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  • La Paz Strip Club Review Dated Added: Tue Oct 28 2008 Submitted by: Johnny Walker

    Hi fellow mongerers, A few times a year La Paz is on my path and I always like to be there for a few nights. Normally I go after dinner to the Hard Rock Cafe on Illampu for a drink. Especially in weekends it's a very busy place from 11:30 PM. Lot's of bricheras, so you can take your pick. And if I'm not going to be lucky, I'll take a cab to Katanas, near the 'Puente de las Americas' (Bridge of the Americas). This is a up-scale place with a huge stage with 5 poles. From 11:00 PM they provide you with good-looking strippers. It's a real treat. Besides the dancers there are normally enough girls waiting for a drink (or two ;) ). In the place are some small rooms for rent, but a better deal is to go to Kandy Motel. In this case you have to pay a fee for leaving with the girl and, of course, negotiate your price with the girl. Katanas offers you an international variety of girls from Bolivia, Brasil, Paraguay, Peru, Argentina and others. Personally I prefer the girls from Paraguay, but hey... Just to let you know that there is more in La Paz. (Review # 25024)
  • Cochabamba Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Sep 14 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    I want to give you an update on Cochabamba, Bolivia. I just returned from my yearly trip. This time I only went to Cochabamba which is located in the center of the country. Easy to get there $100.00 round trip airline fare from La Paz or Santa Cruz about $8.00 by bus. The country is going through tough reforms and is suffering from an economic bump. This means that prostitution reigns. Street action is almost non-existent and I would not recommend to anybody. Better buy the local news paper "Los Tiempos" and look up in the classified section for "Ofertan Salud" and "Ofertan Servicios de Compania". There you will find whatever you are looking for. They usually give you directions to go to a house, which is perfectly safe, once you get there you can negotiate the price and you can take them to your hotel or better go to a local "Motel" for about $5.00 per hour. These motels have beautiful scenarios and are clean with private bathrooms, showers and Jacuzzis. If you want to fuck them at their places the price ranges from $10.00 to $20.00. (All negotiable) The girls don't rush and you can perform for over an hour. Tipping is not necessary although they will love to see you again if you do so. All of them they use condoms for suck and fuck. Anal sex can be performed but you need to tip them for them as an extra service. Looks are 5 to 9 very young, but not underage. Mostly 18 to 28. Bolivian girls are mostly small and perky breasted. Nice bodies. If you need further information or referrals just e-mail me. (Review # 15548)
  • Santa Cruz Strip Club Review Dated Added: Mon Aug 14 2006 Submitted by: Dove Hunter

    Was in Santa Cruz this past July 2006 on a dove hunting trip with some friends actually we go at least once per year. Anyway the women there love American men and are very hot and all seem to like to fuck. There are some bars on the main drag there, one in particular is called Disco Numero Uno and it is always about 6 to one women with easy pickings. Also the stripe club we went to is called Las Vegas and we walked in and there were about 50 or more hot Latino girls anywhere from a few 6's to some 9.5's I made eye contact with the hottest one in there and she came over. I speak broken spanish but we were able to negotiate fine. $100 for suck fuck and all, she took me upstairs to a room with fuck furniture and she fucked my eyes out. She was even a squirter. It was so good I could not wait to tell one of my buddies that was with me, so he was next. All in all Bolivia is great for sex. Been to Argentina hunting and the women are as good or better just a little more $$. (Review # 15333)
  • La Paz Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Sep 12 2004 Submitted by: Gilmar

    I found a very interesting website,, they have all the sites for massages, night clubs, motels, and sex shops from Bolivia. (Review # 10104)
  • Cochabamba Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Nov 07 2003 Submitted by: Alsne

    I just came back from my yearly trip to Bolivia. (Cochabamba). As I posted in my review of last year, things remain the same in this city. Prices have come down and there are more massage parlors and escort girls than before, but the quality of the girls and the service have decreased.

    This time I would recomend Gladis or Faviola, they own their own massage parlor house, the service is excelent and the price $10.00. You call them at 458-3xxx and make the appointment. (Review # 7843)

  • La Paz Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Sep 03 2003 Submitted by: Danny

    First of all this one of the best sites ever, and it helped me find some good safe fun through out many places. I just want to give something back to the site.

    In La Paz there is almost no street action and night clubs are known to rip you off. Escort houses have been popping out lately and they are a great deal.

