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  • San Jose Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Nov 03 2008 Submitted by: Worldtraveller

    I don't speak Spanish but Costa Rica is fairly easy for a nonSpanish speaker. I picked up a girl (who approached me - they will usually approach you) at a casino next to Del Rey for $60 and she was excellent and a really great personality, from Dominican Republic - we talked about how she wanted Obama to get elected. She took me to a room that cost 10$.

    Generally, the Del Rey is the epicenter of hookers in San Jose, and the other casinos around it generally don't have many if any. New Fantasy is just a couple blocks (north i think) away from the Del Rey, and what I figure is still the best bet in San Jose.

    You get an hour with the girl, but the massage was generally nonexistent and when I asked her for a massage after sex she gave a half hearted attempt so I almost laughed, but her performance other than the massage more than made up for it. Great time, clean decent place, and you get a whole hour so spend time in the nice sauna if you like.

    Definitely get the key to the room safe before you go to the room from the lady at the front desk - I didn't feel I was going to be robbed by the nice girl I was with but why take the risk of having your passport or cash lifted and having your vacation ruined.

    I liked that New Fantasy was thoughtful in its security - with electronic door locks and room safes - the girl leads you everywhere including to the showers. Great deal there too. It's a great time - cost me 45$US but you can get a half hour for half price too. I regret that I forgot to tip the girl - I figure a ten spot is good but if she's really nice don't hesitate to tip more - these girls don't get rich doing this work. I guess I made up for it by tipping the girl I got in the casino 40$.

    New Fantasy is on a street that has several new massage parlors, including the New Havana, which is a great very new cigar bar - a good place to relax and have a drink and cigar after you go to New Fantasy. I read Zona Blue is like New Fantasy,but I didnt go there.

    New Havana, Del Rey, or the Sportsmans club are good places to network with and ask questions of Americans or other travellers.

    All of the many Canadians and Americans I met there were friendly and free with info. The poker rooms(not many and only very low limit) open in the early evening, and those too usually have Americans who will give you advice. New Fantasy is not in a bad neighborhood, but always take a taxi in SJ because it's cheap and you don't want to take chances.

    Watch out for pickpockets - I almost got pickpocketed when I went to the beach. Most of the great affordable whoring happens in San Jose, BUT!... If you can, try to schedule a long enough trip to go to the beach or some other such destination, like Manuel Antonio beach three hours south. Don't hesitate to take the public buses - tickets must be purchased during the day in advance - only 6$ for the three hour trip to Manuel Antonio and its just as nice as a Greyhound but make sure to go to the bathroom beforehand eventhough there's a rest stop halfway - public buses are always just a fraction of what you pay for shuttles.

    There's a lot to do in Costa Rica besides whoring, so take advantage of that. I thought Costa Rica was just one big vice cesspool before I actually went, but it became apparent that the prostitution came in response to single males going there first for sport fishing, surfing, jungle sightseeing, etc.
    (Review # 25106)
  • San Jose Massage Parlor Dated Added: Fri Oct 24 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    Just got back from my first visit to Costa Rica. Central San Jose seemed to have most of the chica action. Namely the casino Del Rey, and several massage spas a couple blocks from there. The massage spas are the best value; they are all in the same area a few blocks from the Del Rey, with a couple nice places to stay and restaurants too.

    The Del Rey is right down the street from small hotels that charge 35$/night, so if your on a budget just go to the small hotels. New Fantasy spa (take a cab to New Fantasy, and you can walk to all the spas - best if you strike up a conversation with an American or two to get the 411 on where everything is and what is best) is the best value, now priced at 45$/hr, but a bit cheaper if you pay in Costa Rican money so try to convert your dollars at a bank when you can. Definitely make sure you take advantage of the steam room there, as you actually will get a full hour. It's a nice place.

    Another spa just down the street from New Fantasy is the Havana Cigar bar, which is mostly a very nice cigar room, with a nice bar and tvs. I liked it, but it was still renovating as it is new, and the girls were $10 more than New Fantasy and not quite as attractive, and fewer girls. I suggest the Havana for a nice drink and cigar after visiting New Fantasy, as I did. I hear great things about the Sportsmans Lounge, although I didn't get to visit there, and I guess Zona Blue might be good. I will definitely try both of those next visit.

    I found Del Rey too expensive, but I got the impression you can negotiate them down - from what I understand they ask 100$, but you negotiate $60. I figure with the lack of tourists, going down to $50 should be acceptable. The girls seem more like hustlers too, than the girls at the massage parlors. Maybe the prices will come down as the US economy gets worse. Also, as I was having breakfast in the cafe at the Del Rey, a girl propositioned me(they will approach you) and I said I had to leave soon to go to Manuel Antonio beach. She lied to me and said that the beach was contaminated that day, just so she could have a chance at me staying and being her john. I was suspicious of her statement about contamination but it caused me worry that she might be right. Of course it wasn't contaminated, and in fact one of the best beaches I've seen(surfing lessons in English are 40$ for two hours - $30 if your in a group). You just have to experience life on the beaches - most of them are not overbuilt tourist traps yet. I suggest definitely going to the beach at Manuel Antonio, 3 hours from San Jose on the Pacific side. There are so many beautiful things to see in Costa Rica. Take the public buses - they're soooo much cheaper than organized shuttle companies or cabs. Again, the more you can network and converse with other tourists, the better.
    (Review # 24968)
  • San Jose Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Mar 09 2008 Submitted by: Daddy Long Stroke

    I have used WSG to help me plan, organize, and prioritize trips abroad. It is now time for me to give back.

