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  • Cancun Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Nov 13 2008 Submitted by: NJ dude

    Looking for some company and after reading up on the Cancun reports here (thanks guys!) I decided to get a hold of Pleasure Principle. I arranged it through the tour guide at the resort I was staying (what a guy!). They called me back and we agreed on a pickup time. Young kid came and met me out front and drove me down to the club area. Like others have said its not far from the KFC.

    We wind our way down a few alleys (nothing dramatic) and he buzzes me in. The Mamacita is there to greet me and I explain to her that I have to pay with plastic. She says no problem but there is a 15% surcharge (ouch). Well - in for a penny in for a pound! She walks me into this very spacious, well decorated room and I sit on the bed and Mamacita leaves me. The girls then come around into the room one at a time, give you a hello and a kiss on the cheek, a turnaround, then they leave. 7 came in and the first was The One (Demi) although there were 2 others that looked fine. After the last one Mamacita comes back and asks which I like the best and I said Demi. She tells me its going to be $350 and I tell her "I thought it was $300?" and she relents. Had I had cash I think I could have done better but the ATM at the hotel limited me at $1500 pesos which ain't much and I couldn't get to a Real Bank (they are there but hard to find - Banamex and Santander - in the shopping zone).

    We go back out front and she runs the credit card and also makes a photocopy of my license. She assures me that nothing will leave the bldg but its just to protect them in case you get home and then decide to fight the charge. Paperwork done I go back into a different room - again really nicely done. In the hallway I pass 3 other young bucks who are looking at the other girls and they see Demi following me into the room and they start groaning - I beat them in and got the prime rib! She puts on some music and I undress her - what a butt! Says she does pilates, etc and I believe her. She gives me a massage and then suits me up for some BJ action. She then slowly gets on top and I'm doomed - awful mistake - came there entirely too horny and didn't make it past a few minutes.

    Afterwards she beckons me into the jacuzzi - its empty but she fires up the shower-on-a-handle thing and we clean each other off. Damage on the CC when I got home was $350 - the $300 + the credit card surcharge. Yeah it was a lot but she was fine and the surroundings were the nicest I had ever been in. If you want to splurge then go ahead - the water is fine!
    (Review # 25184)
  • Cancun Massage Parlor Dated Added: Wed Oct 08 2008 Submitted by: Jimmy

    I just came from Cancun last month and I have come many times. For those looking for the best pussy and action with no limits there is only one place. Do not consider even going to Plaza 21 eher all the babes are fake and old, besides because you have to order drinks to them, otherwise they won't even talk to you, you en up spending more money.

    The best place is Pleasure Principal at plaza Terramar. All taxis have the ads and they can take you there. After many times of being a customer i can tell you that you will be satisfied if you choose the right babe. You can go there ar take the service at your hotel. Price the same around 250 to 300 usd hr, depending on the babe.

    First choice Katya. I f you are lucky enough yo find her, she just works a the high season, she is the best. Tall, slim, blonde, big tits and she does a great service you can imagine, couples, lesbo show, gang bang , you name it, and her anal service is the best in he world.

    For an extra cash she will take a dp, and she also can do double anal and double pussy. She provides aditional services but for those you will have to ask her in private. I f she is not around Alix is the second distant best choice. She just does regular sex. Good luck on Katya ¡ 
    (Review # 24853)
  • Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Apr 20 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    Ok guys, this is a follow up to a previous submission regarding the awesome prestige escorts (or pleasure principal). Skip all of the strip clubs (Plaza 21), because they are truly total rip offs. I had two experiences at Prestige (had both girls come to my hotel). The first was with Paris, she was nice, but bit pushy and not very experienced. So, skip her if you run into her. Second night, I told Management (who were so nice and professional) about my dissatisfaction with Paris, they recommended Gemma. I have one word to describe my experience with her "Awesome".

    I was a complete porn star (she allowed me to do everything and anything), at one point I made her scream so loud, the next door patrons in my luxury hotel knocked on our door. I got her comfortable by taking a shower, and talking briefly. Then I got an amazing BJ, and I started to pound her like there is no tomorrow. I tried every position known in Porn (except anal). I had to extend my time to two full hours (set me back ($250 per hours plus $100 tip) = $600). To be honest, this place is not cheap, but if you're like me who blows an avg. $500 a month on US strip clubs, this is nothing.

    I pulled out and came all over here big tits.

    If I ever make it back to Cancun, I am definitely hitting Gemma up, because she doesn't disappoint!

