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  • Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sat Aug 30 2008 Submitted by: dick4latinas

    SAD NEWS, First Trinidad was never reallly a sex destinaion but we had a good thing goin but since the dam cops decided no recreation for us the besttttttt place we had was raided and closed down , it was safe but since prostitution is not legal some one decided it was time, Yes folks I am talkin ABOUT VILLA CAPRI IN THE SOUTH and if that is not enough also cop[a cabanna trinidad on dundonald street was also raided and the girls deported back, CARIBBEAN ISLE woodbrook sold out and closed dowm steups the only thinig u might get is the street hoes only black red or maybe Indian but for the price I don't think so But they got their customers, I will keep u guys posted if anything changes,  (Review # 24614)
  • Trinidad Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Mar 12 2008 Submitted by: Yea Mon

    Sorry guys it taken so long to post this but in order for this thing to continue I had to! First and foremost I went to a spot I read about here Villa Capri and the funny part was that I didn't notice it until after the deal was done! Typical of the Caribbean most of the girls were Columbian 2-9's! The price was 240TT(about 40US) and according to the locals this was a rate hike being it was during carnival they usually go for about 120 to 150TT(about 20us) , which wasn't bad for the hottest chick in the club(keep in mind that it was only 1 more just as fine).

    The establishment itself was relatively low key for the most part no traffic or goons hanging around looking to rob you, although you may want to get in with a local to get there, all I know is that it was about a 30min ride from Port of Spain in San Fernando
    (Review # 22565)
  • Careanage Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Nov 12 2007 Submitted by: Marazul

    This year a new casa de Putas opened in Carenage Trinidad. Located on Abba Poujade Street, it is directly across the road from the Alcoa plant. Some of the locals call it bauxite, naming it after the chemical Alcoa produces. The club is easy enough to find, it has a small neon “open” sign out front that can be seen from the main road. The club was originally a small hotel and was recently remolded into its present form.

    The main area features a bar, small dance floor, pool table and video poker machines. The rooms in back are clean and tidy with toilets and showers. Beers are a reasonable 12TT, less than 2US dollars. The girls are the usual mix of Venezuelans and Columbians. There are at least a dozen girls working and living in the club. Although there are a couple of hotties, most of the girls are pretty average, but doable.

    Most of the girls are pretty cool and put out a good performance. The standard program is 260TT, about 40 US dollars for 30 minutes. This includes the room, condoms and towels. The club is open from 5PM to 3AM seven nights a week. The Caribbean Isle in Woodbrook has closed its doors; however I would say that this new club in Caranage is a better choice than either Caribbean Isle or Copa Cabana.

    (Review # 21801)
  • Trinidad Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Feb 16 2007 Submitted by: Thomas

    Hi guys, I have had lot of help from this website so I am putting some of the information I have got recently on my own experience personally. Port of Spain- there are quite a few of whore houses but if you want lap dances there are none but one of the places Copo Cabana does like a strip dance with couple of people on Friday and Saturday.

    After mid night-many girls black and mixed mostly with few white mostly 5-8, but some try to rush you off if you actually do it. I would advise bargaining before, costs 150-300 depending on how well your in bargaining. It is located near Jenny’s in Dundonald Street port of Spain.

    Also there is a place on the main road leading to movie town called Carrabian Isle it’s just a place with few girls like 10-15 girls 5-7 mostly.

    In south San Fernando try to visit this place called Villa Capri on weekdays best as weekends it’s very busy , but you will have lot of beautiful girls between 7-10 very cute, mostly Venezuelans or Columbians black, white Asian mixed, every one knows this place 150-200 depending on your talent. You may love it but avoid on weekends as very busy, be careful outside it don’t walk but use a taxi service if you can or you r won car as Trinidad is getting very bad with crime anywhere, never walk in Trinidad after evenings, always park your car next to the place 

    (Review # 17445)
  • Port Of Spain/San Fernando Strip Club Review Dated Added: Sun Mar 05 2006 Submitted by: Jimmy

    Just came back from TnT carnival. Thank you gentlemen for all your information, surely did help. As much as I'm tempted to brag about sexual activities like other writers, I'll just get to the point. Villa Capri in San Fernando is the only place you need to be. I stayed in Maraval, actually outside of POS. You can pay an expensive taxi-fare to airport running taxis of $100 US, or you can use local transportation. From POS to San Fernando in a regular taxi I paid between $8 and $15 US. Only use TT. Each taxi driver will charge a different price. I had a local friend. Try to arrange a pick-up time if possible because I was getting out of Villa around 12 and 2 am and taxis were scarce. O.K. you walk in this place and there are 30-40 chiks, no lie. Columbians, Venezuelans, Guyanese, Puerto-Rican, Trinidadians, and West Indians ranging from 7-10. Actually I only saw 1 10 (I'm a harsh grader since I've been around the world). Most of the girls were pretty cool, just pull them to the side and chat with them. The Latin females worked harder and were more aggressive but not demanding. Price is 200TT for a 1/2 hour. The place is small, but you and the girl go to this hall-way, exchange $, she takes it somewhere, comes back, you guys then go downstairs to a room. All my activities were non rushed social encounters. And things really do get nice, for $35US a girl I did 3-soms. 1 night I did 4 chiks - quality chiks. Carnival itself is amazing and this little dessert made the trip extraordinary. (Review # 14141)
  • Street Action Dated Added: Thu Dec 22 2005 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    [I found the following snippet of information on-line as part of a larger piece on Trinidad.]

