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  • Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Aug 15 2008 Submitted by: james

    I Visited Germany this summer in July. I stayed in Berlin for a few days and decided to also check out a few of Berlin's red light ladies.


    I found a place called Tiffany, a brothel in Ritterstrasse 11, about 8 girls showed up, I picked a Germany girl called Sarah. Oh my god! ... I cannot recomend this place enough. The place is very discrete, clean, beutifully furnished, and of course the girls are beutiful (as for Sarah, not much English, but ... hmmm ... VERY RECOMENDED!). I was charged €100 for 50 mins, a time I will never forget.


    A night later I had a few beers around the Hachescher Market close to Oranienburger St. A good few street walkers were patrolling the area dressed to impress and very chatty with passers-by. I started to chat up Vanessa, a regular in the area, and requested her services. She escorted me around the courner to a "Hotel". And told me it was €80 for a BJ and that I had to goto an ATM machine for "extras". Unfortunatly I had one beer too many, and did just that. So I ended paying €200 for her to take her bra off (and get a BJ). As for her panties? ... "Wanna goto ATM machine again?". I had to draw the line there. If I paid Vanessa €1000 I still would not have got what Sarah gave to me for €100 (and she looked just as good!).


    Next day (when I sobbered up) I visited "Agentur Libery" in 14 Martin Luther St. It was very like Tiffany and the girls were just as good looking. I spoke only English, so a girl Dana had to introduce the place (and polices)to me. About 6 girls came to see me, but I decided to pick Dana. Just like Sarah in Tiffany ... Ooohh Wow ... Time Of My Life!!! Dana was even better than Sarah, and she had a good grasp of English. Bottom line, avoid the street walkers and definitly check out some of the many brothels in Berlin. they are well worth a visit. Reccomended >> Liberty(Dana) and Tiffany (Sarah). They both have pictures on the websites and, but they do not do justice for what they'll offer you in person.

    (Review # 24506)
  • Berlin Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Aug 03 2008 Submitted by: NY Knick

    I was in Berlin for a conference in early July 2008 and decided to stay there for a few days after the conference had ended to check out the market. It was pretty mixed with high peaks and very low valleys. I started on a Wednesday and decided I was going to check out the smaller clubs before trying out the famous Artemis on Friday or Saturday where I had heard the action is much better on weekends.


    The first night I started out checking out the various video booth / sex shop places but they didn't have anything besides... well, video booths, videos and toys. So I started walking around. I found this place called Cascade on Kantstrasse 120. It had a sign that said "Kino Sex Girls", so I went in. After a buzz on the door the madame opened up a small hole in the wall next to the door and requested a six euro entrance fee.


    The girls inside were just horrible. 1-3 on a scale of 1-10. Really fat and ugly bitches. They had a big movie screen playing some porn so I bought a beer and went over there. The girls came back to me one by one asking for a fuck. It was 50 euro for half an hour. Eventually I thought fuck it, chose the least gross girl (a 35 year old from Ghana who was in decent shape). She was very affectionate so it wasn't all bad.


    I then went to this place called Golden Gate on Keiser Friedrich Strasse. I was talked in by a tiny kinda hot girl. When I got in there were four other girls there, scales 3-5. I sat down with the kinda hot girl and she was all over me with kisses, caresses, etc. I decided I'd do her, and she told me it's 60 euro for half an hour. When she got naked I was very pleased, because while her face was a 5 or 6, her body was easily a 9 if you're into white tiny girls with low body fat and a nice ass.


    She said she was 25 from Bulgaria but she looked like 19. It was great. When I got out I noticed a lot of similar clubs just next door to Golden Gate, including some strip clubs which I decided I'd check out the next day. So the next day I went to this strip club called Chocolate which was next door to another strip club called Hanky Panky which seemed to be closed.


    Anyway, their sign said the first show would be at 9 PM so I went there 9:15 PM (I was really bored) but then the strippers hadn't even showed up yet. I was convinced to have a beer and relax and five minutes later the first stripper showed up and apologized to me that she was late. It cost me 10 euros to see her dance and get naked and while she had a pretty nice body the show was really bad. So I up and left and never went back. She wanted me to fuck her in the next room. I think the price was 80 euros. I laughed.


    Instead I went to another strip club just twenty yards away. I can't remember what it was called but it had a lot nicer girls. 19 and 20 year olds with really nice bodies. I took one of them, a 19 year old Bugarian girl, into the back for a private dance but that was all that they offered there. And the private dance wasn't very good either, if you're looking for good lap dances, nothing beats the US (NYC baby). I later asked the guard if it would be possible to fuck the girls and he said "sure, 100 euros!". I never explored that possbillity further, but I did notice they didn't have any private rooms for such activities.


    I decided to check out Café Psst! ( which seems to also go by the name Club Psst! these days and it was totally dead, but I wasn't expecting much else at 11 PM on a Thursday.


    The next day I walked around for an hour or so trying to spot any good clubs. Quick reviews: Melanie's Massage on Kantstrasse on top of Private Center: Had to be buzzed up (one flight of stairs). They had two girls working: one kinda fat 20 year old German girl (she was a 4) and one skinny tall girl who looked Russian (she was a 3). 50 Euros for 30 minutes. I left.