    There are a lot which you can find in newspaper La Razón and they even include the actual girls pictures wich you don't find in other papers. One of the best is ?? (actually it doesn't have a name, they are mostly underground, don't know why cause prostitution is legal in La Paz) it is located in the middle of downtown, but La Paz in general is pretty sfe, just take basic street smart precaution measures. These places have private rooms, but they are not that great, the best deal is to take the girls out.

    Ask for Paola, she is a shy tall brunette, she'll charge you about $40 dollars for going out an hour, but you can talk her into $70 for the whole night which i recommend, take her to Kandy motel wich will harge you about 50 for the whole night, it is the best motel and rivals any 5 star hotel in luxury, or take her to your hotel, most hotels won't mind, even 5 star ones.

    The fee includes about everything, let me tell you what i did to her. She gives great oral, since i had her all night I cummed in her face and then made her drink it all, she did. After I fucked her in about any position imaginable, she had a tight pussy, don't know how and she moaned alot so it made me wanna fuck her harder. But the best was the anal part. I brought some toys, while lubbing her i fingered her and eventually fist her in the pussy while fingering her ass she screamed a lot but enjoyed in the end. I slid a butplugg in her ass and fucked her pussy hard. She never did that before she said but she was willing to experiment. Then i fucked her in the ass in many positions and then fucked her with a dildo while fucking her ass.

    After that she was so tired she felt asleep, when she woke up about two hours later she sucked me good till i cum again. I had a terrific night with her. And she was so glad she charged me just half of what we agreed, that happens a lot depending on how good the fuck is. This was my best fuck in that place, but the rest of the girls, are pretty and would do about anything for the right price. (Review # 7469)

  • Cochabamba Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Sep 18 2002 Submitted by: Alsne

    Cochabamba is the best city of Bolivia. Most of the girls go to Cochabamba to make a living. Street action is almost inexistent. If you purchase the local newspaper called Los Tiempos and look up in the Escort Service (Servicios de Compañia) you will find all types of girls from students to professionals. They post a telephone number, which you can call to get directions to the private houses. Once you get there you will be shown 4 ort 5 girls and ask you to pick one. These girls range between 7-9. Some of these places can provide you with a room without an extra charge or you can take them out to your hotel or a local motel. Prices are less than $20.00 for one hour. Usually the girls perform three services, massage, bj, and intercourse. ~~

    ~~Anal sex is also performed, but you have to be persuasive. Most of them will prefer to use condoms but others can be persuaded not to use them. (Think safety first). Motels charge about $10.00 for one hour. They are clean and have Jacuzzis and beautiful settings. Round trip taxi fare to Cherry or Safari motels will cost about $5.00. No tipping necessary. I will post another review for the massage parlors in Bolivia. Brothels are not safe and are located outside the city in bad neighborhoods. Not safe.~~ (Review # 6163)

  • La Paz Swing Club Dated Added: Sun Jan 27 2002 Submitted by:

    In the name of research I went to La Paz, Bolivia and asked a cab driver for the best pussy. He took me to some joint on Calle Mexico. This club on Saturday night-1am contained a grand total of 3 very mature women and no clients (wonder why). One of the women said that the biggest club was Encantada. So I hopped in a (different) cab and he dropped me outside what looked like 3 ´swing´ clubs all next to each other of which Encantada was one. I went into the one next door because they had a better neon sign and I always go for that.

    ~~~~The name and address is: Maipo, Loayza 802 (Encantado must be 804 or 800). A cab from downtown (16 de Julio) is 5 bs (or 10 if you forget to ask how much before). Anyway, cheap, and well worth it especially considering the club is uptown next to a dodgy area.

    ~~~~There were roughly 15 girls there 3-6, and a couple of 8´s. When I was sat down 3 girls came over and asked me if I liked any one of them. I asked if I could see all the girls. They said yes and the next girl who came over was way above the average of any of the girls I’d seen in Bolivian swing/strip clubs so chose her. 30bs for her drink (same price as yours).

    ~~For sex: A room is 100bs and when it came to her price she said what do you want to pay. I said 400bs which she accepted. The whole night cost me 900bs and maybe the better dealers among you can get the same for half but I enjoyed myself which was the main thing. ~~
    (Review # 4964)
  • Santa Cruz Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Sep 06 2001 Submitted by: whorehopper

    If you happen to be in Santa Cruz visit "Cartagena". The girls are clean and roughly 6-8 and it’s a neat, safe place. It’ll cost you 20 US for everything. The girls start coming in at 9pm. Fridays and Saturdays there is more variety to choose from. Make sure to fuck a local, a "crucena" --they are hot. (Review # 4287)

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