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  • Massage Parlor Dated Added: Fri Nov 29 2002 Submitted by: tropiclightning

    I am a soldier that went on R&R to Budapest. Went to the Thai Massage center at the Gellert Spa. I asked for a massage for $35 US for one hour. The girl I had was Kip. She is small and sexy. After about 30 minutes of great massage she asks if I want to touch her. She slides off her bra and drops her pants. I suck her nipples and finger her while she gives me a BJ. It all finishes up with a cup of tea. A great time for a soldier in need of relaxation. (Review # 6480)
  • Strip Club Review Dated Added: Thu Oct 24 2002 Submitted by: santana

    Hi Guys,~~~~This is the report for Budapest today.~~

    ~~1. Strip Club.
    ~~Dolce vita - Overrall, They are O.K.~~If you think that is too hard to find this.~~Take taxi and ask. Admission is 5,000F if you take taxi, If you could go there by yourself it would be 3,000F. 2,000F different. Don't waste your time on Street to find this.~~

    ~~!!! Warning !!!
    ~~If you see nice girl and she ask for a drink...HOHOHO....~~A bottle of shampane will cost you 50,000F.~~Don't let her sit on your table or don't let her drink.~~~~You can ask her to do lap dance, or Private dance but don't waste your money.~~

    ~~Just start to negociate the F**king.~~Start from 25,000F.~~If you good, you can get 15,000F (But it wouldn't easy)~~~~She will come to your hotel.~~~~I will get more information next time~~~~Sorry, I almost forget the Contact...~~

    ~~Dolce Vita~~Oktober 6. utca~~5th district. Budapest~~ ~~P.S. - utca means street they say 'utzza'~~ (Review # 6336)

  • Budapest Other Dated Added: Sun Oct 20 2002 Submitted by: Mike

    What to do if you ever get an outrageous bill in Budapest (at Diamond Night Club, Flash Dance Bar, Crazy Horse, Tower, etc.):

    Do all the followings: 1) stay calm, and remember it's only money, 2) do pay the bill, 3) don't let them beat you up, 4) do use a credit card (not a debit card), then 5) go to a nearby police station and get a police report, then 6) ask your credit card company (or bank) to charge it back to the merchant. If you have a credit card (not a debit card) from the U.S., your bank is going to charge it back to the merchant quickly and cheerfully. Canadian, British, or other Banks will do it too, but they may request some additional proof -- and that's when your police report comes in very handy. (Review # 6319)

  • Budapest Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Sep 01 2002 Submitted by: jkidd

    Well, Ive been livin in Budapest for a long time and have to admit that I had some experience with whores.~~First of all I want to advise everyone who is not a millionaire: never ever pick a girl at a bar, especially on the Vaci utca, u will be robbed really bad. I advise u to use the Tutti Frutti magazine which u can buy on any petrol station or in a small shop.

    I also want to advise a private on Tompa utca, thats not so far from the Petofi bridge and that place next to the Nyugati rail station, two streets in the direction on the Margit bridge.. (Review # 6064)

  • Budapest Strip Club Review Dated Added: Sat Aug 17 2002 Submitted by: The little wolf

    We are 4 Norwegian guys that went to Budapest in the period from 3-8th of august 2002 and we would like to give you some useful advice as to where to go if you're keen on some action!

    First night we went to the Hallo Bar that was located in the same street as our hotel-Kiraly Utca 60. This strip club is has free entrance and one free drink that you get after you order and pay your first drink (clever, clever!).The girls are all very nice and good looking ranging from 6-10.Some girls, especially the gypsy looking babes had awesome bodies. I can recommend paying for a lapdance (10000 HUF) before deciding which girl you'd like some action with. You can touch the girl on the outside while she is performing, but not on the inside unfortunately!

    If you meet a girl named Suzie (short for Suzanne)or Cleo, you can ask if they enjoyed the massage they got from two Norwegian blokes (they'll remember us!). Be aware, not all girls have an agreement with the boss to go to a hotel with you. I took Cleo with me to a hotel and it costed:25000HUF in advance, 3000 for the cab, 4000 for rental of room and to that you'll have to add the tip for the girl if you liked her (usually not more than 3000 HUF).