    Club 77 at Kantstrasse 77: Awful. Worst club ever. When I came in one girl was vast asleep on a bench. The others were 45-55 years old, ugly and fat.


    Next door was another club whose name I've forgotten but it was equally awful. Rote Rose at Levishamstrasse 9: Looks like a small pub, but has two back rooms for fucking. Four girls were working: two ugly old grannies, one 23 year old Polish girl (who was a 5) and one 25 year old blonde Polish bomb shell named Anja. Anja has huge silicone boobs and was amazing. She doesn't know a word of English and very little German so communication is difficult (but the other girls will gladly translate). To get to fuck her I first had to buy her a 30 euro drink and then pay the 50 euros for half an hour, but it was worth it. She's so damn hot.


    Club Nirvana at Levishamstrasse 9: Right next to Rote Rose. Had three girls working but two were busy, so I only met an old granny who was 45-50 years old and told me she hated Americans. I left pretty quick, but not before asking what the rate was (60 euros for 30 minutes, but when I told her Rote Rose did 50E/30min she said they could do that too).


    Across the road from Rote Rose and Club Nirvana is a sex shop and a sex kino place and next to them a small brothel. They had terribly ugly girls, but only charged 35 for 30 minutes. Still, I wouldn't touch any of them even with a stick.


    Rocadero: I don't know exactly where this club was, I found it on my way to Rote Rose. It's somewhere between KuDamm and Kantstrasse. From the outside it looks like a small theatre or something. I knocked on the door and an asian madam opened. While talking to her I peeked in and saw some ugly old bitches. She told me the price was 100 for 30 minutes. I laughed at her and left.


    Next to Golden Gate on Keiser Freidrich Strasse are two other brothels: Sissi Bar and Monte Carlo Bar. The girls sitting outside trying to attract customers are really fat ugly girls so I didn't even bother to ask what the rate was.


    Then I found this great strip/sex club called BonBon. It's on Stuttgarter Platz 7. They have maybe 5-7 girls working each night and they take turns table dancing and getting completely naked. If you like any of them, I think it was 100 euros (or 80?) to take them back and fuck them for 30 minutes. Some really hot girls. I never did any of them though.


    On Saturday I went to Artemis and I have to say it was everything everyone has said it would be, and more. Simply amazing. It's paradise on Earth. It's a bit hard to find, but just grab a cab and ask the driver to go to club Artemis on Halensee Strasse 32 and he will find it for you.


    The entrance fee is 70 euros. You're given a robe and a key which opens two lockers: one small for your cash and stuff and one big for your clothes. You then walk around in your robe (or if you prefer just a towel) and check out the naked ladies walking around all wanting to have sex with you.


    For 60 euros you get half an hour of BJJ, sex, massages, lap dances, etc... It's heaven. The extraordinary stuff (like anal, CIM, etc) is totally doable, but costs extra. I did three girls in one night there: one German 21 year old girl who was a 7 (I should have waited but I was so eager when I got there I pretty much just went for it right away).


    Then I did a Polish blonde with huge silicone knockers (gotta love those big titty blondes). She turned out to be a real bitch. She wanted me to fuck her as hard as I could but I said I wanted to wait a bit and take my 30 minutes. Then she said "but honey, you come up here, fuck, cum and then go, that's how it goes". So it was over after maybe ten minutes because she was going at it so damn hard. Then I waited a few hours, relaxed, enjoyed the free food and (alcohole free) drinks, the saunas, the pool, had a pretty good massage until I chose a tiny blonde Hungarian with silicone boobs. She was amazing. Very eager to please.


    First she gave me a really great lap dance, then a BJJ followed by a fuck. When I came I still had maybe ten minutes left and even though I was totally satisfied she insisted we'd stay in the room and who was I to argue? She was totally fucking hot. She wanted to give me a massage which was fine by me. She started rubbing me down, kissing me, all very passionately.


    After a while she asked me if I wanted her to massage my inner thighs and then I said maybe we should just go back down. She looked at her watch and said "no we still have five minutes!" so we just made out for the last five minutes. Totally unreal. When I gave her a 20 euro tip she said "no it's only 60" so I even had to insist on her taking the extra money. Crazy.


    Then I stayed for a couple of more hours just enjoying the strip shows and the naked ladies. I was so close to taking another girl to a room because there was this teenage looking tall girl who was really hot and another tall girl with naturally big tits who was also really hot, but I decided enough was enough.


    Anyways, Artemis truly is paradise on Earth. You can read more about Artemis on The article is accurate.

    (Review # 24406)
  • Berlin Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Mar 17 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    I would recommend the many Thai massage parlors in Berlin. They do not offer sex, but really good massages (not just "patting") and a complimentary handjob. Rates are always 30min/30 Euro, 60 min/60 Euro and so on. Apart from the hj I experienced no other extras, except that some offer body-to-body massage (or "tantra massage"). Some will let you fondle their tits if you ask. I can recommend Longma Massage in Schützen Street and Johannis Street, both in Mitte. The latter offers a body-to-body massage for 70Euros/30 min, and it's VERY well done, very passionately!