    Hope this helps, and happy hunting.
    (Review # 23232)
  • Cancun Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Apr 19 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    First of all, I like to thank everyone on their submissions, it really put my cash to good use. I spent a couple of weeks in Cancun, and I was planning on going to Plaza 21. But based on the numerous reviews that Plaza 21 was a complete rip off (I love strip clubs in general) , but I decided to take everyone's advice on pleasure principal.

    This was my first time to a brothel (that pretty much what this place stands for), and I was pleasantly surprised. I had a girl named Paris come over to my Hotel Zone room (it only took her 15 minutes). She was nice (good face and decent size boobs), but she didn't speak a lot of English (like most girls at this place). I did feel kind of rushed, but she was nice enough to allow me to cum all over her tits (by the way it only cost me $250USD for one hour plus a tip of $100). The sex was decent, but nothing mind blowing. I would look into other girls there. I went back for a second night to find the jewel I was looking for. The people at this place is very professional and extremely nice (especially when they know you're a repeat customer).

    Bottom line, pleasure principal is the only place in Cancun for guaranteed pussy for a decent price (considering I go to a Strip Club I spend on average $600 a night).

    Have fun everyone, I sure did.
    (Review # 23224)
  • Cancun Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Oct 22 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    I was in Cancun Oct 16 to 25 I stayed at the Riu Cancun on the hotel zone. Me and a buddy first night asked the guy at the door where was a good rub and tug. He told us to take a taxi to Black jack 21. Read about it before and heard it was expensive but went anyway. It was a half and an hour taxi ride from hotel. Taxi was 100 bucks for both ways and taxi driver came in and had beer with us while we did our thing. Door cover was $25. Got in there and lots of 7, 8 and 9s. Basically you pick a chick, pay, and then they take you upstairs, unless you just wanted a lap dance. They wanted $300 but I said I only had $275 and they took it. They want you to buy a drink for the girl too but I didnít end up.

    Next night we hopped in a taxi and went to senior frogs looking for free porn. Not much luck. There were chicks but none with the time or hassle lots of couples with all the decent women. We were told September is the slower season of Cancun since summer is over and everyone is back in school. So we ended up at coco bongo and 2 Spanish chicks kept walking by checking us out. Talked to them and they were escorts (thought it was free porn). Anyway one was a 6, other was a 7, took them back to hotel paid $200 for full service.

    Few days later kept seeing the advertising in taxis for pleasure principle. It ended up being hidden in the alley across from our hotel. Went there and it was $250 for full service, all 8s, 9 and 10s. You go to the waiting room and they came out, give you a kiss on the cheek and say they name, and then you pick who you wanna poke.

    Overall, id say hit he pleasure principal. Itís the nicest pussy I seen there safest option, since itís in the hotel zone. Black jack was also nice but is far outta town and not very comfortable if you got stuck out there and canít speak Spanish.
    (Review # 21417)
  • Cancun Massage Parlor Dated Added: Thu Sep 27 2007 Submitted by: Pokerpal

    First visit to Cancun. I went to "Area 21"(downtown), which is full of pricy strip/brothels with very pretty girls but I didn’t want to spend such a bundle (250$ for the girl, not including pricy drinks!). You feel stuck once you go to Area 21 because it’s a compound on the edge of the city. Your taxi driver will first suggest you go there because he gets paid depending on how much you spend there (I first chose a cabbie that spoke good English, and he told me how it worked).

    There is a place called Pleasure Principle, much like area 21, but in the Hotel zone. If you have the money then have at it, but I won’t. Instead I found a spa in the hotel district not too far East as you take the only road in from downtown, and man was it worth the wait to go to that spa! Essentially the "spa" is a rub n tug with a small sign saying "spa". Its on the second story of a small office building. I think its West of the Pok Ta Pok golf course, and East of Sunset Lagoon on the South side of the road.

    An old lady will discuss very frankly what it costs for everything from a massage (30 us) to a handjob (60) to full service (120). The girl had great boobs but probably wasn’t the top of the line quality you might get at Pleasure Principle or Area 21. But it didn’t matter one bit, she was fan-tas-tic! She gave a full one half hour massage (seemed like more though) and seemed like she was formally trained - she was so good. She used oil and a professional massage table.

    A massage with sex is so much better than just sex. She even pull down her top to let me suck her perfect boobs, and I had a mind-blowing orgasm. I tipped her a twenty on top of the sixty I gave the old lady running the place. I think the spa was a better experience than the high price brothels would have been. general travel info: Cancun is really two areas - the "downtown" area that has budget hotels and some nice restaurants etc; and the newer very touristy "hotel" area, which is on a very thin long strip of land that surrounds a lagoon, with pricy all inclusive hotels and some of the more famous nightclubs like Senor Frogs.

