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  • Manama Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Aug 27 2008 Submitted by: Armand

    Well, i'm used to go to bahrain for the last 4 years, manama had changed a lot, no nice pretty eastern ladies as before, now full of cheap chinese and vietnamese girls..... but anyway, still in the phoenicia you find otu around 10 nice russians... but the manager is an asshole..he knows the value of his girls so he nearly triple the price of rooms and girls!!!! do not expect to get a room less than 40 BD ( 120 USD) and a girl for long time ( 1 hour) for 80 BD ( 220 USD)...... time changes....!!!!! (Review # 24591)
  • Juffair Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Jul 08 2008 Submitted by: MAX

    Met a girl named Anna, (maybe the one in the review below) at Rock Bottom club. Good service. she took me to her apartment nearby. She gave head and a good fuck, not rushed, for 30 dinar (about $83). (Review # 24216)
  • Juffair Other Dated Added: Tue Apr 08 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    Near the U.S. Navy Base there is a hotel called "Ramee International". There is a bar called "rock bottom" in the hotel. This hotel services the young military types usually, so the music is loud, but the Asian (usually Thai) girls are plentiful. Most of them have a place in the block of cheap apartments across the street. You can usually get a "short time" (one fuck and suck) for about 30 Bahrain dinars (about $80 US) or 50-60 Dinars for a "long time".

    I think the long time is the best because it is all night. If you get them early, you can maximize this deal. They really prefer older men because they are not the drunken assholes that the young military guys are, so you can bargain if you are 30-something or older. There is a very good one named Anna who is in her late 20's / early 30's who is about 5 foot 4 inches. She is very talented and giving and does not rush one bit. She is also open to anal. She is a bit thicker than your average Thai, so she can take a very vigorous fuck. I try to go back to her frequently.
    (Review # 23002)
  • Manama Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Jun 19 2007 Submitted by: Mr. Standfast

    I went back to Bahrain a few weeks ago and in Diggers bar at the Delmon there were plenty of Asian girls, of whom I'm told many nowadays are Chinese. If you want a nymphet you can find one, and I'd feel more relaxed because the immigration system probably eliminates the tacky possibility of finding you are with someone younger than she ought to be. But the one whose eye I caught turned out to be Thai, and a young-looking 40 or so. She wasn't the most sylph-like around, but well within the range of normality. I chose her because she had a beautiful smile and moved with the music, and I think that's often a sign of a girl who will move with something else.

    I found out that Diggers require Thai girls, if not others, to be accompanied by someone for admission, which I later did for one of her friends. I'll call my lady N, because it may be that they are diplomatic enough about local standards of morality, which are inconsistent in the extreme, to be difficult about a girl whom throbbing strangers ask for by name. You should be a shade circumspect in Diggers, for the company is very mixed. Besides working girls, you get couples there and girls on their own whose attitude to being got at varies just as much as it does in the west. Thai girls often adopt a western name, but unlike Chinese rarely use it all the time, and they will mostly be delighted if you want to know their musical if unpronounceable Thai ones.

    We went first to another bar which was quieter, except for the small detail of there being just as much noise. There were girlfriends of N's there too, and it seems like another likely spot, but I'm afraid I forget the name, which was something like Adhiya or Adhaliya, in the small streets behind the Bab Al-Bahrain. We eventually agreed on 60 Bahraini Dinars, which I agreed, reflecting that this had better be the quality end of the market, before finding out that she assumed she would be staying all night. It turned into two nights, and quite a bit of the Friday, during which she showed me a little Thai restaurant where the food couldn't have been bettered by heavily-advertised ones at several times the price.

    The security men at the Bahrain International Hotel sent me to reception, where I had to pay 10BD extra for double occupancy, and they held N's ID overnight, as they do with any guest's. It's not impossible that some girls might object to this, though, and illegal residents would have to. Like Diggers' caution, this protects you too, of course. A double room would have been cheaper, and the receptionist afterwards told me there would be no difficulty about different nationalities or resident with non-resident. But you have to arrive together - because, they say, of complaints from the girls who work the hotel! N told me the City Center Hotel lets guests in quite freely.

    Incidentally it is true that visas for new Thai females are non-existent or very limited. But there seems to be no difficulty about renewal for those with conventional jobs who are already there. I liked N tremendously, and I think we could both have spent a lot more non-horizontal time together. I will certainly be back. She works in a hairdressing salon during the daytime, and a form of honesty I liked was that she made no attempt to hide an exchange of greetings with males she knew from the past. She says, and I believe her, that she only started doing this since she came to Bahrain, but needs the money to send to her family.