    I just got back from my first ever trip to San Jose. I decided to stay at the Hotel Presidentí, which is only, located a short walk from Hotel Del Rey. Although the Presidentí is a little more on the costly side ($90 usd), it is clean, safe, and girl friendly. I felt at home there although now that Iíve visited Costa Rica, I will look for a cheaper hotel next time.

    Over the two day trip I banged 8 chicas. I picked up 3 from Del Rey ($60, $60, and $50) and the remaining 5 from New Fantasy and Zona Blue. I paid $20 for most of these girls which made it a bargain.

    There are many pretty chicas to be had, but I agree with others who say donít pay these girls more than $60. If you travel the world like I do, you will find that even $60 is too much.

    I plan to visit Costa Rica again in about 2 months but will spend most of my time away from San Jose. Any suggestions?
    (Review # 22525)
  • San Jose/Jaco Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Jan 22 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    Gentlemen: I have traveled to Costa Rica with friends about 10 times in the past four years. Most of our mongering has occurred in San Jose and Jaco. I am unhappy to report that the last three trips have not been that great. Our most recent visit was in mid-January 2008 (high season) and there were not a lot of quality girls in either San Jose (Del Rey) or Jaco (Beatle Bar & Monkey Bar). The total number of girls in both places was way down too. I am at a loss to explain this phenomenon but it has been very noticeable.


    Jaco is clearly changing. There are very expensive developments going up everywhere and I hear that the mongering will be moved to the outskirts of town, which does not bode well. In the mean time, ironically, the place seems as scuzzy as ever, with crackhead hustlers on almost every corner and corrupt police quick to take the wrong side. The nice beautiful girls seem to have been scared out of town and what's left is frankly not worth the trouble. But Jaco has always been a bit sketchy in my mind, so let's move on (or back) to the Del Rey.


    What the heck happened? The last two times I've been there (as I alluded to earlier), I've observed a substantial decline in both the quality and quantity of girls. The place clearly seems to have lost it cachet with hot young chicks. So where did they go? With tourism finally picking up in other Central and South American countries, I'm wondering whether the nicer and more beautiful girls from those places are finding it simpler to work at home for a little less. It may be time to move out of the Jaco/San Jose circuit and try some other places. 

    (Review # 22308)
  • San Jose, Jaco, Puerto Viejo Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Nov 27 2007 Submitted by: Dippy

    Oye, caballeros. I just returned from Central America and I will add to what others have said. First of all, Puerto Viejo and somewhat nearby Bocas del Toro, Panama have NO real action. Dont bother if that is what you are after, in fact, don’t bother at all. Bocas is OK but a bit of a schlep for what it has to offer (and no mongering prospects, really). There is a little spot near the Panamian border (about 45 min) but not worth the trip either. Jaco, as many have said, has some action. Beatle Bar is a poor man's Del Rey but the prices are better, the women are decent and the service better. 60-80 gets you an hour (less if you play your cars right) and they don’t hustle you, will go two or three times if you like and generally are pretty nice.

    Be careful, they do not have standards like the Del Rey and a trannie or two will slip into the mix. You can also arrange meetings outside the clubs here. I grabbed a nice little Columbian in the afternoon (usually no action before 7 or 8 in BB) and it was an even more relaxed session. A buddy got a little Dominican chick to take care of him and show him around that way, too, so generally the scene has some decent values to offer (although it is no DR). San Jose boasts the Del Rey but personally I found the quality overrated and the service pretty poor. If you hang around late there are some finds in terms of value and service but by and large this place is pretty weak in my opinion.

    I pulled a 9 and a legit 10 out of here, 80 for an hour but the sessions were 50 and 35 minutes respectively. The second one demanded the money up front. I thought about asking her to leave and probably should have, but ah well! Honestly there is so much pussy around this town there is no reason to bother with the Del Rey. The Sportsman's Lodge offers similar quality (actually a bit better at times) but fewer ladies at any given time. Go there and check it out. Eros and Idem are right across the street from one another, I get them confused the one with a full bar has some decent girls to offer for 50 to 60 an hour.

    During the day the massage parlors are a great value. New Fantasy is 20 bucks a half hour, 40 an hour. The quality is hit and miss though, most of the time I went in there I just took a look and left. For an extra 10 bucks (less than that if you have a Ticas card or stay upstairs there) you can go to Zona Blue. Two ladies I recommend are Pamela and Cristina. Pamela is a blonde and to be honest I did not find her especially attractive though many others did. I got a recommendation on her though and holy shit did she not disappoint. Cristina is new there, just turned 21 with great natural C cups, long legs and soft skin. Wow-wa-wee-wa! Nice!

    There is a new place called Gatitos that I did not get to try. If you take a lady with you, there are swingers clubs that might be worth checking out (surprised no one has mentioned this) but are a bit spotty (only weekends, some paperwork involved). The strip joints didn’t impress me. Steer fucking clear of Atlantis, total rip-off. There are some decent ones but in general I think you wont do much better there than the parlors so if it is too late for them maybe head to the sportsman's lounge.

    (Review # 22030)
  • The Hole Country Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Aug 25 2007 Submitted by: Tulcas

    I’ve been around Costa Rica a lot, there is something that I should add and that is that after 20 escorts I've shared time with around different casinos and scour different strip clubs and escort agencies in the last year, no girl in this country really does anal sex, which to my opinion is really boring, whomever come to this country should not expect wild kind of sex.

    There is a casino named ''El Rey'' in the center of the city of San Jose ''if that could be called a city'' and most of escort girls are Colombians and Costa Ricans, the Colombian girls are by far more beautiful than the Costa Rican and like to approach themselves in conversation they don’t practice anal sex either. Normal rate is $100 dollars an hour. Although some of them can be cheaper. Still it’s just vaginal and oral. Very boring for my taste. Another thing is really uncomfortable to my taste is that hotels have a policy of not bringing girls with you to the room. Which is a cheap trek to force you to pay for a motel, now these cost almost $50 dollars. which is half of what the girl cost.

