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  • krakow Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Nov 26 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    Recently visited krakow again and did some research. Most clubs around the centre are hopeless. girls just sleeping and not even waking to look when you enter the room. There is one club though worthy of a visit. club24 on ul. Tapalowa at the back of the train station. Has by far the best selection and the same price as all the others. Give it a try ! (Review # 25256)
  • Krakow Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Nov 24 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    Spent a couple of nights recently (November 08) researching the parlours of Krakow. As i tarvel there alot on business I feel I should pass on my findings. Clubs to avoid are those on Dluga and Sarego, both named Lottos. They only have girls who want to sleep. When you walk in they dont even look up. Same for the sex club on Westerplatte. Avoid all these. The best I have found is a newish club called club 24 on ul. Tapalowa just at the back of the train station. Here there are always a couple of decent gilrs who are actually interested in their job and its now more expensive than the other dead losses. (Review # 25241)
  • Warsaw Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Nov 11 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    Do not go to gVilla Rosah in Warsaw ! This is completely rip-off house. I will report what happened here.

    Club's name : gVilla Rosah Type: Brothel in a house of suburb. Entrance fee: None Play fee: 300 (zloty)c.I paid 100 euros.

    Drink charge: Women request for it, but it was not necessary to pay, if you do not order.

    Women: About 10 people. (English speaking : a few, About, Blonds: a few, Almost of all: Pole) Level: Very low Happening: - I selected a local blond girl who almost can not speak English. - We went to a room and I paid100 euros. - The girl went outside with that money and returned after several minutes. - She shown me a shower room, and told me to wash yours "By yourselfh. - Right after she returned to the room, she put a condom on mine, and started hand job, telling gGive me 150 (zloty) more if you want to make loveh.KOKI immediately. - I did not followed her, because it was completely rip-off. - I strongly complained about her manner, but she ignored. (needles to say) - After a few minutes argument, she disappeared. - After she has returned for about 10 minutes, she said the time was over.. Conclusion: Do not go to gVilla Rosah in Warsaw !
    (Review # 25168)
  • Krakow Massage Parlor Dated Added: Fri Oct 10 2008 Submitted by: Eurohunter

    All the clubs are pretty good. Costs range between 150 & 250 Zlots per hour. You may not get to spend an hour with your girl of choice but enough to have one pop! Club 37 only had 3 girls on offer but one was a gorgeous 20yr old local. In Moulin Rouge, a big selection of girls were available & was able to sit & have a beer without hassle while making my choice. The only problem with Krakow is it's full of guys from Britain on stag trips. Much better on my trips here midweek out of season. (Review # 24862)
  • Warsaw Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Jul 24 2008 Submitted by: kensington dick

    Prior to going to Poland I tried to contact the esorts advertised on odloty pl and sexatlas pl polish web sites in english beutiful girls do not reply or just hang up.

    I went to lodz about 2 hours by car from warsaw same night got a taxi for a short ride from my central hotel went to campari club no entrance fee my drink was abeer ten zloty I chose a very nice girl beutiful skin she was south korean went to a private room got excellent blow job covered. She almost did rimming on me we followed by full sex cost 200 zloty for her plus one drink for her as well 30 zloty very nice club you can phone for girls to your hotel

    PS dont go to villa rosa club total rip off a lot of pressure and hassle
    (Review # 24316)
  • katowice Street Action Dated Added: Fri Jul 18 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    ok around train station, mainly junkies but very cheap ,cost 50 zlotys girls will do anything.most speak good english visited 15 times, over last year had no problems so far (Review # 24266)
  • Krakow Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Jun 23 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    Krakau is a nice city with and worth a visit.

    Speaking of the erotic places, I just had been to the massage place at Dluga Street 50. There is a sign with a red massage on it and you will find it easily. I have been there at nearly midnight and the one that opened me the door showed me to a kind of common room. There she told me that one hour of service will cost 150 Zloty, 30 Minutes 130 Zloty and 20 Minutes 100 Zloty. She asked me what I wand. I said (friendly) that I would prefer to see the staff before I make my decision. She somehow thought that I just want do see girls and than leave and so she said that I have to make my decision first. It was not so a friendly environment so I left but asked about the opening hours. She told me that they are open around the clock and that now for girls are available. The girl that brought me to the door was quite friendly and so I decided at the next day at 7.30 am (!) to try again.

