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  • Curacao Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Apr 16 2007 Submitted by: Spiv

    Incredible I just spent a week on a scuba-diving trip in Curacao. First of all, the island is great - warm weather, arid climate, great reefs, tasty cuisine, and a nice rural vibe. If you're diving, check out Porta Marie - excellent reef. I stayed at the Habitat, which is a great resort, but a bit out of the way - 35 minutes into Willemstad & 20 minutes to El Campo.

    Now, on to El Campo Allegre I heard about El Campo on this site, and wanted to provide some updated info. It's easy to find - simply head east from the airport on that main road, and (at night) you cannot miss the huge green neon fig leaf sign.

    I have never experienced any place as great as this. All the info on this site is accurate, but the place was cleaner, safer, and more fun than I ever would have imagined. Yes, all the girls are on 3-month visas; yes, they all have individual rooms with attached bathrooms and air-con; yes, there's a doctor on site who checks them out weekly; yes, most of them are from Colombia, Venezuela, and Dominican; yes, the sex is great and cheap. The ladies are incredibly friendly, beautiful and cool! Most of them have kids back home and need the cash, hence this work. I hung out and worked on my Espagnol, made jokes, bought them dinner, etc. I honestly enjoyed their company.

    The compound is surrounded by a wall with palm trees and festive neon lighting throughout. Very well lit and comfortable. There's a bar, restaurant, DJ & dance floor, pool tables, leather couches out on the patio, etc. Very comfortable.

    You pay 10 florins (about US$5.50) to get in, and get frisked by big security guards. Do not have weapons or cameras on you.

    You may want to stay away on Tuesdays, as El Campo is open to women from the outside. When I was there, lots of touristas were wandering around, enjoying the novelty of being in a bordello. Needless to say, it can cramp one's style if wives and girlfriends are watching you chat up some honey.

    Apparently there are about 140 ladies there, who range from 3's to all-out 10's. Not kidding. Going rates are 50 florins (about US$30) for a half-hour of BJ-C and FS-C. Condoms are a must, as the business they do there is incredible. Besides - respect the ladies and watch out for your own health, too.

    Some ladies will do 3-ways for 100 florins (US$55), and the second time I took a pair up on it, they went down on each other, made out, etc., etc. One of the hottest experiences of my life! One was a 10, and the other was a 9.

    Anyway, I went to El Campo every frickin' day of that week, had sex with 2-3 girls each night, and do not regret one minute or one dollar spent.

    I also got email addresses of ladies who will return to Colombia in May; Iím traveling there in June and hope to have a friendly reunion with some friends!

    I left a piece of my heart at El Campo in Curacao. Ladies, I wish you all the best.

    (Review # 18319)
  • Curacao Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Dec 09 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    Based on the reviews here, I made a visit to El Campo Elegre. The place looks like a summer camp --- it has private bungalows (rooms), gym, bar, dance floor, etc. It also has hot Latin women walking all over the place. I went in the afternoon... it was little so I only imagine how it is at night. I had a hot number by the name of Anna-Marie. Big gorgeous butt which she proudly sat on my face. Loved it. We had the usual but no anal. My only disappointment. I will definitely return.

    Note: they check all bags at the door so leave your cameras at home. I was taken aback by all the security but after awhile it made me feel quite safe.
    (Review # 16572)
  • Kralendijk Travel Report Dated Added: Fri May 06 2005 Submitted by:

    Pacia is located about 1/3-1/2 mile from downtown Kralendijk. Take Kaya Nikiboko Noord to the left of the Church where several major roads intersect, and Pacia will be on the left about 1/3 mile. Turn left to come to Pacia's front. Secure parking is now available and there's a guy who will open a gate to let you in. Nice to have the privacy.


    My dive buddy and I were in Bonaire for a week of diving and some evening recreation as well! The bar has maybe 8-10 tables or so. Most of the women are from Columbia -- and are attractive (7-8 mostly). The women usually are in the mid 20s and have signed a 3-month contract, after which they rotate back to Columbia. Some speak a little English but much "talk" occurs through sign language and laughter. Condoms are mandatory and supplied by the house. My dive buddy and I wandered over a couple evenings.


    The first evening the girls were literally at the end of their 3-month rotation. A couple of women joined us at our table, and we bought them a drink (not outrageously expensive either!). After a little conversation and some alcohol, my buddy and I wandered to the bar and each paid $70 for a hour session. You have the option of $35 for 1/2 hour -- or $200 to take one of the girls back to your hotel. We did not choose the latter since we were staying in a relatively pubilc place. My gal was petite and in great physical shape. We went to a private room where she started out giving me a massage -- and then I returned the favor. She reached for my cock, slipped on a rubber, and then gave me an unhurried blowjob while I was fingering her. We progressed to full intercourse and "played" in a variety of positions -- and I eventually came with a roar screwing her from behind. We then hopped into a shower where she cleaned all the important areas and got me hard again. It didn't take long to get back in the saddle again and we made love for quite a while. She made me come a 2nd time with her talented mouth. All in all, she was a talented and thoughtful lover. I met my dive buddy back in the bar -- he enjoyed his hour as well. So much so, that we decided that a 2nd visit was necessary.