    You will need to tell the real massage parlors from the seedy Thai sex shags. If it clearly says "Thai Massage" and the shop layout is rather open (large shop windows etc.) they will offer real massages. Also, these shops usually have a sign making clear "For Ladies and Gents" (Für Damen und Herren). I always ask if a handjob is included, when entering a new shop. I don't know if you actually need to ask.
    (Review # 22627)
  • Berlin Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Sep 09 2007 Submitted by: Randy

    Summary: You will not be disappointed by FKK Artemis. Location: First of all, it is located directly off the highway; not on a side street. I walked around for 2 hours looking for it on a side street since posters indicated it was not on the highway. You walk out of the Weskreuz S-bahn station and walk around to the left back over the S-bahn tracks and then along the highway. You cannot see the sign coming from the S-bahn station (north) since it is blocked by the bushes. Details:

    As already posted, there is a Eur 70 (~US$105) entrance fee and Eur 60 (~US$90) fee for 30 min of BBBJ and sex in as many positions as you want. The 30 or so girls consisted of a few 7s, 90% 8-9. Since the top scores are subjective and their abilities in the bed are variable, I would say I have never seen a better collection anywhere. The entrance fee includes adequate food on the buffet in the back room all the way through the bar and all the non-alcoholic drinks you want all night.

    The sex fee does not include CIM or on boobs (Eur 50 extra) or anal (Eur 100 extra). So for US$200 you can have 30 min of sex, eat, socialize with naked girls, drink espresso, sodas or juices. For $300, you can add another round of sex. The sex is very good and predictable, if not a GFE. But the girls are high quality.

    (Review # 20699)
  • Berlin Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Jan 21 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    Hello, I was in Berlin during the month of Dec. 2006. I went there to visit family. But on the side I wanted to bang some foreign pussy. I found one place through this site and checked it out. It is called Cafe Pssst! Let me tell you that this place is legit. It is located on Brandenburgische Strasse 73.

    Please let me explan how it works there: You walk in and it is like a bar setting. There may or may not be any women there, so it can be a hit or miss night for you. There may even be a small selection or there can be a really big selection. The girls are independent and they show up whenever they feel like it.

    Here is something else you should know so that you don't get ripped off: When I was there, the girls told me that the fixed price is 125 Euros for one hour with them. This includes a suck and fuck with them for one hour. That is the fixed price. If one of the girls asks you for more once you are in the room, don't give it to her. She is cheating. Go to the bartender and tell him/her what the girl is doing. I had one German girl for 125 and she was a really good fuck. Her pussy was really wet and she loved being fucked. I had one Russian girl who fucked pretty good also but she was kind of fat.

    The last night I was there, I had a Vietmese girl. I was really piss ass drunk. She got an additional 150 Euro out of me. Sorry guys, why are we so stupid when we see that pussy? I should have told her that I know the house rules and that I know she is just playing with me. I, of course, gave her the money. I did fuck her good. But she conned me out of 150 Euros. I should have told the bartender (I hear that they are quite strick about maintaining their prices). But I was too drunk to give a shit about it at the time.

    Cafe Pssst! can be a fun place for hunting pussy but don't get played. Find out the house price and make sure the girl sticks to it. I hate being played. I respect an honest provider but some girls are overpricing their pussy. Have fun and happy hunting. Oh, I forget to mention... Cafe Pssst! has tasteful apartments behind the bar. You met the girl at the bar and then she takes you to the apartment out back. Actually, the process is a little too slow for me. Not like a brothel where you meet a girl and walk into the room to fuck her. Here you actually get to know each other first. The process is a little slower here.

    (Review # 17054)
  • Berlin Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Jan 14 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    I went to Club Artemis and La Folie in Jan '07. La Folie was 14E ($20) to enter and 70E for a girl. Artemis was 70E to enter and 60E for a girl. Artemis had very good girls. La folie, not so good. The good thing about La Folie is if you don't like the girls, you can leave and be out for only $20. At Artemis, you pay $100 to get in, and will not be dissapointed in the girls.

    Go on a Friday or Saturday and there will be 50 guys and 30 girls. They were mostly 7 and 8's. There was one 10 (Kasha from Poland) who was with a guy every half hour for the 5 hours. I was there. The only way to get her was to wait at the bottom of the stairs when she came down from a session with a guy. Else she was taken, I couldn't go with her as I roughly calculated she had been with probably 20,000 guys in her days. I would rather go with a girl who was less popular and only been with a few thousand guys ;) 

    I got 2 girls and used my mouth on all body parts. It was bad but those chicks drove me wild. Over all it was a great town. I went to some sex cinemas etc. but only Artemis did it for me. I went to Frankfurt but didn't go to the clubs there. You have to take a taxi from what I heard.

    You can take the subway to Artemis. Walk out the Halensee train station, walk left to Halensee street, go right along the highway to Artemis. Cheap and easy.