    South of Cancun are cities along the shore that offer awesome cave diving, and snorkeling as well as a more subtle Euro Vibe (Playa del Carmen(one hour from Cancun) and Tulum (2 hr bus or taxi) are great, full of Europeans and topless beaches). Whatever you do snorkel there, and remember that a timeshare pitch will take more like 4-5 hours rather than the hour and a half they say.

    (Review # 20915)
  • Cancun Massage Parlor Dated Added: Wed Dec 27 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    Went to Cancun week before Christmas of 2006. I met many hot girls in the clubs, danced, kissed, etc. etc. but never hooked up. I went to the Pleasure Principle on my last night. It is a clean and safe place and the operators were quite professional with me. It may have a little to do with the fact that I speak some Spanish and look ethnic.

    You are first taken to a room with a bed and a jacuzzi. 6 to 8 girls come in one at a time and introduce themselves. They ranged from (in my opinion) 2 to 8. After they leave, you then speak to the operator about the cost. He quoted me $200 for the hour. I told him ok but I didn't want any upselling or bullshit. Two hundred was full service. If I wanted to use a credit card, it would be 15% extra charge. Beware of the credit card use, they will take a copy of your ID and have you sign a paper agreeing to the charges in order to protect their sale. If you worry about identity theft, pay with cash (dollars).

    I chose a beautiful Latina from Guatemala named "Selena" with a magnificent ass and long black hair. She spoke only a little Spanish but I could get by. However, she doesn't like her job and sex was only so-so. I was tired as well so if you go, go when you have the energy. When I asked her if she liked what she was doing and straight up said no... I realized my mistake. I should have chosen the California girl named "Kelly" (tall, thin and hot) who may have been a better time. But I like those Latinas. Anyway, if you go, it's safe and professional. Just be upfront with them about what you want.
    (Review # 16811)
  • Cancun Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sun Sep 17 2006 Submitted by: Fabio

    I live in Cancun and never, ever use the sites people usually review. Those are tourist holes. If you are willing to invest some time and, especially if you can speak Spanish, go to clubs, ladies here are incredibly receptive once you get to know them. If you want to get real ladies (most of them middle and upper class housewives) go to Le Club, by Plaza Las Palapas. It opens only on Saturday. That's were nice local ladies do their hunting. A nice very inexpensive alternative are massage parlors. There are many but stay in the downtown centro area. Around the bull arena, in a little secluded square there is a spa. Just ask a taxi driver for the spa around the bull arena and they will take you there. 30 USD!!!! For a massage with a happy ending (hand job); most girls will do additional services up to FJ for an extra 125 USD or so. Girls range from 5's to 8's. You can also ask a taxi driver for the spa by Mercado 28 (Market 28), pretty much the same, but this one includes Jacuzzis. Have fun. (Review # 15579)
  • Cancun Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Feb 26 2006 Submitted by: JB69

