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  • Mexico City, D. F. Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Nov 10 2007 Submitted by: Sound of Impact

    Having read other posts, I decided to avoid the zona rosa. I did walk around that area and it has turned totally into a gay section. Instead, I went to, found a gal named Giovanna, gave her a call. The site says the girls are independent, they're not. The gal who answers says she's the girl, but it's an agency answering. However, the gal who did answer told me the scoop straight away - in her words: one intimate visit, kissing on the mouth, oral and regular sex, no anal, for 2,500 pesos (around US$240).

    I set up a meeting for a few hours later. The gal arrived on time - I had to meet her downstairs because my hotel requires a key for the elevator. Gal was actually Brazilian - as smoking hot as you could imagine - and exactly the same gal as the one in the picture. She was very nice, friendly, no pressure, no up-selling, just a great time. She led the way into the bedroom, did all of the usual things/positions. She was willing to hang out and chat for a while also. It was a rocking hour - I will call her again for sure.

    (Review # 21760)
  • Mexico City Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Jan 02 2007 Submitted by: Jorge C

    If you want free action, go to club Red close to Insurgentes Sur. There are plenty of local girls who will fuck for free if you can speak some Spanish. Contrary to popular belief, it is as easy to get laid in Latin America as it is in the USA. (Review # 16875)
  • La Merced Street Action Dated Added: Sun Dec 24 2006 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    December, 2006

    It may lack the glamour of Miss Universe, but Mexico City´s Miss Meche beauty pageant for prostitutes made up for it in heart and humor. On Friday, 10 sex workers sashayed on a makeshift stage in La Merced, a poor neighborhood famous for prostitution, showing off homemade dresses in a pageant organized by the prostitute support group Street Brigades.

    Residents applauded the contestants, who included plump over - 30 mothers, women dressed in traditional indigenous garb and one participant who wore a dress made of condoms. A transsexual in black tights sang for entertainment.

    Prizes ranged from US$50 to US$100, but participants said the biggest reward was a lift in their self esteem.

    "This is a dream come true," said participant María del Valle Cárdenas. "I never thought I´d be in a pageant at 35 and with my voluminous body."

    The contestants designed and made the dresses themselves, many with help from their children.

    The working class La Merced neighborhood, nicknamed "Meche," has a history of prostitution going back to the 16th century.

    It attracts poor women from all corners of Mexico, many who are illiterate and suffer from exploitation at the hands of pimps and corrupt police.

    Street Brigades provides the sex workers with free medical clinic, supports them in getting primary and secondary school diplomas and has started organizing the Miss Meche pageant to give them a boost in confidence.

    "It´s a question of working with their self esteem. They are always given the image that women should be tall, white and with a great body," said Brigade organizer Elvira Madrid. "Here we are all women who love themselves as they are."
    (Review # 16726)
  • Mexico City Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Dec 04 2006 Submitted by: JackJ

    Ok I've been to Mexico City about 4 times now, from various business travels across South and Central America and I can tell you it definitely has a huge night life scene and there are plenty of good girls if u know where to look.

    I was mostly interested in the street action at first but I soon realized how dangerous it is. Never take any girl home from the streets, there are too many risks. While some can be good, I'd say most girls on the street are around 5's, young, but not very experienced and rip off foreigners like hell. Also stay away from the "bad", dirty areas like La Merced, they're full of underage girls, drug dealers and very dangerous. You could wind up with much more than just a VD and bad sex experience. (Maybe arrested or worse)

    I recommend Escort Services and Clubs only. When you check into a hotel, read the local papers or look up escort services in the directories, (their usually under 'Masajes' (Massage) or other 'Miscellaneous Services'). When you call them always tell them exactly what you want, don't miss a detail, describe the girl and what you want her to do. Also ask about Return Policy/Dissatisfied; if you don't like the girl and they say you still have to pay, find another service. I recommend you meet the girl elsewhere not at your hotel, so you can talk, get to know and see her better and see if she is really worth it.

    I had an excellent experience 2 years ago. I found an escort service called "Padre Romas", they seemed very high-class. They had only Mexican girls, a proper return policy in which you only pay for the cab back and a small tip(usually a small 220 peso altogether) and offered everything. All the girls can speak excellent English. In fact they clearly state they're one of the few English-speaking services. I said I wanted a young, slim, kind of short girl and they gave me a number, and I called the girl to ask for a date and we met at a restaurant first at around 9pm. She was absolutely breathtaking (9.5), a nice Latina, very nice body, large breasts, dark, sexy Mexican girl with very long black hair. She dressed very sexy in a short, low-cut dress, smelled very nice and behaved like a real lady. She didn't ask for too much, dinner cost me about 300 peso. We talked for a while, drank and she started to get quite horny, rubbing my dick with her legs.

    Finally I was taking her back to my hotel, the cab was another 180 peso or so. She said an hour for her was 420 peso (these are a bit pricy) but after some talk I managed to get that down to 370. Not saying you'll be as lucky, but hey these girls are quite good and you should be prepared to pay a little extra.

    The sex was amazing, she kneeled down sucked my cock firstly, very slowly. She did anal and sex for a good 2 hours, I came about 3 times. She swallowed all my cum, took it on her face and used condoms only for intercourse. She was very intense and passionate, she had a wonderful, nice firm ass and really knew how to please a man. And afterwards she stayed for a little while and drank with me.

    All in all it cost me 1490 peso for the entire evening which was about 3 hours of sex, about 150 dollars, maybe 170ish. Which for an entire evening and 3 hours of sex with a very experience, good looking Mexican, I was more than happy with and I tipped her.
    (Review # 16505)
  • Mexico City Strip Club Review Dated Added: Sat Dec 17 2005 Submitted by: So FLA playa

    Mexico City has a lot to offer. However, I would warn all North Americans that you have to always keep your guard up when dealing with Mexicans in this industry!!! They will try to take advantage of any opportunity possible. Recently, on business in Mexico City for 5 nights, I stayed in the Zona Rosa neighborhood, which to my suprise is the strip club capital of Mexico City. The neighborhood is completely gay/lesbian, but is relatively safe to walk on your own at any hour of the night or day, because it is well-policed. There are probably 10 strip clubs in the neighborhood, maybe more. Some are made up of mostly Mexican girls... some are a mix of Mexicans and Brazilians, and other nationalities.