    Party on, enjoy the girls.  
    (Review # 16998)
  • Berlin Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Jun 08 2006 Submitted by: J. Lester

    I went to Berlin in June to see some good football. In the times between football, I went out to do some action of my own. A great help here is the newspaper B.Z. (but this of course only if you speak at least a little German) I got onto some whores at the Ku. Damm area but they were a rip off mostly. I then ventured out to try my luck at some of the suburb whorehouses. The price range here was 35 Euros for a 20 minute quicky. 50 for a half an hour ‘togetherness’80 Euros for an hour. 99 % of all the action with condom. Only seldom will you find some whore who will do a blowjob bare. A taxidriver took me to a place in Neukolln (one of the southern suburbs) this day. It was well past midnight and there wasn’t too much to choose from. We went to 3 or 4 places but no dice, they had already finished for the day. (I had given the B.Z. to my driver and with his help we looked around) we went to a place in 7 Kinitzer Strasse. What appeared to be a small place turned out to be a 5 or 6 room place. Very clean and nicely decorated Three girls (Thai) here. I decided on a fairly tall, slim with a good breast and appr. 25 year old First we chatted for about 5 minutes. (she spoke fairly good English.) After we had reached an agreement I handed 50 EUROS over to her. (about 57 $ US) Next she brought a cup of Coffee for me and (I had asked for it, but not really expected it ...) 2 Glasses of red wine, one for me and one for herself. We drank our wine, and then got cozy. I had booked her for 30 minutes, from this a minimum of 29 Min. we were very busy with each other all in a loving sort of way. When I was near the point of explosion she started to kiss me, not just the lips but quite a little more than that. Then I found out that she liked kissing. A knock at the door and she went out to shower. She came back to me with another cup of coffee (in the meantime I had gotten dressed) I drank my coffee while we talked a little more, then she took me to the door. A parting kiss, I was on my own again. Her name was Cat. When I was back at the hotel I thought about her till I fell asleep. It was about 3.30 AM by then. The next day at 1.45 PM my plane left. And I think *just as well! Now nobody should think that all whorehouses in Berlin have girls like CAT. And I have tried quite a few this times in Berlin. Fact is I saw some very crummy ones. This especially in the districts where apparently the Turks have taken over. Good luck to all. Good luck to CAT in the faraway Neukolln. (Review # 14920)
  • Berlin Other Dated Added: Wed Dec 28 2005 Submitted by: Eclat

    I went on a a sex tour in Europe, in 2003, during July. Club Lafolie 63, is the shangri-la of sex clubs. I liked it so much that my e-mail address is named after it. When you enter, you pay a small fee. They hand you a towel, and then you enter a small locker room. I'll never forget this old guy getting undressed, and telling me in his best English, "You're in the Best Place in all Germany!"

    There are two red curtains you walk through... when I opened the curtains and walked out, I felt like I was at a Roman Orgy... and when I opened my mouth, and the girls knew I was from America, I became an instant Rock Star! I ended up doing two girls from Bulgaria, and it was righteous! After all was said and done, I spent about $500 euro's, but it was worth every penny!

    The strategy in doing any tour, is to take the roads less traveled. First, your Hotel Concierge knows everything! Do these following things, and you will be a star! One, get a taxi driver that knows a little English, and hire him. I did for three days. It's worth it, trust me. Set your goals while you're visiting the city! Mine were: 1. I want to go to the night clubs the tourists don't know about. 2. I wan't to eat and drink where the tourists don't go. 3. I want to find the women, the tourists already know where to look. 4. Spend the last day, visiting the city and its historic sites.

    If you act like a tourist, and visit everything that is touristy, then you'll never appreciate the fact that hanging with the locals is the best time you will ever have! If you need more references on my sex tour, like Amersterdam, Paris, Barcelona, and Prague, just shoot me an e-mail! Sincerely, Eclat
    (Review # 13492)
  • Berlin Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Aug 25 2005 Submitted by: garp95

    Went to La Folie --- it was bad. Mostly overweight, over-age, smoking, German women. A few younger 6s and 7s. Then I called Jana, Much more expensive (250 euros) but worth every penny. Good looking, friendly, skilled, punctual. A dream come true. (Review # 12550)
  • Berlin Street Action Dated Added: Sat Aug 20 2005 Submitted by:

    As an inhabitant of Berlin, this is my advice:  Prostitutes that you will find in the streets/places will not give you satisfaction. Definitely not! It will be mostly very expensive, not the action you want at all and it can be dangerous for those who complain or argue with the girls.  Hookers are often called by mobile phones and will beat you off. Avoid Oranienburger Street and Strasse des 17. Juni as well as Kurfürstendamm or Lietzenburger Strasse. There might be some good looking girls day and night around Kurfürstenstrasse for short money. But they are rare and most (90%) of the prostitutes are drug abusers. Prices are about 25 to 30 Euros for Blowjob, 30-35 for intercourse and 40-55 for both. Very few offer Blowjob without condom, mostly drug-girls. Job is done in cars or in pensions (+10-12 Euros for 30 minutes).

