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  • Managua Street Action Dated Added: Wed Sep 03 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    It's hard for me to believe some of the reviews I've been reading about the sex scene in Managua. The real action and best prices are the small neighborhood brothels and pick up bars that the locals frequent.


    In the mercado Ivan, where the inter-city buses park, you can find street urchins who are willing to do anything, and I mean anything for the equivalent of $5. I developed a relationship with a tender young thing, 18 years old of course, but who would believe it. Sex without a condom both oral and coitus and had I not left the country I'm sure I could have probed her sweet, very young ass. As others have mentioned Nicaragua is quite poor which is why it offers some of the best "hot" sex in the western hemisphere.

    (Review # 24651)
  • Managua Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sun Apr 22 2007 Submitted by: Nicaman

    Hello all,

    I recently moved here in Managua and keep up on the local clubs and parlors. There is one that just opened in the Bolonia area of Managua, called Peppers. I decided to check it out last weekend and found it to be very nice. Of the five girls 3 were beautiful at least for me, slim, small and beautiful young looking faces, they’re between 18-22.

    The rooms are nice, they have drinks, beer etc for 2 dollars. I inquired in to how much to take them out and it was 150 for the entire night. The owner assures me she is going have new girls every few weeks. Long story short it was a great night for, $60, and she didn’t fake a thing. If you are interested you may want to call in advance 505 455 2918. Want some more info on place here in Managua feel free to email.
    (Review # 18433)
  • Managua Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Jan 31 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    Ok guys, an update for Managua. Came here on business enjoyed the action. I only went to one place (only here 2 nights). The place listed in another review as next to Kelly is called Club Fenix. Just like explained earlier it’s a bit towards the low end of the scale. Hotel taxi didn't want to take me there, tried to scare me away and was pushing Elite and Solid Gold big time I took another taxi, no problem.

    Now before I go on, one thing, I'm fluent in Spanish and know my way around these "economy" establishments so I didn't feel intimidated. The taxi driver offered to wait for me and even went in. All I did was pay him a juice, didn't even want a beer. Ok a small bar with a hallway full of sofas and bar tables with stools. Girls sitting in the sofas, you look around take your pick and go from there to one of the rooms.

    I think I paid the equivalent of $20 bucks, room included. Like described earlier, decent bed, shower etc. More than willing girl, nice body but I saw nothing better than a 6-7. But for $20 you can't expect a lot more. A little negotiating in Spanish and $20 more bucks and she took it anal. Recap - looks run down, didn’t seem dangerous, nice girls, cheap local fun.

