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  Saigon (31)
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  • Hanoi Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Mar 01 2001 Submitted by: Anon

    There's plenty of cheap action in Hanoi. Many brothels masquerade as hairdressers. Most hairdressers offer face massages, but any places that have plenty of girls obviously not engaged in cutting hair are offering a bit more. And places, like one I'm keeping to myself, where girls run out on to the street shouting, "Make love!" are not making any great secret about their business.

    The drill in this place: pay 50,000 dong (3.5 USD) for a massage and go upstairs, where the head massage proceeds to ear cleaning, and then licking. BJ and handjob follow, if the price is right. I pay 200,000 VND, which is probably too much, but makes me a welcome customer. My regular is incredibly enthusiastic (as the Vietnamese are). It's worth a dollar or two for that, quite apart from the physical technique, which is good. But if you want to get the full works easily and cheaply, get the train or a motorbike down to Haiphong for the weekend. It's difficult NOT to get laid there.
    (Review # 3233)
  • Hanoi Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Dec 13 2000 Submitted by: Frank

    I'm staying in Hanoi since 3 months now. My greatest culture shock ever: the situation between 88-92, when I worked here and Sept 2000, coming back here. The only sex contacts before were with sleazy street hookers and my personal secret agent, who's task it was to follow my paths, but could therefore be seen in public with me. She was not bad at all, but I still prefer to make my own choice. And that's what Hanoi caters now for in innumerable quantities and qualities. For the devotees: tight asses, VN girls tend to be quite well endowed in front, black pussies, but hair above in general could be better (much thinner than many Chinese). They are not the real beauties as in other parts of Asia, but they technique compensates a lot: blowing is one of their specialties and then mostly far beyond the end. Fucking while she fingers herself is very popular etc etc. Sometimes they want to 'talk to the foreigner' and do it for free. But some nice (no need to spend much) present next day is also appreciated. But I'll be short: some pick-up places are now:

    New Century Disco, Thi Trang, close to the central Hoan Kiem lake. Can't miss in that street because of the very clearly lighted entrance. Similarly noisy inside, but the grils know how to make you understand them instantaneously. The bars on the upper floor (entrance level) and the lower (in the back; the one to the stage is less popular with girls on the lookout). There you find the more professional ones, but just mingle in on the dance floor, and find that also many other females cast blink of interest at you. Many possibilities. One advice: be polite, they are Asians and select just the ones mastering some English; otherwise u end up just fucking her with no further interaction. NCD is open every week and starts quite early; the 'bargirls' though tend to come in round 11 pm. In don't know the official closing hours but mostly people tend to leave starting from bout 2.30 pm.

    Apocalypse Now: Hoa Ma, also I know no number, but is somewhat more hard to find. Go by taxi, because it is somewhat beyond walking distance from the Hoan Kiem lake. Particularly in weekends go there not too early, after 11 pm. Almost all girls here are available. Never give more than U$ 35, or 50 at the most. Prices go down when time passes and the night gets shorter. I even had one of the stage girls from the New Century, when she left AN late some evening. But her dancing suggested more than her performances in bed. But her body was fabulous. She was for free btw.

    Relax Café: corner Ly Thuong Kiet and Quan Su. They also have no food. Not a large venue, but nice girls on the bar, who do it all if you like. Somewhat better girls here and no pimps. Also the girls behind the bar are available, but only during non working hours. ~~Next round more places. I am also making an inventory of streetwalker places, prices and quality, and language capability. All FEED BACK welcome. Last advice: if you live in a private house: pay off your guard, or you might be in trouble. But if you do he might be very helpful in arranging girls in your home directly, so that you can leave out the hunting trips.~~
    (Review # 2842)
  • Haiphong Street Action Dated Added: Thu Oct 26 2000 Submitted by: Anon

    I visited Haiphong recently, and stayed for just one night. There is more happening there than there used to be, though the choice of nightlife is limited. Haiphong is a famously commercial-minded city, and people will try to rip you off, so ask for the price of everything first. Hotels start at about 10 dollars, though they aren't fantastic quality. There are a lot of "karaoke" bars, where a "friend" will offer varying degrees of intimacy. However my best experience was at a little place way out of town, at 430 Da Nang St, opposite the Holiday Mansion Hotel. (The Holiday Mansion has a massage facility, which I didn't inspect). I was accosted here by a gorgeous girl of about 20, offering "boom-boom". I agreed, and we went in to the "karaoke" place, to a very small pink cubicle, where, for 10 dollars she gave me a very good deal: blow job to start, then vaginal intercourse in four different very energetic positions. She was a little bit desperate for me to come - as I realised she we was very nervous of the madam, who sternly checked that I was satisfied afterwards.

    So the deal was $10 for the sex, $1 for a beer afterwards, and $2 tip for the girl, who seemed very happy with it. As for the idiot who paid $70 to a Hanoi street girl - I was later accosted by a girl in Haiphong who offered me "fucking". I excused myself, "No money." She replied, "OK, for cigarettes.
    (Review # 2611)
  • Cat Ba Other Dated Added: Wed Aug 30 2000 Submitted by:

    There is a couple of Brothels on the main street in front of the harbour. They usally say massage or sauna or similar. I was walking by late at night with some friends. We were looking for a place to get a night cap. Before I knew what happend a girl from this massage place had me by my arm a pulled me inside the palour, up the stairs. I was a bit drunk so I did not resist much. We got into a bedroom, she pulled my pants down and started to jerk me of. At this time we had not discussed price or even what was going to go on. I did not know either what had happend to my friends. Since she spoke no english what so ever, I used my fingers to negotiate a price. We agreed on USD 6. Cute girl with a killer body. Nice little pussy. The whole thing was over pretty fast. Off I went - on the way down the stairs the pimp tried to make me pay usd 20. I insisted on the usd 6, which I paid. He seemed okay with it. It turned out my friends had the same experience with the other girls. We all ended up paying the same price since we told each other what we had paid. The girls seemed realy happy for a tip of 3 dollars. Okay pussy for only a few dollars. The day after I spoke to some local fishermen. It turns out they only pay 3 USD for a quicky. (Review # 2257)
  • Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Feb 24 2000 Submitted by: Millionaire-Evans