    There are many well-established brothels operating in Trinidad. Some of them have become important landmarks and tourist attractions in their own right. They have been allowed to operate and flourish over the years compliments of our very same morally upright police service. Some of them are actually protected by the police. It is a well-known fact that they are immune from police interference because huge bribes are paid and officers are allowed to have free sex with the prostitutes. There are quiet a few in South and police cars are often parked outside these establishments while kidnappers and bandits terrorise us.

    Trinidadians are so hypocritical that it's suffocating! The brothel that was raided at Agnes Street in Vistabella is literally a stones throw away from a well established “Villa” brothel that “employs” foreign girls and has been in existence now for many years. It is a well-known popular landmark.

    Police officers have been protecting and patronising the establishment for many years now, as do expatriates and local lads who need to take a break (no pun intended). After turning a blind eye for so long why the sudden “urge” by police to ejaculate the Hawaii Club from the Marabella landscape?
    People from all races and walks of life visit and work at these establishments where local customers help tutor these poor Venezuelan women and teach them English in private rooms.

    The political implications involved here are enormous. Local brothels are the only place where true racial harmony and national unity is preached. Men explore their racial options and experiment with women of all colour.

    It is the one place where a truly diverse racial crowd can be seen and national unity is practised in the absence of a political meeting (but not without the absence of politicians, mind you, who are themselves longstanding elite customers who have specially reserved entrances and exits). Can Manning not see that closure of brothels will increase the level of frustration among young men and cause them to turn to a life of crime?

    Has Manning not considered the loss to the economy as tourists learn about the random selective closure of brothels by the police? And what about the loss in productivity as the stress levels of highflying expatriate workers in the energy sector who frequent these brothels (with their company logos proudly displayed on their classy vehicles parked outside) increase?

    The loss of foreign exchange is bound to affect the economy, as foreign students will surely be turned off by the callous manner in which the police have acted. And what about prostitutes who are imported from neighbouring Caribbean countries – has anyone really paused to consider the negative impact on Caricom integration and the free movement of workers? Good lord, our beleaguered, overworked police officers would now have to do without this major perk of free sexual favours. Morale would be at an all-time low! Nuisance issues like the lack of bulletproof vests and vehicles are sure to make a comeback now!

    These poor women were charged and convicted for (among other offences) "lewd and obscene behaviour in a public place." All I can say is, half of Trinidad should be arrested and prosecuted for this serious offence during carnival as they cross the big stage!
    (Review # 13380)
  • Chaguaramas Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Aug 28 2005 Submitted by: adone

    Don't call 7742428 as advertised in the Express and Trinidad Guardian. They try to get the money 1st and then fuck off. (Review # 12566)
  • Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Jul 26 2005 Submitted by: catlickdebutter

    Most hoes in Trini will rob yuh... You're better of going tuh the beach and picking up a drung chick. (Review # 12179)
  • Port of Spain Strip Club Review Dated Added: Mon May 02 2005 Submitted by: Richter

    After paying $10 Trinidad dollars at the door (US$1.60) you are greeted by the most crowded strip show that more closely resembles a fashion show gone nuts. If you can look past the seedy stage and the seedier clients you might get a decent pool game going. The girls don't actually strip..they kinda just dance in lingerie to loud reggae music with the occasional flash of flesh that drives the crowd wild. Every now and then they jump on a spectator and give him a lapdance much to his delight. The girls range from being 'almost underaged' to 'been around the block way too much'. And there is always the possibility of the place being raided by the police.


    Note there are escape routes leading to the adjacent street just for this purpose. You can approach any girl who doesn't actively appear to be with someone and make small talk to ask her services. But dont fall for the old, "Buy me a drink game". If you decide to go for it they lead you through a door that kinda looks like part of the wall. This leads to a hallway with small rooms and eventually to the filtiest mens room in the universe. The fee is $100 Trinidad dollars for them $40 for the room. Make sure you lock the door when you get there. Failure to do so will result in you getting robbed. If you want a blow job, they make you wash your equipment in a small sink first or make you wear a condom. They don't shave..some do though. And they start the clock as soon as the money is passed over. When done these chicks pull out a basin of water and rinse themselves out for the next customer. Believe me its all quite hilarious.