    (Review # 17248)
  • Granada Other Dated Added: Mon Sep 11 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    I was in Granada, Nicaragua recently and walking around the central plaza on a Sunday evening. Whilst walking, two girls, who were sitting on the veranda of a very nice hotel, waved to me and asked me to come over. Since I was not doing anything, I agreed though I thought it peculiar that the older of the two women had her 6 year old son with her. We sat and chatted for about an hour and then the older women said she had to leave as her other son (about 16) was driving her home. The boy came by and the younger girl (Monica), who was about 22 and very pretty, though like a lot of Nicaraguan girls had a little chubby pouch, suggested we go to a nearby disco. She also said she would like to join me on my vacation and would meet me the following day at my hotel as I was leaving then. After a few drinks at the disco, we got a taxi and returned to my hotel where she accompanied me to my room. Then she lay on the bed and asked if I wanted to have sex with her. When I readily agreed, she said something about her mother being hungry and needed $$ for food. The price you ask? $15 -- whereupon I fucked her though I thought her performance seemed a little too professional if you get my drift. Originally she said I could pay her in the morning when she came by for the start of our 'vacation', however, she later changed her mind and I paid her before she left. She never showed up in the morning, which came as no surprise. She took a shower first and then she asked me to take a shower (after we had sex) and seemed overly concerned about the whereabouts of my luggage (which was locked in the closet). She said that she needed to borrow some luggage for the trip as she had none herself but I was concerned she was trying to rip me off. Skipping to the following week, I came back to Granada and saw her hanging out with other whores near the same hotel where we originally met, which confirmed her true profession. She said she was waiting for someone but introduced me to her friend who I had only a marginal interest in. I ended up going to a very sleazy fuck hotel, paid her $20, and did not get off as I could not wait to get my sorry ass out of there. She would not blow me or basically do anything - she was an equally sorry piece of ass. Not sure of the moral of this story -- except avoid the corner of the main park across from the Alhambra Hotel in Granada and I suppose avoid the hotel veranda too. This total experience only cost $35 total. (Review # 15539)
  • Managua Strip Club Review Dated Added: Mon Sep 04 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    I went to Elite, Solid Gold, and Hollywood. Hollywood was the best for my buck. You can have the girl there on site for about 170 or all night at your hotel for 300. Girls range from 5-9 all of the ones I saw were natural, no fake breasts here. I took a nice dark Nica girl in the back for about 45minutes of fun. She started with an excellent BJ, followed by riding me like a wild stallion, then for some good old pounding doggie style. Best of all she let me cum in her mouth as she sucked my cock some more. Other option is to look for a taxi driver named Walter at the Crown Plaza, he speaks English and knows many girls. He can get most of the club girls to come to your room after hrs for less money. Do not go to elite, they will rip you off. (Review # 15490)
  • Managua Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Jun 10 2006 Submitted by: Sporter

    I was just in Managua for a business trip and I had a chance to visit club elite and solid gold. If you are going there do not go to club elite they will rip you off. They will over charge you and if you do not have money to pay for it they will beat you up and take your passport away. My bill came out to us $450 for couple lap dance and a drink. First of all they charge $ 25 for cover and bouncers/waiter will push you to buy more drinks and tips. It is horrible place to visit. Other hand, club solid gold is incredible. Beautiful girls for low price ($130) and everyone are super nice. (club elite will ask you for $400 us. Plus $100 tips to girls) when you go to solid gold ask for waiter name Allan Blandon or Karla. They speak English and you will be able to get extra service for mentioning the web site. Be very careful with club elite they are like mobster waiting to take all your money and you end up with no action. Also do not bother with street hookers they will steal everything. It is not worth stressing. For a great sports fucking session I strongly recommend club solid gold. (Review # 14930)
  • Managua Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Apr 22 2004 Submitted by: Anon

    For all you folks that have been curious about what the real action is in the most promising city in Central America, you now have something to look forward to... that is if you are planning on visiting Managua sometime soon. While I will say that the action has evolved over the years, there is one truth that remains. That is that Nicaraguan women love to fuck. Now, when it comes to where to find such a woman, I have finally found a place that is worthy of mention on this forum. The place does not really have a name, but it is next to the Kelly tire store, just past the rotunda. This is the rotunda turning right past the metro centro mall ( ask any cab driver and they will get you there, just say the place next to kelly tire).

    When you drive up, it looks like you might be going into a private parking lot of a service center. You will get service there... just not on your car. What you will step into is a bar that looks similar to a college hangout with couches, tables and waitresses that will serve you drinks. The difference is that all of the beautiful women that are setting on the couches are there to fuck. No mystery... no doubt... you will get laid if you have 200 cordobas to spare (approximately $15... yes $15 dollars)

    This is the best fucking deal in Central America. Just sit down, relax and a good looking woman (average 6 to 8) will walk by, maybe sit down, talk with you.... and yes... want to fuck you. Just lay 200 cordoba on the table and she will go get a key to one of the six rooms available in the place and you will step into a nice room, with a shower and a king sized bed, adult movies on the tv (as if you needed any further motivation :) The women there will do anything to please you. Try one, try two, try more. At that price, try four. They will work you till you come twice and keep smiling and moaning all the time. I have been there several times now and have never been disappointed. Not sure how long they will stay open, but take advantage of them while they are there. It is a much safer deal than the street on careterra masaya and much lower in price that hollywood or vale todo ( which will average $150 for a room and a fuck) There are a few dogs there, but just hang out till you see someone you like and grab her. You will not be disappointed.
    (Review # 8922)
  • Managua Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Nov 09 2002 Submitted by: el chele de Austria