    I love sex in the morning. I had to push the bell at the door three times before the nice girl opened the door again. It took them 5 Minutes before all four girls showed up and I decided on the nice girl from Russia and paid 150 Zloty. She was very nice and I had a good time. She had no hurry and I used the full hour. Perfect. My experience in live is that the first impression you have is nearly always right. If she is lively and outgoing at the greeting, that it is most likely that she is so also in the room.

    At 12 o clock, I again visited the place. All girls looked OK but none beside the nice one looked very interested. This time I picked another one. Hm. I forgot the name. I think she comes from Bulgaria but I am not sure. It was a quite cold and short action. After 5 minutes she asked me to come and so on. It was very standard. Well. If I had more time I would have checked out one of the girls offering there services on the Internet. It is the same price as at Dluga Street but I aspect the quality to be better. Well I hope anyone who tried it will post the experience.

    PS. There is a sex shop at Dluga Street 61 but this one is very small and from my point of view it is a normal one.
    (Review # 24125)
  • Krakow Massage Parlor Dated Added: Wed May 28 2008 Submitted by: Mr B

    I did not stay very long in Krakow but thanks to, it was easy to locate the addresses of the main brothels on my street map of Krakow. Thank god for my favourite website (this one) which has made so many a trip more pleasant across Europe.

    Walk up Dluga Street from the center of Krakow and you will see a sign on the left to the brothel. Hookers are very good value for money, but mostly over 25 and Russian/Ukranian. Cost is only about 30-40 British pounds for an hour. If you want higher-class, I'm not sure if the strip clubs provide girls for sex but I would say probably. Asking taxi drivers normally pays off as they are usually the main source of "local knowledge" in Eastern Europe.

    I would recommend Krakow above Budapest or anywhere in Czech as it's much safer and friendlier, whether you're looking for sex tourism or not.
    (Review # 23944)
  • Warsaw Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Mar 20 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    Warsaw was a complete disappointment for sex service. The only thing that it has going for it would be the low prices but, even then I will never return. I have read the reviews and as advised went to the odloty site where a number of successful and satisfactory encounters were made by other. I did manage to call up a girl and when I got on the phone the price was still accurate at 250 zloty per hour.

    The woman on the phone said that if I wanted a hotel visit the minimum would be two hours. Well since this was my first call I fell for that just assuming that was how things worked. When she arrived I had to go downstairs to meet her and found two attractive woman waiting. One was there to collect the money and the other was my date. We my date was attractive but not even close to the model like girl on the website. Then the woman collect the money want and extra 100 zloty for taxi.

    I felt at this time I had no choice and paid up and was fairly horny so I figured that this girl was no so bad. Anyway we wen up to the room had a drink and began to undress. We each had a shower and then proceed to the bed. Well after the first 15 mins I had my first pop and was feeling pretty good. All of a sudden she pops out of the bed and says that she is going to the shower and then leaving. I had explained that I paid for two hours. She looked disappointed that I would actually bring that up and reluctantly came back to the bed.

    We started at is again and in the middle of the heat she decided she needed a cigarette. After this I took the hint and gracefully ended the visit as nothing would be gained by confrontation. My next call was to another agency which ran an in call service but also provided outcall as well. In this case she came over for just the hour and there were no extra transportation costs. She delivered full service but oddly enough I could not get her to leave or even more importantly I could not get her to shut up either. This girl talked so much that I simply tuned out at some point. My last try in Warsaw was finally perfect. I should have followed my hunch and called Imperium in the first place. It was perfectly normal and all that I had expected and for half the price in most western countries or even less. But, in any event I have been completely turned off Warsaw. If you do decide to try it for yourself I would highly recommend the Marriot.

    (Review # 22692)
  • Krakow Massage Parlor Dated Added: Wed Jun 06 2007 Submitted by: John

    Visit to Club Black and White Krakow I visited the club and were offered 1 hour with a girl for 180 ZL, which I accepted. We went to the room and dressed off. However, the girl did not wanted to me to touch her at all and started giving me a rather bad hand job not really serious like she just wanted the time to pass. I asked if we should not have sex, but the girl told me to pay more, if I wanted sex. I refused had already paid more than enough and after about 20 min I gave up, dressed and went to the administration for complaining.