    Of course we went to other clubs as well. A good advice is to stay away from clubs like Aprodite/Black&White and The White House. They are general rip-off and the girls are suddenly not so interested when you don't buy them drinks or a lapdance! They'll vanish before you can say "Let's go to Hallo Bar!" to your mate! Be aware of the girls in pairs that you meet in Vaci Utca. They are all controlled by the Russian Mafia - Police schlaffen. They take you to a bar/restaurant and you have to pay expensive drinks - no fuck! They get a commission of 35 % (inside information!) from the bar that keeps to separate price lists (which by the way is perfectly legal in Hungary).

    If you walk the Vaci Utca, please say hello to some of the guys you'll meet that so desperately are trying to get you inside their girlie clubs! One of the most humourous ones were Marius - also known as Mr.Turbofuck (it's true!!). Say that the little Wolf is greeting him from Norway (he'll understand!). His more feminine counterpart is Mr.General Fuckmaster that you'll see in the same street. Don't believe a word of what he is telling you. Follow our advice and stick to the Hallo Bar and you'll have a pleasant stay in Budapest, except your wallet - that is!
    (Review # 5960)
  • Escort Review Dated Added: Thu May 16 2002 Submitted by: Hunny

    Dudes, Hungary is a nice place to find cheap and attractive girls if you know where are they.~~~~

    ~~First try on the web, under address, this is the very active local version of WSG. It's Hungarian but there are plenty of web links to Hungarian prostitutes and it's difficult to pay more than 50 USD for a hour full extra sex. Few words: BESZÁMOLÓK contains the experiences with girls (phone numbers are included, if you find the word AJÁNLOM in the report, that's a good service), szolgáltatók a hálón is the links section. You should check the phone numbers of the worst Hungarian prostitutes under FEKETELISTA (blacklist) too. I don't suggest to visit the prostitutes under blacklist, they have bad service or steal your money until you wait in the room.~~Second good source of the phone numbers and ads with pictures is the Tutti Frutti Party local sex newspaper. You can get a copy in sexshops or in larger street newstores on the first week of every month.~~

    ~~~~WARNING~~Never ever accept any invitation from girls on streets of Budapest or in any bar especially in 5th and 7th district! You'll be robbed! We experienced 30.000 USD bill for few drinks without any sex for few times so never try to find girls in bars or clubs, all of them are the business of police maffia.~~Use the address above and you'll find the best fucks in EU, I promise you:-)~~
    (Review # 5471)
  • Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Apr 08 2002 Submitted by: Dirk Diggler

    Well, I’m not an expert in whores but I kind of liked Budapest. It' a real nice town with beautiful girls.~~

    ~~~~~~At the strip clubs (like "dolce vita") it's very expensive and the girls are ugly. so I don’t recommend it. Go to a peepshow and you can "peep" at the girls and later chose sex/blowjob/sex(100$ for 1 hour, hotel room included).~~

    ~~~~~~The first day I got a to try a girl in private after the peepshow. There was a glass wall between us, so all I could do was to stick my pecker inside a hole so she could give me a blowjob (with condom unfortunately). This Thai-looking girl wasn't that nice and was all too professional. She had me blowing my load in a minute and quickly left the room.~~

    ~~~~~~The next day I noticed a light skinned local beauty with blond hair and really firm stuff. So I decided to have sex with her. Unfortunately it was also on a very professional level. No kissing mouth, no pussy looking, always condom etc. But of course, that’s maybe because they are whores :-)~~

    ~~~~~~But she was nice to me and finally she let me look a little bit at her pussy. I did stretch it out and had a good fast look. The she put a condom on me and did a blowjob exactly as I wanted to. When I was pounding her afterwards I found out that her pussy was very tight, so I shot a massive load despite being sexually active for the last three days...real stud :-) She even commented on my huge load when taking of the condom afterwards. A shame she didn’t let me blow it all over her pretty face :-(~~
    (Review # 5270)
  • Budapest Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Jan 15 2002 Submitted by: Zoli

