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  • Prague Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Oct 14 2008 Submitted by: Maax69

    This is my first time to Prague. I came here because of all the good things I heard about this so-called "Sex Capital" of Europe.

    So Far I've been deeply dissapointed. I was told that most the of girls that appear on the web aren't the ones you really get when you call them to your hotel. If you ever see them on the website with face covered, then forget it, It's probably a hoax and you're certainly get some fat and ugy girl.

    Hence I decided to go the clubs and see them for myself before picking a gal. On the first night ,I went to a place called Privat Night Club 5P. It's supposed to be a new joint that offer in-call services. Basic package includes Room + Sex + BJ with condom. If you want anything else like BJ without condom you would have to pay more.

    That night I only found 4 gals working. 3 of them booked, the remaning one was so ugly that I couldn't even look her in the face. Because she was polite, I bought a drink, finished it and ran out to a taxi. The whole place was such a turn off.

    The second night I went to a place called " Sweet Paradise ". It's supposed to be the best club in Prague that offer Escort/In-call sex/Massage and Strip. The club opens at 12 noon. They boast 30 girls each day.

    When I got there around 2pm, there was about 12 girls . The mummy asked all of them to parade in front of me. The quality of the girls was pretty good ( about 6/10 to 8/10). I choosed a girl called Christina. We went to a room with Whirlpool.

    As soon as we finished showering, the sex was so lousy and the blow job crappy that I asked her to stop. I didn't want to waste her time and mine. For all this dissappointment I had already paid Euro 135 + Euro 25 tip to have a BJ without condom. I went back to the counter and ask the mummy if there are other girls with more experience.

    She showed suggested I take veronika. She looked pretty good 7/10. Again despite her courteous attempt. She fell really short. We went in the room and sex was so mecanic I couldn't be turned on at all because she insisted of giving BJ with condom. Such a turn off. After trying so hard to turn me on, I told her to just give me a hand job. I managed to cum after 15 min. I feel like a loser having paid additional 75Euros for this shit. I left the club really dissapointed. I'm not sure whether I'm going to the wrong clubs or whether it's Prague sex scene that really sucks. I'm still in Prague, tomorrow for my last day ,I'll check a few more clubs. But so far , Asia is by far the place to look for sex.
    (Review # 24881)
  • Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Aug 15 2008 Submitted by: qwerty

    Any Massage Parlor Dated Added: Wed May 28 2008 Submitted by: Mr B ................................................... No way: border is very dirty, mostly about mafia and girls pushed to work and sold from East like meet, many times its only about Gypsies etc. Prague or Brno is only the way in Czech Republic. Also is not true that Eastern girls are crazy to go to work to West. Thats total bullshit. Situation is same like everywhere else. You are completely wrong, you have no idea what its about Mr B (Review # 24504)
  • Prague Strip Club Review Dated Added: Thu Apr 17 2008 Submitted by: Assfuck

    I've traveled to Czech republic many times and have had many experiences, good and bad in strip clubs and with escorts. I have been to Prague 7 times and almost always end up at Atlas. This place has its faults and its detractors, but it doesn't have the in your face advertising of Darling and for my money has a nice atmosphere. They recently changed the seating so almost everyone faces the stage, which is disappointing as its harder to approach a girl if you are sitting on the "benches".

    Drinks are expensive. I drink water. The girls are pretty but there are some ugly or fat or old ones. Most don't come from Czech anymore and there are a lot of in your face blacks from the Caribbean. I like to choose carefully. My last visit saw me meeting Nicoll, who is very demure and works as an escort on the side. We spent an hour together and I liked her company. Later on I went with a dark haired Hungarian, whose name I forget.

    She gave an excellent blow job, but was reluctant to fuck. I watched the shows for a while, and there was some impromptu audience participation, but my eye was drawn to a pair of girls who wore the smallest of bikinis. Turns out they went as a lesbian duo and I couldn't resist it. I could have just had a privet dance show, but I took a room and we spent an hour playing with each other. they even allowed me to touch there pussies which is unusual.

    I fucked them both without cumming and then got them to masturbate while I wanked over them both. Quite a lot of fun, and they were very appreciative that I had the balls to ask them out front about fucking them both. They were Hungarian too, and one of them remembered me from a year ago when I spent a couple of hours with a friend of hers, she said she fancied me then, so it pays to be a regular, maybe. All in all, Atlas delivers for me. Ive been to Ariadne, Darling and a few other strangely named establishments that escape my memory, but I always come home to what I know.
    (Review # 23181)
  • Prague Strip Club Review Dated Added: Sun Mar 02 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    After reading and hearing all the hype about Prague, was very disappointed with the action for the less hardcore lot. It is a fuckers paradise if that is what other Europeans want (at a very expensive price though). It is definitely over rated. Try Asia folks!