    Personally, I found the strip clubs in the Zona Rosa to be lacking talent. Individually, I did find some beautiful Mexican woman at some of the clubs. I fell in love with 1 or 2 of them, but in general, no talent... even the foreign girls. I have high standards, coming from South Florida.

    The deal is the same in all the clubs in Zona Rosa. The cheapest drinks (beer, well or liqour) for you are $10. The cheapest drink for a girl is $18. Some places have cover... most don't have cover. They will sometimes offer you 2 for 1 drinks, however you have to pay for the drink before you get the other one for free. Just another way that they will try to scam you when you ask for the bill. They will constantly pester you to buy another drink, for yourself or for the girl, or to get a dance or something. It's annoying. They will always charge you different prices for the same things, and add additional taxes and tips to the bill. Don't trust anything that they tell you. The places all close at 5 am, and some stay open later.

    In order to get a girl to the hotel, you have to wait until 6 a.m.  When she leaves work, you have to fork over mucho dinero, i.e. $200++.  And none of that actually goes to the girl!  It goes to the house for you taking her out for the night... it's what I call the "extraction fee." Then you have to pay the girl extra monies. It can get expensive in this city. I would recommend Acapulco instead. Higher quality, lower prices. Obviously, every deal is negotiable... but you have to be firm in these places or they will rip you off completely.

    I speak fluent Spanish... Venezuelan ancestry, but look like a gringo. They will over-charge your bill every time. Every employee will ask you for a tip... even the doorman and the managers. The people in general that you will deal with in these places are snakes, and they have absolutely no sense of courtesy. Bottom line is that most of the Zona Rosa clubs are "strip clubs" or "table" where you can get a dance in a private booth, USA style. Maybe a hand job or BJ if you want, but that's not my style. I like the hotel for a few hours, and nothing less.

    In the end, dealing with all the BS that comes with these places is not worth it. If you are in Mexico City, and you want a slut.... Go to the internet website and go straight for the sex.
    (Review # 13326)
  • Cd. Neza Other Dated Added: Wed Aug 24 2005 Submitted by: worldtraveler76

    For extreme gay action and more, visit Spartacus's Discoteque in Cd. Neza. They have a website so you can get the address. They have good male stripper shows and it is generally a happy atmosphere. Girls also visit, and the lucky ones get to suck the stripper's dick when they sit near the dance floor. It's all fun. But if you are in for more horny stuff, go upstairs to the dark room, or *Cuarto Obscuro.* Everyone is fucking in there. Boys and boys, and girls as well. It's a private orgy within the club, but you don't need membership... just go to the club. They have a modest cover charge and drinks aren't expensive. If you are just curious to see horny action, it is a good place to go as well.

    Warning: Protect your wallet while in the dark room and all valuables. Some ladyboys work in there sucking dick, but also pick-pocketing. Have fun. Take a *Sitio Taxi* there and back. Mexico City is not always safe. So if you go, leave your valuables behind. Take just enough cash to spend. You may meet really nice people there, and if you are gay or want to try getting horny, you may find someone willing to share a hand, ass, or give you a blow job with all pleasure. No cost.
    (Review # 12541)
  • Mexico City Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Aug 06 2005 Submitted by: Fernando

    Don't waste your time. Just go to - all the pics are real, they're mostly girls from Brazil or Argentina working in Mexico, price is usually $200 dlls. 1 hour.  They kiss, suck, etc.  I called CONY and she was great.  There's a forum on the site where the customers share their experiences, and they're usually very good. Check the pics, it's mostly 9 and 10s.  And there's the cell phone number for each girl so when you call, the girl anwers you. (Review # 12324)
  • Mexico City Street Action Dated Added: Sun Jul 03 2005 Submitted by:

    In the City of Mexico the Merced (also well-known as Meche) is a traditional zone of encounter with whores. The Merced has the fame to have the cheapest meretrices. Consequently it is very frequented by workers of low income like workers or bricklayers. Although once in a while, by the nights, you see youngs of good social position in search of adventures. In the Merced we can distinguish two rallying points of women of the galante life: The street of San Pablo; The alley of Santo Tomás 1.

    The street of San Pablo runs from the Avenue Suárez Pine and the station of the Meter Suárez Pine to Anillo de Circunvalacio'n and the station of the Meter Merced. Throughout the street of San Pablo the sexual workers awaiting clients on both sidewalks stop. In San Pablo there are approximately 80 in average. The clients must approach and speak to them to pirujillas to know the prices and the characteristics of the service. Generally these puchachas receive 150 pesos by the single service that includes hotel, condóm and sex. On guard of the missionary.

    Some chavas refuse to use another sexual position and demand an additional payment (of 50 to 100 pesos) to allow positions different from the missionary. By the 150 pesos of the conventional tariff, the girls do not undress completely. When arriving at the single hotel they lower the pantaleta and rise the skirt to the waist... not even lower the blouse to discover her chest. If the client wishes that the girl undresses completely he will have to pay 50 or 100 pesos additional. Many chavas of San Pablo do not accept to practice oral sex on the client, even if paying additional money to them. Others accept to do it in exchange for 50 or 100 pesos more. In the end, the client would end up paying 150 to the girl, 100 for oral sex and positions, 100 for "encuera todita"... Total, 350 pesos for a "complete service".

    In the City of Mexico there are houses of appointments that for 150 or 200 pesos the client obtains the complete service with girls of characteristics similar or better to those of San Pablo. The girls of San Pablo take their clients to a hotel that is in the Topaz street. The hotel is clean, has beds, regadera with cold water and bath.

    2. The alley of Santo Tomás is perpendicular to San Pablo. It is located between Ring of Circumvallation and Topaz. In the alley of Santo Tomás there are approximately 30 girls. The novel thing of this place is that chavas makes "footbridge". Throughout average block the girls walk by the sidewalks of the alley from one side to another one. The potential client stops himself around this unexpected footbridge, awaiting the girl of his dreams to come next to him. When the small one comes in front of the client, she must approach to speak to him and to know the prices and the characteristics of the service. Since no one has to pay to watch, there is no lack of peculiar ones. The street is crowded with peculiar clients, totaling about 200 individuals. When one arrives for the first time at the alley, it resembles a multitude. One can get to think they finish killing somebody, or that there is merolico working, or that it is the entrance of the meter, the row of micro, etc. But no, that is the multitude that goes to watch without having to pay for minimum consumption.