    Seems the girl here explained them that I had been "brutal" and that my time was gone. Both absurd I was not even allowed to touch her and one hour before I had just ordered the taxi from my hotel in the other end of town. I asked for my money back but instead they called a secury big guy who through me out! I have never experienced anything like that and can only warn people against visiting this place. John from Denmark.

    (Review # 19435)
  • Warsaw Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Apr 23 2007 Submitted by: Spear

    Back in Warsaw again last week on business. Following my previous trip, as soon as I checked in to my hotel (Marriott)in the afternoon, I called Eliza from the Odloty website. Eliza turned out to be another girl from Ukraine working in Poland.

    Eliza arrived outside my hotel on time and I escorted her up to my room and paid her fee of 200 zlotys (about $70 US). After opening a couple of drinks from the mini bar, Eliza disappeared in to the bathroom to freshen up. Reappearing a minute or two later, we made ourselves comfortable on the chair, with Eliza playfully grinding herself into my groin gaining the anticipated result.

    She then undone my belt and trousers and pulled out my cock and gave it some serious attention with her tongue, while I pulled off her top and played with her tits. After a few minutes we moved to the bed and helped each other to strip completely then straight into a long 69 session. Eliza climbed on top of me and gently fucked me for several minutes with my cock well embedded in her pussy while she gently rocked back and to.

    I was about to come but managed to hold back and pulled out just in time. We then moved to the window and I had Eliza place her hands on the window sticking out her beautiful ass for me to enter her pussy from behind. My room was on the 31st floor so it is doubtful if anyone would have seen us, but it would have been a wonderful sight watching Eliza standing up with her hands on the window and her breasts on full show, being fucked from behind. I lasted only a couple of minutes before cumming deep inside her.

    I will definitely see her again next time I am in Warsaw.

    In the evening I visited Patrick's Irish bar and had a few too many beers until closing time. As we were leaving a guy was trying to negotiate with a local girl to go back to his hotel but they could not agree the price so I spotted my chance and asked her how much she wanted for the night. We agreed 1000 zlotys and she came back with me.

    This was a wild and mad session. We ripped off our clothes as soon as we got through the door and were straight into fucking in different positions. She was riding me really hard when she suddenly asked if I would like to fuck her ass! You can guess my answer.

    Anyway, she lubed up with some Vaseline then it was straight in her ass up to the limit while she continued to ride me hard. Then we decided to change positions and she went on all fours to offer me her ass again. Then the condom slipped off and we were both so up for this, that we ignored the condom and I fucked her ass bareback, then kept swapping holes from her ass to her pussy then back again, until I was about to come when she pulled me out and took my cum into her mouth and swallowed it all.

    She stayed until 7.00 and we fucked several more times, continuing bareback.This was a fantastic experience but stupid to go bareback. She gave me her telephone number but I have forgotten her name.

    The following day I was knackered and took a rest until around 4.00pm then called Agnieska from the Odloty site and invited her to my hotel and asked her to bring a friend. They arrived 40 minutes later and we started by sharing a shower before making ourselves comfortable on the bed with some drinks from the mini bar. These girls were great, Agnieska was sucking me while I was giving her friends tits some attention then onto licking her friends pussy while inserting one finger in her ass.

    Then on with the condom and fucked Agnieska in mish position before taking her friend from the rear and cumming inside her. They wanted to stay a little longer but I was in need of some rest before setting out for Patrick’s again. So I paid them 500 zlotys and they left.

    A couple of hours later I was off to Patrick's but after the previous two days exertions I was so tired that I only stayed for a couple of beers before going back to my room for a good sleep!

    If you get the opportunity, get yourself off to Warsaw and enjoy!
    (Review # 18449)
  • Warsaw Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Apr 04 2007 Submitted by: Spear

    Visited Warsaw recently on business and stayed at the Marriott. On my first night I went to an Irish bar and started chatting to a local girl, had a few drinks with her then at the end of the night she came back to my hotel.