    Visit "Aquí Polanco" with nice and horny girls, ( rate 6 - 9 ). Especially the misquita Girl Justina - she is very sweet makes a perfect Blow Job. One night with Justina - you never forget it. Aqui Polanco is near La Subasta and the mercado and busstation "La mayoreo". (Review # 6403)
  • Granada Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Jul 26 2002 Submitted by: Riccardo

    Travelling is a very important part of my life. When I plan my trip, I learn about the destination as much as I can - beforehand. The decision where to go I make based not on sex possibilities, but on other aspects like history, architecture, climate, culture and overall how exotic for me the place may be. Also, I am a big cigar and good rum admirer, and following Cuba, Nicaragua is probably another great place to satisfy these whims. There are countries (also in Central America) where sex business is very difficult to find, unless you are in central district of a country's capital and you don't care how much you pay.~~~~

    ~~~~I cannot comprehend why would anybody, but people on business, go to Managua for sex. From these reports it seems like you have to spend somewhere in a neighbourhood of US$200 to US$600 or more to get laid. People, people, people, what are you doing? - Nicaragua is a poor country; if you are a rich shark with millions in your Swiss account, why do you come here and spoil a sex scene for others not as wealthy as you are. There are loads of other places in a more civilized world that will provide entertainment for you for a lot less or a lot more depending on how desperate you are to spend money. If you are paying a Nicaraguan girl, say US$300 for one night, you hurting not only other fellow-travellers by jacking prices up sky-high, but also you hurting this part of a country's population that has to work a whole month, sometimes 12 hours a day, just to make a quarter of what this particular whore is making for a singular spread of her thighs.~~

    ~~Having said that, I stayed in Granada for 9 nights in October '01. The hotel called "El Italiano" is one of the nicest hotels in town, conveniently located on Calle la Calzada - close do the lake and centre of the city. I arrived on Friday afternoon and learned right away, that every Friday in the evening, they hold a fiesta right downtown. So I went. There was a lot of people, lot of music, dances and a lot of beautiful women. Unfortunately, it didn't look like there was any action to be. ~~

    ~~~~They drank, they danced, they laughed, but no interest in an entertaining a tourist. Although, I was approached by one girl. She asked me straight out if I wanted sex. This one, however, was small (about 4'10"), skinny, not great looking and I think her personal hygiene was questionable, to say the least.~~Next afternoon I was sitting in a lobby of my hotel trying to make a conversation with its Italian owner. Ricardo, who anchored in Nicaragua during sandinista era, spoke only Italian and Spanish - languages I do not have a very good grasp of. While we both where struggling with conversation he saw a girl walking on the other side of the street. Waved to her and she waved to him and they exchanged a few words. She was a slender 23 or 24-year old, about 5'4" with dark curly hair with a beautiful exotic face, light-brown in color. ~~

    ~~~~Her tits were not small and not big, so was her cute ass. Her body was built so proportionately, that by not experienced eye it could be seen as average. I was kind of already feeling sorry that this passing goddess is going to disappear behind the corner in seconds, when Ricardo told me that she is a masseuse and asked me if I was interested to get a massage. "Of course" - I said. He called Duarys (that was her name) over and told her that I was interesting in having a massage. I asked her how much it was, and she said 120 cordobas (approx. US$9). I thought it was a good deal. Duarys came later that afternoon (she had go home and refresh herself after her day-job). Prior to her visit in my room, I took a shower and tied a towel around my hips. Hot weather, then shower and air conditioning made me a little drowsy. ~~