    In the alley of Santo Tomás some chavas wear dresses more bold than their colleagues of San Pablo. They do not leave anything to the imagination. The pronounced decolletes, the miniskirts, negligés, fitted shorts, using underclothes like outer clothes abound, etc. These chavas receive 85 pesos by the service that includes "quarters", condóm and sex, On guard of the missionary for 10 minutes... Like in San Pablo, some girls refuse to use other sexual positions and demand an additional payment (of 50 to 100 pesos) to allow positions different from those of the missionary. In this place chavas do not undress completely either. When arriving at "the fourth" single one they lower the pantaleta and they rise the skirt the waist... not even lowering the blouse to discover her chest. If the client wishes that the girl undresses completely he will have to pay 50 or 100 pesos additional. Many girls of the alley of Santo Tomás do not practice oral sex to the client, even if paying additional money to them. Others accept to do it in exchange for 50 or 100 pesos more. In the end, the client would end up paying 85 for the girl, 100 for oral sex and positions, 100 for "encuera todita"... Total, 285 pesos for a "complete service".

    As mentioned above in the City of Mexico are houses of appointments that for single 150 or 200 pesos the client obtains the complete service, with girls of characteristics similar or better to those of the Merced. The girls of the alley of Santo Tomás take to their clients to a "hotel" in that same alley. In the "hotel" there are no individual quarters. There are rooms of 4 x 3 meters approximately. In those rooms they put sheets as divisions to create 4 or 5 areas of attention for the public... and put chavas there to take care of the client. All the "quarters" are thus, a simple sheet acts as a wall of concrete.

    They comment to me that there are quarters PREMIUM. There the walls continue to be of sheet, but they have mirror and a platform of concrete with a long cushion that serves like a bed. But to enter these quarters PREMIUM it is necessary to make a row and wait your turn; many chavas are not arranged to wait for, unless an additional amount is paid to them. In the "normal, conventional quarters", as soon as there is a long cushion thrown in the floor. There is no mirror, neither bed, nor buro '... What less there is here is privacy. The walls you throw with sheets help very little. Assiduous clients say to me that it is normal to hear those on each side.. even possible to see silhouettes projected in sheets, which is an additional spectacle - without cost.

    Also it is normal that the girls take care of their subjects while they offer service to other clients. Thus, while the client is with her the girls can be fighting with chava on each side (a client can glance at a few friends, a skirt, etc.), cotorreando it to it, or remembering the recent defeat of the Aguilas of America. The result is a scene that kills passions.

    These situations made me think that chavas of the alley of Santo Tomás work for Provida or some organization of extreme right... Its mission? to end lujuria and sexual desire from the terrible experiences offered; praising the advantages of sex within the marriage and monogamia....

    In the quarters of the alley of Santo Tomás there is no place to clean up... at least no palangana to wash the hands. When chava finishes, she gets dressed and goes out to hope for what follows. Take this like a warning if you consider to go to this place to contract the service. Piénselo twice before the passion dominates you and you begin to fill of kisses from the girl that you contracted. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Assiduous clients comment to me that the girls of the Merced in general are very conscious of the risks of their profession and take all the prophylactic measures they teach to them in the Center of Health administered by the Secretariat of Health; In spite of this, they continue committing elementary errors like opening the packing of condóm with the teeth. Consequently the diseases of sexual transmission are at your service all day between the clients and those of the golden heel.

    (Review # 11907)
  • Street Action Dated Added: Fri May 20 2005 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    [Here's a fascinating article...I'll post it because I'm committed to posting a variety of info about prostitution for purposes of discussion...but in the morning I will surely hate myself for posting THIS one]

    After a lifetime of work, Mexico City's elderly prostitutes find shelter Jo Tuckman in Mexico City Wednesday April 27, 2005 The Guardian Marilú Torres' knees hurt when they swell, her varicose veins are a constant bother, and cataracts are slowly stealing her vision away. Even so, the 72-year-old hits the streets looking for work every day, although she has to walk much further to find clients than she used to. "This year is my golden anniversary as a sex worker," laughed Marilú, who became a prostitute as a young widow with no other means of feeding her three children. "I'm not complaining, I've learned a lot about life in this job. But the old bones are turning to dust like the mummies, and it would be nice to be able to stop soon."

    She was talking in an abandoned sports museum in the run-down colonial city centre, which is being adapted as a shelter for elderly prostitutes who work the area. There are about 120 of them working the district, charging a standard 70 pesos (£3.30) a job, unless they are desperate enough to accept less, or are offered a little more by a client who insists on not using a condom. Many are homeless, turning tricks for the price of a meal or, if they are lucky, the cost of a night in a seedy hotel as well. Many are also spurned by the children they went into prostitution to provide for. The new shelter aims to give these survivors of the sex trade a chance to retire in a country where the social security system is woefully inadequate for most, and virtually non-existent for women such as these.

    It should provide a guaranteed bed for up to 70 of them, as well as food, healthcare, and workshops where they can learn how to make things they can sell instead of their bodies. "It is a beautiful thing to have a place to drop," said Ms Torres, prompting nods from workmates also taking a break in the would-be shelter. "We are going to make this a home." The rather grand, if dilapidated, building arranged around a large patio has been loaned free of charge by the city council. Renovation and initial maintenance (which will cost about £150,000) is in the hands of private NGOs and a group of prominent feminists who have taken on the project as a personal cause. They hope it will be ready in six months. "It will be wonderful not to have to walk the streets, not to have to feel the way people look at you," said Elena Román, 65. "I hate those stares. I feel so ashamed." With only a decade on the job, triggered by her decision to leave a violent husband, Ms Román is a relative newcomer to the business.