    She was almost obsessive about cleanliness, and the sex was marvelous, with no excessive display of excitement but, I'm convinced, genuine warmth. Individuals vary, and the same individuals vary with how they're treated. But I doubt if you could do better, in Bahrain, by looking for the same type of person, in the same way as I did.  

    (Review # 19619)
  • Phnom Penh Travel Report Dated Added: Wed May 02 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    Just got back from another weekend in Phnom Penh here is the latest. Several bars recently mentioned (Hooters etc.) have already closed down. Golden Vine has had quite a turnover from February but is still a good option all the ladies sitting on the outside of the bar are available. All the girls behind the bar are not available for one reason or another but a girl might be behind the bar one night and out in front of the bar the next night.

    DV8 had a serious staff turnover and they lost their best looking ladies in the mix. Street 104 has two new bars from my last visit and they are more or the less the same as any other hostess bar in town.If you are on 104 Street try 104 the bar, lots of ladies but you may have to sort out which are available.

    Price-fixing for all things seems to have taken hold in Phnom Penh. The drinks are all the same price, the ladies all want $20 short time and $40 for the night (negotiate), apparently the German bastard who owns Riverside Bistro is well-connected with the police and he is forcing the other bar owners to conform to his standards or be shut-down. Avoid his hostess bar, Mata Hari as most of the girls will not go with customers anyway and he is making things difficult for everyone else.

    There is still Martinis and Walkabout with interchanging girls. In short, nothing new in Phnom Penh
    (Review # 18578)
  • Manama Street Action Dated Added: Sat Mar 31 2007 Submitted by: Mrfuninguam

    If you are looking for sex don’t check into the Ramada Hotel. There are no girls in the hotel, but it is within walking distance of JJ’s Irish Pub and BJ’s a hip hop club. Each club has mostly EXPAT and/or US military. Don’t go there unless you are very charismatic and/or willing to pay top dollar. Even then you may not get laid. The Al Bustan Hotel is attached to JJ’s and it has some Filipino girls that can be bought for about 50 BD for a long time. (1 BD = $2.66US) This is in addition to the hotel room which was 35 BD. I didn’t bite because the girls where not that attractive. (5-7 out of 10) A buddy of mine stayed at the Mirador Hotel, which had really attractive women (Filipinas, Russians and a few Arabs).

    The room was 50 BD and the girls ranged from 100-300 BD. Every thing depended on supply and demand, but the Russians were the most expensive. Please note that you will always loose out to a Saudi, because these guys will pay anything. Also, it helps to be white. My buddy is African American and he had a tough time getting girls. It kind of sucked because I was constantly being approached by Ethiopian girls. I went to the SeaShells Hotel (it was mentioned in an earlier review) but it sucked really bad.

    A few Filipinas and some Chinese that were either old or ugly. You best bet to getting some action is to check into a hotel on or near Exhibitions Avenue. The women will call your room at night and ask if you want a girl. Don't bother with massage parlors because they will only offer a HJ for 10 BD plus 20 BD for the massage.

    (Review # 18060)
  • Manama Street Action Dated Added: Fri Mar 16 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    I live in Bahrain and I’m here to tell you, if you go to the Al Bustan Hotel and party it up in BJ's there are hundreds of Gulf Air flight attendants there. I would fair to say 90% of them are whores who are pimped out for money by their Arab friends. And, if they aren’t being pimped out you can have sex with them anyway, they seem to be very open.

    Most of them are very western from Australian, Europe, etc. And they like to dance, drink and fuck! If you go to BJ's, pay for the VIP passes, its expensive but worth it. Look for a guy named Nigel he's a Portuguese guy who knows all the flight attendants and most likely sleeps with all of them too.

    He has a really hot flight attendant roommate too American! She will definitely fuck. He will be able to tell you everything you want. Have fun guys! 

    (Review # 17825)
  • Unkown Street Action Dated Added: Sun Jan 28 2007 Submitted by: Anonymous

    I went to Bahrain in June of 2006. I know this report is a little late but it's actually the first time for me making a report, ever - so please bear with me. I only went one place, a hotel called "seashells". It was recommended to me by a co-worker who used to live in Bahrain (we're both in the U.S. navy). Knowing my friend, I figured I wouldn't have any problem looking for some action. Sure enough, the place was as advertised. I was with another friend and we both walked in and found the bar/pool table area and saw about 30 different Thai girls.