    Just got back from Cancun. First, I wiould like to thank all that wrote before that helped guide me, and I thought I would return the favor with writing my results. First I went to the Pleasure Principle. I found that most taxi drivers (if honest, I had an unusual one) ask what you are looking for. He said if you are looking for just sex, then go to the Pleasure Principle. If you want a show, than go to "The One" or "Black Jack's" although both very expensive, "Black Jack's" being more expensive. Pleasure Principle can be found on the web, and has photos of some of the girls. I called and reserved Alix (altough it was her day off). They said to call them when I was at the KFC at one of the plazas, and they would send someone to meet me and take me there. Nothing dangerous like walking in dark alleys, just not easy to find. Once inside, it was very professional and clean! I paid for the room ($250.00 for a room with a large bed, clean, but hospital like or $350.00 for an illaberate suite with hot tub. I took the $350.00 room-p.s. they take VISA. They escorted me in and soon Alix arrived. Face-8, Body-12, Personality-12! Alix took her time with everything-massage, pleasant conversation, then gave me a mind-blowing BJ. She was so good, I didn't even feel when she put on the condom. As she went from the BJ to sex, I asked for her to put a condom on me, she laughed and said it was already there. The sex was great. She was so loving, kissing me all over (but the lips), caressing and cooing all the time. When we were done (about 35 minutes), she cleaned me up then cuddled next to me to talk, caress and kiss some more. No hurry here! She even paused some more after someone knocked that our time was up. Before I left, I asked to see the other girls. They escorted me into a room, where girls came in one by one, introduced themselves, gave me a kiss on the cheek, then left. A few 6-7s, a couple of 8-9s. That night I went out to the one (Strip club in the street next to Dady O's. $10.00 cover. Most of the girls were 8,9, and a couple of 10s. Most girls were from Brazil, a few from Mexico. I spotted one from Brazil, who sat with me for a while. Not very good English, but body and face a 15! I had a couple of drinks, bought her a couple (drinks were $25.00/piece! But they did tell me first, and that I was under no obligation to purchase drinks at all. Went for a couple of lap dances (2 for $50.00) to check the girl out, then went to a very very small room in the back for sex (I know, I know, but if you saw her, you would just have to do it too). Sex was $250.00 for BJ, full sex, plus she kissed like a dream. After that went back to Pleasure Principle with an amazing Mexican girl ($250.00 this time), face-10, body-10, personality-7-8. She was a a little less attentive, but she apologized and said she was exhausted. After that I had to go back and do the Brazillian girl again at "The One". This time I went down on her (clean as a whistle), and she sucked me for almost 20 minutes straight (I was pretty low on fluid at this point) but she was unrelenting until she won victory. Ended up she wanted to come back to my room with me, but as I was with my family, it couldn't happen. We did meet for lunch the next day, and have made arrangements to have her take a business trip with me next month. To finish up, if you want sex, the Pleasure Principle. If you want a show, then I recommend "The One". I didn't go into "Black Jack's" because this is the first time in four years I haven't gone there. It's a 40 minute taxi drive to get there (each way from the Hotel Zone), both of the other's you can get there by the bus, or the Pleasure Principle will pick you up at your Hotel. Black Jack's is a $25.00 entrance, versus "The One" at $10.00. After that "Black Jack's" and "The One" are pretty much the same pricing, although inside, "Black Jack's" waiters are extremely pushy! Good Luck! (Review # 14088)
  • Cancun Massage Parlor Dated Added: Tue Oct 11 2005 Submitted by: SeXpert

    Thanks to JustJack! His 2004 review seems to have been on the money. Just got back from Cancun in September 2005. The only place I visited was the Pleasure Principle. They are located inside the Plaza Caracol Mall. An ATM is located in the mall for anyone who needs it. They do accept credit cards, but they charge you an extra percentage. They also try to charge extra for Pesos, so try to bring US or Euros. Impossible to find since there is no sign! Only a purple, round-topped awning with a buzzer/speakerphone below it.

    I was staying across the street at the Riu Palace, but I still had to get a cab driver to show me the way. When you first walk in, they lead you into a gorgeous room with a jacuzzi & you sit there while each available girl comes out and gives you a kiss and tells you her name. They charged $250 for a small massage room & $350 for the jacuzzi room. Girls are okay, from 5-8/10. There were several South American girls who could have passed for Caucasian. I chose a Mexicana named Betty... petite, and she said she was only 20. She looked 18. A great time, but it may get expensive after awhile. You can also call them at 99835391 and negotiate for a girl to come to the hotel. They are listed in the yellow pages under Massage.
    (Review # 12851)
  • Cancun Massage Parlor Dated Added: Fri Jul 29 2005 Submitted by: HoBoy

    Just got back from Cancun. There are a lot of rip-offs in Cancun. All of the strip clubs are ridiculous, with ice-princess bitches wanting to charge $50 for a lap dance. Some of them don't even do "full service" and will tell you they are "dancers"!  Blackjack is the biggest rip-off of them all. It's about 20 miles out of town and the taxi drivers push you to go there for a cab fare, and they get the cover charge at the door. Don't go to Blackjack. The girls are 5's and 6's, and the drinks are outrageous.  I saw one guy get the shit beaten out of him for not tipping the waiter enough.

    Divas and The One are closer to the hotels, and much better than Blackjack, but are filled with ice-princess 7's and an occasional 8.  Cover charge, lap dances, exit fees to take the girl back to your hotel and one-hour quickie will run you $500 bucks by the time it's all done. Not worth it.