    The best thing you can do is to purchase the tabloid newspaper BZ and look for advertisements of private-girls for incall or outcall. They will offer 30 minutes for an average of 50-60 Euros with good service.  I had good services from Eastern Europe and German girls myself.  Look at their websites and you can choose from the photos. is the web-address.  I can recommend which is situated in the inner city and has attractive girls. Bye, Martin
    (Review # 12498)
  • Berlin Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Jun 29 2005 Submitted by:

    Advice from a Berliner I am a native Berliner, and Berlin resident, and after reading the reviews here, felt it was necessary to react. Most places reviewed by visitors are, unfortunately, tourist traps. Unlike other German and European cities, Berlin doesn't have restricted areas for prostitution. The effect is that prostitution is very neighborhoody, spread over the whole cities, and the areas which look like red light districts are simply mob-run tourist traps one should avoid. My advice is to: -Stay away from street prostitution. You will be ripped off on Ku'damm, the same is true for Strasse des 17, Juni and Oranienburger Strasse. Never take street hookers from Kurfürstenstrasse where most prostitutes are heroin junkies. -Stay away from the area Stuttgarter Platz/Kaiser Friedrich-Strasse in the Charlottenburg district. These places are all run by pimps and backed by the Lebanese mafia. They are overpriced, and girls "animate" you to buy them expensive drinks. Same is true for the brothels and bars in Lietzenburger Strasse for the same reasons. -Buying the B.Z. tabloid newspaper is a good idea. You can also browse all their daily prostitution ads at . Another good source is "Tip" magazine, a bi-weekly cultural calendar for Berlin which on its last pages has many classifieds of private hookers. - Sex/strip shows mentioned here are mostly run by the Russian mafia with Russian prostitutes. OK if you like the show and don't mind hurried and dispassionate sex. - The "Kino"/porn movie theater brothels are cheap and the lowest end of non-street prostitution. Most of them have older prostitutes that don't look so great, and most of the places are shabby. Nevertheless, these are places where many local go, you're never ripped off there and the women usually offer good service. In any way, better spend $60 on a Kino hooker with 4-5 looks, but 8-10 fucking skills than $200 on a good-looking Ku'damm whore who just rips you off. - The best places in Berlin are apartment brothels. You can't recognize them as bars or movie theaters from outside, but need to know their addresses from either B.Z. or Tip. Often, they are in non-central districts, but it's worth taking the trip. Prices are not higher than in the Kino brothels, typically 50 Euros for half an hour oral+intercourse, 100 for one hour etc. Some places I can recommend: , a place in the working class Neukölln district with mostly German women, some of them a bit older and heavier, but all of them offering truly caring, honest and good service. is near the Tegel (TXL) airport and also a good place. - Berlin's most famous brothel is "Café Pssst" in Wilmersdorf, Brandenburgische Strasse between Fehrbelliner Platz and Blissestrasse. It's pricier than the above, but a very well-run place which is known to treat the women there well, and is based on the policy that women shouldn't animate customers into drinking, and that they are entitled to choose the guys themselves. So finding a sex partner there requires more effort on your part. If you want to go to a bar-style brothel, then please go there and not to Stuttgarter Platz. (Review # 11874)
  • Berlin Street Action Dated Added: Fri Jun 10 2005 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    40,000 prostitutes expected for 2005 World Cup BERLIN - At least 40,000 prostitutes are expected to flock to Germany for next year's Football World Cup, a report said on Thursday. "The World Cup naturally offers fantastic chances to earn money - business will be good," said Katharina Cetin of Berlin's prostitution lobby group Hydra. According to the Berliner Kurier paper, 40,000 prostitutes will set up shop in Germany during the World Cup which begins 9 June and lasts about a month. Cities such as Cologne and Dortmund are planning special street cabins - dubbed 'Bird Houses' - in which prostitutes can receive customers so that they do not conduct business in public places, the paper said. Prostitution is legal in Germany for individuals but organised prostitution rings are banned. Public health officials say they plan to distribute over 100,000 condoms during the World Cup to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. (Review # 11725)
  • Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Feb 22 2004 Submitted by:

    I was in Berlin For the a trade fair at the start of Feb. I arrange to meet an escort Jana Berger who I found on the net. I arrange to meet her on Feb. 2nd at 3pm for 3 hours. The cost of the service was 250euros for the first 2 hours, and 100euros for any additional hours. Jana turned up exactly on time. She was dressed very elegantly and looked exactly like her photos on her web site.

    I got the financials out the way at the start of our meeting as we had agreed before hand. After sharing some wine together and slowly exploring each other, we moved onto passionate sex. She was truly a girlfriend experience. I will not go into details, but suffice to say I came 3 times, and we shared a bath together during our time together. You might want to note that when you finger her virginal area she gets very aroused. (Review # 8417)

  • Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Oct 23 2003 Submitted by: roamer

    I go several times a year to Berlin for business and always enjoy the good and inexpensive sex there. Last time (August) my best experience was Nadia from Russia at a brothel on Kaiser-Friederich street No 40. The young and sexy looking young bitch deep throated me (bbj) while fingering my balls and asshole. It got me so exited that after watching her getting wild a me I shot my teeming lot into her throat, she took it all to the last drop. (Review # 7761)
  • Berlin Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Oct 06 2003 Submitted by:

    I was Berlin for work and read about the Club La Folie on this website. Guys, this is Heaven on Earth! I absolutely enjoyed the environment. Machen were young and absolutely gorgeous. Although I speak little German, I still managed to find a girl I could converse with in slight German and English. I had a great time. Place was clean and staff were friendly. (Can't remember exactly now, but estimated Entrance fee was Euro11. Drink for lady, Euro17 and Lady Euro70.)One cannot say he has been to Berlin until he has visited La Folie. (Review # 7670)
  • Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Apr 07 2003 Submitted by: eiche

    Since the Black and White Club was close to my hotel, I stopped in. Paid the 10 Euro fee to get in, which also gets you one drink. Fine. The Madam was a nice lady....or at least she was pleasant to chat with. So I finish the drink and ask if there are any other lovely ladies around. No. They are all "besetzt" (busy). No fun. But, if I will wait a minute, there should be one along in a bit.'s the the meantime, she wants ME to buy HER a drink...and it is, of course, from the "Damen Karte" (Ladies' Menu), and she wants a piccolo, for 42 Euros. Sorry. Not gonna do that. Of course she tried to keep me around, but I gave her the slip. From the other reports, maybe this can be a good place, but in any case, watch out for the madam. (Review # 7049)
  • Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Feb 19 2003 Submitted by: Superleo

    I recently spent 4 very hectic days in Berlin but was able to gather some useful information. The street action takes place about half way down the Oranienburger Strasse in the Mitte district of the city, also a good area for bars and restaurants. The girls are all very good looking and German, 7 or above. ~~

    ~~The problem is that most of them are too busy talking on their mobile phones to solicit passers-by. I counted at least 20 the night I was out and the temperature was 8 below.~~

    ~~The alternative is the "Sex Kino" or "Erotik bars" which offer a range of services from HJ, BJ to full sex with one girl or more. These places are scattered all over the city, but the area which has the most is the main road called Kaiser Friedrich Strasse leading from Charlottenburg railway S-Bahn station. There are around 5 places including the well-documented La Folie club at number 63. La Folie is probably the best place in Berlin if you are going for it.It has German girls too - most of the other places have over-the-hill Ukrainian or Thai women I would not recommend. ~~

    ~~All these places charge admission ranging from 7 euro to 17 euro including the first drink, so if you are just going in to look, it is an expensive way to drink one beer. You can’t look in from the street and have to ring a bell for someone to open the door for you. I also noticed a new place on the main Heinrish strasse, also in the Mitte area,where you could just go in for a drink. It is near the Oscar Wilde Irish pub which is a good place to hang out and watch live soccer.~~

    ~~~~The BZ daily newspaper advertises a lot of clubs, also personals but you need to speak a bit of German if you want to try calling these girls.~~~~~~~~~~~~ (Review # 6862)

  • Massage Parlor Dated Added: Thu Jan 16 2003 Submitted by: voyager27

    I saw on internet this homepage~~"Garden of Eden"~~Offering all kinds of erotic massage (tantra,russisch) and showing the pics of the girls.~~Two of them were really young and pretty.~~~~

    ~~I went to Berlin.~~The place is about 500 m near the train station Lerther,a very old private building.~~Inside the ambient was confortable but cheap, and worse, no trace of the young girls.~~There were only two over 40 ladies.I paid 100 euro four 1 hour massage.If you like that kind of massage, it can be worth. Personally I found it a little boring,and in the end, when the Lady pass to stroke your dick, definitely not so wonderfull as sometimes reported.In fact she failed to make me come, even if I was fully erected, and was forced to finish on my own. For that price, better a nice f.~~ (Review # 6703)

  • Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Sep 09 2002 Submitted by: roadrunner

    Hi folks,~~Thanks for the good information I have found in the wsg reports all over the world.~~This time I will contribute by reporting my experiences in Berlin, probably the best place for sex in Europe (anyway better than Prague, Budapest, Barcelona that I know of). The atmosphere is very relaxed and the girls never try to cheat or rip you off. I don’t know if they speak English, but if they had school education, they should have some basic knowledge.~~

    ~~Brothels: I found them advertised in the Berlin daily "BZ", like all the other places in my account. The prices range from 30 to 150 Euros, depending on how much time (20 min. to 1 hour) and what service you want to book.~~

    ~~Jessica in Schillerstr. : Average to good looking women of various age always give good service. Vanessa (blonde) and Karin (brown), two attractive German ladies give good blow-jobs and you can come in their mouth for 50 Euros respectively (it's save as the girls are clean in every respect), but they won't lick your balls, which is the general rule in such places. Some of the girls will also do a threesome starting from 70 euro altogether. ~~

    ~~Kaiser-Friedrich-Str. 40: Average to good looking women of various age mostly from Eastern Europe (Poland, Russia). Same prices as Schillerstrasse, service is similar, though there may be some differences in quality. Only few of them are prepared to do a threesome.~~

    ~~MAC, Friedelstrasse, Average to good looking women of various age, price range is a bit lower and starts at 30 Euros. The service was mostly of average quality with the exception of young and good looking Maria from Brazil, who gives a very good bbj (licking your balls, playing with her tongue) to finish for only 40 euro.~~