    (Review # 20563)
  • San Jose Travel Report Dated Added: Thu May 17 2007 Submitted by: Hedonist

    Im in San Jase at the moment. Stayed first night at the Del Ray. Minimum price is $82USD (plus $10 for each chica to your room) which is a little overpriced but when chatting up their girls they definitely prefer that you are staying there. There are many other hotels around the area for 40-50USD.

    What I like about the Del Ray is the security. There are about 10 guards working at all times and the girl has to leave her ID before going to your room. The girls are working 24hrs there and seem to turnover every few hours so variety plenty. Iíd probably advise to stay at a nearby hotel for 50 and no chica fee, unless you have cash to burn. Enjoy
    (Review # 18932)
  • San Jose, Jaco beach Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Feb 15 2007 Submitted by: Feo NA

    I have been to both San Jose and Jaco beach only twice. Hotel Del Ray in San Jose and Beatle Bar in Jaco are great places to get some quality pussy. The only problem I see is the price: it is just too high, comparing with Dominican Republic (where I go on the regular basis).

    For $100 that girls in Costa Rica ask for one night of sex I can (and did) get a girl in Dominican Republic for almost the whole week! Also, in Costa Rica girls are very hard negotiators, you can cut the price only a little. Plus, the best girls I've met in Costa Rica are Dominicans anyway - no attitude, cute round asses, and great non-rush service. Unless you are into Colombians with their fake tits and high prices, then Costa Rica is for you. The best place for great inexpensive sex, I believe, is Dominican Republic.

    (Review # 17435)
  • San Jose, Jaco Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Feb 10 2007 Submitted by: Joe Mama

    I was in San Jose and Jaco, Del Rey, Zona Blue, Monkey Bar, and a few other places. Like most said at Del Rey in San Jose and Monkey Bar in Jaco the girls ask for $100.00. In 3 weeks I never paid more then 60.00 and twice 60.00 for 2 girls to come to my room.

    The least I paid was $18.00. You will find the cheaper places in homes that are indistinguishable, and where most of the locals go. Some cab drivers know where these places are but I met a few girls from the U.S. working in the cheaper places who spoke English. You can find some of theses places by walking during the day or late afternoon. All the girls will negotiate if late at night and early at times.

    At the massage places you can discreetly tell the girl where you are and she will come to your room for less then what the parlor asks even though Zona Blue charged me $46.00 or so. And later she brought a friend with her to my room. I tried to tell a few people to negotiate but they apparently have more money then I had and did not care what they paid. Making it harder for people that do not have as much disposable income then they have. All the girls were from a 7 to 10

    (Review # 17404)
  • Limon Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Dec 03 2006 Submitted by: PJ

    Hi fellow hobbyists. I'm a long time reader, first time writer. Anyway I was on the Carnival Liberty Cruise that docked in Costa Rica on 11/29. Within 5 minutes of getting off the boat I met an English speaking cabbie who promised me "girls". He took me on a 10 minute drive to a place called Holly Woodland. I used my cab driver as a translator. He introduced me to one of the sexiest women I've ever met. I forget her name, it was something Spanish, but I'm sure as hell remember her ass. She had one of the nicest asses I've had and being a black man I sure as hell know about ass. (Ha Ha)

    Well anyway we went into the bedroom. I feared that the language barrier would be a problem --- NOPE --- I just pointed and smiled. I guess "suck my dick" is a universal phrase. (HA HA)

    Anyway back to the important stuff, she gave me head without the condom, licked my hairy balls, sucked my nipples, kissed me, let me eat her pussy and then when I came she cleaned me up and kissed the top of my penis. Ahhh... how sweet. The only thing she refused was bareback sex and of course she was right.

    LOOKS: 9
    SERVICE: 9.9
    OVERALL: 9.5
    AGE: 20-25

    Have fun hobbyists.
    (Review # 16501)
  • San Jose Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Sep 06 2006 Submitted by: Paul

    I have benefited immensely from the WSG Articles so It is Time to give Something Back to all the readers. First of all, some General Info - Calle means Street, Aveinda means Avenue. 1 US$ = 517 Colognes. Use this Info everywhere in this article. OK Guys, Get Ready. Here is the Complete Information on Sex vacation in San Jose, Costa Rica. Massage Parlors = New Fantasy is the Best one I have found here. It is on the corner of Calle 9 and Aveinda 9. Quality of Girls 5-9. Pay it in colognes and the Price is 18,000 Colognes (US $ 35) or you can Pay $ 40.00 US for 1 Hour. It includes full sex service in a nice little room in the back steam, sauna and shower.In this place, you will find almost all the customers to be Americans. They really make sure that you go home satisfied. The Girl I picked asked me numerous times if I was satisfied with her and when I was leaving, reception asked me the same thing. Zona Blue is another one at Aveinda 9 and Calle 3. Very Identical to New Fantasy but the Price is $ 47 US and I did not find the girls as good as New Fantasy. Idem at Calle 11 and Aveinda 8 seems to have been closed down. I visited 3 times at different times on different days but a big lock on the front door. Strip Clubs = Arcadas at calle 2 and Aveinda 8-10. Price 8000 colognes for 30 minutes or 15000 for 1 hour. Girls range 3-6 may be 1 at 7. Cover charge 1000 colognes includes a beer. If you want cheap pussy, this is the place. VIPS Molino Rojo(Pronounced Roho) is 10 steps from the Arcadas and almost identical to it in every way. Flamingo is on calle 2 aveinda 6. I found it more expensive that the two above with 2000 colognes cover charge and quality of girls even poorer. Of course, everything about Del Rey is true. Quality of girls is 2-9 but expensive. They all ask for $ 100 per hour or $ 300 for the night. Most girls will easily negotiate to $ 60 and $ 200 if you offer. Very few girls will not negotiate depending on the time of the day or the day of the week. I strongly recommend taking her for 1 hour first and if you are satisfied, keep her for the night. I also told the girl that I will pay half first and the other half when she is leaving. She agreed to that. This way she will perform better because you owe her money. I do not know why somebody wrote on WSG that at Blue Marlin, price of the girls dropped to half. Let me clarify this. Blur Marlin is the Section of Del Rey Bar and Casino. It is 10 steps from the Main bar and 2 Steps from the Casino. You will find the same girls walking around in the whole place so how can the price be any different? I am writing this from an Internet Cafe in San Jose near my Hotel. I will be posting another review in a couple of days about the Hotels and my other Experiences to help out our Kind. I strongly suggest to, please write the reviews after your vacation to help other Guys. (Review # 15504)
  • Jaco and Quepos Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Apr 21 2006 Submitted by: B Dog