    ~~I laid down on my bed and relaxed a bit. Knocking on the door woke me up - it was Duarys. She said that a massage takes one hour. Not bad. I laid down on my stomach and she started with the massage. I was falling asleep while she was releasing tension in my upper back. After some time of working on my back Duarys moved down and started massaging my feet, then calves and then thighs. It kind of alerted me when she unwrapped the towel off of my hips and proceeded to crumple my chicks. After a few minutes of that, she told me to turn over on my back. I did that and not wanting to offend the lady I covered my front with the towel a bit. About 20 minutes later, when most of my body was already taken care of, Duarys holding her hand between my thighs said something with a question connotation in her tone. ~~~~She was asking me if she can remove a towel; I guess she didn't want to offend me either. I did not object. She was sitting on my bed so close, that I could feel her hot body through her clothes. I was getting hot, too, while she started rubbing gently my balls. I am telling you, I had a few girls before Duarys and I was even married once, but this was a new experience for me. A minute later she proceeded to massage my dick, and this made me ecstatic. I want stress it out - SHE DID NOT JUST JERK ME OFF - there was a gentle, sensual caress. At this time I decided to make my first move. I laid my hand on her shoulder and later moved it to her face, and then touched her breast. She gently removed my hand off her breast and said: "you can't do that". I was shocked and asked why not. The answer was rather trivial, she said "it costs money". I asked about the price and was very glad to hear her answer: "200 cordobas" (roughly US$15). She took her top off revealing her beautiful, not too big - not too small, perfectly shaped, freshly looking tits. She wanted to take her skirt off, but I pulled her down so she landed next to me on the bed. ~~

    ~~After a few minutes of me kissing her neck and fondling her tits and her still gently caressing my dick, it became so hard that at times it was even painful. I undid pin and a couple of snap-fasteners on the side of her skirt. She lifted her hips up while I was pulling fringe of her skirt down. Here, I realized that Duarys did not wearing any panties.

    ~~Seeing it drove me nuts. I guess I was taken by surprise because I decided (did not plan to that earlier) to lay my tongue on the pinky lips of her pussy and repay a bit delight I owed to her. Duarys went wild and, I guess she enjoyed herself at least as much as I did. When I stopped licking her for a few seconds, she could not stand idleness and went down to perform BBBJ. Her vigorous action told me she was hot. I let her continue until I came in her mouth. I knew that vaginal sex at this stage wouldn’t take long. I left it for later.~~
    (Review # 5821)
  • Managua Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Oct 10 2001 Submitted by: Rico

    There are many ways to find grills in Managua that ranging in age from 18 to 22. Some of the more noted night clubs in Managua: ~~

    ~~Club Hollywood - 35 girls, price per girl $ 300 per night rating 6-9 ~~Lips - 32 girls, price per girl $ 240 per night rating 6-8~~Red Palace - 20 girls, price per girl $ 225 per night " rating 5-7 includes a bottle of champagne~~Pigale - 22 girls price per girl $ 180 per night " rating 5-6 ~~Polanco - 30 girls, price per grill $ 120 pre night " rating 5-6 ~~Cueto - 20 girls, price per girl $ 140 per night " rating 5-6 ~~Caretera Mayasa - 50 girls working the street $ 20 per hour " rating 5-7 ~~

    ~~ALWAYS wear condoms !! Aids cases are growing.~~Be careful with the drinks at these brothels. The cost per drink for the girls that work there are between $ 7 to $ 15 US per glass, and they are experts at drinking up a bill. The best bet, sit down order a drink for yourself, pick out the girl from the dance line up, pay for her and leave to the hotel or disco. ~~

    ~~Noted discos where you can find decent house girls (not whores) who just want to have a good time: drink dance and good conversation, maybe you can get lucky depending on how you talk: ~~~~For Caribbean mixed women go to Island Taste.~~For Spanish girls: Quetzal & Cesar~~For College girls: Club Iguana~~For Local Spanish mixed girls: Coco Yambo~~For more mature women: Mirador& Cat's Club~~~~Average night out on the town will cost $ 35 food & drink.~~~~Hotels that protect your privacy: Hotel Ertrella and Best Western.~~~~
    (Review # 4424)
  • Managua Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Mar 01 2001 Submitted by: HornyTravler