    Best option I found was like the other reviewers said. A hidden brothel called the Pleasure Principle. First rate place with girls running from 5's to 9 1/2's -- there were a couple of hot bitches there! Katya and Alejandra were the hottest lesbian show you can imagine! Place is great. Runs from $250 to $350 per hour with jacuzzi room and porno movie. Total GFE.  Ask any taxi driver to take you there... they call it simply "the spa."  I'm sure the place pays them commissions, so any taxi driver will be happy to take you there. Great girls and a good time. Only place worth doing in Cancun!
    (Review # 12204)
  • Cancun Strip Club Review Dated Added: Thu Feb 24 2005 Submitted by:

    Yo whats up sex travellers! I went to Cancun in Mexico. The place is wild. I hit up normal clubs and strip clubs. I went to strip clubs called Paroxisimo (new name for shampoo), Boleros, The one, and Plaza 21.


    First of all Plaza 21 is a straight up rip off. A pitcher of beer was 30 dollars and that shit tasted like cool aid. The waiters pressure you to buy drinks and lap dances. The girls are pushy and they leave as soon as you are not willing to spend money (same with all clubs). I bought a lapdance at this club but thats it and left. My friends ended up paying 60$ for drinks and they didnt do shit.


    Best bet is to drink up in your all inclusive hotels. A private dance was 15$, not that bad I guess, I got to feel this girl up all over and she grabs your dick. And by the way Plaza 21 is out of Cancun and you have to go through a rural, shady looking shanty-town, and the ride is 20 bucks one way. Not worth it. Cover was 25$, a rip off too. All in all that night was a waste of money.


    Then went to Paroxisimo and Boleros in the hotel zone. More of a bargain. 10 dollars entry free, and 4 dollars taxi ride. Its near all the nightclubs like Coco bongo etc. More banging girls. Some girls offered bjs for 130 (fuck that), some for 100, but I talked one down to 70$ without condom for cumming 2 times. But these girls are bitches, they ask for too much sometimes. The average girl was a 7. But there were some models.

    I dont fuck hoes so I just settled for a bj. You can also get free pussy at the regular night clubs. Just make it to some drunk bitches. Bitches are everywhere in Cancun. And yeah, dont buy drugs from people that come to you and offer you shit because its likely a set up and you will have to end up paying a cop off. Best bet to get drugs is to go with a taxi driver that looks like the type. You may be lucky with people on the street too, but beware you never know.

    (Review # 11050)
  • Cancun Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Jun 09 2004 Submitted by: JustJack

    Just got back from Cancun in May 2004. The most trouble free is the Pleasure principle and they go by couple of other names. They are located behind the mall in Plaza Caracol. Little bit hard to find. You can look at the girls and can walk out if you do not like without any issues. They charge $250. Girls are ok. NO more than a 6/10. Once decent girl was named Christina. You can also call them at 99835391 and negotiate for a girl to come to the hotel for $150 - $180. I like this deal better. You have a better chance of this rate if try earlier in the week. If you like younger more of freelancers, they hang in front of one of the clubs (I think Diva's) in the ally way by DadyO's; 1/2 way. Trick is not get there before 10PM. Some very good looking, young gals are there. They can be negotiated for 100+ to Hotel. I met a girl from Mexico city that is a 9/10. So party on! (Review # 9288)
  • Puerto Morelos Area Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Mar 21 2004 Submitted by: SexxxyCouple

    If you're looking for a nudist/swingers club along the Caribbean Coast of Mexico, try Desire. It's newer and large and has a decent selection of swingers to play with. However, avoid the Caribbean Reef Club! This place is run down and small without many decent looking couples to have sex with. (Review # 8659)
  • Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Mar 21 2004 Submitted by:

    I just got back from Cancun for spring break March 2004, and I read up on the postings here and they helped me a lot, seeing as I'm not experienced at all to the escort scene, but I wanted to check it out since I was going. So, anyway, I thought I'd take a minute and tell you guys what I found.

    NUMBER 1-read the posting the guy who lives in Cancun and he has it numbered in order of preference, everything he says is still true. The clubs in the "party central" or plaza caracol, the center party area, which are divas, "the one" which is in the main walkway/alleyway on the second floor, and bare elegance, which is right around the corner and if you pay to get into divas you don't have to pay to get in there- they're all ok, but a touch nude dance is about $30-40, the chicks all hang on you to buy $30 dollar drinks, thank got I read about the scam before I went there!!!

    The girls range from 6- maybe a 9, but sex will run you like $250, and the places just have these dirty booths with curtains-not my style! I also went to plaza 21 with some mexican guys i met out partying (I'm american and white but I speak fluent spanish) and we went to about 1/2 the places, but by far blackjack was the best, chalk full of 8's and 9's!! It's probably worth the trip and a cab fare out there just to check it out, but I was really suprised, when I went with the mexicans, we never paid a cover!!!! so, don't be afraid to ask for a price break, everything is negotable.