    Went to Costa Rica for week. My first trip there. I would have like to spend time in San Jose, but didn't. I spent 4 nights in Los Suenos, so I went into Jaco every night to check it out. For ladies, the spot is The Beatle Bar. At least 50 girls each night to chose from. Many nationalities and going rate is $100 for an hour or so. You can take them to your place or to one of the hotels nearby for $20 per hour. Next door to Beatle Bar is Monkey bar, which is more of club, not sure if the girls there were working or not, but it was cool. Down the street is Pancho Villa, which is a nice bar, but you need to go upstairs to the strip club called Divas. There were about 12-15 girls there each night. Only draw back is they like to sit with you and order $15 glasses of champagne. I found a cut Cuban girl named Maritsa. You can take the girls upstairs to a private room with a couch for an hour for $100. I did that 2 nights with the same Cuban girl. She loved to suck cock. Very good and she didn't use a rubber for the BJ. We did mutual oral and I fucked her for a while with condom, but each time she finished me by BJ and took my load in her mouth sucking me dry and than spit it into a napkin. I enjoyed my time with her. I spent the next 3 nights in Manuel Antonio which is next to Quepos. First night I had a cabbie take me to a place just on the outskirts of Quepos. Went inside. It was a strip club, but there were only 6 or 7 girls that night. I asked the waiter about prices. He said you can fuck a girl in the back for $165. Seemed kind of high and not much of a selection. Then caught a cab back into Manuel Antonio to Sirenas. Very nice place, about 12-15 girls. Made friends with a cute Costa Rican named Paola. Got the price break down there. $200 for an hour in the back there or $300 to take them to your place for 2-3 hours. Paola's twin sister worked there as well, so I tried to work a threesome, but would have been close to $600 for the two of them. Decided to skip it and went home. Kind of regretting it now. Cute Costa Rican twins for the night would have been nice. I went back the next night and fucked just Paola in the back on a nice futon. Was nice, mutual oral and sex with condom. All in all, Jaco is much more affordable than Quepos, so now I know where to go. (Review # 14501)
  • San Jose Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Feb 20 2006 Submitted by: Labamba

    Alright theres a couple things you need to know about Costa. First, cabby's are everything over there. When me and my 3 friends got off the plane, we left the airport and we're approached by dozens of different cabby's offering to help you with your stuff. Mostly, there looking for a tip and to drive you to your hotel. They can pretty much do anything for you. Take you to clubs, strip clubs, whore houses, casinos, get you weed and other drugs. We met this guy named Jose, who was 4-11 with the mexican mullet and fit the common description of a Costarican cabby. We had transportation provided by our hotel so we did'nt need a ride but told him to get us some weed and meet us at our hotel. Our weed made it there before we did. It was very convenient. The hotels there are pretty reasonable, however you have to option to stay for as cheap as 5-10 bucks a night if you get out of the city a little. The biggest thing about Costa is that its expensive in San Jose and cheap almost everywhere else. Our most expensive meal was at a Denny's attached to our hotel. Once we got out of the city, we were eating steaks for 5-6 dollars a meal and drinking beers for about a $1 each. Coca Cola is more expensive than beer. The women situation is this: If you stay in the city, your dealing with licensed women mostly. They check in at your hotel and beware, if your planning on getting multiple women, you can only bring in one girl per room, so you'll need to get it past your hotel desk. They're pretty strict on that. For your first girl, I strongly suggest the Del Ray. Its a casino and is seriously packed with working girls It reminded me of Rush Hour women Chris Tucker was choosing among the asian girls. Most will ask for $100, but I got some girls to go for $75 and even one for $50. These girls range for 5-10 on the looks scale. I picked up a Colombian and doubled teamed her with my buddy for $150. For San Jose, thats a pretty good deal, for the rest of the country its pretty shitty. If you go to Limon, theres more black girls and its cheaper. But I heard from the locals its also much dirtier. In the small towns and villages, prostitution is less common but still prevalent. You need to be a little more discrete about it, but you can get the works for like $10-20. I do warn you tho, they don't speak very much english and some will try to bail on you once they get there money. Oh and about San Jose, if you want a really cheap BJ you can tell the cabby's to find you one. It was like 3am and I got done gambling and drinking at the hotel casino and decided to go get a blowjob. I flagged a cabby and told him to take me to get a "chica" (thats what they call them down there). He took me to some strip club and they charged me $15 to get in but it came with 2 drinks. I was approached by girls instantly, they were hot, but wanted $150 each. I immediately finished my drinks, walked out and told the cabby to find me some cheap ones. So he took me for a ride and flagged me a girl who blew me in the back of the cab for $10. I gave the cabby $15 because he was a nice guy. Overall, if you go to Costa, you need to go to the Del Ray and you need to get out of the city and go to the smaller towns where you get better value for your dollar. Bargain with all the girls, because they are all willing to negotiate. (Review # 14037)
  • Jaco Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Jan 08 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    Been to San Jose and Jaco several times. Stayed for over six weeks within the past 5 months San Jose, well, you simply need to hit the usual places. Start with the Del Ray and you'll never want to leave. Hot chicks, all nice, not working you too hard, have a nice evening and close the deal for $50 to $100 ($200-$300 for the whole night). Cheaper fare can be found all around the area ... but it requires venturing to the local strip clubs and massage palors. If you're on a budget I recommend this options, as girls can be found for $25 to $75 per hour. As of last week, there were too many girls in San Jose ... and not enough men. As such, competition for men was tough and prices decreased proportionally. Jaco quality is similar to San Jose, but a little less crowded. Sexy woman start hanging out at the Beatle Bar around 7:30. Best woman show up between 8:30 to 11pm. If you get there late, assume the best girls may have already completed a trick. At midnight the Beatle Bar crowd heads 200ft down the road to Monkey Bar. Prices stay consistent for the hottest woman, prices drop dramatically for the less than perfect. Often you can buy a couple drinks and not have to pay much, if at all. Noticed many of the woman were are horny as we were. If the night was getting late, and you were good/decent looking, chances are someone was going to try to take you home. Latin American woman love their sex -- so, if you're not paying, be prepared to perform for them. Viagra and Cialis can be purchased at all the Farmacias. Enjoy, (Review # 13634)
  • San Jose / Jaco Other Dated Added: Fri Aug 05 2005 Submitted by: Cane