    Others, such as 70-year-old Florencia Sánchez, have a lifetime of experience. She began as a 13-year-old runaway, took a two-decade break while married, and has somehow managed to keep her profession secret from her eight children. Today Ms Sánchez is among the hardest-working in her age bracket, desperate to earn the cash she needs to bring up her two teenage grandchildren, who were left in her charge when their mother died in an accident. "I have no choice," she said without drama or self-pity. "They are my children now and I want them to study." The women joked easily about how to deal with clients with bad breath or smelly feet, told hair-raising stories of encounters with violent customers, and bemoaned the fact that business wanes with each new wrinkle.

    They now rely on younger men looking for maternal tenderness, grandfathers seeking familiarity or psychological therapy, and those of any age who feel mature prostitutes have more experience and are less risky than their younger competitors. "I think the most important thing for clients is that you smell clean," said Ms Román, looking the epitome of housewifely respectability in her buttoned-up blouse and jumper. Ms Torres, who delights in her prowess at double entendre and her impressively fresh flirting style, said she no longer bothers to dress in sexy clothes. "At my age?" she chuckled. A little later she hobbled off down the road to get back to work.
    (Review # 11531)
  • Mexico City Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Jan 26 2004 Submitted by:

    This is to give directions to "First Shout". This place is in the block between the Bolivar and Isabel la Catolica streets. Actually, the street is not 20 de Noviembre, but "Diagonal 20 de Noviembre."

    Tell the cabby "Diagonal 20 de Noviembre, entre Isabel la Catolica y Bolivar" (dee-ah-go-NAHL vein-TEH de no-bee-emm-BREH en-treh EE-sa-bell la cah-TO-lee-kah ee Bolivar". The place has a blue wall and black gate. The bouncer will answer the door. Say "servicio" (sere-bee-see-o). Price is now 300 pesos (about $30). (Review # 8240)

  • Strip Club Review Dated Added: Thu Jan 22 2004 Submitted by:

    On the recommendation from other posters on this board, I went to check out "El Closet" located in the Condesa neighborhood. The adress is Saltillo No. 67, Colonia Condesa. It was definately not as cheap as someone had stated.

    On a Tuesday evening, the cover charge was 70 pesos (roughly $7.00 U.S. bucks) per person to enter. Inside, the beers were about $7.00 US each which was not cheap but was slightly cheaper than $10.00 dollar beers in the Zona Rosa strip clubs (although Zona Rosa clubs don't charge a cover). As soon as we sat down at our table, a waiter asked for a tip for the "Captain" of our table which we denied since we had just paid a cover charge.

    When our bill came at the end, they overcharged us (thinking we wouldn't notice) and again asked for a tip. The girls were okay.....and a few of the girls were really beautiful. In all, we enjoyed ourselves, but I just wanted to let you know it's not exactly as cheap as someone else had stated. (Review # 8213)

  • Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Dec 12 2003 Submitted by: Huidos

    Hey guys! It's been a while since I last posted (my review's still on this page, under the name 'Pete'). I just read a massage parlor review, dated Aug 26 2003, and I'd like to add a few comments:

    1.- "There is a place called "first shout" located on 20 november street". 20 november (20 de noviembre) street is huge! I'd like to know where this place is exactly located.

    2.- "Words of advice: Speaking Spanish (even if like a gringo) will help a lot". That's right! And once you learn a few words, don't be affraid to use them, speacially the ones to describe what you want in bed. Be emphatic, and let them know what you want. After all, you just paid for it.

    3.- "Never, under any circumstance, pick women in the streets". Well, there are some streets where you can pick up a real looker, but I have to tell you: never go near those places without the company of a local. Hookers are real smart, and if you look like a foreigner (specially like a gringo), they'll try to rip you off every chance they get. Let your local friend take care of the negotiations.

    4.- "Try "El Universal" newspaper for tips. Look under Massages". No, you don't want to do that. If you get something good using "el universal" then you're a very lucky guy. You may want to try the internet instead.

    My best advice is this: contact a mexican friend, and have him take you to the right places, and even get you the girls. That way you won't be wasting your money. (Review # 8007)

  • Massage Parlor Dated Added: Tue Aug 26 2003 Submitted by:

    Hi, folks! Lately I have been traveling to MC a lot, and I want to share my experiences w/U. I prefer massage parlors and call girls, you get the best and safest service w/them.

    There is a place called "first shout" located on 20 november street. The best girl there is Jenny, she is not a looker but she has nice tits and butt. She kisses, gives blowjobs w/o condom and will also take anal. If you are going back, be sure to give her a nice tip, 100 or 150 pesos (10 or 15 bucks) to ensure she remembers you.

    Also, I tried the Campa place in one of your reviews, and I can report on the accuracy of it. This girl Sandra you mentioned was great! She even agreed to come to my hotel and we had a great night. Sad to say, she no longer works in the Campa place, but there is another girl by the name of Chantal, on the chubby side. She will do everything Sandra did. It is almost like being with a friend, and she will meet you in your hotel if the price is right.

    Words of advice:
    Speaking Spanish (even if like a gringo) will help a lot. These women do not speak English. Never, under any circumstance, pick women in the streets. They are not good looking, don't know how to fuck, may rob you or give you VD, and are even liable to be faggots.

    Try "El Universal" newspaper for tips. Look under Massages. the erstwhile English language newspaper in MC, "The News" no longer exists. Sometimes the bellhop or doorman in your hotel will help you get women. Don't accept women in the strip joints, unless you are prepared to shell out some hard $$$$. The "table dance" will only leave you with desire (these women are real lookers sometimes), but nothing else. You might lure one into going out with you, but you will have to pay the place 100 bucks to have her out; the women's rates go from 150-300 bucks. The best strategy is to order ONE beer and to make it last. If asked if you want more, say "no, gracias [grass-ee-ASS]".

    Be sure to check your tab, one beer shouldn't set you back more than 100 pesos, with tip. If you go to Zona Rosa neighborhood, you will be accosted by pimps, asking you to go with them to a strip joint or brothel. DON'T! It is better to cruise the streets and then pick a place. The best ones are Men's Club (Varsovia st.), supposedly has links with Penthouse, and Keops (couple of statues of Egyptian gods in the entrance). In brothels, don't pick the best looking girl. She's apt to be cool. Try the homely or chubby ones, they really know how to use their equipment.