    ~~Sex Kinos (cinemas): This is a Berlin speciality, which you will find in very few places in Europe: Those are Places which have one or several small porn movie theaters, where you can sit (or stand), smoke, have a drink and watch a porn movie. Most of the seats are separated by a wooden walls/panels which make them look like little stalls. Having taken seat you will soon be approached by a so called hostess, who will offer you sex on the spot (hand job or blow job) or full sex in an adjacent room. The prices start from 15 euros for a hand-job, where the girl remains fully dressed, butt you can touch her above, 20 euro for a blow-job, where she uncovers her breasts and you can play with them, and 30 euros with half and half in the room. The service is quick (until you come but no longer then 20 min.) but mostly good to very good. In average there are 5 -10 girls in one cinema with various nationality (German, Polish, Russian, Thai, South America, Africa a. o.), ranging from young and very attractive to old and ugly.

    ~~All sex is covered except for handjobs. Some of the girls may undress completely or fuck you in the cinema or offer you a threesome, if you are a regular customer.~~I mostly enjoy a good blow while watching a movie and having a can of beer and playing with a good looking girl with firm tits. Not long ago I had two young hot Thai girls sucking my dick in turns while I was playing with their tits and pussy.~~Some of the cinemas also offer special shows for 10 Euros consisting of 3 girls simultanuously stripping and striding through the seat rows, where the watchers can touch them, a solo and a lesbian act on the stage and as high light a blow job or intercourse on the with a volunteer watcher.~~

    ~~Best places are ~~~~Moni's Sex Kino in Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee, with above prices, but has only very small rooms – the same is true for Gabi’s Sex Kino in Amrumer Strasse~~~~Sex Kino in Genter Strasse, with above prices and better rooms, but no show.~~

    ~~Massage parlours: There are numerous massage parlours in Berlin with some of them offering a traditional massage finishing you off with a handjob. The girl will normally remain dressed, but if you are a regular and/or she likes she may undress above her waist and allow you to touch her breasts. Prices are mostly 30 euro for ½ hour or 50 euro for 1 hour. The best places I experienced are Kaiser-Friedrich-Strasse and Birkenstrasse, where you can also have a massage by 2 girls for double price.~~~~Other massage parlours offer erotic massages ranging from 30 euro to about 120 euro, depending on time (1/2 hour to 1 hour), service (hand, body to body, bj) and the degree of stripping.~~

    ~~Street action: I haven’t had much experience there, but from what I heard it should be avoided, because the prices are high and/or the service is poor.~~ (Review # 6106)

  • Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Sep 07 2002 Submitted by: Sexpistol

    La Folie at No 63, Kaiser Friedrich Strasse. I visited the club three times during my two week stay in Aug. 2002. Two Thumbs Up. The best nightspot I've visited in Europe. Worth every cent. Just an update on the latest prices in €:~~Entrance fee (including one drink): €14

    ~~~~One Piccolo for the girl (highly recommended to get to know each other): €17~~Half an hour in the room: € 70.~~One last piece of information, unlike most Sexkinos, the girls are mostly from Berlin and speak a few English phrases. They generally would let you kiss their lips. As for the rest, Zeit für Taten, or in English, time for action.~~ (Review # 6097)

  • Berlin Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Feb 25 2002 Submitted by: Berlintourist

    I am amazed by quite a creative erotic service in Berlin that I have tried. Her name is Jeanette, she is a 32 years old blonde, with a very seductive body (it always depends on your preferences, smile...) and she speaks English fluently (she's German and from Berlin). She calls herself an "erotic city guide" - and that's what she is indeed. Actually, she offers a very personal and non-professional escort service with outcalls only. But the very special thing about her creativity is that she is a licensed city guide, showing you the main sights and in-locations of Berlin as well. For this "bundle" I've paid 500 Euros for 5 hours, what is rather fair and inexpensive, taking into account the usual rates of escorts for almost a night. ~~

    ~~We met in a restaurant in Mitte, near Alexander Platz, where we checked out each other heaving a cup of tea and a wine. After she decided to say what I wanted to hear - a clear and unconditional "yes, sir!" - we went to Potsdamer Platz and the Brandenburg Gate. On the way we popped into the Old National Galery, having just reopened. From the Sony Center at Potsdamer Platz we took a taxi to my hotel, where I had 3 real hours real sex with Jeanette, with several real blow jobs and so on... She's really amazing, since she does the job "just in order to have fun and to be a bad girl" as she told me. FIVE STARS for Jeanette. Your BerlinTourist. ~~ (Review # 5088)

  • Berlin Other Dated Added: Sat Aug 04 2001 Submitted by: elliot

    I was in Berlin in July 2001, and the best source for professional ladies was the BZ (Berlin Zeitung), the daily newspaper with two pages of ads. The Kudamm area has more than its share of tourist traps, I had a lady from Prague in a shabby place at 44 Mittenwalder Str Kruezberg section for 50 DM for a BJ, then by chance met her working during the week at a Kudamm establishment, charging 200DM for the same services. 100DM was the norm, or $45US. Most of the time the ladies I met were dressed in black stockings, garter belt, and bra-corset, wearing makeup neat and very clean. I usually left a 50DM Tip. The ladies did it all, and they were quite good. There are also several nice places with ladies from Thailand, at 70DM for 30 minutes and 50DM for 20min. I didn’t see much street action, and what I saw was mediocre, but I may not have been to the right streets. With the newspaper the BZ there is no reason to hunt around when a phone call will do. Happy Hunting and Stay Safe! (Review # 4100)
  • Berlin Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Feb 15 2001 Submitted by: Anon