    For those who like the striptease or floor shows without going "all the way" Darlings Cabaret may be the best place in Prague. Entrance fee 200kr and beer is 99kr. 5-6 different stages of which only 2 are used for strip shows. 10 girls take their turns stripping. Off come the tops with the first song and totally naked with the second song. They dance 2 songs each at a time. This is interspersed every hour with additional shows -can can, snake show, lesbian show, midget show etc. to keep it interesting. Quality of shows and girls on the main stage is good, but the stage upstairs if for the less attractive girls! Apart from these 2 stages, there are a few more stages all over the place where the girls keep on dancing with their clothes on.

    This bar has been maligned for being very expensive with their drinks for the girls (700kr), table dance in public is the usual 1000kr with not much touching allowed, private dance is 1500kr with a little touching but they push you for the private half hour (3500kr) and full hour services (5500kr) upstairs. These are very expensive and you can get an hours service elsewhere for 1000kr (try privates and sexy club)! There are 100s of girls walking around looking for business. Quality of girls is average, some ugly ones too! They can be quite pushy and sometimes rude.

    Unfortunately Prague if full of places for sex sex and sex (expensive though even by other western countries standards) but not a good place for the lighter stuff. Only a few, not so good clubs cater to strip shows only.

    Goldfinger is overrated but has better looking girl (half of them with fake boobs) but less enthusiastic girls and not much in way of variety. They have 10-15 girls. They walk around the pole with their clothes on for one song and take their tops off for the second. No total nudity except for special shows like lesbian show which comes on 2 hours after starting and was the highlight of the evening! Entrance charge is 450kr (350kr before 11 pm), drinks are 90 kr beer etc. Private dances 1000kr no touch, 1500kr with some touching. The girls are dancers only, no hookers here, so no push to take you "upstairs".

    Atlas Cabaret, across the street from Darling, has shows where the girls dance for 4 songs; the tops come off only with the last song. They keep the G-strings on except for a special show every hour. Fewer girls here but may let you go further with their private dances (1000-1500kr) if they get desperate. Entrance is 200kr with small free beer. Quality of girls is average with a few duds. They have 4 different girls on each stage, 2 stages of which one is dead half the time. Gets boring very quickly.

    Hot Peppers, a free entrance place, for dances only is a dump. They add up the price of entrance to the drinks (beer 190kr each) and call it free entrance. Not very attractive 8-10, skinny, heroin chic girls with not a lot of enthusiasm. They dance only with the tops off, no naked dances. Don't waste your time or money here.

    Sugars Cabaret which advertises free entrance and free beer is a lie. They charge 100kr for entrance and a beer is free or vice versa. Only 4-5 girls on the stage. Mainly topless dances, 4 songs per girl, private dances for total nudity. Quality of girls is average, definitely better than Hot Peppers.
    (Review # 22473)
  • Street Action Dated Added: Tue Jul 17 2007 Submitted by: Dippy

    So what you read about the clubs here is pretty accurate, some full on 9s but they will cost you and are hit/miss with service. I had a great experience with a 9, about 5'10, natural C cups, long legs. Full service was 200 euro with top but it was worth it! An hour and a half (closer to hour and 15), full service, anal, some light kissing, three pops.

    This was at K5 in 2005, not sure if prices have gone up. Other places were either cheap and dingy for the most part but I didn’t hit the clubs that extensively. That 5-level nightclub has a ton of trim in there for free, they don't even have to speak English if you mop up before sunrise. Street action, which I said was lacking and waited forever to discuss. Eh, it seems different from the first time I went (pre-EU, freaking sweet).

    Expect to pay 30-60 euros for fuck and suck but it's pretty much a combo between the dingy conditions of Madrid and the fast-food nature of the Red Light District. I had a weak experience with an Albanian broad there, I paid her 60 Euro for a half hour. I tried to milk it and get two pops (with about 10 min left and another hard on) and she shot it down even for a tip. She and most of the hookers were on the Wenceslas Square or nearby; pretty much can’t miss it.

    Check out Jagr's for sports, by the way (soccer, hockey, and basketball from all over). There are a lot of pretty beat street hookers but one outta four is a legit 7. Had a pretty good experience with a Costa Rican but again the room we fucked in was a shithole.  

    (Review # 20220)
  • Prague Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Jul 11 2007 Submitted by: StefanL

    I have been to Prague at a couple of occasions during the last few years. These are my experiences from visit number 1: First time I went I had contacted Claudie who runs an escort and also an S/M saloon. We made an appointment at my hotel, but she never showed up. Two hours of waiting, frustrating. She had left a mail message it turned out later. I then called Oral without condom escort.