    Good Luck! I can say that Mexican women are among the hottest in this planet, and that, if you pick the right one, they will leave you satisfied and with a sense of money well spent. (Review # 7413)

  • Mexico City Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Jul 24 2002 Submitted by: bimmer

    When I read Bear's post about using escort services,~~it elicited a case of deja vu. I have had my best~~escort service experiences in Mexico City, better than~~anywhere in the US or Europe.

    ~~~~(1) Call the escort services listed in the hotel~~ entertainment guide or one of the newspapers

    ~~(2) Only continue with the ones that sound completely~~ professional, and speak English well.

    ~~(3) Be very very specific in what you want and stress~~ how picky you are.

    ~~(3) Always ask about cancellation fee and tell them ~~ you will send the lady back if she's not what you~~ want (cancellation fee of $10 to $20 is as much~~ as you ever should need to pay).

    ~~~~The best time I ever had, I was so picky that the ~~owner of the escort service said she needed to meet ~~me to understand what it would take to satisfy me. ~~Since this owner spoke like a well educated, ~~cosmopolitan young woman, I took her to dinner. ~~She was late getting to the restaurant, and I almost~~gave up on her. At the last moment a taxi pulled up~~and a 5'9" brunette stepped out. Everyone down to~~the doormen could help but stare at this beauty. ~~Over dinner she agreed to provide me the desired~~service personally, but I asked that she have a few~~friends stop by the table for dessert and liquor.

    ~~~~I ended up taking a drop-dead gorgeous, raven haired~~young lady (probably 22 or 23 years old) back to~~the hotel. She was an absolute knock-out, European~~style (34C-21-30, 5'4", petite).

    ~~~~What followed was 2 hours of the best, exhausting, ~~exhilarating sex I have ever had in my 50 years on~~this planet. She came at least 4 or~~5 times, and I made it 4 times. The last time,~~I thought I was going to die from the cramps in my~~legs (I was a serious road cyclist), and she had been~~screaming and quivering with orgasm for a solid~~45 seconds. When we were done, the bed was soaked~~(from her orgasms and our sweat), and neither of ~~us could move for about 10 minutes.

    ~~~~The dinner date was free (it cost me the rest. tab).~~The after dinner service cost me $150 (two hour appt).~~~~
    (Review # 5813)
  • Strip Club Review Dated Added: Sat Jun 08 2002 Submitted by:

    OK, I'm from Mexico and I've been reading the reviews from other guys and I want to tell something to those visiting us from other countries:~~

    ~~1) Men's Club: The best strip club in Mexico. U won't find better women in all Mexico, and if u r lucky and find the right girl, u will have a great night. (It is very expensive)~~

    ~~2) Never, and I want to repeat this, NEVER go to La Merced. I'm from Mexico, and I never go there, even if it is day. It's the most dangerous place of Mexico, and the only places in the world that I can think that r more dangerous r places in war.~~

    ~~3) U r looking for an escort? Try any newspaper, under massages. My advice is: "do not pick up girls in the street", u will end with a guy. The only problem is that if u call for an escort, they will give u a list of prizes and maybe u can hire a cheap one (200 dolars) and she will be beautiful, but I recommend to ask for the expensive one :)~~

    ~~Well, that is all. You really trust this review, I know of why I'm talking about.~~
    (Review # 5574)
  • Mexico City Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Sep 17 2001 Submitted by: Bear

    This if for those of you who are looking for something a little more upscale. I was in for just a couple days of business, and decided to stay at the Aeropuerto Hilton for convenience. This is a great place to stay because safe taxi's are plentiful,~~and you can buy Viagra downstairs late at night. The concierge offered to set me ~~up, but I thought it would be fun to find something on my own out of the tourist~~guide book. A few words of advice: always ask for their "return" policy (what if you don't like the girl). Tell them up front that you are very picky, and if you don't like her, you'll send her back with no more than the cab fare ($5). They often ask how much~~you want to pay, and I offered $200 for a full dinner date (I know it seems like a lot~~for Mexico, but if you're careful, you'll get your money's worth). I got a very nice, well spoken lady who was clearly the owner of this referral agency. After I explained my requirements, she said that the perfect woman for me was not available that night. Finally, I asked about her (25, well educated, great body and face). I suggested that she accompany me to dinner, where she could check me out herself and decide if she was up for personally handling the business that night. Cost, nothing but a decent meal at a nice restaurant.
    ~~We were to meet at the restaurant, and she was late. Just as I was about to give up, this~~gorgeous, tall brunette steps out of a taxi and walks up to the joint. The doormen were~~as impressed as I was. Dinner is so much better with a beautiful, intelligent, witty,~~strong-minded woman, don't you think? After we started dinner, she turns to me and says,~~"I have some friends who will stop by to chat with us during dinner, if you don't mind. ~~If you don't like any of them, I'll be here for you." Everyone that stopped in to chat~~was at least an 8 and I finally stopped when a raven haired 21 year old (a 9.5) dropped ~~by just as we were ordering dessert and cordials. By this time, all the waiters were~~making it a point to stop by and ask how things were. I think they just wanted to eye~~the candy that kept coming to the table. I tipped this 2nd lady an extra $50 at the hotel, and she ended up staying about 3 hours (until we were both too damn tired for anything). She was gorgeous, sweet, passionate, and really personally there to have a good time. Her pussy was amazingly tight with incredible muscle control. No anal, but everything else including fantastic kissing (she was a non-smoker, by the way). The last sex we had (and we had a lot) I wasn't sure if I would be able to pump any harder or faster as my legs were tired to the point of cramping up (and I'm a serious cyclist). Afterwards, we showered in the marble bath (Hilton is not too bad for a 4 star), and pretended to be worn out lovers for another half a hour.
    ~~My advice is, no matter where you go, don't be afraid to spend a bit more (typically $600 for a 3 hour dinner date in Europe, $250 in Mexico, $400 in Canada). Start early in the evening and be very polite but very picky. Eventually, you'll get a real winner that'll leave you with memories that you'll never forget.
    (Review # 4335)
  • Mexico City Strip Club Review Dated Added: Thu May 31 2001 Submitted by: big tone