    I also hooked up with a guy that rents motor scooters in front of the omni hotel, and also hangs out at the little cantina next to the church in front of the carousel hotel, his name is Joel, he and his brother took me to some of the places on lopez portillo ave (las brujas) and another place right off of uxmal in the center called copacabana, he knows all the girls, and can hook you up, all he asks is that you buy him some beers, and then if you see something you like, he gets a kickback from the bar, he'll even take you on his scooters, so you save on taxi fare, too.

    I ened up getting a little 19 year old cute blonde on luck after we went to a few clubs on a dead monday night, she was $160 for an hour, but then the taxi ride to the motel there and back was $7 each way, motel was $23, plus she let me come 2x, so I gave her a little tip, so in the end with beers at the places and all, i probably spent about $250, but that made for a whole night of entertainment. So, if you're looking for cheap drinks and to see some local sights, but not the hottest girls, try lopez portillo or copacabana, but then again they told me on fridays and sat. it is packed with girls who just do it as a weekend thing.

    In the end, I ended up going to the pleasure principle, at the spa which is hidden inside of plaza caracol, it's 250 for an hour, the rooms are clean, they have about 12 girls to choose from, a shower in the rooms, and most of the girls are 8-9's, so if you figure in your drink costs at plaza 21 or the places in plaza caracol, taxi rides, the fee to get the chick to leave the bar, and all else, you're really better off just going there, or picking her out there and going back to your hotel, depending on if you have to bribe the securtiy guard or what else!!!

    OK, so that's it from a newbie's perspective, I had 0 experience with prostitutes before this trip, but armed with the knowledge from this site, I had a hell of a time!!!!! (Review # 8658)

  • Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Mar 18 2004 Submitted by: solo

    My second trip to Cancun was April of 2003. It was my first intro to Shampoo's, wasn't too bad, although I think it was a little expensive. I returned again in August of 2003 and was referred to Club 21. A rip-off. I spent considerable amounts of money buying drinks for my party (myself, my taxi driver and a couple of girls). I then took a couple of girls into the on-site room and had a great time. I also tipped my waiter $200.00 because he had done such a great job taking care of everything while I was there.

    However, when I was getting ready to leave I decided to take a girl with me back to my room and had to pay $200.00 to the house before we left. I gave the $200.00 to the waiter and was getting ready to leave when he approached me outside and told me that I couldn't leave until I paid the $200.00. I reminded him that I had paid it inside at the cashiers counter, but he insisted that I hadn't. It didn't take a genius to figure out at this point what was happening. He threatened to call the police and I told him to go ahead. Eventually I just walked inside to talk to the "Don" who, by the way, they insisted had already left the establishment.

    He turned out to be a really nice gentleman. He told me not to worry about the house and to simply pay the girl and go. I would like to go back there at some point just to remind the little bastard who I was so generous with that I still remember, but it's obviously not worth the trouble. I'm sure he has ripped off many another after me and will continue to do so. For anyone who is a first-timer, be extremely careful. One of the advantages they have is that you are in "their" country, and they know that, for the most part, there ain't a damn thing you can do about it. (Review # 8628)

  • Strip Club Review Dated Added: Mon Feb 16 2004 Submitted by:

    When going to Cancun make sure to check out Plaza 21. There are several places to choose from but my buddy and I have to agree that Blackjacks and Vip have the creme of the crop. Great lap dances (full-nude) and additional services offered. It's about 45 minutes outside the hotel zone but well worth the trip. (Review # 8373)
  • Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Dec 17 2003 Submitted by: The California Kid

    I just returned from a week in Cancun. Many of the Strip Clubs that are mentioned are no longer in business ... Clubs such as Bolero, Shampoo, Skin, etc... There are a couple of clubs on the Hotel Strip named Diva's and Bare Elegance although unless money means nothing to you. These are places that take advantage of tourists guys like you and me who have been scared away from Plaza 21 by the previous postings on this site. Private Dances cost around 400 Mexican pesos (approx $40.00 US Dollars) and though if it is with the right girl it can be worth it as just about everything goes except sex.

    You get stuck in a little booth away from the main floor which is very dark and hard to see (at least for me) but hands are free to roam at will. Full Service will cost you at least $250.00 to $300.00 Dollars and even though there are some good looking girls ... mostly young and good looking it is still more than you need to pay anywhere else.

    Outside of town though is a good place where the officials in Cancun have centralized the majority of the Strip Clubs away from the Hotel Zone. From Previos posting on this site, I thought that it was way out in the boonies where one could get ripped off or disappear without being noticed. But, I was pleasantly surprised at how close to town it really was.