    The service was 100 E/hours and I settled for Luca (looked nice on the website). When she showed up it turned out that she was fatter than I expected, and that BBBJ was 50 EU extra. Taxi was 20 EU, and total 170 EU. She very quickly went from BBBJ to BJ. not worth it. She did stay the full hour and there were two shots. I went to Eva´s SM saloon for the next two night. Very nice experiences, 3500 Czk , very pleased. Nice slim girls, interesting sessions and good value.

    First time (with Lucie, the girl on the website) was a very strong experience. On the last night I went to Ariadne. Better than I expected, got very professional service from small blonde Russian girl. I was slightly worn out from previous days (I am not 20 anymore), but she was good. Overall, I like Prague. The privates and the clubs are better than escorts since you really don’t know what you get (this is true for all cities, I have rarely had a good escort experience). Prices are good and most girls are good looking.

    (Review # 20142)
  • Strip Club Review Dated Added: Fri Mar 30 2007 Submitted by: CollyCool

    Went to Prague and the best place to visit is the red light bar and The Showpark (which is next door). The red light bar has cheap drinks and good music but is not a strip club the girls dance on the tables. When you see them you get horny then you go to The Showpark next door. The Showpark has 68 rooms with the best looking girls. They cost 1000k which is 25 pounds in English money.

    I walked round 4 about 5 mins until I picked a girl I liked. Went in had the fastest shower I ever had then got to the action. You get a blowjob first then you can whatever you want. The action lasts for 30mins and you get 1 one shot. I was banging her that had up the ass I got a pain in my leg from all the moving about. The ass just sucks in the dick it is the best feeling you ever will get. I tell you now don’t go anywhere else these places are all to dear. This is the cheapest and place you can go to. I know want I talking about I have been all over the world and this is the best fucking I ever had.

    (Review # 18050)
  • Prague Strip Club Review Dated Added: Sun Jan 21 2007 Submitted by: John Doe

    Ok... so about Prague strip clubs. If you're looking for sex, there are three options: Atlas, Paradise and Darling (in order from cheapest to most expensive - 2900, 3200, 3500 for 30 minutes.) There are lots of others and I've been in most everywhere just to check them out.

    Waste of time and money but useful to know this. This includes K5 and others. If you're seriously shopping for sex, catch the train to Vlatavska (line C, other side of the river) and go to the "Red Light Bar". Their girls are 1,000 for 30 minutes in an upstairs area that is reminiscent of Amsterdam (girls stand in doorways, when they're busy, doors and curtains closed, redlight on still.) The quality here is the same as in Atlas. This appears to be where the local men go for sex. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Got it?

    The best lookers in my book are in Darling and after that, Paradise GoGo. If you haggle at Paradise GoGo, you can get entry for 200Kc (but only one "free" drink - it's free when you buy another drink rather than 2 or 3.) Some girls work at clubs every day, others don't. Don't ask me to explain how I know that or how this relates to the quality - both should be obvious.

    Regarding escort services... some web sites have had the same pictures of girls for 2 years or more and that was taken God knows when. A "new" girl at one agency is represented by photos taken in 2004. My advice is if you can't see their faces on the web and the website won't email you pictures of their faces, don't shop there. Regarding drinks at clubs... a 500Kc drink earns the girl; you buy it for 300Kc. I'd suspected this for a while but found it hard to get out of anyone. In Darling and Paradise you are constantly hassled by waiting staff for a drink. Fend them off. If you get told "but you must" tell them, "it was not a condition of entry" and ask for your door entrance fee back. To this end, Atlas can be easier if you just want to go and watch/relax.

    In all clubs there will be girls that try to pressure you into "something". To any girl that comes up to you and says "sex, blow job" reply, "I don't want you" - repeat until it has gone. Some are incredibly persistent (and stupid?) - the sad part is they continue with these tactics because they've worked for them in the past.

    (Review # 17051)
  • Prague Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Jan 07 2007 Submitted by: Summerson

    Hi Guys, I was in Prague for the New Year's eve for 4 nights. Despite the fact that the city is still very astonishing, I think it has started to lose its fame as being "The Sex Center of Europe". Although there are still a lot of strip bars and cabarets running, they are not much different from anywhere on earth.

    Two of my friends spent very good time at K-5. They got 2 girls in the same room, changed them, and got till the end twice. And with the other costs like entrance fees and ladies drinks, they ended up paying 350 Euros each! Yeah, very good time but 350 Euros! You decide yourself if it's worth or not. Unfortunately, I found out that the Announce newspaper does not have sex section anymore or I couldn't find it.