    I have been traveled over 80 countries around the world. The market has changed a lot. If you pay an Asian girl more than $10-15 US you are not necessarily stupid. Depending on what quality you are getting. Quality can be both beauty and class. If you ALWAYS pay less than $15US, you get street quality and you are missing out a lot. But if you want the cream of the crop or the pearls of Asia, $100US per night or even per hour is possible. Unfortunately, ordinary travelers will not discover these markets. These qualities are reserved for the rich and famous local Mafia. Most of them demand a price we can't touch. I agree that on the normal, you should not pay more than $15-$20US as long as you are satisfy with this standard. I also agree that we should not ruin the market, we should only pay for what its worth. But as anything being offered on the market, there are always exceptions. Happy hunting. (Review # 1684)
  • Hanoi Massage Parlor Dated Added: Fri Feb 18 2000 Submitted by: Anon

    Hvan Kiem Hotel (25 Tran Hung Dao Street) offers massage in rather seedy and uncharming surroundings. The procedure is you go first to pay in a tiny barroom where there are a few easy chairs (for waiting clients I presume), then you are escorted to a small room with a massage cot where you are expected to undress and shower (each room has a small sauna and shower facility), then you lie down and wait for the masseuse.

    I paid 8 US Dollars for a massage with hand job done by a pretty but absolutely uninspired girl. She was unembarrassed as I directed her hand to my dick but also demonstrative in her detachment. She refused to undress, and she protested against me making sounds as I climaxed, seemingly because this business is not supposed to happen here. After the action was over she demanded a tipping. I gave her three dollars but declined her request for more. I honestly didn't think she deserved more money than that.
    (Review # 1619)
  • Hanoi Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Dec 21 1999 Submitted by: Rocco

    Hello! Something about the situation in Hanoi. I was there for 7 weeks this summer. Also passed by Bangkok, so I can compare the possibilities of some fun. To put it short - Hanoi has nothing to put in against Bangkok. But there is good possibilities of cheap sex. ~~
    1. Cyclos. The cyclodrivers can find you a girl at no time at all. You can't walk along the Hoan Kiem Lake in the central part of town at night without being passed by a cyclo whispering "madame?". If you are new in town you could choose this alternative. You will have to pay the cyclo 10-50.000VDN (1$~14.000VDN), the girl 10-20$, and maybe 10$ for a room. You can take the girl to your own hotel. But the girl will have to identify herself at the hotel desk, they don't always like doing that. It's still a communist/police state. Sometimes the police forces the girl to pay a fee to them. That's why they prefer to go to a hotel that do not require that, that is a brothel/shorttime/longtime hotel. One of these places is Restaurang-Bar "Hoa sen" at 233 Pho Khan Thien. They have one girl working there. A slim maybe 20 yo girl with fantastic long black hair. If you handle your cards well you will get her and hotel room for 10-15$ total. She won't blow you but I got a rear works after showing some gentle technique. This is the place many cyclos will take you with the girl they fix for you. The rooms ain't that special, but clean and ok. ~~

    2. Pick up a girl yourself. The area around Hoan Kiem Lake is hot late evenings/nights. Just walk around and you will soon get propositions. Best areas seems to be just south of / north of Hoan Kiem Lake. A short walk there at night and you will soon have your girl for the night. Don't pay more than 10-15$. If you are wild you can do it outdoors, otherwise you take in to a hotel. The girl knows where to go.~~

    3.Discos. There are a lot of young, very beautiful girls at some discos. The most expensive ones hang out at the Queen Bee Disco at 42 Lang Ha street. These girls will ask for 100$!! I got one for 50$, expensive but a amazing body. I just could not let her go. A good job and a blow. Of course she wanted more than the 50$ but she did not get more. Another place is the very popular expat bar/disco called Apocalypse Now at Pho Hoa Ma a few blocks south of the lake. A nice place to hang out with expats and a lot of young, beautiful girls. 50$ is the rate here. Maybe falling with business going down in Vietnam. Try to get it down as much as you can. I preferred the girls I picked up myself. Cheapest and young and slim. Just what I want.

    You can walk around in Hanoi at night without feeling scared. I never encountered any dangers at all, even though I walked around on my own and sometimes dead drunk. Seems to be a safe town. But beware of the policemen. They may try to fraud you. A good way for them to get some money. They have eyes and ears everywhere. I got a visit by a undercover policeman at my hotel. They came with some strange accusations about a stolen cyclo. Just to get a bribe. I hadn't done anything, but been with a girl. It was cleared out by my hotel manager, who already paid bribes to the police force so they would not disturb his hotel guests. He explained that and the policeman left. Did not hear more from the police after that. But beware, it's a police state. And they want your dollars!~~
    (Review # 1113)
  • in general Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Feb 08 1999 Submitted by: King

    I just read on small report submitted on Vietnam. Quit frankly, I'm a little upset. Some SCHLEP said he's paying Vietnam street girls $70. Are you kidding me....if you ever pay an Asian girl more than 10-15 US you are very stupid. That guy, no offense, must the shortest, fattest, baldest SOB on the planet. Please take a minute to consider this. The yearly income for a Vietnamese is $150 per annum. These girls will settle for basically please, if you read this and have never been to Asia, I can tell you right now that its the guy paying Vietnam street hookers $70 that's going to ruin it for you! (Review # 690)
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