    I had to use the men’s room right after we walked in so when I came back to our table, a girl had already sat down with my friend to talk. While we were sitting there, I was able to keep looking without being bothered (I prefer this to begin with so I can check all the 'staff' out). The girl talking to my friend spoke English rather well and turned out to be 29 years old. While her and my friend was chatting things up, I kept staring at another girl that had caught my eye and eventually she came over to sit down and talk, too. I felt that my girl was prettier and at the end of the night, my friend agreed (this is why I prefer to be left alone when I first get into a place like this - you have a much better chance of getting who you want when you are the one doing the choosing).

    Anyway, we talked for awhile and finally my friend and I decided to go for it. We negotiated for awhile and ended up getting the girls to go for a short time for 35 bd if I remember correctly (about $100 us). Then we went up to hotel lobby manager to get a room and that cost us each another 15bd. Oh yeah, before we paid, the hotel took us by shuttle bus to get some money from an atm 'cause my friend was low on funds. Nice service, eh? Anyway, once we got more funds and came back, the girls were still waiting for us in the lobby and we paid for the rooms and got checked in. Surprisingly (to me anyway) the rooms were decent and had porn playing on the TV.

    I didn't expect to have porn on the TV in Bahrain hotel. I guess I thought the country was too . Uptight? About that sort of thing. Looking back on it now though, if I'm in a hotel full of hookers, I guess I shouldn't have been too surprised, especially since the hotel took us to get more money from an atm.

    Anyway, once inside the room my girl and I proceeded to shower together. Once she got her clothes off I realized that her push-up bra did an excellent job of making her tits look bigger than they were. They were still decent for an Asian girl, but not what I was expecting. After the shower, I sat down in a chair and was watching the TV and she came over and knelt down before me to give me a bj. She did a decent job of it too.

    However, even though I would have been perfectly happy to cum right then and there in her mouth, my cock wasn't cooperating so we proceeded to bed where she put a condom on me and we went at it from there. I don't know if I had too much alcohol or what, but it still wasn't happening for me. So I got bold and stuck my cock in her ass. She wasn't happy about it but she didn't resist as much as I would have expected. Guilt set in though and I stopped.

    She then gave me a hand job for awhile but the little guy still wouldn't cooperate and cum. So I got frustrated and started doing the deed without a condom (yeah, I know, probably not too smart on my part) and eventually proceeded to going at it in her ass again.

    Finally I came and when it was all said and done, she wasn't made like I expected. She didn't enjoy the backdoor action, either, but she didn't seem as mad as I expected her to be. So we showered and got dressed and met up with my friend and went our separate ways.

    I would recommend this place to anyone who likes Thai girls and is in the area. It's more expensive than Thailand, but that's to be expected in my opinion, considering where I was. The girls were generally pretty good looking, too. No '10's' but some 7's and 8's here and there.

    Sidenote: the hottest hooker I've ever been with was in Singapore and she was also Thai. She worked at orchard towers for those that know. Anyway one question for those that live in Bahrain now or have lived there in the past: I'll be moving there to work for a year in the summer time and I wanted to know how to go about hiring a live-in maid. How do I do that?

    Anyone know? Yes, I'm looking for a maid with benefits ;) it would be much more convenient than going out to find a hooker and a lot cheaper, too, I would imagine. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!!! I'll just check back on the forums to see if anyone has an answer as I'd rather not provide my email address here.

    (Review # 17178)
  • Manama Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Jan 12 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    Compared to Dubai, Bahrain just sucks when it comes to paid sex. I checked into Best Western Baisan Hotel and the bellboy wrote down telephone number for 4 rooms in the hotel - one each for girls from Thailand, Turkey, Morocco and Russia. No one answered from Morocco or Thailand rooms. I called a Russian girl and the one who showed up looked like a complete slag and quoted a rate of BD 30 for half hour/one shot and BD 50 for one hour/two shots. She looked like she get fucked many times a day so I sent her back. The Indian receptionist in the lobby confirmed that the Russian girls get fucked 15 - 16 times per day by decrepit fat, old Arabs.