    And about catching girls in discos and bars, I went to around 10 discos or bars in total (Karlovy Lazne, Roxy, Bombay, Double Trouble, Misch Masch, Ultra Marin, etc.) but the scene was like 10 Italian guys per 1 girl! I don't have anything against Italians but I'd never go to Prague again in a high touristic season. I had a much better time 2 years ago when it was a dead season. But one thing didn't change and will never change: This city has the most beautiful girls in the world. It's possible to fall in love with an ordinary girl on a tram!!!
    (Review # 16923)
  • Prague Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Dec 21 2006 Submitted by: Georges

    I went for a 10 days training in Prague. We (about 6 men) all have the same thought about girls. Nothing special there. A lot of strip clubs. Girls are quick to offer what a man is looking for.

    Watch out for escort girls websites. Two guys made bad experience. Not really professionnal. Expensive Nothing was included.

    I personally spent my "free" time in strip club. The Darling is a nice place. 3 - 4 strip girls were on my taste. I paid some lady's drinks. That's it. Anyway, Prague is a beautiful city.  
    (Review # 16690)
  • Prague Strip Club Review Dated Added: Sun Dec 17 2006 Submitted by: Jean

    I am a Swiss guy, 45 y/o. I just came back for a 5-day trip in Prague. If you think to get cheap sex there, just forget it. I started visiting some strip club on the Wanceslas area. About 8 clubs. All tourist trap. Most of them are open from 8 P.M. The first to avoid is Atlas Cabaret, then Empire, then Prague Kabaret then K5. There is also the "Sugar" (very dirty place). Several guys on the street next to it catch you saying "more than 50 girls now (in reality 6 to 8). Go in there, it's free entrance..." But when you reach the cash they ask you 100KCz for "free" entrance or 300 with 5 beers. The beers are not too expensive if you take the local ones. Otherwise, it's realy expensive.

    Most club have less then 10 girls. Really ugly girls. You hope to take your time, look around but the decision is quick. For instance in ATLAS, very quickly a girl asked me about sex. I said, 'no thanks. I just watch the show.' The girl said, "here is a place for sex. You must have sex!!!" So, 5 minutes after coming in, I left this crazy place. I never get my beer. So avoid atlas club.

    Then I crossed the street to the Darling club. This is the only place to go in Prague. You pay 200KCz to enter. The Czech beer start with 99KCz. But as soon as you finish your beer the waitress tells you that you should take one more. So, one night I drank about 12 beers. From 8:30 P.M., you can find every evening about 40 to 50 girls (really).

    Some of the girls change every night. The advertisement mention 150 girls but it must be more close to 80 girls in all. Just look for some girl and she will come. Almost all girls offer you quick sex or table dance (1,000KCz) or private dance (2,000kCz). The most pretty ones (4-5 girls) only make strip dance on the main stage or table dance. No sex. The others offer sex starting 3,500kCz for 30min.
    You can follow the girl to one of the rooms. You can take a shower but the clock runs. Standard safe sex, nothing special. No kisses allowed.

    I went there every night (5) The first (Sunday) night, I came like a visitor. The place was crowded. I could not decide myself what to do. No girls to like, I was thinking. Of course, from far away most of them have an amazing body but as soon as they start to speak with you, they are loosing points. Surprisingly, many came from Ukraine, Russia, Moldova etc...

    The second night after about 4 beers, a pretty big breasted girl came to me. She convinced me to follow her upstairs for 2'500KCz  (good price, but wait). You must pay at the cash in advance. We got to a very little room, without shower (wondrin' why there was no shower on that place.) I went then shortly to the toilet. Back to the room, she start to make me hand massage but she had no condom. I asked her how we do it. She say: "we do here just private show. No sex. But you can touch my breast." I was reall upset she lied... I had no choice and finally came on her breast after a long handjob. We got back down and left the place really upset. I realized that some of the girls just make table dance. But depending on the client she "can" do something more.

    The day after I decided to find an escort agency. I found the "Czech Call Girl" (or something like). I called for a blond girl "Petra". She was available for 100 euro. The girl on the phone confirm twice that was really the girl on the picture. So I gave my room number. On time, a girl came to my room. Brown hair stinking garlic, not at all the girl on the picture. She said, "yes I'm Petra". So I show her the print I made from the web site. She start shouting. She said, "ok, call the agency to fix this". I said no and open the door. She wanted then 500 KCz for the taxi. I said "I give you 200 but go away!" I hate garlic and the girl was really ugly.

    The same evening I went to the Darling Club. Again, many girls. Some new ones. After some beers, a girl came to me. Almost no breast, but nice shape. We went upstairs for normal price. She choose the biggest room with shower. We had a good standard sex with condom. No kiss. She had one of the most nice butt I have seen. We came down to the club and drank 3 more beers. That was a nice evening. I spent about 300 Euro in total.