    We fucked in every position imaginable for the next couple of hours and after cumming twice, we went to sleep. I woke early the next morning and went under the sheets and started giving her some oral to wake her up, which she did and lapped it up. She then returned the complement and until I came in her mouth.

    We then had another hour or so sleep when we woke I ordered room service breakfast and then we had a bath together and fucked again. After another hour or so we had another really good fuck before she had to leave. I gave her 150 Zloties for the taxi home (about $50) so you do not always have to pay for sex in Warsaw if you can strike it lucky.

    The next night I picked an escort from the Odloty website (Kamila), who turned out to be an absolute stunner from Ukraine. She was dark haired, slim and had DD boobs and a totally shaved pussy. Everything was with condom, including oral. She was very intelligent and spoke good English, telling me that she was a student in Warsaw. We gave each other oral and then great sex in different positions. This cost 150 Zloties for one hour.

    On the final night, I phoned Kamila again and she came to my room at around 11.00pm and stayed until the next morning. I was really taken with this girl as we really hit it off, having some good conversation between our sex sessions. She provided a really sensual experience with lots of cuddling and kissing. It was also really nice getting between the sheets with Kamila instead of just a frantic hour on top of the bed. The overnight session cost me just 750 Zloties ($250). Warsaw is great for sex and I can't wait to get back there again.

    (Review # 18125)
  • Warsaw Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Aug 13 2006 Submitted by: Zach26

    I surfed the Internet, and found a page where I could click on the city and then see a bunch of photos of women here. I chose someone who called herself Patricia19, a short girl who didn't show more than one photo. And when she came to my hotel I realized why only the one photo. 300zl for something like that, should have been 100zl at the most. Next time I know however that I will have to chose women who has written "multihumping" - or else the "per hour" rate is highly misleading. I was not allowed to touch her, except a little on the brst area. And even though I asked for her to ride me instead of scking - she didn't listen. 300zl for just a bj is actually approximately 250zl too much... Two questions: - why is it called "independent", when they still are a part of a "stable"? - why do they charge 40/50zl extra for taxi, even though they take the bus or even WALK home? By the way, never tell them it's your first time... then you'll be treated like sh*t. (Review # 15323)
  • Wroclaw Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Apr 07 2006 Submitted by: Antonio Guterres

    Hello Horny guys! I came back to Poland. If u check the previous reviews, I had already been in Poland and in Wroclaw. I left good friends and I return there, now that I already knew more of the town. I had already some free fucks so I had no need to be looking around for the bitchs, but we horny guys are realy addicted ! I returned to the "Murder Place" in Wroclaw, Saigon. A Massage Parlor,in the last floor of the hotel with same name. In 2003 there was some more girls. Now less but I found out a girl that I had fucked 3 time in 2003. As soon as she saw me,I could see that she had recognise me and that she was horny. I pretended that I didn't noticed Gosia (her name), I start making chit-chat with the mama -san and then I picked her. She is not very pretty, but she likes to fuck and her body is good. She striped me right there, she showered and made me a blow without rubber!then we fucked on doggie stylie. After that she made a massage, which was out of menu (meaning that if I want more sex, I had to pay. I started to stay horny and asked her "wanna to do...", to see if she would make me a blowjob and she made! Like it was the second time, it took a lot of time for me to cum. But I finally cum on her mouth. She swall all! it was great! (Review # 14418)
  • Sczeczin/Stettin Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Mar 23 2006 Submitted by: Mr Mister