    I recently returned from my second trip to Costa Rica, and man did I have a blast (several of them actually)! Hehehe. I'll be writing a travel report soon, but to make a long story short, I boned 9 different girls in a total of 11 sessions over 4 days! Whew! What I'm looking for now is a bit of information. Each time I've gone to Costa Rica, I've hung out in San Jose. Based on the reviews, I feel like I really need to hit Jaco Beach for a bit the next time I'm in Costa Rica. I assure you there will be a next time!

    With regard to Jaco, what I'm wanting to know is when is the best time to go? I wouldn't want to be there when it's out of season. Also, where is a good hotel to stay at? I like minimum 3-Star hotels located in or near the heart of the action. All advice is greatly appreciated, and I'll add my review of my second Costa Rica trip in a few days.
    (Review # 12285)
  • San Jose Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Jul 16 2005 Submitted by: mgseminoles

    Hello there, my fellow Americans! I am actually writing to you from the Hotel Del Ray this very moment (I believe I'm the first guy ever to do this on the WSG). For all you first-timers, or repeat offenders reading this, Costa Rica is the United Nations of Pussy! This place has every kind of girl you can imagine fucking here at the Del Ray. Ticas, Columbians (my personal favorite), Dominicans, Cubans, Panamanians, Nicaraguans, etc... Truth be told, only about 50 - 60% of the girls here are hot (7-9's and a few perfect 10's). Enough to go around for everyone, but as far as the rest of the girls go, you probably wouldn't fuck any of them with your best buddy's dick.

    EVERY GIRL here will ask you for $100. Don't be an idiot and ever pay that amount! You can get at least two-thirds of these whores for $50-60 by using good negotiation skills and your will power. I don't care how old you are, don't be the jerkoff who spends full price for every girl here. It just raises the bar that much higher for the rest of us.

    During the day, there are two very good massage parlors very close by ($1 by taxi). New Fantasy ($40) and Zona-Blue ($47). For an hour you will be pampered and treated like a king. You will get a massage, shower, suana room, blow job (no condom most of the time) and a great fuck for the price of two lap dances at your local strip club. Go check them both out before you leave. A great value for your money and time.

    Staying here at the Del Ray is every man's fantasy come true. You have all of the pussy, gambling, alcohol, and food you need right here in this one stop fuck shop! Four nights here is more than enough, believe me. You can do all the fucking, sucking, licking, and eating Latin pussy to hold you over for as long as you need.

    One final note, I want to thank GOD for creating a place like this for all the single and unhappily married men in our great country. Last but not least, NEVER get emotional about any girl here! Don't ever forget each and every one of these girls are WHORES. Nothing more and nothing less, so always take that at face value. If you keep that in perspective, and ALWAYS think with your big head before your little head, you will have an incredible experience here without ever getting ripped off. See ya in paradise!
    (Review # 12047)
  • Jaco Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Apr 23 2005 Submitted by: Jaco Lover

    Stopped in Jaco for the second time in two years, and ran into the same beautiful black woman, who says she only visits a couple of times a year.

    First night, went over the Beatle Bar, which as always, is crawling with women. Lots of pretty ones, some not so pretty. Picked one and went to my hotel. She started giving me a covered BJ, and just was way too aggressive, to the point where it was not even pleasureable at all, and I made her stop. She then said it was her period, but that I could fuck her in the this point, I started looking carefully at her, wondering if this was a tranny, since she never did take her clothes all the way off. I don't think so, but it was still weird and not good. I had trouble getting rid of her afterwards. I think she was trying hard and thought she was being sexy.