    Then I bummed around between four clubs - Club F1 twice, Wrangler (twice), Warbler (once) and Rock Bottom (once). Finally picked up a friendly Thai called Sariki from Club F1 for BD 80. She had a good sense of humor and nice, thin body. But once her trousers came off, she had slight stubble on the lower part of her legs. I was very horny by then so I got one blow job and I fucked her once in 3 - 4 different positions and then I let her go.

    No making out, no kissing, no going for the Y. It was a complete shit experience compared to Dubai. I loved looking at Barbie while fucking her (see my Travel Report on Dubai dated Dec. 21 2006 about Barbie). I will never get a hooker again in Bahrain and prefer to save for Dubai where the choices are endless, quality is sublime and you get a proper GFE.
    (Review # 16972)
  • Street Action Dated Added: Sun Dec 31 2006 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Crackdown on Thai women in Bahrain appears imminent, be warned.

    Bahrain denies Thai investigators are in Manama to probe prostitution ring

    Manama: Bahraini officials yesterday denied recent media reports that a police unit from Thailand was conducting investigations in Manama into an alleged prostitution ring involving Thai women.

    The report, first published in a Thai newspaper, said that the newly-formed police Transnational Sex Trafficking Unit was coordinating with Bahraini police in preparation for a crackdown on a highly-organised prostitution ring supplying Thai women.

    Senseless The Thai chief of the [section], which oversees the unit, was quoted as saying that "although most Thai prostitutes in Bahrain are working there of their own volition, this is still regarded as transnational human trafficking."

    But Bahraini officials denied the presence of the Thai unit in the country. "The thought that there is a Thai investigation unit operating in Bahrain without the knowledge or cooperation of the Bahraini authorities is senseless," interior ministry media head Mohammad Bin Daina said.
    (Review # 16844)
  • Manama Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Aug 25 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    Thank you guys this is very informative. Here is my report on bahrain. 1- Al Bustan Hotel, Adliya region. A total sin-pit. Girls from thailand and 20-30BD short/one shot and 50-60 for all nite. 30-40BD for the hotel as well. There is a nice rock bar in the hotel called rock'n zebra where you can find nice philipnos band. Also next to hotel the JJ and BJs are ones of the the towns irish pub and clubs. Nice european chicks but mostly arogants. Most of them are the stewerdess of Gulf air. 2- Rock Bottom, Juffair region. It's in the same building with Remee International Hotel but entrance is from behind. Whores not staying in the hotel but in the vicinity comes here for marketing. 50-100BD depending on the level. Most are Thai. The hotel has a sports bar on 1st floor so you can check in the evening if you are an early-bird. 3-Warblers, in the Best Western Hotel. A nice bar with Thai again. (Review # 15416)
  • Manama Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Oct 29 2005 Submitted by: Mr. Standfast

    I visited Bahrain in April, and stayed a couple of nights in the Bahrain International Hotel. I had memories from 1997 of a delightful Russian girl, Angela, whom I met there, but I don't believe there are any nowadays. That may or may not be connected with a Bahraini drive, a few years ago, to bring moral purity to the country. But I would have thought it would be the usual thing... hard to tell any difference a month later. Bahrain is crucially dependant on the Saudi tourist trade, and I wouldn't have thought that moral purity would help that cause any.

    It is a comfortable enough hotel, and pretty fair value at 20BD with breakfast. Things are done discreetly in Bahrain. I don't doubt the desk clerk would advise you, but it had better be done without one of their female employees within earshot. There are several bars, including one with dancers whom you can usually assume are available, but none quite did it for me. One of the waitresses (Bahraini, I guessed) was really, seriously lovely - both erectingly and in ways my mum, bless her heart, would have approved of. But she insisted she was "Just a waitress," and a polite apology was in order. I don't say you couldn't get lucky with others, but in that place they must see a lot of tacky propositioning, and a lot of good joining that select company will do for your throbbing libido. Equally, of course, a discreet inquiry is unlikely to spoil her evening.

    The internal telephone directory mentions a "Ladies' room," which sounds promising, but I never got around to trying it.

    On my first night, I met Ching-Ching, fairly late in the lobby. She was Chinese, dressed in T-shirt and jeans, and mightn't have met everyone's taste, for she was rather unusual for a Chinese, being LARGE! Well, each to his own (for I like that) and she had a pleasant friendly face and manner. We agreed to 40BD, and she accompanied me to my room. The sex was good - friendly - not exactly a girl-friend experience, but she wanted to be appreciated, and deserved to be. She wouldn't let me photograph her in the finest of all moments (a healthy and innocent hobby of mine), but I cherish a picture of her astride me and massaging my shoulders, as I lie face-down, taken in the mirrored door of the wardrobes beside the bed.

