 dollars you get everything you want. Some of the girls even advertise they they are willing to be on video, but you have to supply your own equipment of course.

    NIGHTCLUB SCENE: Unlike here in the US, the term nightclub has a different meaning. If you want to go to a club and dance and listen to music, you tell the cab driver to take you to a Discoteca. In Lima if you want to go whoring, you tell the cab driver to take you to a good Nightclub. Nightclubs are mixes between stripclubs and whore houses.

    A decent nightclub to go to is the Madonna Nightclub. Its a fairly local/foreigner spot but understand that you will be treated like a foreigner, and given higher prices no matter where you go. Although the best places to go are the local nightclubs because you can always barter with the girls down to a lower price for their services. At primarily tourist nighclubs the girls will try and charge you $100 AMERICAN and up for an hour. Never accept this price, always talk them lower or just leave them and start talking to another girl. 

    First you have to pay an entrance fee to get into the club, at places like the Madonna club its about 30 Soles (=8 dollars about) and you get a free drink with that. Once inside there will be about 8-12 girls or more dancing around with each other or by themselves. A waiter will seat you and take your free drink order. Beware! get a drink you can nurse for a little while as drinks at Nightclubs are expensive (30 soles or more), and the girls will try to get you to buy them several cause they make money off of it. Once your seated, check the girls out that are dancing by themselves, by direction of the club the girls may not approach you directly, they will usually just dance to the music and talk amoungst themselves waiting for you to pick one of them. To get one of them you have three options:
    1. if you make eye contact with a girl she will usually come over and sit with you
    2. You can just point and beacon or just get up and grab one.
    3. if your shy you can tell the waiter to bring any girl to you. But don't be shy the less time you spend in the club the less money you spend, but generally the waiter will ask you if there is any girl that you like after a few minutes being seated.

    Girls in nightclubs are the hottest girls in town. You'll find a fair variety. If your not sure which girl you want know that every 15 minutes or so one will dance nude on stage. Once you picked one having small talk to fine, but she will ask you to buy her a drink. if you don't buy them a drink some girls may leave. If you do buy them a drink feel free to touch and get personal with them. Most will normally sit on your lap. But understand that these girls will drink fast and waiter will ask you if you wish to buy them another each time she finished one. Each drink is about 30 soles (8-9 dollars) so its best just to ask the girl if she wants to leave with you whenever you wish.

    It is about 50-70 soles ( 17-21 dollars) to take a girl out of the club. Maning you have to pay the club to take them home. You shouldnt pay more than 70, beware over charging. The girls will ask for $50-$100 dollars (160-325 soles) Never pay $100, there are more girls and most any of them will accept less. For nightclubs $50-70 dollars is a decent amount because the girls are really really hot. the average girls do outcall, the cute hot girls work in nightclubs. I mean just flat out fit and tasty.

    Nightclub girls have the tightest pussies I have ever had. They are clean and if you get one with a good attitude youll have a great experience. But understand that these girls are not into getting fucked for an hour. There are usually cabs waiting outside nightclubs for guys to take the dancers home, these girls expect you to take them back, fuck them for a few minutes, then send them back in a cab - so they may rush you, depending on the girl. In all going to a nightclub can cost you. Entrance fee: 30-40 Soles 1 drink for a dancer: 30 Soles paying bar for girl: 50-70 soles pay a girl for an hour:$160-325 soles In total: between 270-465 soles or 80-140 dollars (depending on exchange rate and not including the cab ride to and from the club)

    The incall services in Lima are actually cheaper than outcall but its a matter of if you trust the places or not. As far as massage parlors, my experience has been that they are great, in general they are run by former massage girls, they have about 4-6 girls at any given time and for a great massage and a handjob you pay about 35 soles (10 dollars). The massage girls offer extras, the two main extras are naked and oral sex Both will run you about 20-30 soles (6-9 dollars) extra. if you want to fuck the massage girls it will probably cost you about 80 soles extra on top of your 35 sole bill for about 115 sole bill (about 3 dollars). The only problem is that sex is not always offered or allowed at massage parlors. Alot of times the girls would offer sex (and they do if you ask) but the madam forbids it. But you are in private rooms so at times they will let you screw them on the low. The best thing in lima is really to call out for girls. The massage girls are usually pretty good looking generally 6-8. the outcall girls are generall average to bad (which is why its best to be able to pick) ranging from 4-7. If you want really hot girls and willing to spend money for it definitely go to the nighclubs, just ask any cab driver where the best local nightcluh is. Have fun, Lima is cheap and worth it.