    The day after, I went again to internet and found something like "Czech Escort". A site full of girls. I asked for "Dina". The girl said, "we don't have this name on our list." I said, "ok, who is the most pretty in your agency?" She said: "Angelina. Blond. Breast, 3. 120 Euro". I said ok. This time, I decided to remain seated on the lobby next to my room in case of...

    A blond girl came to my room knocking many times She was blond but very skinny. Not at all my type. I could say "huggly". I did not moved from my seat. She came to me and say, "Are you Mr. XXXX? I said: "Not at all". She said, "I'm sure it's you. Why you play with me? You must give me 500KCz for the taxi now". I answered, "are you crazy?" and she left the place. Again, bad experience with the website

    I spent the last two evenings at the Darling. I met one of the most pretty girl I have seen in my life. Unfortunately, she made only strip dancing. 23y/o, dark, beautiful body, Vera. She came to me and said, "you come every night..." I decided to offer her a drink (699KCz). We spoke for three hours and paid her three drinks.

    3 AM. I said I have to go and she asked me if I would come tomorrow. I said, "yes but it's my last night in Prague". She said, "ok I will be here anyway". The last night, she was busy with another client but came after to me. She was even more beautiful. We drank. We spoke. She gave me her mobile number. I left her at 2 AM. She even kissed me.

    I am from Switzerland, a very expensive country. I "visited" Prague about 10 clubs... it's all bullshit! The Darling is great, but we have many clubs like this in my country (less girls but much better in quality). My opinion is that Prague is no longer the place it used to be. Prague is not cheap.  

    (Review # 16633)
  • Praha Strip Club Review Dated Added: Sun Nov 12 2006 Submitted by: Tantraman

    I was here in June 2006. Cabaret Darlings in a side street to the place up to the right is really to recommend. Look for the white limos. You pay a sum to come in and may be a guest for 12 hours. CA 10 E. There are more rooms with girls dancing, and one main scene. Its continous entertainment, ordinary strip and small theatrical acts are often comical. Ask for beer from Tsjekkia, foreign cost much more (but cheap). Many girls of different types. Not to eager, suitable. The best girls I have ever seen, many model types, and they are friendly and intelligent! This is very special. Safe and friendly atmosphere; best I've ever experienced, and Ive seen many. Be sure to enjoy and be a friendly and polite, gentleman. You may have table dance, even lesbian, and they generously show everything, a long time. You may take a girl (or she takes you) to 2 or 3 floor, by elevator, where there are nice rooms to make love. About 100 E, I think, but bring some more to give her a tip! They deserve it and makes good atmosphere. (Review # 16305)
  • Prague Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Oct 14 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    I was looking for big breasted girls in Prague, and I found Dominika from (formerly, and also listed in other sites like under different names. Called to setup overnight meeting and was a little disappointed with her facial features and cellulite in her butt, pictures have been brushed to hide a little crooked teeth but the worst part is that she snore like a truck driver. The good part is that she has amazing breasts and was very responsive. I asked if they were fake and she became a little defensive and maybe got irritated, she seems to be very opinionated and then started to complain about small things. Overall it was great to bang this brat, I think she is into rough stuff and I give her credit for trying different positions but try not to make any conversation with this one. Next day I tried a brunette named Delka, I picked her because I also saw her picture in different sites. She has a tattoo and goes by Simona in Lefantasy. Anyway, it was a good session with a somehow shy girl. She is more like the tender one that relaxes your senses and becomes really passionate. She's an easy going girl really attractive. I will see her again on my next trip to Prague. (Review # 15972)
  • Prague Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Jul 29 2006 Submitted by: Lar

    The FKK Club has been under new management for a year and it has gone downhill since. The personal is less friendly and no longer up to the task. The receptionist sends you away to the barman for information but the barman does not know a thing: neither what the girls are called, nor even where they come from. There are fewer girls than before and they sit in the dark so you cannot have a good look at them. A buffet is no longer included in the entrance fee, thereby depriving the recuperating customer from the energy he needs to recover from his efforts. Maintenance is not as good as is used to be. The soap, shower gel and good quality towels are in short supply. The sauna must be turned on by special request 15 mn ahead of time. In short, the FKK is no longer what it used to be. Please turn this management problem around. (Review # 15234)
  • Prague Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Jan 11 2006 Submitted by: Horst