    Do not visit a small place called Maimi Bar. It is the worst place! The girls are nice, however the sez sucks. Costs around 50 euros for one hour, but you can only cum once. Multi orgasms extra charge. Visit Luna Club. Nice place with alot of girls. Between 40-75 girls to choose from. Costs around 50 euros for one hour, but you can only cum once. Multi orgasms extra charge. However I payed 7 Euro for an extra blowjob. Didn't ask for prices w/o condom, but im sure its possible. Both you and her have to shower before. Shower in the hall, but nice room. They change the sheets while you are there. Nice! In the basement of the hotel called "Victoria" you can always go for a freebie, not only in weekends. There are always ladys looking for wealthy western people. Just buy the girl a drink or two and ask her to go with you to a room and have sex. Straight out. A room at the hotel costs 40 EUR for the night (remember your passport to sign in). The girl I tried was really badly dressed. But when she got naked she was nice. At first she said no and played offended. I kept hiting on her and 15 minutes later we were on our way to get a room. She didnt speak one word of english and only a very very very little german. Had intercourse with no rubber all night and one in the morning. Off course the golddigger was offended in the morning when i didn't ask her to see me again or pay her. Just don't promise them anything my friends! In weekends you can just go to any nightclub and score golddigging hoes. Just not at Elite Club. That is for the mobsters and rich people in the city. Watch out! The bartender spiced my drink with drugs! (Review # 14296)
  • Warzawa Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Feb 18 2006 Submitted by: Lord Vader

    In february 2006 I ve visited Warzawa, Poland. Here are some of the good places: 1. One of the mainstreets is the Alley Jerozolimskie, nearby the Marriott-Hotel, you find one of the 3 "S-Studios" in Warzawa Alley Jerozolimskie 99/1. They open after 1pm. I found 6 girls, payed 150 Sloty (this day ex change rate was 340 sl. = 100 Euros) and got 1 hour full sex with Dorota a nice young Polish lady. After a shower you have 1 hour perfect sex ,blowjobs and you can cum and cum again no problem .

    The best way to find these 3 studios, see the flyers (pink) on parked cars with all adresses and all available girls pictures. Nearby the Marriott back entrance you find the street Nowogrodzka 48m 14. Its located 200 yards away from S Studio.

    A Cabdriver gave me this advise. Its open about 1 pm and I saw at this time maybe 8 girls. For 1 hour fullsex they charged 150 Sloty. One of the beautyfullest girls a 19 year old blonde was buisy and I decide to come back in the evening. At 10 pm I found her free and surprise surprise! at this time one hour cost only 100 sloty! another 12 girls waitin in the lobby. She was super, slim and smooth , real young . She told me that she is a student.

    Also in this club I had 1 hour heaven in Poland no rip off and perfect sex. 3. At last I got ripped off in the Club Livia, Puluvska 43 M1 in the part of Warzawa Mokotov its a cabride maybe 5 k;s from Marriott away. A young blonde opened the door and promised 1 hour fullsex for 100 Sloty.

     I agreed and after a 15 minuteblowjob she offered me, that I must pay another 50 sloty for sex I decided to pay these rip off charge . Believe me she payed hard for this job!. Dont go to this Club Livia ; Rip off and some ugly  girls: no matter, its a perfect and cheap area. and the most girls are really nice and lovesome. Our Lord VADER 2006 PS Report about (Wroclaw)Breslau will be sended in some month 
    (Review # 14027)
  • Krakow Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Jan 11 2006 Submitted by: ZenyForSex

    We were 3. Before doing a sex-tour, I checked ALL the masaze-night clubs-sexy shops in Krakow. TARGET: I wanted young girls... in my opinion over 25 are stuff to throw into the garbage. On Westerplatte, there is a bad sex-shop, if u want u can fuck, but nothing special. There is also a red light bar, some girls inside, but nothing special. All old. I didn't found BOA and SILVIA... maybe my fault... maybe they are closed now. On Dluga street there is the first LOTOS club. I went there at 20, 2 nice and youg girls, but very cold. At the end, the heaven comes to me. On SAREGO street, the second LOTOS club, I think it is called czarny lotos. Four girls, Marta, Katrina, Renč, and another one. Very young, between 19 to 25. Perfect place to stay the whole night even without doing nothing (just taking some beer :P). 100-120 zloty for 1/2 hour, covered BJ and sex. I just asked for anal... but nothing :( 2 of them spoke English and Katrina is beautiful and has a beautiful DUPA. Bye, have fun there. (Review # 13677)
  • Warsaw Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Jan 03 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    Went to Warsaw and to Here you get ordinary sex for 90 PLN, 25 Euros. 3 Ladies for selection, everybody really bored. I chose the prettiest one, Ola, but that was it. Try better private ones at or at Jana Pawla Agata at Very nice person, gives you tenderness and a very attractive body. (Review # 13586)
  • Gdansk Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Nov 17 2005 Submitted by: dark prince

    Hi everybody... I want to share my experience from this nice city known as Gdansk. I went to the Holiday Inn hotel, and first evening I went to their bar and restaurant. After dinner, we went to the bar with a colleague. One girl was always staring at us with a big smile, so I decided to invite her to join us (I knew what kind of girl she was)... so we talked for 30 minutes and then started to bargain. As she was quite expensive (she asked for 100 euros), I was the only one to accept.