    My Mexican clients introduced me to a great strip club called El Closet. It's in the~~Colonia Condessa neighborhood of Mexico City with not much open around it at night.
    ~~There is a large variety of women for every taste. I prefer the prettier ones and one time~~had to shoo one away from me who I wasn't interested in. She had a pretty face and her~~English was excellent, but I just wasn't turned on by her body. However, I did end up~~having sex with her AND her good-looking friend -- full naked dance and double blow jobs~~in the private dance rooms upstairs. Don't be thrown by the fact that there are no doors~~on these rooms. The women guarding the outside seem to be there just in case of an~~emergency.
    ~~There is non-stop dancing in El Closet and the babes get totally naked on stage. I can't~~understand how they can slide down the pole upside down just holding on with their ass~~cheeks! Otherwise, there is lap dancing on the outskirts of the room, private dancing~~upstairs and "take out" service.
    ~~I have taken three different women home with me from this place on different occasions.~~All big-titted, fun and eager to please. All gorgeous, 7-9's. None spoke English, which is~~fine with me. I need to practice.
    ~~Looking back, I must say Gloria was the best -- blowjob back in the hotel without a~~rubber, great, enthusiastic sex.
    ~~Cyndie was the hottest looking, but a little weird. I felt like a pervert sneaking her~~into the hotel as she was dressed like a little girl and I'm an executive. Anyway, she has~~a smokin' body with huge tits, a great ass, pretty face and long blond hair down to her~~ass. She was the first dancer that particular night and I just had to have her. I almost~~couldn't last long enough when I finally got into her. She stayed the night. I woke her up~~by fingering her asshole the next morning. I ended up coming between her beautiful tits~~after she negotiated extra money out of me.
    ~~The last, Grace, just knocked me out when I first saw her - dark hair, mocha colored skin,~~incredible tits that she knows how to smother you with and nice lean legs. She was the~~other one I had a twosome with upstairs. This time I wanted to fuck her and she was great.~~We rolled around in bed for hours, sucking, fucking and talking. I got each girl's number~~but it's Grace who I think I'll call next chance I get.
    ~~Anyway, I recommend El Closet for the chicks and the safety of not getting ripped off with~~credit card scams.
    (Review # 3645)
  • Mexico City Escort Review Dated Added: Sat May 05 2001 Submitted by: Anon

    I have been to Mexico City three times and I have no idea why people would pay more than $20.00 for a great piece of ass. If you are at the airport and ask the taxi driver to take you to the muchachas, he will and the cost of the taxi will be about $6.00 and this will most likely be on your way to your hotel anyway. I had 4 trips there and I paid $3.85 for her and $1.85 for the hotel and condom That's $5.70 folks for a quick piece of ass. The girls I chose were 18 to 22 and were great. If you pay more for pussy then you got ripped off. There are hotels that will arrange the same thing for $100.00 or more if you are afraid to get in a taxi and do your own thing.... (Review # 3474)
  • Mexico City Massage Parlor Dated Added: Fri May 04 2001 Submitted by: Manny

    First of all, thanx for the great public service you provide. I haven't been able to check out many of the reports, but those that I have checked have been, in general, true. I want to recommend two places or, more specifically, two girls in M.C.

    "Sandra", who works in a whorehouse located in no. 14 Gustavo Campa street, about three blocks from the corner of Misterios Street and Rhio Cosulado.

    "Maurette". She is a Colombian mulatto girl who works in a whorehouse in Cacamilpa 4 street, just off Yucatan street.

    Don't be mislead. Both places are seedy (Campa is the most run-down), and the girls are not lookers (barely 5 - 6). However, they are very nice and will give you much more than your money's worth. The cost is $20 - 25 for 40 minutes' action. With both of them, you will get kissing, fondling, BBBJs and they may accept sex w/o condom. If you do your stuff right and treat them decently, you may even make them come (especially "Sandra"). Good Luck.
    (Review # 3467)
  • Mexico City Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Oct 16 2000 Submitted by: Big D

    Last week I was in Mexico City and found it to be the city where sex is available and worth checking out. I personally prefer the strip club scene. I visited a number of clubs all worth going back too again. My favorite is a club called Titanium (not sure of the spelling) where you would be hard pressed to find someone ugly. As far as I can tell all the women are at least an 8. It really depends on what you're looking for, but whatever it is you'll find it here. The prices that I was quoted was $400 US dollars for an all night, no holds bar night. I'm sure that there are some women who will negotiate prices as I had witnessed in other clubs on previous nights. Trust me when I say that going here will be worth the trip. It was packed on a Wednesday night at around 2 in the mourning.

    Next I would say that JetSet has to be the spot where you will find 90% of the women in the club rated at 8 and above. The only trick is that not all the women are in the sex scene. But the majority of the women are and will negotiate a price. Try going during the week if possible. You won't see a lot of men in there but there is always a nice selection of women to choose from. I negotiated a price of $150 US dollars for a two hour session the next day. Money well spent! My last night there (Wednesday) I had a perfect ten on my lap who started off wanting $300 US dollars and dropped down to $150 + $50 (you have to pay the house $50 to let the women go out for the night) and I believe that I could have gotten her down to $100. But, beware of buying the women drinks. They are a little more expensive than your drinks and the waiter may keep bringing them (sometimes taking the glass while it's still half full) causing your bill to sky rocket. This will probably be my first stop during my next visit.

    Cleops (not sure of the spelling) also has some "fine" women there. You will see more 5's - 7's there, but you can also fine some gems. The ten that I found would not leave the establishment, but would go upstairs for $85 dollars (she said 15 - 20 minutes) for sex. I was looking for at least a one - two hour session and didn't see anyone else in there worth going after.

    Lastly, you can find plenty of escorts in the paper. I will probably not go this route again. You must make sure that everything is agreed upon before having the women come to your hotel room. I would recommend that once she arrives you make sure that what you negotiated over the phone is what she is willing to do. My escort wanted $150, the over the phone price was $100 for an hour as many times as I wanted. After having sex (the sex was a 5) she started clock watching and wasn't as personable as she was before the sex. With about 20 minutes left before my hour was up, she started getting dressed. When I told her I was ready for another session she told me that this was a one hour, one time session. I told her that this is not what was agreed upon and she just pretty much told me that this was all I was getting. So I said "adios" and that I would never use an escort service in Mexico again. But, if by chance that I do, I will verify what is included with the session when the escort arrives.