    I often visit Prague and I used escort service of Escort Chic. First I wanted to meet Kim but the agency manager told me she does not speak English --- well-Russian only, so I used service of Izabela. She is very tall, brunette and she has perfect body. We got dinner in the restaurant and we left quite early to my place. She got a wonderful body, slim, long legs, we took a shower together and we had great time together. Because she didn't want to make me oral, I asked the agency manager to send me another lady who is able to do it, so they sent me Adriana. Wow! She asked me to pay extra 50 euros but she was great and we fucked all together for 2 hours! I have to say both ladies were really good looking, no cheap prostitutes. Well, rate of the agency is not really cheap. But I'm already used to agencies who charge the same or less but I was dissapointed. I have to take a rest after party but I am qite interested to use someone else in the future because it seems they have a lot of girls who are not on the website! One thing is quite funny: both ladies were half an hour late! (Review # 13675)
  • Prague Street Action Dated Added: Sat Dec 24 2005 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    City Hall's Zero Tolerance project "cleans up" Prague's Wenceslas Square--late December, 2005

    Prague's Wenceslas Square is the best known thoroughfare in the Czech Republic, and the site of many key moments in the nation's history. But today Wenceslas Square is perhaps not the best of advertisements for the Czech Republic, having earned a reputation for crimes such as drug dealing and prostitution. Now Prague City Hall has launched a campaign to clean it up.

    Wenceslas Square - behind me, the stately National Museum; in front of me the statue of St. Wenceslas overlooking the square. But in recent years the patron saint of the nation probably won't have been too pleased with the scene he is looking down on; Wenceslas Square has gradually turned into a favourite hang out spot for drug dealers, pickpockets, and more and more conspicuously - prostitutes.

    Fearing that this popular tourist area would give the Czech capital a bad name, Prague mayor, Pavel Bem, had dozens of police officers - some in uniform, others undercover, spend the last few weeks in a "Zero Tolerance" clean up operation.

    Jiri Sellner, Prague 1 Police chief: "The biggest problem here was prostitution, which was mainly offered by girls from Bulgaria. But then there were other crimes too, ranging from pick-pocketing to break-ins and drug dealing. The square is very popular among criminals because it is an attractive tourist area but also an important transport intersection, with two metro stops, and trams go right through it."

    But it's not only drug dealers and prostitutes who the police have declared war on - beggars and reckless drivers too have been getting their fair share of police attention. Almost 7,500 people were checked in the course of one month.

    "Over one thousand were engaged in the oldest profession. Of the people we checked, 1,600 were foreign citizens, of whom 350 ended up in police custody. Sixty of them were people already wanted. We also recorded 2,183 criminal offences and gave out over 1,500 fines totalling 628,000 crowns (25,500 US dollars)."

    Those who pass through Wenceslas Square on a regular basis have noticed a difference. The prostitutes and drug dealers on every corner have been replaced by police officers. But how long will it last?

    "When you need to clean somewhere properly, you get a big broom and sweep the whole place. After that, you only need a small broom to keep the place clean. That's what we're going to do. There won't be as many police officers on patrol as in the zero tolerance operation but they will continue to keep a close watch on the place."
    (Review # 13445)
  • Prague Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Nov 25 2005 Submitted by: Louis

    Too bad about Prague. It is played out. The hot girls are all in West Europe or USA, where they can make a lot more money. I have heard Croatia and Sarajevo have potential to be good places for hot girls, but the only Czech girls left in Prague are the ones who cannot get a Visa to go some place else.

    Even the best agencies and clubs are having a hard time keeping the girls working.  It is even hard to find a good-looking Czech girl who is NOT an escort for a date. Unless you are super-rich and can take her to France or Spain for the summer, she does not want to talk to you. What the hell is happening to this country?
    (Review # 13169)
  • Prague Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Nov 16 2005 Submitted by: no prague

    I think in Prague, the price is very expensive!! Between 1500kcs-2500kcs!!=between 50 euros and 83 euros!! In Belgium, it is 30 euros for one shot... so 60 euros for 2 shots!! In a country like the Check Republique, the price should be 30 euros for one hour... or 30 minutes... but 50 euros!!! So, I do nothing in this town... too expensive for me!! The gypsies in the street are very expensive too: 1500kcs!! Crazy!! (Review # 13113)
  • Prague Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Sep 16 2005 Submitted by: tomohiko

    I really enjoyed our meeting. I've never met this kind of girl before, Lisa who has very nice body, beautiful face and warm heart. It's a great view, especially when she wears her very sexy mini-skirt. And she's open to sexual things, and accepted my special requests. I really enjoyed them also. I was meeting her through Eurohostess agency. It is the professional access for a client. (Review # 12685)
  • Prague Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Sep 08 2005 Submitted by:

    Mila’s is a well known agency that used to be located a long way out of Prague, but has now moved to just a short 15 minute tram ride from Charles Bridge. But you need to be aware of what this agency really offers. Mila is a Ukrainian woman who advertises three or four girls on her website with real professionally taken pictures of them. So if you’ve been drooling over the picture of a particular girl before ordering her, she will look just like she did on the website - except in real life she will move her arms and legs.