    So, I went first to my bedroom and waited for her. Then the reception called, and charged me for my special guest (75 zlotis=15 euros)(FUCK !)... I said okay. Then she came to my bedroom and started with a blow job. As I was a little drunk (lol), it was not so easy to come, so we started to fuck, but she was so classical that my pleasure was not good, and she was quite clumsy. I guess my wife is better at sex than this girl, lol.

    So, it lasted one hour and I wanted to do it again, but she asked again for more money, and I declined. Her name was Tatiana... she was 30 yo, very, very pretty... very clever, and if you want to talk, she's the best friend you could hope for... but for sex, please give up. ;)
    (Review # 13120)
  • Warsaw Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Nov 14 2005 Submitted by: George

    Hi there! I checked this site before I went on my business trip to Warsaw, and it worked out beautifully! Especially the tip to visit was a good start. I checked out the girls at home and wrote down the telephone numbers. Once I arrived, it was very easy to get in touch with the girls. (Although it's not that easy when you don't speak Polish!!!) I got hung up on twice as I asked whether they speak English or German. Third time, a girl passed the phone to a girlfriend and I got the address:  Szareckiego 4, apt. 21. Her name was Sylwie on the Internet, but her real name was Maya. She was not the girl I picked off the site, and her breasts were way too big to my liking. But she kissed, we went into a bath and had some clumsy sex on the floor, and a squeaky couch. She was not a great fuck... so after half an hour, I came and gave her the agreed upon 100 zloty.

    Not very satisfied, I tried to call others a couple of hours later, but ran out of numbers. So I used the other tip from this site:  buy a newspaper and look for the ads. I had a difficult time trying to figure out what I was looking for, since I don't know the Polish words for young, small tits, etc.

    I rang a random number and got an address: Wilcza 33, apt. 12 (621 16 56). I went there and was introduced to 6 girls, all different, in sizes and ages. I picked a lovely girl named Tereza, and had a wonderful time!!! Paid 100 zloty up front, had to take a shower first, and then had a perfect BJ, and real fun. Thanx for the good tips, and I agree (thx to Tereza): Warsaw is better than Amsterdam or Hamburg!!!!
    (Review # 13098)
  • Gdynia Strip Club Review Dated Added: Wed Oct 26 2005 Submitted by: Bastard

    Taxi-drivers helpful here, but not every one. Try to get an older one and he will stay with you for the night and the cost is 400Z - and I went to 3 clubs. Two clubs were nice... Club MIX, price for an hour with girl, 200Z; and better club, Eden, 20Z to enter, girls for an hour, 180Z - normal fuck, blowjobs, and anal.  If things changed inside, I started to walk out and she stopped me with a nice blowjob and anal sex, went in with her again. I was not her favorite as I fucked her in the ass for one hour and paid 58$. (Review # 12947)
  • Warsaw Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Sep 21 2005 Submitted by:

    Jagoda, advertising on the internet, is a blowjob queen! With condom, but still one of the best BJs I have ever had! She wants 1200 PLN for an overnight stay and she is worth this money. Not really small or slim, but great tits, two tattoos, and great lips which she doesn't use for kissing very much. Great ass! (Review # 12717)
  • Kraków Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Aug 08 2005 Submitted by: gonzo

    I have been to Masaze on D³uga Street. It costs 120pln. There are only 4 girls, all very tall.  One is nice, her name is Sylwia.  I drank too much before performing so I didn't perform well, but it finished nicely.  She was quite robust, but managed to handle me.  I would give it a 6/10 just because I was too drunk to remember what it was like.  I wouldn't go back there, but then again if I would, I'd make sure to be sober.  But then going to such a place isn't usually a decision you make being sober. (Review # 12371)
  • Warsaw Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Aug 02 2005 Submitted by: war-saw