    I visit Budapest often on business and have been able to spend some time investigating the sex scene here. The WSG reviews of Budapest are excellent (especially their cautions about the scams and hilariously expensive and disappointing strip clubs) but some of the information is now out of date. Here is my update:~~

    ~~STREET SCENE: VIII District. Two years ago if you took the drive from Joszef Korut down Joszef utca, through the little park to Danko u, then to Baross u., then back to Joszef Korut you would have seen 15-30 prostitutes waiting for your business. The area was crawling with cars as guys came for some quick adventures. Then one day the police installed hundreds of video cameras on the streets (they look like little streetlamps) which killed the action in this area. Now if you explore the area in a car or on foot you may find only 3-5 women, usually standing cautiously in the doorways of their flats. You can usually fuck them in their rooms. Going rates are 2000 to 3500 forints (about $8-15) for 15 minutes BJ and full sex (ask for a “komplet”).

    ~~~~You can pay more for a full 30 minutes. Bring a pen and paper to write prices in case the girls don’t speak English (few do). Some girls try to charge an extra 500 for the room. Others will remain partially clothed and ask for a little extra dough to remove all clothing. Always have exact change and a bunch of small bills ready (I never bring my wallet into this neighbourhood, just in case). I always leave a tip of 500 to 1000 forints if the girl is good. Girls range in age from 18 to 30. Its best to explore the area on foot if you want to have a quick fuck in one of their rooms. They use a condom for the BJ and sex.

    ~~~~Some of the rooms they take you too are very dreary and depressing. This is a very poor area of town, so don’t flash your money, and act assertively when on the street – I’ve never had any problems in this neighbourhood. Before the video cameras arrived I had some fantastic experiences and found several girls who were energetic and very enjoyable partners. Since then I found a girl at the end of the Joszef street near the park who gave a great BJ and fuck in her room for 3500 forints. There has been talk of establishing a red light district in Budapest (at one time they were going to put it beside the zoo!) but this has not happened yet.

    ~~~~I have also seen some beautiful girls on Tokoly street near Hungaria korut. They are available to go by car to your hotel or flat. I don’t know what they normally charge.~~

    ~~PEEP SHOWS: Girls are available for a quick BJ (always with a condom) for 5000-6000 forints (about 15$) at most peep shows. The one on Terez korut near the hotel has some decent girls (but avoid the strip club upstairs) but by far the most beautiful girls are at a little place called “Peep” on Osvat u. behind the famous New York Coffeehouse. This places closes at 10pm. The girls I’ve tried are all 8-10s. Supposedly you can take them out of the place by the hour as well. (Next time I visit Budapest, for sure!)~~

    ~~BROTHELS: Blue Eyes club on Terez korut (in a flat between the peep show and the train station) and Sweet Cats on Racoszi u (in a flat near Astoria metro) have a total of about 8 girls between 20 and 30 – if you go to one place you can choose between 3-5 girls. Prices are 14,000 forints per hour, but once I spoke Hungarian and was told the price was 8,000! Once you pay there are showers, then you go to a little room and the girl you choose joins you. You can have the BJ without condom, but the girl may ask for extra money for this favor. Once I had an incredibly beautiful girl there (certainly a 9 or 10), an economics student who was making a little extra cash working two nights a week at Sweet Cats. She was astounding! I’ve heard that there are more small brothels like these ones but have not found them during my visits. ~~

    ~~TUTTI FRUTTI: Avoid the escort agencies in Budapest, instead pick up a copy of “Tutti Frutti” magazine (at any newsstand) for classified ads from girls making extra cash by doing house calls. There are colour photos and phone numbers. Unfortunately many of the girls do not speak foreign languages. One time I paid 8000 forints (25$) for a tall blonds girl. I have her my address and within an hour she arrived at my hotel, took a shower, and treated me an astounding BJ (without condom). I then went down on her and we fucked for about 30 minutes in every position imaginable. If you can, try and make sure that the girl you call is the same one as in the photo! ~~

    ~~My advice: avoid strip clubs, avoid escort agencies, and certainly avoid the expensive girls on Vaci u. With a little extra effort you can a much more interesting experience. Have fun in Budapest!~~~~~~
    (Review # 4907)
  • Budapest Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Dec 22 2001 Submitted by: Robert

    During November I took a vacation and visted in Budapest,Vienna~~and Prague.I made a very big reserch and decided to use Lefantasy~~during my trip.I didn't expaected that it is going to be perfect~~based on the East Europe experince,but,it was much better as I used~~before in some main Europen cities.~~For Budapest I arrange 3 different girls,every day anther girl,~~all of them was perfect-show me the city,nice resturants,night~~clubs and at night I was like in a dream-they are so hot,they~~are willing to do almost everything-I just like them.