    Later that night, walking down the main drag, three good looking young women came up to me saying "sexo, sexo" while rubbing me. One took my hand and put it down the front of her pants. As they were rubbing me, I instinctively put my other hand on my wallet which I keep in my front pocket. As I touched it, I met with another hand reaching into my pocket. Yes, they will pickpocket you. I broke loose and kept going. It was the second night that I ran into the aforementioned woman. Who says she visits from Limon on the other coast of Costa Rica. We are talking about a woman who looks about 25, has smooth, very dark skin and a beautiful face. When her clothes came off, I could not believe the body. Large (but not huge) tits with nice nipples, no sag. Perfect. A gorgeous rear end. Just an absolutely perfect body. Total GFE for $100, including spending the night. I felt like all my goods were perfectly safe, but used the wall safe in the hotel anyhow as a precaution. She happily let me eat her very pretty pussy, and if she wasn't having an orgasm, then she was a damned good actress. All in all, a wonderful experience. In Jaco, there are all the hot women you could possibly want. If the first one doesn't do it for you, try again.

    (Review # 11314)
  • jaco Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Jan 25 2005 Submitted by:

    After reading the postings from here and other boards, (for years now) of the wonderful times in Costa Rica, I got the chance to visit. Background first. I am a big giant black guy. My close friend, was offered a hotel room and a good time in Costa Rica from business associates. Because I read the postings here, I have told my friend for many years, WE NEED TO VISIT COSTA RICA. We planned a couple of trips to Costa Rica, but each trip was canceled for one reason or another. We arrived at the airport together on Tuesday moring, with a return date the next Sunday. The clerk asked for my passort, after I showed her my first class ticket to San Jose. I promptly passed it to her, and the first responce I got from her was, "your passport is expired, I cant let you get on this plane." BUMMER. My friends got on the plane and I advised them that I would be there soon.


    I went to the Southwest air ticket counter and quickly booked a flight to Los Angeles. I called the State Department and got the ear of a monger. I told him how I needed to get to Costa Rica fast, because my dick was about to explode. He understood my dilemna and arranged for me to have an 8am appointment for a new passort. At 8:20 am I had my passport in hand. Back at LA X, I got on a plane from Los Angeles to San Juan. Upon my arrival, I wandered outside the airport. I was swamped by anxious bus and taxi drivers. I settled on a black Carib guy. I got into his taxi and asked how much to get to Hermosa Beach. The hotel my friends were at in the Terraza Del Pacifico Hotel in Hermosa Beach, which is a stones throw from Jaco.


    After reading postings from this site, I knew that this was not the place to be, but boy was I surprized. After making friends with the taxi driver, it was allllllllllllllllllllllll good. I asked the taxi driver how much would it cost. He told me $60 dollars. I told him that I would give him 100, if we stopped and partied on the way. What a wise decision this was. We stopped at 4 different bars enroute to Hermosa Beach. At each bar I noticed all the beautiful ladies checking me out. Of course after buying all the people at the bar a drink, I had no time making friends.

    After the last bar before we got to Hermosa Beach, I counted 4 telephone numbers from chicks at the bars. When we got to Hermosa Beach I told the driver we may as well hit the Beatle Bar before I go check into the hotel. It was a Tuesday night at 1am and there were at least 100 hotties in the bar. I was approached by some really hot women. I settled for a pair. A dark skinned Dominican and a light skin Tico. I was in the van of the taxi gettin a BBBJ after 20 minutes inside the club, from both ladies. WOW. I gave each girl twenty dollars. They were both upset with me, that I did not want more, but I told her I have many women in America and I am just here for a little fun. We all went (taxi driver included) to a couple more dance clubs and I called it a night.


    By now it was 3am and I was quite drunk. Now the real reason why I didnt bang both of the cuties. I left my vitamin V at home and I wanted to make sure I would be standing tall for the occassion. Having no Spanish skills, I used the taxi driver to interpret for me and he made sure of my safety. I guess it was a bad decision to have him party with me, because he was drinking as much as I was at every stop. The next morning I caught up with my friends. They banged on my door at 7 am, telling me to get ready for a white water rafting trip. After all the drinking and so little sleep, I begged them off. I awoke at 11 am and went scrounging for breakfast. The buffet they had in the resturant reminded me of army chow at a mess hall and I opted to have none. The fruit was great so I ate plenty of it. What I liked about this hotel, being right on the beach was the fact that most of the occupants were Ticos on vacation. I spotted 2 pretty ladies at the pool. One was dark and tanned with amazin bolt ons, while the other was a short well bodied lighter skined Tico. I discovered that they were sisters. The taller of the 2 lived in New York, while the other lived in Costa Rica. I got the feeling early on that the prettier of the 2, (the one who lives in Costa Rica) was Cinderella. The older sister treated her very badly, go get this, go do that. I instantly became disgusted with the older sister. I learned that the older sister is married to a guy who is here at the hotel. She had recently asked him for a divorce and he came along with her to Costa Rica to try and fix things up. She was such a bitch, I cant understand why. I asked him later, and he told me that he had recently bought the bolt on titties she was showing off and he may as well get some play time with them before they slit. The younger sister and I hit it off very well, but I got the feeling that she was a good girl and would be hard to lay her. I spent the entire day talking to her. Her English was pretty good. By evening time, I was sure that I'd get into her pants, but I knew I could not move too fast.