    Went to Warsaw for a week at the end of July. As one of my local correspondents told me, a lot of Poles are away on vacation in that period, and apparently, also a lot of the girls. With some time to kill, and based on previous reports, I tried to visit "Klub Relax" but the phone seemed to be disconnected and nobody answered at the bell (yes, I managed to find the address). I tries to call some girls that I had noticed on an escort website (particularly interesing seemed "Klaudia and Ewa" under the nickname "Duet Barbie"), but apparently most of them were on holiday too, or did not seem too convincing on the phone. However, if you walk around town you will see, under the windshield wipers of parked cars or at the parking pay-columns, some small flyers with girls' pictures and phone numbers. So I said, why not?

    The first one, Privat Nicole, is actually around the corner from the alleged location of "Club Relax". On their card you will see the pictures of three gorgeous girls with fantastic boobs and super asses. However, in the apartment (at the fourth floor of a typical "communist block"), you will fnd three below-average and obviously disinterested girls. Fee was 100 pln/hr (which turned out to be "as soon as you come"). Strongly recommened to stay away from this place.

    Second card mentioned an establishment in Ul. Chlodna (roughly behind the Westin Hotel). Again, the pictures must have been at least 50 years old, if the girls were the same ones!!!! Ran away with disgust.

    Third flyer was from an S-Studio place, which actually has three locations in the western area of Warsaw (one near the Marriot, the other two further away). Each one is supposed to have 6-8 girls available. Tried the S-Studio nearest to the Marriot first (just a block west of where Club Relax was supposed to be). Four girls present, none particularly attractive, and not very alluring. I picked the least ugly and she acted "disappointed" (maybe she had soemthing better to do?), so I took the cue and left right away. Later that day, I tried the S-Studio3, located at the 8th floor of a modern building in a residential area (hard to find at first). There were 6 girls present, from a 5 to an 8. I picked the 8, name Monika. Fee is 150 pln/hr (less than 40 Euro) which includes french/with and "normal" for 60 minutes, come as you please. Extras are negotiable with the girl. Monika is a 29 year-old straw blond with a 24 y.o. body, good firm breasts, incredible ass and legs, beautiful smile and blue-green eyes.

    After some initial kissing, we started a 69 which made her come copiously. After that, she was absolutely wild! Best sex I had in the last couple of months!!! I spent two hours with her, coming twice (and she did too), all for a total of 300 pln (100US$ or about 75 Euro), plus a "personal tip" of 100 pln (25 euros) for the extras (kissing and 69). Needless to say, I visited her every day of my remaining time in Warsaw, except for one day (I forgot to call in advance and she had been booked for an outcall) when I had Kinga - also a good-looking and wild blond (unfortunately, she spoke virtually no English, so communication was somewhat hampered). Unfortunately, Monika told me that she is working there only through August and afterwards she is going back to her hometown in Poland (don't remember the name), never to work as an escort again. (She told me she needed the money, but she had saved up what she wanted and she is going to do a "normal" job from now on.)  If any of you is in Warsaw this summer, I strongly recommend Monika, S-Studio3.
    (Review # 12245)
  • Krakow Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Jul 03 2005 Submitted by: hip-hop

    Krakow is a beautiful city. Excellent food, brilliant nightlife and absolutely fantastic looking women. There really isn't any point in paying for it there as it is so easy to pick-up at the bars and clubs where all the women are 9s and 10s and very friendly and unpretentious. But if you get bored as I did one afternoon, there is a place at 50 Dluga street. Went there twice in the fortnight. I stayed and wasn't dissappointed. The place is a bit dingy inside but the girls are pretty good, seven or eight being there at any one time. I chose a blonde Ukrainian girl named Alexandria the first day who gave me a mind-blowing BJ while fucking herself with a vibrator before riding me on top. All for the princely sum of 120zloty (30 euro) for 1 hour. The second time I chose a tall Moscow girl named Mia who first gave me a BJ before I rode her missionary first and then doggie-style. She was definitely one of the best fucks I've had in years. And all for 80zloty (20 euro) for half an hour. What a deal! (Review # 11912)
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