    ~~The girls are well educated,speak good English and pretty.~~I spend the first day with Lena,than with Lola and Ruby.I can't say~~who is better,each of them has something else-Ruby is the hottest~~girl,Lola is very sexy and Lena has a wonderful body with very~~big,you need few days.~~Lefantasy also arrange for me 5 stars hotel with a very good price~~and the city manager can be reach all around the day to assist if needed.I will make a review also regarding Vienna and Prague-also~~was a very good experince with Lefantasy. (Review # 4814)

  • Budapest Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Jul 15 2001 Submitted by:

    Just want to warn you about a Club on the Buda side of the city. The place is called "Diamond Night Club" and it was recommended by a cab driver. However, it was one of these places where you are happy to get out alive. Had to pay HUF 5.000 (20 USD) to get in and unfortunately, I was the only guest in there. The girls started dancing but none of theme was really attractive (for my taste!). So I decided to leave this place. I went up to the bar to pay the soda that I ordered in the beginning and then the bartender presented the bill: HUF 90.000 (more than USD 300)! As I heard and read some stories about the scene in Budapest before, I didn't have a lot of money with me (except what I expected to pay for an hour according to the prices common in the city), nor did it took any credit cards, ID or anything valuable such as a mobile phone. Anyway, as I told them that I didn't have that much money they started to beat my up. Obviously I was shocked and scared and I was trying to run to the door. Bad idea! Of course it was locked and they tried to beat my up again. I tried to defend myself but what choice do you have?~~After I (and they) calmed done, they tried to explain the "price list". However, after I convinced them that I didn't have the money nor anything else valuable I gave them all the cash I had (minus HUF 1000 which I kindly requested to have some money for the cab!) they finally opened the door and let me go. I guess the believed my because of the fear written in my eyes. Although they didn't beat me up as hard as they could have, it still hurts! So better stay out of this place. Take care in Budapest! (Review # 3983)
  • Budapest Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Mar 28 2001 Submitted by:

    The scene is very rough at Budapest. There are very good looking street hookers at "vaci ut" next to vörösmarty ter", but you should avoid this area. They all try to cheat. Don't wonder, if you have to pay 400USD for a beer - which is legal in Hungary - even in a normal cafe, restaurant and especially bar!~~~~Next place for hookers is Blaha Lujza Ter and the Jozef Kruit next to it. Many policemen, lots of criminals, drug users and maybe pimps.~~~~There were a lot and some nice girls in the street Thököly between Hungaria Kruit and Stefania ut, but heavily controlled by pimps. (They will follow your car...)~~~~Best way is to buy the "expressz" newspaper and look up the section "Szabadidopartner". You will not understand a word, so just try the numbers and ask if the girl speaks your language. Costs are usually 15000huf (45USD) per hour, including French kissing (with condom). Service is good, but the girls are anything but amateurs - sex is their only profession. If you like a girl, be discrete and ask for her private number to meet her again - she will not have to pay a pimp ...~~~~A phone card is 1950huf (8USD) and you may find a public phone nearly everywhere. ~~~~You may also call the numbers advertised in the Budapest sun, but you may pay 100 to 200USD for the same girl...~~~~Anyway, Budapest is not very peaceful, so take care of yourself!~~ (Review # 3340)
  • Budapest Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Feb 26 2001 Submitted by: nyasgem

    From Pleasure city now Budapest is Rip-off City. Most girls on the street work in pairs and are going to take you to some extremely expensive Bar or Restaurant where obviously will try to rip you off and divide the profit with the house !!