    Did I say it was a family hotel? Now comes either a mistake, or a tragically missed opportunity. There is a hotel bar which I won't name, because what followed might be skulduggery, or not. It featured "Indian dancers"... Seen "Courtesans of Bombay," haven't I, and been very well seen to in Bombay in the early eighties? Actually, they were of slightly less artistic merit than a good dental receptionist. They just swayed slightly, and it took me back to the early days when people would pay to go into a cinematographic exhibition just to see a horse running... and running... and running...  Not that that's a bad sign, for it suggests they and the bar make their living on quite different interpersonal skills. But... I got into conversation with a waitress (in jeans, oddly enough) who was a creature of elfin beauty, who spoke quite good English with that Bombay, or east-coast, accent which would make Mademoiselle from Armentieres eat her heart out.

    We agreed to 50BD on my last morning in the hotel, and... don't think bad of me... I gave her (!) BD IN ADVANCE! Well, life is a gamble. I even brought in pizzas because she and her friend hadn't had time to eat before coming to work. Her friend certainly knew what was going on, and it's hard to believe the nearby bar manager didn't. I mention all this because you might have to reckon up the percentages on this happening for you!

    Well, I was to phone her to come up in the morning, and her mobile number didn't work - then, or for several weeks more of occasional trying. Was it a put-up job? It isn't the sort of place where the management would want a scene. I still think a mistaken digit is a more flattering explanation. Well, a man of the world hedges his bets, so I had taken the mobile number of Shaima, from Morocco, in the lobby, and she provided my morning sendoff to Saudi Arabia.

    I suppose I had thought of finding whether the "big is beautiful" principle had its limits. For if Ching-Ching was large, Shaima was huge. She came in black abaya with denim skirt and T-shirt underneath, and spoke no English, but Arabic and French did the needful. Again, it cost 40BD, and I think haggling would have spoiled the mood for little or no gain. Imagine my surprise to find at unfastening time, that Shaima was as near a miracle as I have ever seen in a mountainous female. Everything, once unfettered, stayed where it had been before, and yet displayed no unpleasant rubberiness to the touch! I can't believe it was silicon, either, for it would have had to include places silicon never went before! Neither of my women of substance showed the slightest looseness or flaccidity in areas indelicate to name, which has occasionally been a disappointment in the UK.

    Again, girlfriend experience it wasn't, quite, and yet I've had girlfriends I ended up liking less. I offered no fake money and got no fake orgasms. She was just a nice person doing a professional job for me, and glad to know I liked her work. I ventured to let her be on top for part of the time, and am gratified to report that it isn't anything like the awful fate insensitive people might joke about. She wouldn't be photographed in any undressed and identifiable way, unfortunately. A really beautiful clothed portrait, and topless with her face turned to the window, are what I've got. I'm amazed I avoided camera shake!
    (Review # 12970)
  • Manama Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Oct 25 2005 Submitted by: anonymous

    I am currently in the military, stationed in Bahrain, and Thai prostitutes are everywhere. Every major hotel bar... During the day, just go to the grocery store or a restaurant and you will see them. Every Thai girl here is usually a prostitute. There are thousands. The biggest whorehouse is a "hotel" called Seashells. It has a nice bar and pool hall filled with Thai girls! 30BD ($80) for a "1 time" or 50-60BD for a "long time" (allnighter).  They can leave that hotel and go to yours. You can be picky here. If you do not like that, go to "Rock Bottom" or "Wrangler" - Both nearby. Same prices are Island-wide. (Review # 12943)
  • Manama Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Sep 03 2005 Submitted by: Mike

    If you are in Bahrain for a visit, you will be surprised because though a Muslim country, there's a lot of whores out there! The easiest way get a whore is to get a fully furnished flat because these buildings not only provide accommodation, but also provide sexual pleasures to customers! But always be careful with these whores because you never know if they are safe or not. Always use condoms - 100% guarantee you will be safe from any infectious diseases!