    This is my two cents, you just need to check the club scene out for yourself. Good luck and remember to give a review once you return!
    (Review # 2559)
  • Mexico City Strip Club Review Dated Added: Mon Sep 25 2000 Submitted by: Falling Angel

    Just an update on the Mexico City strip club scene:~~~~An excellent place to visit that I seldom see mentioned in most strip club reviews about Mexico City is Caligula. Located in the south of Mexico City in Insurgentes Av. It is well outside the area usually visited by tourists so itís no wonder it is not as well known. No cover, a beer is about 40 pesos, and almost any other drink is 100 pesos. Note that you have to consume at least three drinks while you are there unless you ask for a full bottle, donít remember the price right now. The clientele is mostly nationals, middle-upper guys looking for fun, especially on Thursdays and Fridays youíll see a few execs from the nearby offices. Well, now to the really important things:~~~~The girls are mostly 8,9 although a few 7's show up from time to time. Most in their 20's. And although most are "enhanced" to some degree, all of them have great looking, toned bodies. No international talent as far as I know, so you can expect beautiful brunette, olive-skinned girls. ~~~~Services include lap dances, which last one song (5 minutes) (150 pesos = 1 ticket), note that the dances are in the main area of the bar in one of the corners. Not much (if any) privacy. You can touch, lick and fondle her at your heartís content, although direct contact with her genitals is discouraged. The tickets are sold by a few girls who go round the place. if you want a girl you ask one of them Private dances are 5 tickets (750 pesos) plus 200 pesos for the backroom. They last about 5 songs (20 minutes). I believe you can have sex in the backroom for 10 tickets (1500 pesos) but I have not had the pleasure of confirming this yet :)~~~~The girls are not pushy at all, generally speaking, and some of them are fun although Spanish is mandatory. Being a local, this isnít a problem but some of you might not enjoy this facet of some of the girls. The choice of music is not that great, though. It can be quite uneven.~~~~Some of the most noteworthy girls are Deborah (9), Hatari (9), Diana (9), Kena (8)~~~~Another interesting place is "Costa Brava" a couple steps away from Caligula in La Paz Av. almost in the corner with Revolucion Av. Not so flashy although MUCH larger and the music is better. The girls are younger and more energetic if not as beautiful as in Caligula. Mostly 7's and 8īs. The place works as I already mentioned above, as is the case for the majority of places in Mexico city. If you drop here donít miss a lap dance with Michelle in the private room. You wonít get much more out of her but it will be a VERY GOOD lap dance, believe me. Worth your money definitely. ~~~~I hope this might give you a good tip to have a good time in Mexico~~ (Review # 2448)
  • Mexico City Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Jan 06 2000 Submitted by: Puck

    There are a lot of places to found sex in Mexico City, it depends of your taste and the money to be expended. First at all I'm a very shy, good-looking, very busy, Mexican single guy, that's the reason to use the services. This is not publicity, this are my own experience in this places. I'm sending this information because I'm living out my country now and if somebody could do the same with Munich it will be very appreciated

    There are at least four places to found information;

    The magazine "Tiempo Libre" in the section "Nortes" (Tips) under the category "Masajes" (massages) and "amigos" (friends) almost at the end of the publication. You can find this magazine in any newsstand in the streets of the city. Is in Spanish but some of the places has bilingual services. They have an electronic version available in

    The news papers "El Universal" (In Spanish) and "The News" (English), both of them has a section called "Services" and "Masajes". Try to find the ones with the legend "Se habla Ingles". I don't know if "The news" has electronic version but the Universal has it. ~~

    The Yellow pages, I don't recommend it, the prostitution is forbidden in Mexico so these places could be busted and closed. But the police and politicians usually control the remained ones.~~

    The other source is to go to the "Zona Rosa" and accept the cards with information than a lot of people will try to give you. You can also ask to them for places as "Casa de citas" (Bordello), Bar (Table dance or piano bar). Try to don't trust in this people and never go alone with them (try to be at least four), you could end the night robed, assaulted or killed. Remember than Mexico City is one of the most violent places in the world now.

    For study ;-), I like to divide the places in four categories according the price.

    A.- "Callejeras" Street walkers (20-50 USDLLS each relation)~~
    B.- "Esteticas o Masajes" Massage Centers (bordellos) (40-100 USDLLS each relation)~~
    C.- "Masajes a domicilio" Call services (escorts, call girls) (30-200 USDLLS each relation)~~
    D.- "Bares de chicas" Piano Bars or Table dance bars (200-? Each relation)

    A: Callejeras. This is the bottom of the line, I could never recommend these places, in all my life I went there two times and both times was unpleasant and unsatisfactory. I felt as be ripped and if I loose something. But if you are very short of money or you want to try something very different the choice is yours. The main places could be:

    The "Merced" market and "Garibaldi" plaza, in the downtown. Be sure, if you go there you'll go out with a disease (AIDS, etc.). Prices from 5 USDLLS

    The Sulivan Street near the headquarters of "Telefonos de Mexico" and the "Zona Rosa", You can walk there or you can take a cab. The girls are in the street, walking and letting you view a little bit of the "Merchandise". If the police are not protecting them and you are busted in a police operative that could be very expensive for you. When you choose one girl she will ask where do you want the service, a hotel or the car, the car service is usually oral sex, and if she insists a lot in this, she is NOT a girl, is a man. You need to pay for the hotel room also 10 USDLLS. In the room, she'll strip from her waste to her feet and she'll give 15 minutes to do the job, don't expect anymore.

    The other streets could be crowded with Males dressed like women, VERY important if you see the girls in the street with a great body be almost sure than is a man. The streetwalkers are not very nice in Mexico.

    B.- Esteticas o Masajes para caballeros: The services are usually massage with her breast in your back, oral sex with condom, and regular sex also with a condom in all the positions than you want in a period from 30 to 45 minutes, but you can finish just one time. If you want so, you can have a shower after and before. No kisses are allowed. You can found a lot, but for my taste there is two very good places.