    The Mob is controlling the scene so avoid going with any of these girls. Best Bet is to talk to the Bell Boys in the Hotel they usually have a picture book with some outcall ladies 100$ - 150$ per hour for a so so service. Not the Budapest I knew a few years ago ;( Most of the girls I have seen are between 5 - 7.
    (Review # 3220)
  • Budapest Strip Club Review Dated Added: Mon Jan 08 2001 Submitted by: joecaddy

    While in Budapest June 2000 I could not pass up getting some eye candy and dropping into a few strip clubs, in the heart of the tourist area "Vaci utca" you can find plenty. They are a rip off in a way but not all, some are keen to keeping doors open and know being somewhat legit is necessary. At one in particular I was impressed with two hot looking babes working by the door to lure in the crowd. I stopped to talk and see if anything can happen, maybe some after hours fun?. All they were interested in was getting you in the door and buying a bottle of wine for top dollar. One underground club I went to was ok, very pretty girls but when they know you do not want any table dances they shine you just like anywhere. I do photograph women on the side for a hobby, had an adult website before and that was my best way of finding pretty new faces. I still like to catch the beauty when possible. All the clubs I found were typical, mainly German guys and maybe an American, all the clubs are just out for your dollar and trying to get it as easy as possible. Ask details before entering any place, prices and whats expected, keeping your head up is wise. (Review # 2955)
  • Budapest Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Jan 08 2001 Submitted by: joecaddy

    Summer of 2000 I spent six weeks in Budapest, I found it to be a mecca for babes. I must agree you can find the common rip off artist looking to scam you just like anywhere, but if you keep your wits its no worries. I was lucky to start off my stay with relatives, my uncle had shown me around the town and lucky for me he knew my desires. My uncles friend turned us on to a place outside of Budapest, a little town called "Szod-Csorog" location: Vorosmarty u. 1. Called "The Amor Drink Bar " tel: 06-27 389-454.

    The place we went to was a quiet little whore house in short, you would not expect this type of business in the outskirts of Budapest but when getting closer it was clear we found it. I don't know why but there was an eerie looking barbed wire along the top of the fence, nevertheless we went in to find only "us" and about 7 women sitting in a typical room they were dressed up to a mini bar. It looked suspicious but after talking to the bartender we got the drinks, 6000ft each and he kindly mentioned if we are not pleased we can leave with no problem. The girls started dancing and we picked a couple, they both asked for drinks and we talked a bit, I was totally surprised that they only asked 10000ft, about $30.00 for everything, I was ready to go!. They were all very pretty, 7-10's. Mine was a babe and she gave me a shower first then washed herself off in front of me, then literally spoiled me rotten. She blew me first without a condom, then fucked my brains out, four times!. I totally suggest this place, its not a scam at all.

    I did stay at the Marriott also near Vaci Utca and the Danube, it is flowing with women at night however they are not so bold and in plain sight, if you look around and watch you will see some pretty women just walking around looking like they are window shopping or browsing. Boldly greet them if you dare and you might be lucky, I was timid at first but when these two very pretty girls walked by I went for it, lucky for me I speak fluent Hungarian and within minutes I had them both going to my room. I dumped a $100USD, a little over 30 Thousand forint and never will forget Budapest for the rest of my life. This totally is a place to see and taste the pleasures, The exchange rate was 280ft to $1USD while I was there, lately I have seen it to be up to 300 to 1, all the better for us. There's strong rumors of a Red light district soon opening up as well, lets keep our fingers crossed. I am going back again this year 2001!. Enjoy....
    (Review # 2954)
  • Budapest Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Dec 02 2000 Submitted by: Anon

    A quick rundown on Budapest; 310 HUF= 1 USD
    I have not had one hour be any more than 60 minutes, and usually it was less, around 30-45minutes. Contrary to popular belief, I have never been with a girl in Budapest that would let me cum more than once, even if I offered more $$