    So that night I went to dinner with my friends and afterwards we went to the Beatle bar. I selected from at least 150 beautiful women a tall dark skinned Dominicain. I asked her how much for her to spend the night and she said 200. I told her she was crazy. She then asked me what I wanted to pay her. I told her 80 for all night. She then responded with 100 for 4 hours. I agreed and off we went in the taxi to my room. We got to the room, I gave her a glass of wine and put on some mood music. She gave me a long strip tease. Taking off her clothes while taking her time exposing different parts of her body while I lay on the bed and watched. Once she was naked she crawled on the bed and kissed me all over. She asked me for a condom and spent the next 10 minutes putting it on and rubbing all of the lubricant off of it. Then she gave me a wonderful bj. I didnt think it would feel worth a damn with this condom on, but she knew what she was doing and I was rock hard now. She straddled me and put me inside her and slowly took all of me inside her. The feeling was exquisite. I could not help looking at her pretty face and banging body as she rode. I stopped her and took over. I placed her on her back and spread her legs as far as they would go, while getting a good look at her hole opened up to me. I put my arms around her legs and entered her and banged as hard as I could. She let out a scream of pleasure as I rode her like a Bronc. It didnt take too long for me to blow my wad. I lay there spent, thinking the next one will be even better, as she started getting dressed. I asked her about a discount, because she said 100 for 4 hours and we have been here in my room for only 1 hour. She gave me a sob story about needing to make more money because she wanted to start a cell phone business. Bullshit I said, a deal is a deal. I gave her 80 dollars. Then she had the gall to ask me for taxi fare back to the Beatle Bar. I told her no and she left.


    The next morning I had breakfast with my Cinderella. It was funny because I was praying that Cinderella would not see me bringing the whore into the hotel. I was lucky she didn't. Once again we spent the day laying around the pool and enjoying each other, when the wicked step-sister comes and tells my Cinderella to drive her to the Spa for a massage. My ears perked up and I asked wicked step sister if I can come along. She agrees and Cinderella drives us to Jaco and the Model MP. Once there I discover that sister is getting the facial, massage, wax, etc etc and that Cinderella is to wait for her while this is done. I then told the girl at the desk, to give my Cinderella every treatment her wicked step-sister had ordered. Then I went for my hour massage. This paid off big dividends. That evening back at the hotel when I finally got Cinderella alone, she told me to call her and gave me her room number. I called and she told me that her sister was angry at her for allowing me to pay for her beauty treatments. She laughed as she explained how upset her sister was. She said she loved every minute of her treatments and wanted to thank me very much. I told her that I had some movies in my room and would love for her to come watch them with me. I could tell she wanted to come, but she needed some reservations first. I told her NO SEX, and dont worry, I wont tell your sister or anyone else. This statement pushed her over the edge. She said that she would take a shower first and put on her pajamas, and told me to leave my room door open. Thirty minutes later I heard a small knock on my door as she entered my room.


    She had on a 2 peice silk pajama set. The pants were short. Her hair was tied up in an up-do and she looked like an angel. I gave her a glass of wine, lit 2 candles and put a movie on my laptop. I set the movie up so that the audio was in Spanish and the subtitles in English. She absolutely loved this, knowing that I spoke no spanish. I think she really loved the fact that I was catering to every one of her needs, as she had been doing for her sister all day. We lay on the bed and enjoyed the movie. Halfway through the movie I tried to see how far I could go. I started by rubbing her feet, when I got no objection, I broke out the lotion and started with a foot rub, that brought out many oohhs and ahhs from her. I pushed the envelope and went up her legs, then back, then her ass. I pulled down the shorts to her pajama set and was glad to see no other garments. Her ass was so creamy and heart shaped. After more massaging I took the pants off and rolled her over. Her beauty was so exquisite. Her eyes were closed and her hair fell around her face. I bent low and gave her an ever so soft kiss. When she put her arms around me and pulled me close my manhood stood at attention. We kissed long, soft and deep for what seemed like eternity. I took her top off and gazed at her mammeries. The nipples were so hard, the titties were perfect. Not small, not large, and the nipples pointed outward. Needless to say we had a wonderful night of sex. Every position imaginable. She tasted wonderful and the bbbj was one of the best I have ever had. Before the sun came up she showered and put the pj's back on and went back to her room. She made me understand that she could not let her sister know what we did. I agreed to keep our secret, as I went to sleep, spent, with an ear to ear grin on my face. The next morning my buddies and I went fishing. What a wonderful experience. We caught 6 sailfish and many more durado, which we had the hotel chef cooked for us. My buddies were telling me of their exploits at the Beatle bar and the chicks they brought to their room every night, but I could tell they were jealous of the free stuff I was getting every night. That night my Cindrella returned to my room for another night of unadulterated sex. She made me promise to return to Costa Rica to spend time with me away from my friends and her wicked step-sister. I look forward to visiting again. But the word of advise to all is, there are so many available beautiful ladies in Costa Rica, why not spend the time to meet a non-pro and make the visit even greater. I tried unsuccessfully to give my Cinderella some money, but she refused to take it.

    (Review # 10892)
  • San Jose Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Jan 21 2005 Submitted by: jumpen jack flash

    Just got back from Costa Rica, loved every second of it. I've never written a review, but thanks to others I had the time of my life. Went to Hotel Delray and when we first got there, there were a lot of beauties, but they all wanted $100 bucks or so, so we went to a strip club and met a beautiful woman.

    Talked her into touring Costa Rica for a week. I bought her three outfits, all our dinners, drinks and rooms, and she fucked my brains out for a week. She even called her two girlfriends for a visit and we all ended up fucking all night. I had one hell of a time just trying to satisfy three women all of which were 8 plus. This may sound like BS but I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't lived it. At the end I gave her $200 just because she was soo cool. She didn't even want to take it. We had so much fun touring, fucking, eating, and drinking. She wants me to come back soon. Strip club is called Elite, worth the visit.