    Hi, Went to Managua during Nov, 2000. Couple of strip clubs, but it's a straight out scam I think it was an Italian owner for one of them they wanted something like 350-400$ a girl. Anyhow, night time you go by the Pharows Casino and all the girls are lined up and down the street and you can get them to come with you for 25-50$ depending on the girl. I did it once, but was sorta turned off of the Street action. They are pretty much hookers for the locals... but they are there for whoever wants them. Basic rules apply, watch your money etc. etc.

    It's not like Costa Rica, in CR they are friendlier etc, here it was more down to biz feeling. Much poorer country also, I thought it would of been better. Have fun....
    (Review # 3238)
  • Managua Strip Club Review Dated Added: Tue Oct 31 2000 Submitted by: JPM

    Nicaragua is a wonderful country if you are seeking young ladies for a few hours, for the night, or for a companion of several days. All of the women are pretty, clean, slim bodies, to die-for long black silky hair, and so very fun and friendly. Most are quite good in bed and appear to enjoy themselves, even though money is the great equalizer.

    The best nightclub/bordello in Managua is called “Vale Todo” (loosely translated as “everything goes”). This club is only about 5-10 minutes from the nicer hotels in Managua and every cab driver and bellman/doorman will know its location. Lips (formerly Josephine’s) is a nice club but way too expensive and the girls are a bit snobbish. Vale Todo is much more relaxed, lower prices, more friendly, and you can actually get laid at reasonable prices.

    Upon entering Vale Todo you will be escorted to a table next to the stage. Virtually immediately girls will come to you and ask if you would like a companion. Initially tell them no thank you, maybe later. Then spend your time looking over what you want and after 15-30 minutes take your pick. None of the girls speak any English, but they still know how to laugh and you will enjoy their company.

    The dancers/ballerinas are all quite pretty, ranging in looks from 5-8. There is not one set of “enhanced” breasts in all of Nicaragua. They are all natural, beautiful and so perky. If big tits are your forte, you will have to look a bit but they are there for the sucking. The girls all are from 18 to 25 years old with that sultry Latin look. Small waists, and gorgeous tight little asses. The dancers are not necessarily great dancers, but they are so cute, and dance totally nude …… who cares!

    After you see a girl that you like just ask her to your table and she will sit with you for 15 minutes, an hour, or however long you like. You will have to buy her drinks which range from $5+ apiece. Do not let her order the “champagne”. This is merely a bottle of Chilean wine that costs about $5 per bottle but the Vale Todo price is $70/bottle, or $15 per glass. These young ladies can drink a glass of wine quite quickly so feel free to ask them to slow down a bit.

    After visiting for a few minutes you may ask the girl to either leave with you or go to a back room for 45 minutes. The “bar fine” to leave the club with the girl is around $80 (US). The use of one of the club’s rooms is around $15-$20/45 minutes. You can negotiate your price with the young lady. If she leaves for the night with you she will ask for $100 but you can politely negotiate her down to $70, and she will still be happy. To go to a back room for 45 minutes she will want $50 but again she will be happy with $35 to $40, for “full service”. The rooms at Vale Todo are very modern, nice and clean.

    The girl will happily give you a bbbj and then fuck in every position you would like. Definitely use a condom. I have not yet met a Nicaraguan girl that will do anal with a client or stranger. Many of them you can coax into letting you go down on them. They are often quite shy in letting you feast at their “Munchinkinland” but be persistent. One young lady I had to negotiate this with agreed to let me eat her out for only one minute. About 45 seconds of giving her oral pleasure she went nuts, absolutely wild, and then would not let me stop. She obviously had never had this done for her in a proper fashion and making her come was as good as my ever getting my rocks off. I have never gone down on a Nicaraguan girl that had even the remotest pussy odor. They all smell great and are extremely clean between their legs. Maybe it is the diet ….. but they are always fresh with wonderful little pussies. All the girls are quite energetic and you will be convinced they are enjoying it as much as you. Nicaraguan women are wonderful.