    I have been to Berlin twice in the last 3 years, for a month at a time,, Stay in the Schoneberg district, especially for Americans, a decent place to go to is # 58 Hohenstafenstrasse about 60 marks for 20 min (30 usd} decent looking girls, starts off with a bj w/ a condom then your choice to finish, some German helpful but won't be a problem, stay out of Kruezberg district (mostly Turkish) and Pinseuler district (skinheads) streetwalkers available in schoneburg and downtown near the kurfenstedam (ku-dam)are available but very expensive, a lot of transvestites,, (Review # 3159)
  • Berlin Other Dated Added: Tue Sep 12 2000 Submitted by: Redbird

    The Berlin sex scene is primarily organized around sex cinemas and sex bars. The "Berlin Street Guide for Men," available at any erotic shop like Beate Uhse, is a reliable guide to the various possibilities. My favorite is a place called "Black and White Show Club" on Lietzenburger Strasse. This is small club with no more than 4 or 5 girls working each night. For the 20 DEM admission price you also get a beer or soft drink. You can also choose to buy a drink for one of the girls who joins you. If you do, the hostess will ask you if you want to retire to one of the back rooms. For 150 DEM for a half hour or 300 DEM for an hour you get full service in a clean and comfortable room. I now return every time I am in Berlin, and I have come to know both management and the workers very well. (Fortunately I speak fluent German.) My favorite girls are German, particularly Anya (25) and Erika (32). Both of them give wild and abandoned sex, with plenty of french kissing, great BJ (usually covered, at least for the first encounter), 69, and hot sex in various positions. With both of them I came twice in one hour, and the last time with Erika, we added another half hour and I came again. They both enjoy sex and both have come with me -- once with 69 and then with penetration, girl on top. They are fun, clean, erotic, and adventuresome. I've also tried two Eastern European girls, but the experience was mechanical and nothing like the free and spontaneous sex with Anya and Erika. When I was there in late August Anya had left to start her own hairdressing salon, but Erika was as wild as ever. I have a hunch Anya will return. I have tried a couple of other sex cinemas and bars, but nothing yet has compared to Black and White. (Lietzenburger Strasse 54) (Review # 2353)
  • Berlin Other Dated Added: Wed Aug 16 2000 Submitted by: Chas

    Having found an earlier report about La Folie in Kaiser Friedrichstrasse (No. 63), I just had to try it. What a place and what great value. To get in, you have to ring the bell - no formality, the door is just released. You go to a window where a lady explains the form. You pay 25dm entry and give your first name. Then you go across the hall to a locker and you get undressed completely, put your kit in a locker and head for the bar. You get a towel, but it isn't big enough to wrap around you - its to sit on! Typically there are more than a dozen girls there, all topless and pretty friendly. Some 6s mostly 7s and a few 8s and 9s. Ages ranged, I reckon from 20 to 35. There is a bar where girls seem to occupy alternate stools, there are some two/three seater sofas and a large flat raised area which I guess could be a stage, although it seemed to be used by twosomes and threesomes. At the back, there is a passage leading past two or three private rooms to toilets and a communal shower.

    Bar prices are a bit higher than hotels, but a lot less than other Berlin Clubs. I guess you could spend an entire evening there just casually chatting for around 100dm, but with so much naked flesh around and given the facilities, few leave without further indulging. The going rate is 135dm for two girls in the public area and 160dm for one 'madchen' in a private room. There is some kind of time limit applied to the private rooms, mainly due to demand, I think, but it didn't seem to present a problem. Not many of the girls speak English and this slowed things down quite a bit. Nevertheless, on my first visit, I clocked up a bill of just over 350dm (120GBP) during my three hour stay. For this, I had several stiff drinks, numerous conversations (accompanied by some fairly abandoned two way groping once you'd bought a 'Piccolo for 30dm!), two private room sessions which could only be described as great and in between times saw some great action in the sofa area. By comparison with the prices you hear about at other Berlin Clubs (40dm entrance, 450dm for a private room session and piccolos at 60dm at the place near Konstanze Strasse station), this was great value. Inevitably I went back to La Folie a few days later. This time, I was greeted by name and maybe because I was a bit more relaxed, things went even better. One very attractive young miss who had professed not to speak English, made a real effort and got quite chatty. I suppose I too made the effort to speak more German. Often, a return visit can be disappointing. Not so La Folie. That time, I stayed 5 hours and spent correspondingly more. Its already a firm favourite and will be a regular stopping off point when in Berlin. So, get naked, have fun and remember me to Andrea, Beata, Donna, Krystl, Mandy and Nadine plus Angela behind the bar.
    (Review # 2175)
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