    It is basically a Strip Mall made up of around 10 Clubs. I didn't even get a chance to visit them all since I found what I was looking for within the first few clubs I went to. Private dances were 150 Pesos (approx $15 US Dollars) so you could check out the young honeys before you made any decision to go any further. There were a LOT of good looking girls mailnly from 18 - 24 years old ... most of them 7's, 8's and 9's and even a few 9.9's (no one short of Selma Hyack get a 10 in my book in Mexico).

    I was fortunate enough, however through my Cab Diver to meet the head honcho at Baby Doll's (Named Victor ... ask for him) who, after I told him precisely what I liked, found a girl for me that met every expectation I asked for and could want. He spoke good enough English and through my interpretor Cabbie even made sure I got a room with more than enough light for me to see my girl and every inch of her incredible beauty. She was cute, beautiful ... very petite (which I like), possibly 18 years old with proportions I could not have asked for better.

    If you go to Plaza 21 and go to "Baby Dolls", ask for Victor ... and tell him you read about him on the Internet... he will be very impressed and may even give you a good deal. My deal was sligtly higher than I anticipated because of the quality of the girl I chose but was still significantly less than it would have been in the Hotel Zone.

    One bit of GOLDEN ADVISE though when doing the clubs (or anything else) in Cancun ... find a Taxi Driver who speaks good English and one you like. I was fortunate enough to hook up with a Cab Driver named Cesar (pronounced: "Say Sar") who helped me tremendously in negotiating with both Victor and the other girls that I met at the Clubs. He did not overcharge me for the cab fare to Plaza 21 and even stayed with me the whole time I was there. He went in with me and we had a good time and I even bought him a lap dance with one of the girls he liked.

    It was a small price to pay for all the money he saved me and we even went out to eat afterward. The entire evening from my hotel and back and all the hour he spent with me was 400 pesos (approx $40.00 US Dolars). He ended up being the only Cab Driver I used the rest of my week and he helped me find all the good shopping places in "Old Cancun" where I saved more then half what I would have paid for items in the Hotel Zone. He helped me find EVERYTHING I desired and at half the cost. For example ... GOOD HIGH QUALITY TEQUILA to take home that cost $40.00 in the Hotel Zone for only $12.00 in "Old Cancun" ... plus other bargains and items that you wouldn't believe. Needless to say his friendly nature made him a lot of money that week.

    If you'd like to ask for him when you go to Cancun, he normally works from the SOLYMAR Hotel. Tell him that You read this summary and he will be glad to help you out the same as he did me.

    Cancun is great. As I describe it ... It's like the Las Vegas Strip on the Yucatan Peninsula. The Clubs are numerous and do not close until almost sunrise. No Gambling, but a lot of things to do. For someone whose never been there it's almost overwhelming the number of Clubs of all kinds available.

    Making friends with a good Cab Driver will keep you from getting in trouble though and will save you more money that it would cost you on your own ... TAKE MY ADVISE ... Just don't end up with a cabbie who will take advantage of you or expect to get everywhere you want to go on the bus... unless you know the city better than most. (Review # 8033)

  • Strip Club Review Dated Added: Mon Oct 20 2003 Submitted by: atomic84

    Went to a place Shampoo, early in the evening, had a beer, and the bouncer went in the back and brought out a cute little mexican girl, I bought her a drink (20$) and then we went in for some private dances (20$ each) after three she asked if I wanted a room for sex, for 120$ I talked her down to 80$, we went in the back, and she blew me, and then fucked, great time, I highly recommend. (Review # 7747)
  • Strip Club Review Dated Added: Fri Sep 12 2003 Submitted by: atomic

    Very cool place. I went early in the day, and was met at the door by a bouncer who got me a drink and a girl, a very very cute spanish girl, petite with big tits. We had 2 private dances (20$ each i think) and then she asked if i wanted a room for sex. 160 for full service for at least 45 minutes, oral, doggy, her on top, and she finished it off by letting me cum on her tits. great time. only complaint is buying a girl a drink in the bar costs like 20 bucks (Review # 7535)
  • Cancun Strip Club Review Dated Added: Mon Dec 16 2002 Submitted by:

    I visited a newer strip club called Skin...something or other, just across the street, and a little ways down from the Fridays and Open Air Markets. I just got tired of the street urchins and taxi drivers trying to lure me into places where they get kickbacks, so I decided to walk into Skin without being dragged there. To my surprise, there was not any dancing, just women trying to solicit drinks at your table and soliciting private dances. The cover charge was about 10 USD, the drinks were 4 USD and 15 USD for the ladies--which is worth it, since it is a small price to pay to evaluate the talent before investing in a dance, or anything more. This hot chica really caught my eye: she looked about 18, thin, and had a petite hardbody. Nobody seemed to be sitting by her or pursuing her, but for me, it was love at first sight.~~

    ~~I had one of her friends ask her to sit with me, and this was a good thing, because she did not speak English, and I did not speak Spanish. Instead of doing the private room thing, I just partied with her and her friends, and asked her to come visit me at my hotel the next day. I offered her 250 USD to spent the whole day with me and lounge by the pool.~~

    ~~It was a wonderful experience, having this hot chick with me all day, but unable to communicate! I didn't care, because she was so hot! I just wanted to be by her all day. What a feeling! Later in the evening, we hit a few bars for some drinks and then came back to my room. By this time, I was pretty tanked, but she motioned me to get started. She asked for a condom and put it on me with her mouth, then proceeded to crawl on top of me. I didn't have much energy, so I didn't last long and we drifted off to sleep.~~

    ~~I actually cuddled with her all night long and just enjoyed the moments--such as the scent of her body. When she awoke, I was sitting in a chair, ready to catch an early flight, when she motioned for me to come to bed. I lay next to her and she put her head on my chest and cuddled me for a few minute. It was time to go. We got into a taxi and dropped her off at her place--she kissed me on lips goodbye.~~

    ~~I have been with whores before but she was very affectionate, and I could have easily fallen in love! I know this is hard to believe, but she was alluring and gorgeous!~~

    ~~I would highly recommend such an experience! I will never forget her....I just got back, but am considering going back in a few weeks....~~ (Review # 6557)

  • Strip Club Review Dated Added: Wed Oct 23 2002 Submitted by:

    In September 2002 i went to a downtown titty bar named Shampoo... with two guys friends....crazy guys from my hotel...the girls were acceptable and would grope you if you bought them a drink for approx 20 us...i was waiting for some fresher meat and one of those acquaintances ran out of the bar without paying for his grope...when i went to leave i was stopped by the bouncers and told that i would have to pay for that guy's bill..approx $80.00 US i refused and was told that i would be arrested...i continued to protest and was eventually permitted to leave...BEWARE ...this situation could have ended very differently... (Review # 6331)
  • Cancun Escort Review Dated Added: Fri May 10 2002 Submitted by: ZEAK

    What I saw on a visit to Cancun, comment before me was right. Strip clubs, (Blackjacks)rip off so must pressure to buy a private dance, coudn't even see the show on the stage. Better action in "poeduck clubs in Wisconsin. They better check on or I'm sure more guys will. (Review # 5431)
  • Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Apr 23 2002 Submitted by:

    Just got back from Cancun...visited several strip clubs but was highly dissapointed..they were very expensive and the girls were all 3's...visited the discos and was met by all stuck up American college girls..thought the vacation was doomed until I opened up the telephone book to escorts...I let my fingers do the walking and phoned a couple services..stated that I wanted an eigthteen year old~~~~~~ beauty queen with beautiful tits..I always aim high..believe it or not thatís what they sent..petite. eighteen, big tits and a tight ass..we made it twice..phoned another service the next afternoon and demanded the same kind of action..I was greatly surprised again to received even better than I asked price $140..not the best place in Mexico that I have been, but I made the best of it..p.s. avoid plaza 21..a big rip off~~ (Review # 5335)
  • Cancun Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Feb 12 2002 Submitted by: Rocco

    We went there in January 2002 and if you are European its very expensive. Chilly Willys that every one is talking about is just outside Playa del Carmen and has no fine girls. Some Maya Indians and other no sexy girls asking for 100 U$ for a fuck.~~Plaza 21 outside Cancun, we visited all the places there and the best one was Millennium with nice girls but the waiters was pain in the ass, a fuck here was 150 U$ and good, try it once. Bolero and Shampoo in Cancun Hotel Area have maybe 5 nice girls each the rest are ugly. Blowjob and private dance from 70 U$, fucking the double. Girls from all countries in South can also meet them in the disco when they finish the work and they can sleep in your hotel, you just pay the drinks and food as with other girls you meet. Bring your wallet.

    ~~In Playa del Carmen you have Fiesta de Latina...not so nice girls but much cheaper and you can also ask the taxi drivers for private houses where some tourist girls are fucking for money, places change every month.~~ (Review # 5039)

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