    So a couple of evenings later, we sauntered back only to discover that a new batch of gals had arrived. I eventually ended up with a gal who had magnificent tits. Even more important, though, was her outrageous sense of humor and relaxed nature. She playfully sucked my cock, and she especially enjoyed having me mount her from behind. Like before, she was happy to let me come and relax together, and then come again -- that's the nice part about taking the gal for an hour of fun. Will we go back? Well....we talk alot about when we can sneak back to Bonaire for another week of great diving -- and fun sex. A great combination for a relaxing vacation.

    (Review # 11402)
  • Campo Alegre Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Dec 25 2004 Submitted by:

    Hey guys, I do not understand that you guys keep on calling Campo as La Mirage. The name is, was and always will be Campo Alegre. This is the best place in all the Carribean to go to. The place looks like a dream with colorfull lights, a geat bar to lounge and girls from all over Latin America. Girls are cheap. They´ll give you a blowjob and screw you for only 30 dollars. And they all are real professionals. Not passive but really hot. They take the initiative and give you a real good time. For 100 dollars you can stay the night after about 2 o´clock. End of November I was there for one week and got 7 different girls. They all were worth being with. Girls come from Colombia, Venezuela, Dominican Republic and I was even with a girl from Puerto Rico.  (Review # 10662)
  • San Nicolas Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Oct 08 2004 Submitted by: Cat

    Hey, I just got back from Aruba on one of my business trips. Of course, I went back to San Nicolas. After my usual beer at Charlie's I got into a bar called the Java bar. The guy running this joint is Ken(NY).

    When I visited this bar, there were two girls working: Kimmy (24) and Sara (22), both Columbian. Kimmy is a very sweet and nice lady and I had great sex with her. I went back next day to go upstairs with her again. 80 USD for an hour. Got down again and had lot's of fun with both girls and the other people at the bar. Then I went up with Sara. Man, she has big tits and bangs your brains out. Again 1 hour and went downstairs again. 4 'o clock in the morning, the bar closed and I went up with Sara again to sleep until next morning. Kimmy.....what a sweety! Unluckily the girls are only allowed to work on Aruba three months, otherwise I sure would visit her again.

    (Review # 10259)
  • Wilmstadt Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Jul 16 2004 Submitted by:

    I was there in September 2003. I stayed way out at the Habitat Curacao for the excellent diving there. The best diving I have ever had, but not much else going on there. I recommend getting a car for the week - about 20/day for a car the size of a matchbox - but the island is spread out and it was well worth it. Its pretty easy to find the way around.


    I went to Campo each night because there was really no reason to go anywhere else! Very safe, clean place with lots of selection. About a mile past the airport if you are coming from town - the sign is hard to see, but there is a big neon sign towards the entrance. I had 5 different girls for the week, because I came back to the same girls a couple of times. They are much nicer when you give them repeat business. The girls there are all Columbian, Venezuellan, and Dominican. The Venezuellans were absolutely beautiful. The girls range in quality, but there were several 8-9's each night there. The 7-8's were still good looking, were a lot friendlier, and took their time, so I traded off between the hot ones and the 7-8's. There were about 40-50 girls each night, 20 during the day. I got a bbbj from each girl, but had to negotiate that at the door.


    Price was usually $30 US, but up to $60 for the hottest ones. I was usually in the rooms for about a half hour - but there is no one watching the time and you pay the girls directly, so it was never hurried. They speak no English and I speak no Spanish, so I brought a pocket translator book each night and gave it to the girls as a present. They really liked that and it was fun looking up words and trying to converse. They have a bar there and an outdoor strip stage. I usually came and sat at the bar for a while and checked out the action, then walked around and found a girl. These are old Army barracks spread out over a few acres. You walk around and the girls are usually hanging out at their doors or walking around too. The room are small but nice. I wasn't looking for any GFE action (have enough of that at home) and didn't try to take any girls out of the place, so I can't speak for that. I prefer to fuck them and leave. I had a great time and will return soon. Campo is my Disney World!