    (Review # 11376)
  • Port-of-Spain Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Aug 04 2004 Submitted by:

    You can find street girls on Roberts Street in Woodbook. That is, if the police haven't made a raid that night and picked them up. On Wrightson road is a decent place. Can't remember the name, but ask ANY taxi driver and they'll know what you're talking about. Girls are between 5 to 9. Rare 10 available, but thats the luck of the draw on the night you go. (Review # 9784)
  • South Trinidad Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Aug 04 2004 Submitted by:

    First off, understand one thing. The girls of Villa Capri are from South America. They are all shapes, sizes and colours. From white with blond hair, to black with a great butt. Most of the girls are hot. The cost is TT$ 140.00.

    PAY IN TT$!!!!!

    That entitles you to 30 minutes straight. If you want extra, talk to the girl. Most of them agree to it. Even more so if you go back a second time and pick them again.

    (Review # 9783)
  • San Fernando Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Jan 16 2003 Submitted by: Tnt Local

    Fella, the place to be is Villa Capri. If you pay $40us, you are paying too much. Any local Taxi knows where this place is any for $140 Trinidad you can have a fine lady do your wishes for 30 minutes. Hope everyone enjoys like I did. This place gets a rating of 10 from me. (Donít pay in U.S. currency). TNT local (Review # 6700)
  • Port of Spain Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Aug 04 2002 Submitted by: Net Ranger

    Guys, you all have looked in wrong places. Buy a local newspaper, and look up the Classifieds under "penpals" - yes, "penpals"! There are lots of ads saying "be my penpal now". Just give them a call. (Review # 5879)
  • Penal Strip Club Review Dated Added: Sat Mar 09 2002 Submitted by:

    it's an alright place. the woman I met in a place called Goldfinger was very good. she was a local indian and very good light skin and in her late 20's.~~she goes by the name Anupa. it was $100.00us but worth it. there are 10 more like her available and they are open to everything. (Review # 5144)
  • Port of Spain Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Nov 25 2000 Submitted by: randy baby

    Caribbean isle is a decent whorehouse, they got cheap beer and usually around 10 women ranging from 2 to 9's. got a 9 for $40 in the back room she was great. all kinds of positions, she was impressive. (Review # 2778)
  • Port OF Spain Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Nov 11 2000 Submitted by: Max

    Abstract: This memo comes to outlines my trip to Trinidad & Tobago at November Ģ2000.-~~The entire trip was to Puerto Rico, Barbados, Dominican Republic & Trinidad & Tobago. Although Dominican Republic was superior, this memo will cover Trinidad & Tobago First and will leave the rest to future. It's also important to say that I want contributing my share to this site after using it a lot. This memo is informative so I was not including any unnecessary detail of the sex itself.

    General information: Tobago is lovely place, the beach is superb the cost is reasonable and the atmosphere~~Is great. The problems it is very quiet out of the seasons so I couldn't find any girls there at that time. So after two nights I went to Trinidad. Trinidad is one of the worst places in the world. During day time there is nothing To do, its very primitive country, dirty, and very unpleasant in General. But the Night life is very Active as will be describe.

    Hotels: The hotels in Tobago is cheap and recommended but some of them don't allows any Visitors in the rooms. So it is better to ask first. The price is generally 30US$ for a night. In Trinidad the hotel under 50US$ are really bad. I was staying at "ABERCROMBY" In "Port of Spain" And was very bad. To try to stay in the 75US$ price range. The tourist information in the airport can find you a place.

    Night life & Girls: The only & the best place in "port of Spain" is "PELICAN INN" it's a bar which part of it have open place. A lot of very stunning girls hanging around. The price after negotiation will drop to 50US$ for a few hours. And you have to take the girl back To your hotel. The best time to go there is around 10PM and its full of peoples during weekends. I had a very good fun there.

    Local information for girls & Night life : I have found a very important source of information by the name of " Wilbert Spence" is a taxi driver & a guide he took me from the airport, helped me to find a hotel, and took me to "PELICAN INN" while comes to take me back after I have select a girl. He has very cheep price and saved me a lot of money. His telephone is "622-9042" tell him that "MAX" sent you. Call him every time you need a taxi.

    Conclusion: The girls are incredible at "PELICAN INN" however in general I can't recommended Trinidad as a sex destination since the overall score are very low for. (No beach, poor, dirt, nothing to do during daytime) ~~
    (Review # 2703)
  • Trinidad Strip Club Review Dated Added: Sun Oct 15 2000 Submitted by: JIMMYDR

    There are two clubs here. The girls are ugly. they want $80 for an hour. there are girls at scattered bars.$100 per hour. all are fat & ugly. need a cabbie to take unsafe. (Review # 2553)
  • Port of Spain Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Oct 12 2000 Submitted by: billy joe jim bob

    Head down to the Caribbean Isle, short taxi ride from the Holiday Inn, or now i guess it is the Crown Plaza. Cheap beer, about 10 girls total in the place, ranging from 2-9. Usually two 8-9s in there almost every time I've been there. Back to hotel will cost you $100US. Short time in the back with a 9 was great and it ran $45US, pretty nice gals. yea baby........ (Review # 2538)

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