    Also went to Idem for a good massage and a fuck, about $47. Highly recommend this place. I feel like I just lucked out, but lucky or not you can fuck a 9-10 at Idems. Can't wait to go back.

    (Review # 10880)
  • San Jose &Jaco Beach Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Dec 28 2004 Submitted by:

    In the Summer of 2004 and late fall of 2004 I ventured to the much talked country of Costa Rica. However, before my venture I read the previous postings. All I have to say is that Costa Rican women are extremely hot. The first time I was there I accidently went to Playa Jaco a surfing territory catering to surfers from around the world. At night I went to the Beatles bar where there are a lot of hot girls. The prices start at $100.00 dollars, not very negotiable. I had a great time.

    The second time I went to San Jose, I had a better time. Just go to hotel Del Rey and you will see 100's of girls waiting to get picked up. Prices start from 50-100 per hour. However, if they like you they will charge you 100-200 for the entire night. Note that in order to have a good time you need to pick the correct girl. Some just fuck, others give you the girlfriend treatment. So be careful who you pick for fun. Well, thats all for now.

    (Review # 10692)
  • tamarindo Street Action Dated Added: Fri Dec 24 2004 Submitted by: rocky again

    Oops, forgot to mention Tamarindo. There are about a dozen hookers on the street after dark in and around the mango bar at the East end. A couple of them from Colombia were pretty hot, I talked them down to sixty for an hour. All the girls I took home in Costa Rica were super nice and didn't try to hustle me for extra dough. Good luck fishing (Review # 10655)
  • San Jose Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Dec 24 2004 Submitted by: rocky

    After reading previous reports, I went to the Del Rey in San Jose and I have never seen such a beat up band of ugly hookers in my life. Out of 150 women only about 5 were at all attractive. The cute ones could be talked down to about 70 or 80 bucks. The drag is that the butt uglies are constantly grabbing at you and trying to talk to you. I would avoid this bar because it attracts all kinds of riff raff on the street = hustlers, beggars, muggers, trannies, and some really nasty stuff they won't even let in the bar. I wouldn't even recommend walking past the place. Some of that is so nasty it'll turn you impotent on sight.

    However, I did meet some honeys at strip clubs, Casa blanca, etc. It was a minimum of a hundred to get laid inside, so I made lunch dates with some beauties for the next day for about half that. Pick the really nice ones and they'll stick around in bed for a few hours in the afternoon.

    Zona Blue massage is 47 bucks and has some cuties. It's a couple of blocks North and a half block West of the Holiday Inn at Morazon park. I stayed at the hotel Presidente for 75 bucks a night with tax and had a great room.

    (Review # 10654)
  • San Jose Strip Club Review Dated Added: Thu Jun 03 2004 Submitted by: Luis

    I went to San Jose in the first two weeks of August of 03. The Strip Club I went is called Arcardias(not sure about the spelling). Ask a taxi driver to take you to the Flamingo Club then walk about a block and a half. You will see a sign with flashing lights. There is a $5 entrance fee which includes a shot of tequila. The girls there are (7-9). Better looking girls on the weekends. They sit with you and they have about six beds in the back where you can get FS. It varies per girls most charge 900 colones for a quickie. That is about $3. I found one girls there named Jenifer. She was a (9). I spent most of my time with her. I went there three times.

    The third time was a Friday night. I asked to take her to a local hotel the head woman asked for an exit fee which was only $40. Jenifer got some lines of C for her which cost me $5. I got some smoke for me about two dime bags which was $10. She was a 8 at oral with protection and a 9 in intercourse we did it all night long and every position possible. On the next day I ended up giving her $150 for the whole night best time I ever had and so cheap. I hope this helps. e-mail me if you have any questions 
    (Review # 9226)
  • San Jose Escort Review Dated Added: Sun May 23 2004 Submitted by: Anon

    At the Hotel Del Rey, during the day look for Rosia, often wears blue contacts. Anything goes for $50 to $60 and she is the best looking girl on day shift. Ask bartender Jess, Rosia folds the napkins for the bartenders. (Review # 9162)
  • San Jose and others Travel Report Dated Added: Thu May 20 2004 Submitted by: EM

    OK guys, here is the scoop. I am a 24 year old med student. Costa Rican by birth, but lived in the US since I was 6 or 7. Speak fluent English, Spanish, and Portuguese... and a good looking guy. Am I conceited?? Absolutly! I know I look good, I know I have a little money, I know I am smart, and someday will be wealthy without my parents!
    br>This report is for you young guys that go to Costa Rica. When I saw young, Iím talking 18-30 or so. DONT PAY FOR SEX! If you look good, and can dance, you WILL get laid as easy in Costa Rica as you will in the US. Go to the clubs, hang with the girls, talk to them, flirt, smile, etc etc etc Even if you cant speak any Spanish, you can still get laid. I took my best friend down there, he is white, and he got laid every night by a different chic. Not whores either, Normal everyday girls. Even the whores will fuck you if you have enough game.
    br>If you are so hard up that you can not resist the temptation to fuck a whore, go for it. More power to you. Iím just telling you it is VERY possible to get laid in Costa Rica if you are young and good looking, and not pay one red cent.
    br>BTW... I am in Costa Rica all summer. From Late May until early Aug. This year I will be working at a hospital 3 days a week in San Jose, so I wonít be available to party every night, but if you want me to take you out and show you a good time, I will do that! Looks are just as important in latin america as they are here in the US. Oh yeah, there is a bar tender at the Blue Marlin, I wonít mention her name, Iíll just say she has a tatoo of a bird on her left arm... she will fuck you for nothing if you just give her some attention. Happy hunting, be safe, use condoms!
    (Review # 9121)
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