    Strip Bars:
    Hallo Bar - on Kiraly U: It's a decent place, with girls ranging from 6-9 and usually about 10 girls. No entrance fee, but a minimum 1 drink which equals about 1400 HUF, about 4-5 USD. The girls will want to sit with you. This is where it gets pricy. If a girls sits and talks with you, it will cost between 6000-8000 HUF for each girl that sits at your table. In comparison you can ask for a table dance where you get a hands on lapdance, meaning you can play with her tits and pussy while she straddles you, but in view of everyone else in the bar. If you want sex, it cost 26,000 HUF, plus 2000HUF for a taxi to the hotel, and 4000 HUF for the hotel room. Altogether, 33140HUF for the drink to sex. This equates to a little over 100USD, which isn't too bad. But your 1 hour includes the taxi ride to the hotel, time to register for a room etc.... So you will probably get 45 minutes or less with the girl, I think I only got 1/2 hour. Across the street there is Nightclub (that is the name). I went in just to check the prices. 1 drink minimum at 3000HUF and 20000HUF for sex in the back rooms

    Private Flats:
    Sweet Cats Escort - on Rakoczi near Astoria: I have been here 3 times, usually 3 girls and 3 rooms. They offer strip, massage, and sex. The first time i was there I got sex, price 14000HUF, and when I entered the room she offered oral both ways for an extra 10000HUF. She was hot, about an 8.5, and I was in the mood to go down on her so I paid. This lady was quite nice considering that I was pretty drunk, and she didn't speak too much English. My 2nd time there I has a petite girl who was a 9 (I reserve 10s as descriptions for supermodel girls) She had a beautiful body with a huge sexy(tasteful) tattoo on her back. She would not allow kissing above her shoulders or below her belly, but she did offer bj without a condom for 3000HUF extra, which I did not get. Overall, she was beautiful but not that great in bed. The 3rd time I went there, I had a nice girl, about a 7 or 8, but she spoke decent English. This girl rocked my world. First of all she wanted me to go down on her, and didn't ask for money. Second, she was great in bed, acting more like a girlfriend than a pro. She was definitely the best paid-sex experience that I ever had, and told me to see her the next day (unfortunately i couldn't). She told me that she also works out of BLUE EYES Escort (on Terez krt, near Nyugati train station), so these 2 places work together and alternate girls each day. All in all, I recommend these places, they are cheaper (less than 1/2) than the strip bars, although they don't have as much selection, I don't think that you will be disappointed.

    Street Scene: Around the Big hotels on the waterfront, I have seen quite a lot of street action. Unfortunately I didn't see any girls that come close to the quality of those mentioned above. Going price seems to be about 10000HUF, or 5000HUF for a BJ near the water. I did run into 2 decent (not good) looking girls who offered a threesome for 40000HUF (130 USD) but I went to get my money and they disappeared. I recommend staying away from the waterfront. I actually saw 2 groups of ladies fight over "their turf" here.

    Vaci Utca: This is the place where all of the young beautiful working girls can be found. If you are older than 30, chances are that they will introduce themselves to you. I think that these girls are 7-9s and I have even seen a 10. They usually walk up and down the pedestrian street in pairs, sometimes talking on there mobile phones. If you see a girl walks by more than once in the same direction, chances are that she is working. I think that prices vary 15000 to 30000+ HUF and decrease towards the end of the night. I have notice that usually one girl speaks German and the other English. I think that they prefer to go to your hotel. WARNING: Be careful, some of these girls run scams with cafes/bars, so don't go buying them drinks at someplace that they recommend!!!

    Street in VIII District: I had on experience here on a Saturday afternoon. I wasn't looking for action, but I was checking out the area for future needs. I was walking down the streets near Jozsef Ut and the action found me. I was at the street corner trying to decide which way to go, and 2 ladies walked by on the other side of the street and said hello to me. I went over to talk to them. They asked if I wanted sex and told me 3000HUF. I was amazed at the price, so I asked if I could get both of them together (big mistake). Well, I went into their flat which gave me uncomfortable feelings. Well the first girl ask for my money, all I had was a 5000 HUF bill. She couldn't break it, so she left the room and came back with the other girl, and now they were asking for 5000HUF more, which I paid thinking I was getting a 3-some. I was wrong! These ladies were the worst experience. I fucked them separately, only a couple minutes each, they weren't even in the room at the same time. Then the older one had the nerve to ask me to pay an extra 2000HUF (6.50 USD) after she turned the light so I could put on my clothes easier. I won't go back to the street scene because you never know what you are going to get, but ripped off probably.
    (Review # 2811)
  • Budapest Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Aug 22 2000 Submitted by: Cmt. Saint Germane