    The first place is sited in the corner of Tokyo and Dublin streets also near the "Zona Rosa" behind The "Four Seasons" Hotel in front the "Grand Marquis" Hotel, they have at least two subsidiaries but the nicer girls are always there. You need to use the little door with a gate in the Dublin street, a guy will ask you "what do you want?" in Spanish, just say "Servicio". Getting in will be at least 7 girls to choose according with your preferences. ~~

    The second place is in the "Tabasco" street is called the "Condesa Palace". It has a huge wood gate inside could be until 20 girls. When you choose one girl, she'll take you to one of the rooms, you can have a Jacuzzi bath if you want so.

    C.- "Masajes a domicilio" Call girls, escorts. This is the main service to be found in the magazine and newspapers. Also is my favorite. First at all you need to found a "Hotel de paso" is a hotel designed for it, almost any 3 stars and some 4 starts hotels is this kind. I don't know about the big hotels like "Camino Real" or "Chapulin". But I almost sure than the girls could pass a hard time if they are catch there. The services is from one Hour to all the night, my favorite and my recommendation is to ask for the two hours special, depending of the agency it could be for two relations to all than you can do you can do in that period.

    If you call to an agency, they will ask you for your phone number, name and room number. When they call you back they will ask for your preferences, always ask for a young girl, and add three years to the age than they mention. If they say something as "Piernudita" with great legs or "pechugoncita" with a big breast be sure to get a fatty girl.

    I recommend to ask what would happened if you don't like the girl? If they say "you need to pay for the service", hang and call to another agency, if they say than "you need to pay for the girl's cab' ask how much should it be, as more money they ask for less possibilities are to find a nice girl.

    The service consists usually, of oral sex, a massage and the relations, here is allowed to kiss, and touch everything, but is a good idea to ask in advice to the agency.

    Later I'll send information about Bars, but this is very expensive and very dangerous because the alcohol is usually adulterer, and they could use drugs to make you loose the conscience.~~
    (Review # 1252)
  • Mexico City Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Dec 17 1999 Submitted by:

    The old wsg mentioned a place on Tabasco street several times and gave it rave reviews - which were justified. Unfortunately the building was sold, just after a police raid I might add, which is a great loss to the city. Some of the girl and a couple of the barmen have turned up at a place called Club Frappe about 500m away on Insurgentes Sur, just south of the intersection with Alvaro Obregon. It has blue lights outside. The price has increased to 350 pesos ($35) and the beer is up to 25 pesos but it retains the old club's advantages - the girls are not pushy, allowing you to enjoy a beer, and the place and the rooms upstairs are clean. Two girls is 500 or so. There are usually 10 girls working and a couple are nice.~~

    Another place worth trying is near the Angel de Indepencia, on a street called Berna. Same prices but fewer girls. Another is in the street Manzanillo or Mazatlan or something.

    All these places appear in the Universal newspaper, in the Aviso Oportuno section. Most are massage parlours though, whereas the above 3 are bars.

    I saw another report of the Merced. It a good place - very cheap - but take care, especially of the police. One of the girls told me that their favourite trick is to grab you and bundle you into a police car, check you for drugs, and then say they will turn you over to to the Ministerio Publico for prosecution. They say they will Aids test all your family members etc etc. This is all to scare you into a big bribe. If you do get caught, play it cool - say you left your wife because she was screwing your best friend nothing would give you greater pleasure than for her to have to have an Aids test. Also say you are between jobs so there is no boss to report the incident too. I guess then the bribe gets a lot lower. Better still - go with a friend and watch out for the cops.~~
    (Review # 1010)
  • Mexico City Street Action Dated Added: Tue Apr 27 1999 Submitted by: Huidos

    Hi. I've been looking at the reports regarding to Mexico, and i think mot people rip you guys off. You know, i get to look things from inside, since I'm Mexican and I've lived in the DF for all of my life.
    First of all, when you (tourists) go to strip clubs, people looks at you and sees a huge $ sign right in your foreheads. 500 pesos? Gee, you can get in the street a 8 or 9, even a 10 for half of that! Besides, the girls ask you so much money cause they gotta share with the club manager. Talk to the girl, and offer her less money... but just for her. Tell her you'll wait till she gets off the club, take her to a hotel and enjoy! and all for less money!
    I have tons of tips for you guys, but my English really sucks... if you got any questions, email me.
    (Review # 444)
  • Mexico City Street Action Dated Added: Fri Mar 05 1999 Submitted by: Hotguy

    I was not able to find any report on Mexico City, let me talk about it:
    You can find excellent information about incall and outcall service in ""TIEMPO LIBRE"" a magazine published weekly under massages. Also you can find in almost every newspaper (excelsior, universal) under massages also.
    Street action takes place as early as 12:00 PM.
    Street hookers are normally 6-8 and normally only for quickies. WATCH OUT FOR COPS. Street prostitution is not a felony in Mexico City, but policeman will surely want you to ""tip"" them. If you are taken to the Police Station you will have to pay a fine, that at most will be of 50 USD and that's it. So, it is better to be taken to Police Station.

    Here are some hot spots:

    >From 12:00 up to midnight:
    You can find 6-8 hookers in Calz. de Tlalpan and Viaducto Miguel Aleman, in North-South direction. They will take you to a Hotel nearby. 30 dls. for a full service. It is a safe zone, do not worry to watch for cops.

    Another place, 5-7 hookers, but some young ones (you even can find 16 year old girls)In la Merced. Take the subway to this station and walk west in San Pablo Avenue, the best ones, or north in Circunvalacion avenue. do not have to worry about the cops, but its dangerous at night. Full service for about 15-20 dls., but only quickies and not greek. Between 7-9 pm you can find some cute girls 8 and 9, very young, charging from 20 to 30 dls...

    >From 9 pm- 4 Am:

    Insurgentes and Viaducto Miguel Aleman, in a small street, easily recognized by traffic jam...
    Cute hookers, 8 and 9. Watch for Cops. DO NOT PEAK ANY HOOCKER ON INSURGENTS AVENUE, they are most likely to be man...


    Reforma AVenue and Genova Street, east from ""angel de la INdependencia"".
    The best street hooker you could have for as less as 40 usd.... Safe...

    >From 10 Pm to 4 am.

    Sulivan street, near Circuito interior. Girl from 6-9. From 20-30 dls. Clasical spot. Tolerated area by cops. Try it.
    (Review # 443)
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