    (Review # 9517)
  • Lima Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Jan 27 2004 Submitted by:

    WTL Club or the Roman Baths is a great place. The girls range from 5 to 9, but they are so friendly you will never want to leave. They are one of the only massage parlors in Miraflores, a very upscale part of town. However the prices are very cheap compared to other places. The place is set up like a private club but if you call ahead they will let you in. Ask for John Marco and ask him how to get there or just put your taxi driver on the telephone with him. They have around 6 to 10 girls available at any one time and it costs about $10 american to get in.

    A great massage complete with BJ and sex with a really cute girl costs about $40. The part i liked best is you can spend as much time as you want with the girl and do her in the steam room or the jaccuzzi or just the massage room. I went back several times and tried several of the girls. Erica looks exactly the latin singer Thalia and Shannon was the cutest thing you ever saw, she blew me without a rubber and I must have fucked her three times over three hours. Both were petite, about 20 years old with hard bodies. I cant't wait to go back. (Review # 8244)

  • Cusco Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Nov 09 2003 Submitted by:

    The best thing to do in Cusco is to buy the local newspaper: "El Sol." In the Classified section, there are usually 10 to 15 girls and a couple of clubs advertising their services. Note, you WILL need to have your Spanish dictionary with you. The girls range from 18 to 30 with all services available. The private escorts range from 6 to 9 in looks; most only speak Spanish and the local Quechua language.

    Many will visit you at your hotel or apartment, while others rent a daily room in a hospedeja (small hostel/hotel). Prices range from S./ 20 to S./ 100 ($5 to $30)-- You NEVER need to pay more than that in Cusco. Normal rates are: Blowjob S./20 ($5), Regular sex (1 hour) S./50 ($15), and anal sex S./90 - S./100 ($25 - $30). (Review # 7852)

  • Arequipa Escort Review Dated Added: Sat May 10 2003 Submitted by: Felipe

    I was in Arequipa this week. I can recommend you the club Queens . The place is correct. I was there on Monday and only 6 girls were there (it seems that 20 to 30 girls are there at the end of the week). 3 of them were 7-8. You can take them to the hotel (200 Soles for the girl + 50 soles for the bar. 1USD = 3,5 soles). (Review # 7221)
  • Cusco Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Dec 04 2000 Submitted by: Max

    Ok. there is a place in the out-town, called The Curva. You must ask to the cabmen about it... there are too many kinds of girls. The price is right: US$4.~~ (Review # 2818)
  • Pucallpa and Iquitos Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Nov 17 2000 Submitted by:

    Hello~~~~I have visited in September 2000 Pucallpa in the Amazon territories. It's good place to pick up a girls. There are several nightclubs. I have been in 3 different clubs, 2 were nothing special however the third one called LUNA ELITE is a very good place. There were around 8 girls inside. They were around 18 to 23 years. The strip show is terribly excellent. There is now entry price, a beer costs around US$ 5. I left that place twice with a nice chick. The last one was an 18 year old beauty having a stunning body. I paid US$ 100 for the whole night and she did everything I wanted except a blowjob. I was her first client and she was did have a lot of experience having sex. Well, I was a good teacher and I had big fun with her. ~~~~Later I visited Iquitos and must admit that I was rather disappointed. Two clubs were worth nothing. The girls were nice on the other hand, but they didn't want to leave. When I lost my last hope I was driven by taxi to a club called MI FILL that proved to be one of the best clubs I have ever been. Again the strip show was great however prices were more expensive than the ones of Pucallpa. I paid for a 19 year old chick US$ 150. She was well worth every dollar I paid and did every thing I wanted. I had very good sex with her could fuck her however I wanted. ~~~~Have fun folks,~~Cheers~~ (Review # 2746)

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