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  Tulsa (46)
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  • Oklahoma City Arrest Report Dated Added: Wed Jan 01 2003 Submitted by: Chronicler

    Amazingly detailed information is available on The guy who runs the website likes to get video of johns and hookers, sometimes while literally in the act. (Though none of his pictures are particularly good) He identifies South Robinson as a hotspot and has photos of business locations known for the presence of prostitutes, like rent-by-the-hour hotels in that area, and also identifies South Shields as a hotspot. ~~

    ~~There is a lot of discussion about the bust of two people who owned more than 16 escort services, which supposedly resulted in the seizure of 10,000 client names. The police do not plan to press charges against the clients, according to the "vigilante" guy, who is all in a mope about it. The agency itself was not named. Interestingly, while the site contains an abundance of interesting and useful information, it has not been updated since April of 2002. Still, this is a primo site for gathering counter-intelligence about the Oklahoma City situation.~~ (Review # 6630)

  • OKC Street Action Dated Added: Wed Dec 04 2002 Submitted by: M

    Lots of action on SW 34th and SW 33rd st.Girls range from 2 to 8 scale. the better looking ones are not good with service the lesser good looking ones r willing to make it up by giving u what u want the way u want. BBBJ ranges from 20 to 50 depending on the provider.~~~~Met this one Gal last week she was in her car at the pay phone on 33rd st I motioned her to follow me we parked in a lot and she came into my car. The formalities were completed & I was sure and she wasnít a cop. She was a 7 named Jody. She said she needed some gas money to get back to some place she mentioned which was 150 miles away. she had come to okc to see her internet date and it did not work out. anyway she would not do FS she said but would definitely give me great head for her $30.00 gas money :)we went to a empty lot and boy could she suck cock.~~~~She licked my balls like candy and give me a five star BJ.I was almost about to shoot my load after some hot steamy sucking and I asked her if she would swallow for a tip and she nodded as in yes and I grabbed her by her hair and she stuck her tongue out and I downloaded a gallon of come into her mouth, and without spilling any, she then gave me a teasing view of all the come in her mouth and down the hatch it went. she then proceeded to lick my dick clean and even licked the small drops of come that still came out .gave her a $20.00 extra for her effort and went home a satisfied hobbyist.~~ (Review # 6499)
  • Oklahoma city Street Action Dated Added: Thu Oct 31 2002 Submitted by: ondeck

    Robinson St action was dead for a while .but its beginning to lighten up there again .There r sure chances of getting action on 33rd st and Robinson .Look out for the grey shutdown store and the Telephone booth outside it, thereís always a few girls hanginí around there and the next street 32nd st also. If you see a cop car then come back in 15 mins and they will be there walking down the street again. I have picked up a few good looking girls from there this past month and the price is $20 BJ,$40.00 for the world tour..Dont pay any more as they will try to get u to pay higher,just say this is not your first time on Robinson and it'll do the job. Stay away from some of the regular crack whores that hang out there too. they r nasty and will get u into trouble. If you cruise around for a good 30 to 45 mins you will definitely land up with a nice looking gal. Look for Sandi she gives good head and is a great Fuck. (Review # 6370)
  • Oklhoma City Street Action Dated Added: Sat Aug 31 2002 Submitted by: M

    Went to south Robinson & 44 th street to ck out the street action and believe me there is nothing out there anymore just some really old hookers who I wouldnít do even if I was paid to do it .seen about 4 -7 women all unrateable .Not one good looking woman out there .I went several days in a row to try out different time's like early evening to late at night but everything was the same . (Review # 6057)
  • Oklahoma City Strip Club Review Dated Added: Sat Aug 24 2002 Submitted by: San Jose

    Cruised in for a few days for a reunion, decided to see my old stomping grounds. Valley of the dolls and the other two clubs there next to it, have gone downhill overthe last few years. but stopped in anyway. most of the girls in Valley were not really worth it. The one Filipina chick couldn't really dance on the stage, but gave a nice lapdance for $10 a pop.

    Went over to Covergirls and was very impressed by the club and the girls. Had a nice lunch, and great lapdance by Bobby. Girl was so wet when we were done, my shirt and pants needed to be dried. Gave her my number, but she didn't call. Night Trips was very crowded, reminded me of Vegas. Too crowded and left. Missed the Red dog and the XXX extasy Ranch. maybe next time.
    (Review # 6000)
  • Lawton Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sat Jul 13 2002 Submitted by: inTheMil