    Well we actually referenced the WSG site here before we went to Budapest. I must confess you can not walk down the street without seeing 2 girls to every guy and on top of that this country has the highest proportion of gorgeous dames I’ve ever seen - and I travel frequently.~~~~On the advice of this site we avoided the strip clubs, as they appeared foolish and expensive. ~~~~Our first night we picked-up a couple of 'ladies' who were presented to us by the doorman. It was barely acceptable and cost $150 an hour.~~~~Where our mistake was... the Bar in the Hotel in which we stayed was filled with the best damn 'ladies' ever and we didn’t even know that until the second night! The women from the first night were coarse and rude and the 'ladies' from second night were without a doubt top-notch world-class super hot attentive professionals.~~~~Needless to say the higher caliber women were $300 but that’s for 2 hours or so and no rushing. It was perfect.~~~~So my advice to you is to case the Bars in the higher-class hotels. We are staying at a 5 star hotel so that should say something. The $300 was a bargain and the ladies relaxed and cordial and actually funny!~~~~We are staying at a hotel than is owned by Europeans so that may make a difference as they allow those sorts of things. I would bet American or chain hotels might be a bit more stringent. These were the 'house' ladies who seemed to embrace the same 5 star level of service that the hotel that allowed them to work here endorses. ~~~~I have only done this once before, but I swear it has to be one of the best experiences in the 'professional' area around. ~~~~So to recap:~~~~Try the snazzy hotel bars first. The hotels that allow it screen for classy dames if they allow them to work there.~~~~Avoiding the strip-clubs is probably a good idea as we didn’t even bother to go.~~~~Expect to pay $300 is US dollars. ~~~~Be cordial and nice to the ladies. And if you are an American don't act like an ass - I'm tired of apologizing for my country.~~ (Review # 2215)
  • Budapest Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Jul 21 2000 Submitted by: Mark

    Was in Budapest a few times because of business. I'm always visiting the same club : The Hallo Bar that I discovered during my first visit. I arrived late evening, after midnight. Was tired and decided to go sleep to be fresh for the next 5 days and nights. Next morning, I decided to take all day free to visit the city. I walked in the Buda area during the morning and in the Pest area during the afternoon. In this part of the city, I saw 15-20 streetgirls already working at 1 pm. Not the best looking girls. Start the evening with a dinner in a small local restaurant in the Castle area, just in front of the Budapest Hilton. Then I walked in the surroundings but unfortunately, no action. I discovered a small bar called Miro but no available girls there. So I took a cab and negotiate a flat rate for a ride in Pest because Buda seems very quiet. During the ride my taxi driver ask me if I'm looking for some disco or "maybe" for some night clubs... I tried a disco - don't remember the name- but again lonely girls were not available. Back in the hotel I saw 3 or 4 girls sitting in the lobby bar. Took a seat at the bar and met 2 Scandinavian guys speaking about their visit in some club called Tia Amore. Very expensive, pressure atmosphere for ladies drinks... We decided to meet next day for a visit to another club: the Hallo bar. The bar is located in Pest and all taxi drivers know the address. We arrive by taxi and we were welcomed by a forty-year-old woman who is the manager. We paid something like 10 USD entrance fee. This is a big room with a stage in the middle, some quiet seating place on the right and the left side and a bar in the back. Because it was our first visit in the club, we received seats at the stage. There is a non-stop program all night long : go go dancers, topless dancers, strip tease, lesbian show, live sex show... After 30 minutes some girls started to ask if we need some company. We decided to wait a little bit and take time to have a look to all the girls ( +/- 25-30 girls this night ). ~~We made our choice and asked to seat on the side with the girl (looks like private booths). All the girls were Hungarian natives. Some were very stunning girls from 18 to late 20's. After a lot of drinks (very expensive) and a lot of fun, we decided to go back to hotel. The girls then started to offer us a private strip show before leaving. Cost: 5.000 forints. The reason is that not all the girls are available. Some girls are only working as dancers/strippers and company to the guest in the club only. There are no rooms in the club but some girls are available for escort, just the manager knows who. The girls have connection with a hotel located 2 minutes from the clubs or you can go back to your hotel. The price is 20.000 forints / hour (100 USD/hour ) including oral sex and straight sex ( 1 time or 2 times according the girl, better to check it before ). All of them enjoyed our partners and were back during the following nights in the Hallo Bar with the same pleasure ( except our wallets... ). ~~ (Review # 1981)
  • Budapest Strip Club Review Dated Added: Mon Jun 19 2000 Submitted by: Anon