    The girls will always be Ukrainian. The chances are that Mila will never have more than two girls available, regardless of what her website says because of the limitations of her agency. Also, some of the girls advertised used to work for her, but have needed to return to Ukraine because their visas have expired. Prices for one or two hours are about the same as what you would pay in a club, but are cheap for an overnight (Euro 220). You will pay extra for additional services like OWO, CIM, French and especially Anal (if the girls do any of these).

    You can stay at Mila’s overnight for a nominal cost (Euro 15), but before you agree to this be aware that Mila runs her escort service from her one bedroom flat that also has a living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and toilet. The girls live with Mila in this flat (hence there is only room for two girls) and you will overnight with the girl on the sofa bed in the living room while Mila stays in her bedroom. Only one client is allowed per night. An overnight is advertised from 20.00hrs to 09.00hrs, but in reality, it's the time that Mila leaves you alone in the evening to when she gets up in the morning.

    Beer (or whatever your poison is) is also included, as is breakfast. If the girl comes to your hotel, she will try to be on time, but may spend up to an hour in the bathroom putting her make-up on at the end of their time with you. And you’ll pay for this.

    You can arrive at Mila’s anytime before 20.00hrs and leave after 09.00hrs but you’ll be charged about Euro 10 for each additional hour that you stay. These additional hours are NOT private time that you can stay with the girl, but simply added time that you stay with Mila and the girl. Be aware that you could spend a lot of this additional time watching the girl put her make-up on or sending text messages on her mobile phone, etc. You can also pay between about Euro 20 to 30 for the girl to escort you around the city during the day (what you pay depends on the time you spend with her), but remember that all the girls are from Ukraine and may not actually know anything about Prague, so it may be you that does the escorting.

    So the big question you want to know is, are the girls any good? Well, Mila runs a very tight ship and expects the girls to pamper the man, but like all Working Girls, you just never know what they are really going to be like. The girls are young and inexperienced, and are in Prague to earn more money than they can in Ukraine so they and their families can live better lives. The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office website ( states, “There is a high level of sexually transmitted diseases in Ukraine, and HIV is widespread.” Make your own mind up.

    *** Warning: Stay Away From This Girl! *** Alena is a tall, twenty-six year old, skinny, Ukrainian, peroxide blond. She’s divorced and has a seven year-old boy who lives with her mother back in Ukraine. She speaks passable English but don’t expect too much. I deliberately booked Alena for the two days I would be in Prague to start at 5.00pm on day one to 5.00pm on day three. The first sixteen hours were good, and then it went all downhill. I was Alena’s very first punter ever and she took a fancy to me like I was her boyfriend. After dinner at a local restaurant, we had a fairly good night together but she kept on talking about ‘us’ like we were an item, which was a little disconcerting, to the point of phoning her mother in the morning and telling her about me and that I might come to visit them when she was back in Ukraine – all I had said was that Kiev is one of the city’s that I would like to visit someday. I let her play her charade while we walked around Prague the next day, and this is where it went wrong.

    She wanted me to buy everything for her. I didn’t have a problem buying her coffee in a café, but thought it was a bit rich of her to ask me to buy her cigarettes as well. This just went on and on. We stopped for a toasted sandwich, but she not only wanted the toastee, but a side salad and ice cream as well (half of which she left). ‘In for a penny, in for a pound,’ as they say, so she asked me to buy her a SIM card for her mobile phone, and then a pair of shoes (so that she would have something to remember me by), then dinner in a fancy restaurant and then a bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream. Alena didn’t speak English very well, but she sure knew how to say, ‘Can you buy me …?’

    I didn’t know the Ukrainian for ‘fuck-off’, but found out after a few hours that this saying is pretty universal and she knew what it meant anyway. So having spent the day walking around Prague with no money at all and expecting me to buy everything for her, she then decided that we’re not going to have sex on our second night together and promptly went to sleep with her clothes on! I was so pissed off with her at this point that I doubt whether I could have got it up anyway. The next morning was also no sex – she just got up, had a shower and put her make-up on.

    I complained to Mila about her, and this had some effect as we then had an hour or so together (clock-watched throughout), even though I had paid for an overnight. And just when you thought it couldn’t get much worse, it did... Somehow, when Alena was putting on the condom she must have put her finger through it and broke it, because their wasn’t much left of it when I pulled it out fifteen minutes later. So after an expensive and shitty time, I’ve also got to contemplate a visit to the doctor in a few days. Our last few hours were really just a continuation of yesterday, because again Alena left with no money, so I had to buy her tram ticket, drinks and food. I’m also recovering from a broken leg, so I’m not particularly stable at the moment. I couldn’t even run away from her. And all the time, Alena still thought of me as her boyfriend who was going to visit her, her mother, her sister and her small boy in Ukraine in a few months time.
    (Review # 12636)
  • Prague Strip Club Review Dated Added: Thu Jul 21 2005 Submitted by: Rob

    We were a 15-boys stag party group and had a private stag party meal and erotic show for the groom, James, at the club restaurant private hall. The meal cost us 280 kr or 9 euro, beers at 25 kr per pint and the show 5000 kr.  Bloody marvellous. The groom and the best men participated on the stage stark naked, got locked into stocks and later led on the dog leash to be whipped by the girls and some of the rest of us.