    Well my first review, found this site, bored and being stuck in Wichita Falls, TX, I drove up to Lawton, to Suzyís a hair cutting place off Sheridan behind the circle K, use back door massages first time just before closing on a Tuesday, got met by and older Korean lady but looking for something, anything I went (needed a massage) typical fee, massage not the greatest, FS only thing good was she could squeeze the hell out of you with her pussy, and service well think she was in hurry to get home, second time Friday late afternoon was met by a second Korean, she was much better, real friendly and polite, great massage, FS was ok at best but being out here Iíll give it another try.... ~~~~Same day after spending a couple hours at strip club on 9800 cashe rd. for a military town it was better than L.A., Pensacola, NYC, even some places in Vegas the shortest dancer there all 4'10" of her what a machine. So off to the phone book, where was a place on 816 or 618 2st NE not NW (there are 2 second streets) had a white, black and 1/2 native American and mexi there all 2-4s I took the 1/2@1/2 girl (the black one was in my heart to try) just massage so, Iím told no FS and after the cops followed me all the way out of Lawton ~~ (Review # 5752)
  • Oklahoma City Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Jun 29 2002 Submitted by: Fatboy Slim

    I recently visited OKC and I thought i would check out the street scene on S. Robinson. After reading a few of the posts about this being a pretty good place for trolling, I was really surprised to find S. Robinson to be about the most disgusting stroll I have ever seen. The bars and motels on this street make the red light district in Juarez look like a place to take the kids. I probably saw 10 women out on the street, but you could but them all in a line together and have them smile and only count 3 teeth. I didn't bother to talk to any of them, so i don't know about the prices, but unless they were going to pay me it would have been too high. ~~

    ~~My advice is to head to the west side on Interstate 40 and check the truck stops. If you have a CB you can find some very good looking and young girls just about any time of the day or night. If you hear from a girl that goes by the name "China" I suggest you give her a try. She is a 20 year old that is totally hot and she really loves her job. ~~
    (Review # 5678)
  • Norman Massage Parlor Dated Added: Thu Jun 20 2002 Submitted by: annon

    ~~~~Finally decided to try out one of those "Adult Massage" listings from the back pages of the Oklahoma Gazette. After calling several I decided upon Randy Lee's. The girl on the phone said that because they were outside the city limits they were allowed to get topless and even fully nude, but that depended on the girl. After getting directions (it's way out there in the country) I pulled up at this trailer. I walked into a nice room with two girls. One was very hot, tall and in a bikini with long brown hair. The other was very petite with small tits, but a HOT body. She was wearing cut off jean shorts and a small top. I chose this 20 y/o petite girl and paid the $50 for 1/2 hour. Other prices are $60 for 45 min and $70 for hour. ~~

    ~~She took me out the back door into yet another trailer and to a room where she told me to get comfy. I stripped and she returned a few min later. Laying ass up on the massage table she gave me a so-so back massage, but quickly moved to my ass crack and balls. I loved it, very stimulating. I asked her to take her top off and she did. She also removed her shorts, but left her g-string panties on. She let me touch her all over. After turning over she gave me an awesome h/j spending a lot of attention on my balls. I rubbed her pussy and ass through the panties. She even showed me her shaved pussy (she is a dancer as well). I finally had an explosive orgasm that shot up and all over her hand/wrist. This was a very good experience that I plan on trying out again. She did tell me that, although she doesn't, there are some girls there who will give full service. I tipped her $40 and left much more relaxed.~~
    (Review # 5637)
  • okc Massage Parlor Dated Added: Wed Apr 10 2002 Submitted by: Stick

    Ive been using this little place called Private Pleasures and let me be the first one to tell you. This girl named Tabby is a total pleaser. She does incall only but its well worth it. You can get in touch with her at 787-xxxx or 503-xxxx. Her rates are very reasonable and she"ll make time for you (Review # 5273)
  • Altus Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Feb 11 2002 Submitted by: Partyguy

    Executive Massage---1 Mile west of city on Hwy 62. Good service, price, conversation.... I walked in was told the prices for only a massage and found out after I was taken in the room about the "extras" Paid 60$ for FS, was normally 80$ but told her I was from outta town and she was eager to drop the price. Next thing I knew I was being straddled and somehow without noticing she managed to sneak a rubber on me(she must have done it when she was giving me head). Tore it up on the massage table for 30 minutes in a few positions and after I was done she cleaned me up with baby wipes =D She was more than generous and could work that ass. Look forward to going again soon. (Review # 5029)
  • Tulsa Massage Parlor Dated Added: Wed Jan 02 2002 Submitted by: crazy for Jan

    Look for a skinny redhead named Jan. For $50, this chick will get naked and give you an "exotic" massage. Which means, she will lay on top of you and rub herself up and down your bod until you are ready to get off. Then, she will dismount and get you ff according to your "tip" amount. Leave it at $50, and you get a handjob....go to $75 and she will sit on you and rub her crack against you until you get off.....go to $100 and get a blowjob.....and a full$150 and your in for the whoile enchilada. The only thing I don't like about her is that she asks a lot of questions. (Review # 4860)
  • Oklahoma city Massage Parlor Dated Added: Thu Nov 08 2001 Submitted by: M