    Furnished buildings with whores are: 1. Beach Plaza - located near Jaffar Pharmacy in Al Hoora. Variety of whores to choose from: Thai, Russian, Lebanese, Syrian, etc.; 2. Hoora Plaza & Hoora Plaza 1 - provide the same kind of pleasure as with Beach Plaza located at Al Hoora... Thai, Russian, Lebanese, Syrian, etc.;  3. Al Sharkiya - Located at Al Hoora, near a Thai cold store. Operating as fully furnished flats on a daily basis, but also provides massage & sexual pleasure! Mainly Thai whores available... LOL!;  4. Taj Plaza 1 & 2 - Mainly Thai as well... LOL!; 5. Beach Tower - beside Beach Plaza... Thai, Russian, Lebanese, Syrian, etc.,

    For more information on these buildings, please visit this website:

    On this website you can find the photos & locations of these furnished flats! Visiting Bahrain will never be the same again... LOL!
    (Review # 12598)
  • Manama Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Aug 08 2005 Submitted by: SmileBaby

    Well, if you are searching for the cheapest, then go to Hotel Bristol and ask for Sofiya at the reception.  Tell them that you are a customer for her massage parlour.  She is having a group of women, mainly Indian bitches, but good if your wallet is almost empty.  They will charge you 13bd for short term, including room and fuck.  If you have more money, then spend it for different tastes... or you better go to Capitol Hotel where you can get Chinese bitches for a cost of 10bd short term, room rent 10bd, for short term too.  They are really worthy.  Because, first they wash your dick very cleanly, then start to suck it very good. After that they suck your body fully. Don't worry, at your ass too. hahahahaha. Then... enjoy her...

    Most of the other hotels I know charge 15bd for short term and 12 - 15bd for room..... If you are really searching for variety of women, go to the hotel near Ambassoder Hotel (I forget the name of the hotel as I stayed in Bahrain 2 weeks only). But the women there are from Egypt, Moroccan, Thai (of course), Iran, and Russian, too.  You can choose them, flirting with them one by one. Enjoy yourself..... and have fun...

    If you are having any contact numbers for any people having ladies with them, please email me as I'm more interested in non-professional ladies (not like Thai women) whom I can play with more. Right? I like Keralite, Madrasi, Bangloori, Punjabi, etc.
    (Review # 12373)
  • Manama Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Jul 29 2005 Submitted by: HIV+

    Yes sir, There are some dirty places where you can get an amazing sex that you won't forget as long as you live. Yes sir, There are Arabs, Russians, and other nationalities who travelled all the way to Bahrain. BUT BE CAREFUL! From a long experience in this dirty field, an advice to all of you guys and "walla" - it's becuase I love you:  DON'T DO IT even FOR FREE. Look at me... I'm only 21 years old. I've been in this shit for 3 years and I got infected of the HIV, and it's developing and I'm dying... No more future for me and I deserve it. I'm not giving a damn because I lost everything in my life and there's nothing more to lose. I lost my school, money, and I'm emotionally fucked up.

    They will show you that they care, that they love you, that you're the one, and the only one, that can make them happy. You will start by taking a short time with your LADY and it will develop to a relationship. You will start taking full-night with them every fucking single weekend. You will start bringing gifts for your Lover.... Then the fucking game will take you through doors you will never be able to get outta of it. You never know what happens behind these doors... You fucking moron. You fuck this girl and others fuck her 10 times a day... They will give her drugs... They will fuck her without condoms... They swallow our cums, for fuck sake... You're saying Camillia is the hottest one, you fucking asshole... I know a couple of my friends used to go there becuase she calls and ask them to come and fuck her ass, and I quote "with no condom"!

    It's only I love you brothers... Arabs, Americans, Europeans... don't do it! Bahrain is a decent country if you know where to go.  Its people are nice... Its cities are wonderful places to hang out, but its Hotels are filled with dirts, plagues, cancer, AIDS, diseases, drugs, marijuana, X, Heroin, COC, LSD... you name it and I tried them all. 3 years and I know every fucking thing going on... It's a thing you should never try... Those prostitutes are Fake persons... Get yourself a girlfriend.  I'm sure you're not that pathetic.  Forget about the past and stop what you stupids are doing...