    Went to Budapest for some fun and sightseeing. Ended up at Gundel restaurant which is the most famous in Hungary. After dinner the restaurant doorman sent us to a place called Club Pigasse. Nice enough place - costs 5,000 forints to get in and beers are about 2500. Fairly expensive. Drinks for girls are around 8000 forints so don't buy unless you think you're going to get somewhere. They have an after hours club called Crazy Horse across the street where a friend and I went for some continued drinking. About an hour and a half later we get a bill for 92000 forints and the key to the door is suddenly missing. Had to pay (around 300 bucks) or else get killed by the mob. Enjoy Budapest - but stay out of this s#$%thole. (Review # 1750)
  • Budapest Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Nov 01 1998 Submitted by: Varnman

    I was just in Budapest Hungary on business. And it is a great city for sex.
    I recommend staying at the three big hotels ( Hyatt, Marriot, or the Intercontinental )

    There is plenty of prostitutes all around these hotels and most are very
    attractive. The going price is about 10,000ft, ( about $100 us )for an hour
    You can also go to any of the stripclubs in the area, as they are brothels.
    They are a little more expensive but the girls are very beautiful. The La Dolce Vita
    is the most elegant of the clubs.

    No matter where you go, you will have no problem finding sex in Budapest.
    (Review # 258)
  • Budapest Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Sep 16 1998 Submitted by: theboss

    I always travel to Budapest for my job, so I really can say how the sex scene has changed in the last 7/8 years.
    Before 1989, the stage was simply fantastic. Students, models, non professional girls were easily available: of course not always money was necessary but a good dinner in a good restaurant or a night in a discotheque. Now, with the enormous quantity of tourists, the sex market is a big business, were Mafia wants to take money, much money. Budapest is plenty of place were you can spend a beautiful hour with a beautiful, model style, girl. Where is the problem? The problem is that an hour like that will cost you something about 50.000 Fiorint (about 300$). So be careful, buy a newspaper for local people and (If you don't know a little bit the language buy a small vocabulary or find a local friend) and try to phone some girls normally for local customer and non for tourists. After few visits I promise you will find some stunning girls (and you 'll write address and the number for next times) and have a fantastic hour just for 4/5.000 Fiorin, that is the medium price for local people. Avoid ""Ti amo"" - ""Caligula"" ""Dolce Vita"" they are only traps for tourists and first to smell a little piece of pussy you must drink and pay, drink and pay ecc..
    By by. Enjoy Budapest.
    (Review # 257)
  • Budapest Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Mar 01 1999 Submitted by: Anonymous

    Budapest has adopted materialism with relish. Unfortunately this means that the ""rip-off"" element exists. For example, coffee shops on the main shopping malls will have friendly women who chat you up and ask for a drink - the drink will come to Ł100 to Ł200 but what can you do. Igor is in the back and they know you can afford it. Rule one: only go where the hotels recommend.
    Active nightlife: hotels, even good ones will have girls in the bar, usually Russian and not too pretty. Better to ask the concierge for the name of a good nightclub that wont rip you off. Taxi there will be 2X the price, entrance charge and exorbitant drinks. Better to negotiate quickly and leave. Hotel charges an extra room fee so the entire episode can be quite expensive, but very nice young women. There are probably some better places but there is a lurking feeling that an evening out with cash could prove very painful, so care is the correct approach.
    (Review # 256)
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