    Read about a massage parlor in the reviews by the name of Cheri Blue in Okc and decided to check it out .Made an appointment and went in there. There was only one girl approx 24 /25 yrs old overweight by about 25 pounds the phone kept ringing and we were interrupted even before we could start talking .Then there came in another lady 35 ish 3 in looks not any better than the first one ,thatís when I decided I had had enough and chose to leave .I would not recommend this place to anyone looking for a quality experience I'm sure there is better out there !!! (Review # 4589)
  • Oklahoma City Massage Parlor Dated Added: Fri Oct 19 2001 Submitted by:

    Guys I know a girl that used to work at Cheri Blue OKC. The place is shut down and the website is gone. The guy that used to run the place is under investigation by the FBI. From what she's told me, he's not too smart. The place itself has been busted more than once and is now completely gone.

    A few of the girls that worked there are in legal procedings right now. If it opens back up again...I'd stay away, from the advice of one of it's former employees
    (Review # 4468)
  • Oklahoma City Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Jun 29 2001 Submitted by: King of OKC

    Just got back from a trip to OKC. Drove down se 59th street to check out the strip clubs. Valley of the dolls and Fancy's both looked really ratty, so I skipped them and went right to Cover girls. Very nice atmosphere. After the girls get done on the main stage, they move to a smaller stage that you can see as soon as you enter the club. Saw plenty of lap dances going on in back, but couldn't get any of the girls to stop and talk long enough to get one. The dancers were all very hot.

    From there I went back to my hotel and called Nikita's brats. I asked for a petite girl with long dark hair. After waiting for an hour and a half for a call back, I called the service. They told me to give them another fifteen minutes. I finally got a call back from a girl named Kara. She arrived about twenty minutes later. She was 5'9, short blonde hair and about twenty pounds over-weight, but still attractive, so I didn't care that it wasn't what I ordered. Gave a great bj, let me lick her pussy, then I did her doggy style. She stuck around for a while afterwards and talked and gave me her pager Number.

    An hour later, I was still horney, so I called Sweet Sadies. I asked for a black girl. got a call back 10 minutes later from Candy. She arrived about 10 minutes after the call, very attractive, nice small ass, little tits. For a hundred plus 30 tip, she got naked and gave me the best blowjob I have ever had in my life. She gave me her cell number. I hope to make it back down there next month so I can get with her again.
    (Review # 3881)
  • Oklahoma City Massage Parlor Dated Added: Thu Jun 28 2001 Submitted by: Anon

    I've been going to Cheri Blue on 42nd and May and they are very reasonable and have what you want. The massage is excellent and any extras are very good also. (Review # 3871)
  • OKC Strip Club Review Dated Added: Mon Jun 18 2001 Submitted by: okj

    I lived in the okc area for the past couple of years and have visited two strip clubs. One is "Covergirls" and the other is "Night Trips". Covergirls is the one I prefer due to its special arrangement and all the girls are excellent. You can go in at any time find a table and not be elbow to elbow. the girl to watch is crystal, especially if she is on the satellite stage. she also gives great ld's. in this place you don't feel crowded and pressured for dances if you know how to say no.

    "Night Trips" is also an great place, however, to me it is a bit small. The girls here are also great looking and very nice. one thing that is nice is they allow ladies in for free and many of the ladies enjoy themselves just as much as the men.

    Each club is owned by different people. Covergirls is located in south okc I believe on 56th st south right off I-35 (look for the billboard) and Night trips is off I-40 on meridian(look for the billboard).
    (Review # 3785)
  • Oklahoma City Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sat May 19 2001 Submitted by: Just a hobbyist

    Hello Fellow hobbyist, There is a little place called Cheri Blue In Oklahoma City. One of the best places to go for some "stress relief". Girls are pretty and well trained. Located on S. May. but they really don't like walk ins. They are very careful and started a membership programs to be extra careful. If you're there the first time, it depends on whether they know you or not But they'll make you fill out a form, stating that you are aware that prostitution is illegal...blah blah blah. Don't fret... depending on how you react or act, you'll be in for an enjoyable experience. I have a favorite, her name is Lexi. Gorgeous girl, beautiful long legs. One of the best I have ever had. Treat her nice and she will treat you right. $125 for days and $140 for evenings. The # is 405-685-2733. Happy hunting guys....~~ (Review # 3551)
  • Oklahoma City Escort Review Dated Added: Sun May 06 2001 Submitted by: John

    Visited OKC recently. Tried Busty Brunettes. NEVER call them. The girl they described was nowhere close to what she looked when she came. I would give her a 3. The worst experience of my life. They said she would stay for an hour. However, she was in a big hurry and left in less than 15 minutes. NEVER TRY THEM AGAIN. (Review # 3491)
  • Altus Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sun Apr 08 2001 Submitted by:

    Executive Massage 580-482-8383, approx 2 miles west of Altus on US Hwy 62 - look for the flashing sign. It's barely 50 yards outside the city limits. Open Mon thru Sat from noon until 1 a.m. $30 for half hour and $60 for full hour. 6 ladies on staff (3 on each shift). The girls are ok (average at best) but this is a small town in the middle of nowhere. They are very blunt about what you're getting. The girls will flat out tell you "this is adult entertainment" and "condoms are used for all entertainment." There are standard tipping rates. $20 handjob, $40 blowjob, $80 for the full "world tour. (Review # 3374)
  • OKC Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sat Feb 17 2001 Submitted by: dirtydawg

    Rainbow Health Club 405-946-5616 NW OKC
    Massage: $40/30 minutes, $60/60 minutes.~~HJ: $50 BJ: $80 FS: $120-$150

    Several quality providers working three at a time. One shift change per day. Better girls (IMHO) during the day. Currently Cali is the best girl.~~
    (Review # 3172)
  • Oklahoma City Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Nov 24 2000 Submitted by: Anon

    I've seen one girl regularly for the past 2 years, from Nikita's Brats. Very cute, thin, but not crack whore skinny, about an 8. VERY good skills. Ask for Kaylee. (Review # 2765)
  • Oklahoma City Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Sep 13 2000 Submitted by: Anon

    I've seen a girl from Nikita's brats for over a year. Aske for her by Kaylee. Very nice body. Very cute girl. Full service. Also All Night Escorts, but girls are usually 4-7's. Best strip club is Night Trips without a doubt. Don't know of any girls working "outside" the club. Probably not. Girls are hot though. (Review # 2364)
  • Oklahoma City Street Action Dated Added: Mon Aug 14 2000 Submitted by: Just a hobbyist

    Was down on S. Robinson over the weekend. Street action is pretty quiet but if you hang around long enough you will find girls showing up. Had met a girl named Stacy. Long legs and pretty okay looking for a street walker. She was pretty careful about who she got into the car with. Led me to a motel on I-35. $80 for half and half but I think she would do it for less. According to her, girls usually hang out on S. Robinson at around 8 pm. between 44th street and 29th street. Happy hunting guys.~~ (Review # 2152)
  • Oklahoma City Street Action Dated Added: Sat Aug 12 2000 Submitted by: Anon

    I was in OKC and cruising Robinson between 25Th and 44th. It was early Sunday morning and I didn't expect to find too many ladies. It then started to rain lightly and I thought I might as well give up. But then right off Robinson on 24th I saw a young woman sitting on some steps in the rain. I decided to drive by and check it out. She smiled and waved and I knew she was looking to make some money. I stopped and she got in the car. She was tall blonde and about 19-20. She was not exceptionally good looking, but fair (maybe a 5 or 6). She said it was $20 for a BJ and $30 to fuck her. $40 for both. She told me we could go to her house nearby. here's where it get weird. When we got there she knocked on the door and asked her mother to let her in to do a date. Her mother was about 35-40 and not bad looking. She was scantily dressed and didn't care. I think she probably was a working girl too.

    Anyway Suzie took me to her room locked the door and got naked. Her tits were small but firm and here pussy was shaved. I stripped and she began to suck my dick without a rubber. She did this very well, stopping to lick my balls and other sensitive areas too.

    She then put a condom on my dick laid back a put her legs in the air and was ready for me to fuck her. After a while she really got in to it and started working her ass. I came and she helped me clean up and dress and I left her there. I have looked for her since and not seen her.

    Later that day I picked up Peaches at a convenience store on 44th between Robinson and Shields ( at Broadway I think). Peaches was slightly over weight ( that was okay with me) with large tits and a knock out face. She was wearing short tight shorts and a thin top with nothing under either.

    We went to a motel that cost $15 for 1/2 hour and I spent $40 for a blowjob (excellent) and a hard fuck with a condom. On the way back to the store Peaches let me play with her tits and she caressed my crotch.
    (Review # 2145)
  • Lawton Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sat Feb 12 2000 Submitted by: jb

    Short update on Lawton Oklahoma, Suzy's in particular. This parlor has been very good, full service has always been available at standard parlor rates. However, the city of Lawton is closing this establishment down on the 29th of Feb 2000. They are in violation of new city codes. A lot of action has moved to the personals column of the local newspaper, look under out call stress relief massages. All have pagers. If you are known to the girls in Suzy's place they will give you their pager number, for use at any time. Especially after the 29th. Lawton is cracking down on cruising and prostitution. Street action very slim, except for a few black crack ladies on Lawton Ave and 14th Street. (Review # 1561)
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