    We were later transfered to an ajacent club among other girls.  We paid 1800 kr to the show girl for 1/2 hr to screw the groom, then others followed his lead.  The best deal was the jacuzzi that they do for a group at 3000 per hour per girl.  Later we went to Goldfingers where the Ariadne owner gave us free entry tickets.  Drinks there were dearer, but nice show - but no screwing. We followed some African guide's false promise to Darling (bloody expensive) and Atlas - but the girls charged too much there. Next night went back to Ariadne to watch on a football game on Sky TV but also because of fair prices there.
    (Review # 12123)
  • Prague Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sat Jul 09 2005 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Czechs may ban brothels from school and cemetery areas early July, 2005. Prague - Brothels will no longer be allowed to operate near schools, churches or cemeteries in the Czech Republic under a proposal being considered by the government, the Mlada fronta Dnes newspaper reported Monday. Interior Minister Frantisek Bublan's proposal, which reportedly has wide political support, also would require health checks and the registering of the nation's estimated 25,000 prostitutes. Similar efforts to regulate the country's huge and legal flesh trade have fizzled in the past. A recent government report said the nation's prostitutes and pimps earn about 1 million dollars a day. Under Bublan's plan, Czech communities could designate red-light districts but could not allow brothels to operate near schools, playgrounds, churches or graveyards. In addition, street-walkers who wave at passing motorists could no longer ply their wares near school bus-stops. The proposal was welcomed by the mayor of Dubi, Ilona Smitkova, whose Czech-German border town is a notorious haunt of German sex tourists. "We would welcome moving the night clubs... that today stand between family homes," she said. (Review # 11974)
  • Prague Strip Club Review Dated Added: Tue Jun 28 2005 Submitted by: shim

    Hello, Excelent place to go although it can be very expensive if done the wrong way. Beers are very expensive in all strip joints so make sure you get yourself juiced before you go. You will get harrassed in the street for all strip clubs so you can do deals for everywhere. Also, do not buy anything on the street. It's all crap including herbal grass/tea and licorice instead of hash. One thing that I found strange is the fact that you are allowed to touch them when they are doing their lapdance/stripdance. REVIEW OF STRIP BARS- ATLAS = One to avoid. The bouncers are wankers although one barstaff guy was really sound when we lost our mate. Very expensive for a beer. This is just a whorehouse and they are quite expensive but they really are low of the low. DARLINGS = One to go to (facing atlas) - girls are very nice although very expensive for a beer. Prices for girls is the usual. NEMO = The best I went to. Girls are beautiful and not to pushy. We got in for 100kr which was half price. Very very good. USUAL PRICES = Lapdance = 2000r ; Table dance = 1500 ; Sex = 2500 - 3500 And we got a lesbian show for 5 of us with 2 girls at NEMO's for 4000 between us and it was very much worth it, lots of grinding. HAVE A GREAT TIME. WE DID. (Review # 11862)
  • Prague Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Apr 08 2005 Submitted by:

    I recently visited Prague and found it very difficult to find an escort or a private who spoke english. Those who did speak good English charged a kings ransom. I soon discovered that most working girls in Prague are not at all helpful when it comes to asking questions, it was a take it or leave it situation with some being very abrupt and even putting the phone down on me even though they advertised as speaking English.

    However, i finally found Tina, a sexy 28 year old blonde, she was friendly and very helpfull. She charged me 1900 Czech krowns for 1 hour and was punctual and well dressed when she arrived at my hotel. Total cost in the end was 2500, I gave her the taxi fare cost. Top class girl.

    (Review # 11222)
  • Prague Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Mar 22 2005 Submitted by: komzik

    Also I would like to add to my last post...Be warned if you are walking in the center near Wencesclaus Square or Old Town, there are many gypsie girls (Roma) that will approach you for sex. DO NOT let any of these girls touch you at all, they are pickpockets and have eyes from there pimps watching everything they do. Legitimate working girls wont attempt to touch you in any way. Walk away because you will possibly get drugged, robbed, diseased and maybe worse by these scum. So be aware and alert, especially if you have been drinking.  (Review # 11152)
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