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  • Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Feb 16 2004 Submitted by:

    I am having business trips occasioanlly. In my last visit to Milano, I decided to go to Gatto Verde near the Central Train Station! There was a brochure in my hotel room telling me that it is a strip club and has lap-dance.

    But there is nothing other than thieving. You have to offer a drink for 26 Euros for yourself, and 32 Euros for the girl. If the girl wants to eat something, they charge 100 Euros for it. The show begins at 1:00 am and takes less than an half hour. As a result, you will get nothing for hundreds of Euros. (Review # 8375)

  • Milano Massage Parlor Dated Added: Wed Apr 03 2002 Submitted by: WLAFICA

    Went a couple of times to a place on Via MAJ in Milan, I don't remember the number but on the door you have to ring Scuola Yoga ( Yoga school). Cute lady with big natural breast greets you at the door.~~Cost goes from 50 Euro to 250 Euro. she will give you a good massage and then depending what you pay comes the rest.... You can do anything but not anal. Clean place and nice lady over all... recommend and have fun~~ (Review # 5239)
  • Milano Strip Club Review Dated Added: Wed Oct 03 2001 Submitted by: Frenchkiss

    I'm going to Milano almost once a month and I must admit that this is one of the best cities for sex. But be very careful cause most of the clubs there are rip off, trying to make you drink with one girl who will ask for a new expensive drink every 10 minutes. Easy to end the night spending all your money with no action. I happened to spend more than 1.000.000 lira (450 US$) just for drinks !!! After several visits in those clubs, I was asking the girls about the place they were consider to be the best in town. ~~
    ~~Almost All of them recommended "KING WILLIAMS" club located down town (Galleria Manzoni 40). This night club is almost like the other on with two big differences : the girls are gorgeous (from 7 to 10) and the atmosphere is very friendly. How to have good action there ? Let me tell you how I proceed and it works very well. Go there after midnight - you should arrive at around 1:00 am to see the show. When you arrive, DON'T ask for a table, otherwise you will be joined by a girl who will try to make you spend a lot of money offering drinks. Just sit at the bar and take beers (not expensive). Nobody will try to come to you. Look at the lovely girls but do not talk to them before 2:00 or 3:00. Then because the doors are closing at 4:00, the girls will be very willing to find a man to bring them back to his hotel. You will be able to have a good bargain (around 700.000 LIT : 330 US$) and bring the girl back to your hotel. The main reason to stay that late is that if you try to bring the girl ~~earlier in the evening, you will have to pay as well the club owner for almost the same amount of money. At 4:00, the girls are just free to go with who they want. This is the end of their duties. I always proceed like that and had great sex with really gorgeous ladies. On the top of it, if you treat them well (I aim to do so), all of them will give you their cellular phone number which will be more than ~~useful for you next trip in town. Enjoy and sorry if I make you sleep that late.
    (Review # 4392)
  • Milano Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Aug 31 2001 Submitted by:

    I had a recent trip to Milan and wanted to sample the local scene. I bought a copy of Secondamano and flipped through 4 pages of advertisements. They were all in Italian which I do not understand. I tired calling a few number listed in the paper, but they where all answered by answering machines with Italian messages. I found an ad for Roberta in the Secondamso with an address I could locate on my hotel map. It was 1 metro stop from the Central Station. I pushed the buzzer on Roberta's mailbox and was let it. I was met by an woman in her 40's that spoke no English. She went to get here friend who spoke English and told me a session would be 200,000 Lira ($120). When I said that was a little steep, she said that the 200K was for her (the nice young one) and 100K for Roberta (the woman that greeted me).
    ~~My budget was not great so I chose Roberta for $60. After I gave her the money we both stripped and hopped on the bed. Roberta gave me an okay blow job with a condom. After about 10 minutes she could have made me come, but asked if I wanted to fuck. Before mounting her, I offered to lick her pussy, but she refused. So we assume the missionary position and I came in about 10 minutes. Overall the experience was fair. I felt rushed and not speaking the same language made it hard to be creative.
    (Review # 4255)
  • Milano Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Nov 14 1998 Submitted by: the boss

    In last times a lot of Italians people travel around the world for sex: Cuba, Brasil, East Europe are the most famous destinations.
    Personally I think that now, the best place for ""the business"", is Milano.
    Why spend a lot of money for plane, hotels, restaurant when you have Cubans, Brazilians, East Europe girls under the windows of your house?
    Also the prices are really very low: you can spend half hour in your car with a beautiful Ukrainian girl (18/19 years old) for no more than 50.000 lire (about 30 $). If she, after few times you know her, like you, you can take her in your house and spend 1 hour in your bed for less than 100.000 lire (about 60$). What do you want more than this?.
    Believe me that if you stay in Milan one night, rent a car, and spend your time (better after 11 p.m.) to drive all over the town: I'm sure you'll find stunning girls - some looks really like fashion models.
    So, save your money, the paradise is in Milan.
    The boss
    (Review # 446)
  • Milano Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Dec 13 1998 Submitted by: bigboss

    I would like just suggest something about East Europe capitals; I've travel a lot in the last five year in this countries and so I think to know very good the situation:

    1) Prague. Absolutely the best place: right prices, nice girls, nice clubs, no pressure, exactly the thing you are looking for.

    2) Moscow: the most beautiful girl in the world but sometimes dirty places and dangerous pimps. At the end the top girl are very expensive (400$ 2 hours) but is the price to stay without any problems in your hotel room.

    3) Warsaw: good place but you can't find ""the business"" alone. The language and other problems (here the girls are not everywhere like in Prague) are without solutions for a foreigner. You need a friend and nothing is better than a taxi driver that, in my case, for 20$, showed me all the brothels, and are a lot, of Warsaw. Here, in most case in house of communist regime, you can find sex from 20$ for half an hour.
    About all the girls in Warsaw give complete bj without condom.

    4) Budapest: avoid, avoid, avoid, avoid, avoid!!!! All the business is in the hands of Mafia and is impossible to have sex with any girl in Budapest without the payment of your ""commission"" to the Mafia.
    All the bars, the clubs, the taxi drivers, the hotel concierge, everybody must get some money from the ""sex business"" and you are the victim of the biggest business in town.
    At the end of the story one hour with a medium girl (6 - 7 in the scale) will cost you no less than 350$ if you are lucky; some tourists have paid 500$ for a blowjob in a club in the centre of town. The Mafia has destroyed the market and I think they are stupid because everybody knows that Budapest is a rip-off in the sex scene.
    (Review # 445)

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