    (Review # 9625)
  • Wilemsted Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Mar 15 2003 Submitted by: OweMeLove

    Wonderful place, I had a 6-hour lay over in Curacao on my way to Trinidad (For their annual Carnival). Let me tell u I loved this place! The best place to go has a few names (Campo Allegre/La Mirage/etc). Its $3 US to get in, (no cameras/weapons), they have a bar, restaurant, even a clothes store for the ladies and hair salon if you want to go all out for your "lady". Women varied from 4's to 10's, mostly 6-7's but enough 9's for your choosing. I had this gorgeous chocolate skinned Colombian, perfect body, had her every which way and a BJ (w/condom). It was worth $100, but was only $30, gave a $20 tip. All in all a great place, its like a shopping mall full of women for your choosing, well over 100 ladies. (Review # 6957)
  • Kralendijk Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Nov 18 2001 Submitted by: Anonymous

    Pacia is a government controlled brothel in Kralendijk. The girls are mostly Venezuelan or Columbian, and they are rotated fairly frequently because of short-term work permits. Some of the girls are quite attractive and most range between 6-9. The cost is inexpensive -- $35 (US) for full service. The bar is where the guys meet the girls. You pay the bartender the fee, he gives the girl a key, and off the two of you go to a room.~~

    ~~My dive buddy and I hit the place a couple of times during a week of diving in Bonaire. The first evening I caught the eye of an attractive Venezuelan gal. She didn't know a lot of English but she was an enthusiastic and fun partner. She started out by rolling a condom on with her mouth. I happily let her pull me into a 69 for a while. Then, we made love standing, me on top, and finally I took her from behind. Fortunately, she was working the second evening we dropped by, and we had even a better time. My dive buddy also had a great time with another Venezuelan gal.~~
    (Review # 4623)
  • Curacao Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Feb 10 2000 Submitted by: Anon

    When in Curacao, I recommend going to the mirage. It's a little tricky to find. Go to Roosevelt weg (way) near Hato airport. When you leave the airport, take a left from the airport and you will be on Roosevelt weg. Go straight for a couple of miles and then you will see a road on the left leading to the Mirage. At night this road is well lit. You'll see the Mirage on the left hand side. It was $5.00 (US) to get in. When you enter you will see a bar in middle with a dance floor and a fast food type place. On either side of the compound their are about 50 to 70 individual rooms with full bathrooms. It is very clean and secure. The individual rooms are lined up on a walkway, sort of like a shopping center. A mall where you can purchase girls for $30.00 (US) for full service up to an hour. Dutch law is great - this place is legal. You have to wear a rubber, plus it's the smart thing to do. One thing to note, the girls do not speak English. If you know a little Spanish you'll get by, but it doesn't matter. Your their to get off and they know it. There are some great looking Hispanic chics. They have all different body types. Some are very beautiful with very nice bodies. They give you a very good time. This place is wonderful. I wish I had found it earlier during my vacation.

    Note: It only costs $30.00 (US) to get laid for an hour and they give you a good time. In the states you'd pay 10 times this. Soooo, don't be a cheap bastard and try to talk the girl down, they've got to make a living also. I mention this because I overheard some Americans trying to talk down one of the girls. Don't be a jerk. Its peanuts for a great lay.
    (Review # 1540)
  • Bonaire, Curacao Travel Report Dated Added: Sat May 09 1998 Submitted by: Wayne

    For the past four months I've been in South America by way of the U.S. Navy.
    We made a quite a few port visits to include what is known as the ABC islands.
    Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao. All of which are good not only for tourism but
    also for sexual fantasies. My favorite was Curacao. There was a couple of
    bordellos that deserve more than just an honorable mention. One was the 'COMPOUND'.
    Sounds strange but not your ordinary whore house. It's actually run by the government.
    The women are check for cleanliness on a weekly basis, they're friendly and the prices
    are reasonable. $2.50 for entrance and usually $25-$35 for about 30 minutes. Even the
    security is provided by the government. It's out near the airport and no cameras are
    allow so it's very discreet.

    Another nice place to visit is La Tasca's Disco. It's a bar/disco tech but most of
    the free lance prostitutes work out of there. The prices usually run about $30-$50
    for about thirty minutes but if you have your own hotel room then you'll probably
    only pay about $20. Most of the prostitutes will give you cheaper rates or sometimes
    even freebies if our a frequent customer. For example we visited Curacao twice and
    stayed for four days both times. Each night during the second visit I had the same
    woman and for the last two nights I didn't pay a thing and she spent the entire time
    with me in my hotel room.

    The women in both places were very nice and looks varied from average to down right
    beautiful. If you ever in Curacao I highly recommend either of these places. If you're
    in Aruba visit St. Nicholas and if in Bonaire visit Paradiso. I think that you'll find
    all of these places enjoyable. You'll definitely get your money's worth.
    (Review # 248)

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