    With all my love, and sorry if I hurt somebody's feelings, but that's the truth, and I still have more to tell... No hard feelings please, HIV+

    (Review # 12205)
  • Hoora Other Dated Added: Sun Jul 17 2005 Submitted by: Bob

    Well, since no-one has written anything for a while, I think I'll update y'all on the action in Bahrain. If you want the best looking pussy, you need go no further than the Phoenecia Hotel in Hoora just off the Exhibition Road. You have to book a room, BD35 ($93) weekend (wed, thurs, fri nights) and BD30 on weekdays. Once you get in the room ask the porter for the room numbers of the ladies. He will write down a list of room numbers for you to call. He will also tell you what nationalities they are (usually Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Turkish, Morrocan, Syrian and Iraqi.

    I did not have to call. The girls instinctively know that a single guy has booked a room and they will call on you one by one, or sometimes 2 together. You see the girls, take their room numbers and then ring them later if you fancy them. Girls range from 5 to 8. I saw a Turkish girl named Daliyah. Big tits, all natural, and fit body. Body 9/10, face 7/10. Had a fantastic time. She sucked, kissed and fucked (no anal, though).

    The charges are standard throughtout the hotel. BD40/short time, usually 30 minutes, or BD60 for 1 hour. After that you can negotiate. The price for a full night ranged from BD150 - BD250, but I'm sure you can negotiate this. There is a disco on the 7th floor where all the girls are told (by the management of the hotel) to go after 11pm and mingle with the punters. The disco is BD5. You can talk to them over a drink and take them to your room if you like them. There is a big dance floor where all the locals and Saudi's dance the night away at the weekends. This is the most happening place in Bahrain as far as shagging is concerned.

    If you like the standard run-o-the-mill, no shape, small titties Thai girls, then there are plenty of 3 and 4 Star hotels dotted around all over the place offering such services. Usually rooms are BD10, and girls also charge BD10.  Enjoy.
    (Review # 12061)
  • Manama Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Jun 30 2005 Submitted by: cyclops

    Good day y'all, Can anybody tell me where I can find Russian girls in Bahrain. I knew there were quite a few when I last visited 4 years ago. I'm gonna be here for another year so I'll like to know if anyone has more up to date information where hot russian pussy can be found. (Review # 11877)
  • Hoora / Exhibition Ave. Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Apr 16 2005 Submitted by: NoMoreBlueBalls

    OK, you all better be sending me thank you cards for the info here. Are you in Bahrain, HoRnY as hell and looking for ass you are ready to pay for? Well this is where you go:

    1. Beach Plaza: You will find Russians/Syrians/Moroccans & Thai's. Rooms are 15/hour or 30/night. Rooms are pretty nasty.Thai's are the cheapest and will charge BD15 for short time and BD 25 for 1hr. Others charge 30 for short and 50 for 1 hour. Russians accomodate your dick in their ass too. They may have changed but The 3 I knew were Camilla (hottest among the lot), Dana (freak) and Julie.


    2. Rose Plaza Rooms are really nice, 20/hour or 30/night and your choice of ladies - Thai/Syrian/Lebaneese/Iraqi. Same rates apply.


    3. Taj Plaza Rooms again are pretty nasty. Your choices -Thai and 2 Morrocans.


    4. Best Western : Really nice rooms with beautiful view. 35/night. Supposedly they have Russians but no one picked up when I called their room. They have 2 Syrians, but the bitches will ask not go below 70/- (especially on a Thursday).


    5. Phoenicia : Every Ahmed, Mohammed and Ali coming from around the gulf will try and get themselves into this place for this place is rumoured to house really pretty and young Russian girls among others.


    6. California Hotel Stay away from the hot Arab girls, they are just there to make you stay and spend your dough on drinks and sheesha. The Thai girls are up for business as usual and same rates. There a bunch of 'Plaza's all around this area and everyone of them doing you the same favor. ENJOY!!!!

    (Review # 11268)
  • Manama Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Feb 24 2005 Submitted by: ALAM

    Well, I'm living in Saudi ,in Al Hobar and am 5 times a week in Bahrain. All other comments are 100% true. The best way is to go to a hotel , get a room for around 30 BD and a girl for around 50 to 100 BD depending the service and time. You can also go 2 or 3 times at the same hotel, get the same girl and make friends with her. Then you'll be able to get a flat in town for one night ( also around 35 to 45 BD) and give her 50 to 100 BD, but this time for the whole night....... (Review # 11047)
  • manama Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Dec 22 2004 Submitted by: born4fun

    I lived in Bahrain for 7 months & it was great fun.In the beginning I only knew about Phonesia, Gulfgate etc. where it is expensive. Later I found a couple of great places in exhibition avenue.