    The most popular girl at Vale Todo is a wonderful woman named Souchi. I have never been with her because she is a bit on the plump side and I like the tiny ones. Also, she has become a personal friend over the years, but every friend I have known whom has been with her always comes away with a huge smile. Other young ladies with whom you will definitely be pleased include “Jennifer loco” (not to be confused with the other Jennifer), Cassandra, Katarin, and any of the others.

    The owner of Vale Todo has recently opened a new club across town called “Hollywood”. As I understand it is the exact same set-up as Vale Todo, but many of the best girls (including probably those I have listed) have moved over to Hollywood. This may leave the newer, less experienced girls at Vale Todo ….. but younger if that is your penchant.

    Other clubs about town that I recommend are the Red Palace (ask for Deyanira) and Playboy (Serina and Diana will definitely please you).

    The main luxury hotels in town (InterContinental, Holiday Inn, Princess) will not allow you to bring girls back to your room, however, you can work something out with the night-desk manager in advance. There are many “love hotels” which will give you a room for a couple hours at a cost of $15-$20. Some of these are quite nice, and some are absolute dumps. If you are headed to the beach for the weekend, any of these girls will absolutely “die” if you invite them to Montelimar (the nicest beach resort) for the weekend. These girls look stunning in tiny bikinis and there is nothing more fun than a quick one on the beach at night, while the security guards walk past. Enjoy Nicaragua and its women. They are as wonderful as anywhere in the world.
    (Review # 2647)
  • Managua Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Oct 06 2000 Submitted by: JM

    In Managua the classiest and most well-known place is Lips. This combination club and casino used to be part of the Josephine's chain (also found in Panama and Costa Rica). It's directly across the street from the Intercontinental Hotel. There is no cover charge, but there is a minimum drink purchase of $18.00. This equals 3 of the better local beers, maybe 4 of the cheap ones or a few mixed drinks. These high prices are for the upscale clientele who are usually tourists, foreign businessmen staying across the street at the Intercontinental Hotel or the occasional foreign military man. Few locals frequent this very classy club.

    The show is a combination of strip-show and Vegas-style cabaret. There are usually a dozen or so dancers and the girls are almost all 10s. The girls are attentive, relatively low-key and well mannered. Only the rookies will bother you uninvited, but normally they sit in small groups by themselves until you see one you're interested in, then ask your waiter to send her over to your table. The staff is very attentive, and if you interact with them they will remember you by name after a couple of visits.

    Lap dances are $10.00 semi-nude on the floor, and $20.00 nude and in private. There are private rooms (a $100.00 bottle of wine gets you in there), where there is kissing and petting. However, there is no sex on-site at this club. In this club, as in most others in the country, the girls can be taken back to your hotel for a price. The price at Lips is currently $600.00 US (US currency is accepted throughout Managua, but not necessarily away from the capitol). Whether or not the girl goes home with you is entirely her choice, so if your offer is refused try another girl.

    The girl gets a 50% commission on anything you purchase, so if you think you can negotiate the price for her services you'll have to do it away from the club. The girls are prohibited from giving you their phone numbers, so be discreet if they sneak it to you and don't be seen with a pen and paper (the girl will be fined, or more likely fired from her job). By the way, none of the girls speak any English, although the manager and some of the waiters do.

    Another place called the Playboy Club (not affiliated with its US namesake) is a strip bar in a part of town somewhat off the beaten path. As in most places, there is an armed guard at the gate and a secure parking lot. The staff is concerned for your security at all times, and will hail a reputable cab for you when you are ready to leave.