    There is a place called Bristol near the Kuwaiti building, you get some amazing Thai, Ethiopian & Russian girls.

    10BD for the room & 10 BD for the girl for a short time, for the full night it costs 20Bd for the room & 25Bd for the girls.

    The girls are great, I prefer them to the ones in Phonecia. There are lots of similar places like Ambassodor, Maryland (here you get Arab women too). To find places you have to get to know a local, because there are a lot of them who operate independently from their homes. I once got the suprise of my life. A friend took me to a house where the woman I met was one of my clients personal secretary, she was such a beautifull thing that I used to fantasize about her & never ever thought Ill make it with her, so you can imagine my suprise. She charges Bd100 for the night but lucky me, got it free.

    Then you have a lot of places in Juffair all in the 10 to 20Bd fare. You can pick up women for 3 to 5 bd on the streets outside places like Etein centre but " WATCH OUT ", you could get into trouble with the cops or with your doctor. Overall the screwing in Bahrain is great.

    (Review # 10636)
  • Street Action Dated Added: Tue Dec 21 2004 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    A vice den set to be demolished and probably will be gone by the time you read this. This info current as of mid-December, 2004. The place is described as a sex and drugs den in "Sanabis," which seems to be some kind of village or neighborhood on the outskirts of Manama.Residents have been complaining for over a year to municipal councillors and authorities over the increasing numbers of drug addicts and prostitutes using the building. Now the building is finally being torn down, with or without the consent of its owners. The site has been bought and sold so many times, no one knows who owns it. The municipality even put up a notice on the building notifying the landlord that it will be torn down, but still there was no response. Demolition work was set to start as soon as the Electricity and Water Ministry assures the contractor that the power supply has been disconnected from the building. The Manama Municipal council had tried its best to locate the building's owners, with no luck. Locals said the building gave a bad picture of the village, especially since it is on one of the main roads. If anybody can add details to the situation in this very underreported part of the world, please, contribute your info. (Review # 10626)
  • Manama Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Aug 06 2004 Submitted by: HelpingTheHobbyistCommunity

    Authorities in Manama sent undercover officers into an apartment and arrested two Syrian women, ages 23 and 27, seizing 2,350 Saudi riyals (BD235) in cash. An Egyptian woman, 45, and a Moroccan woman, 25, who lived in the apartment were also accused of prostitution, but were cleared. The two Syrian women had valid residence permits and will have to do a year in jail before being deported. At least one was caught half-naked in the raid. One of the Syrian women pleaded on behalf of her two friends, saying they had nothing to do with the prostitution. This information current as of early August, 2004. What's going on in Bahrain, brothers? Are they cracking down? If you have info, please share. (Review # 9792)
  • Gudaibiya Other Dated Added: Tue Aug 03 2004 Submitted by: HelpingTheHobbyistCommunity

    An interesting little item from late July, 2004, gives some insight into the situation in Gudaibiya, Bahrain. What was described as a "runaway maid" from Bangladesh, age 25, was arrested after police set up a watch upon reports of "asian prostitutes" wandering the streets. Her client, a 48 year old man from India, who was a "runaway" himself and used to be a municipal worker, was also arrested. Police watched as the maid "serviced" three houses but apparently only went to the first house where the guy from India lived. The woman claimed that she charged BD3 per client, but her story may have been false, since she ALSO claimed it was her first day being a prostitute and yet she'd had no legal employer for two months. So that's the deal in Gudaibiya. Anybody else have Bahrain info, please keep it coming. (Review # 9768)
  • Manama Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Aug 11 2003 Submitted by: Sheikh

    There are prostitutes in Bahrain. Most of the ***hotels offer a wide variety of Thai Ladies(Royal Crwan, Reviera), Morrocon(Phoenicia, Baisan) & Russian. Almost all of these hotels are located in exhibition avenue off the main road coming from the airport bridge. recently there have been confirmed reports of Iraqi girls. You can spot them in their Army Camo Outfits

    The way to do it is simple. get a room in the hotel. you will be escorted by a small indian man to your room. ask him what nationality they have and in which room number they are staying in.

    The best place is Phoenicia. They have young very good looking quality Morocoon and Russian girls pay them between BHD25-30
    2hr BHD50
    Good luck
    (Review # 7338)

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