    When you enter this club, you'll immediately be approached by one or more of the girls. If you'd like to check them all out before making a selection, this would be the time to say so. All the girls in the place were knockouts, and extremely attentive. In my case, I was hit on by a rocket named Fabiola, who was extremely friendly. Of course a drink for the girls costs more than it should, and while we were having drinks she became even more friendly, massaging my raging erection and allowing me to feel her up as well. That's when she told me that an hour in the back room with her could be had for $50.

    There are several rooms in the back of the club, reasonably clean and air-conditioned. We had some terrific sex, including a blowjob without condom. I didn't get the impression that there was too much that would be out of the question here.

    Now the fine print. When you go here, make sure that you understand what the charges are and ask before you say yes to anything. There was a hefty cover charge, plus drinks, so my $50 fuck ended up costing me $200. The sex was great, but it's easy to get suckered here if you're not careful. You might be better off getting a hotel hooker.

    Not that hookers actually work inside the hotels, but the ones to get are the ones who work the street near the hotels. Here's the deal. Prostitution is not legal, but it's generally not enforced unless there's a reason to attract attention. If you stay in a decent hotel, they already know the girls who work the area. And of course they'll charge you extra to bring her in to your room and put that on your bill (in the case of the Best Western, it's $12). Actually, you'd want that kind of hotel in Managua. $12 buys you complicity, and when they get her name and address off her cedula (ID / voter registration) they'll know who she is if you have any problems with her.

    Of course the price is what you negotiate, with $100 being what seems to be the universal asking price for a top notch piece of tail, but as low as $20 for the skankier versions. Personally, I'd stay away from those. Many of the street sluts are druggies, diseased or transvestites. You should be able to do well for about $50 or somewhat less. I had a hottie named Joanna all night for $150, and she gave me head without condom and fucked me well, then during the course of the night repeated that twice more. Really, she was pleasant, fun and money well-spent.

    Generally speaking, hotel hookers or club hookers are the way to go in Managua. Anything else is a high risk and rarely worth your time, and as of late the police have been cracking down on massage parlors.
    (Review # 2512)
  • Managua Strip Club Review Dated Added: Wed Sep 27 2000 Submitted by: JPM

    In Central America, "night clubs" are strip bars with rooms in the back where you can take a girl. The newest night club in Managua (opened in August 2000) is called "Hollywood" and is located just off the Carratera Masaya. It is a very nice club with by far the best girls in the city. There are maybe 25 or 30 ballerinas working on any given night and they rotate in shifts dancing (stripping). Most of the girls are between the ages of 18 and 25 and generally 5's to 8's on a scale of 10. Immediately upon entering the club you will be seated (ask for Chepito). Within a minute or two there will be a couple of girls immediately asking if they can join you for a drink. Tell them maybe later. Watch the dancers for 30-45 minutes and then ask Chepito to bring you whichever girl you like. She will visit with you and let you buy her drinks. Virtually none of these girls speak english, however, that is not a problem. They are all sweet, beautiful, and know how to have a fun conversation with you even if you don't speak spanish. If you want to take her in the back it generally costs around $20 for a room for 45 minutes, and whatever you negotiate with the girl is hers to keep. For $40-$50 (US) you can have wonderful straight sex. These girls are excellent in bed, fun, and truly satisfy you. Most of them are very good at blow jobs, but a bit shy when it comes to going down on them. If you can talk her into letting you eat her out, they are wonderful. All Nicaraguan women have beautiful snatches, clean, and absolutely no odor. Though condoms are mandatory, these girls are given blood tests every two weeks and HIV tests every 30 days. You will never be unhappy going to Hollywood and always leave satisfied. The drinks are a bit expensive (never order a bottle of wine, way too expensive)but the company, floor show, and girls are wonderful.~~~~Other clubs which are virtually identical to Hollywood include Vale Todo (translated, Everything Goes, Playboy, and the Red Palace. In any of these clubs ask for Diana, Serena, Cassandra, Jennifer Loco. You will be happy.~~ (Review # 2462)

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