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  • Saigon Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Sep 27 2008 Submitted by: Phil Roush

    I had a great time in HCMC. I landed on a Monday night and the street was dead. On Dong Khoi, District 1, as a few local bars offer beautiful VN girls . 100,000vdn $60usd for whatever you want.


    Met a hot 21 yo and she was game for anything. She now calls me in the US. She girls – all over the place. Had a local on his scooter take me to a place in D1 where many hot girls were available for bj. I chose two. One was bad and the other great. She was so hot I 69’d with her. She eventually made be come into her mouth. I guess eating pussy is a risk but I could not help myself – she was fucking hot. And she sucked dick like they all should. All in all a good time – just need to figure out where to go and when. Long live vagina!

    (Review # 24790)
  • Saigon Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Nov 14 2007 Submitted by: Seasoned Traveller

    Hugging Beer - "Bia Om" What exactly is this? As far as I know this is a specialty that Vietnam has. Open you go into a Karaoke bar or a bar with private rooms. You and your friends come and they ask you what type of beer you want and they bring in a case of beer. On the table are all sorts of snacks from gum to chips, candy, napkins. Then a mamaisan will come in and ask you and your group if you want any company. If you say yes, she will call a group of girls usually 4-8 girls in to choose from. Unless you really like one of the girls don't pick her. If you don't have enough girls that you picked, tell her and she will bring in the 2nd bunch of girls. The girls you pick will open the napkins and gum and candy and offer you some.


    These items are then considered bought by you. Then they will get u to drink. They will normally open a new beer before you finish you beer and put your current beer in the case. In a matter of minutes you and your group will be through with the case and they will bring in another case. Why would you allow this? Because these girls are there for you to hug and hold and squeeze and grab, all you want. Their job is to get you to buy a lot, and they use their bodies for that. You usually getting more alcohol in u, and touching the girls all over, will not care at the moment.


    These girls will go home with you. You have to pay a bar fee to get the girls out and deal with the girl as you are playing with her, how much. Usually these girls are pretty hot and do charge a lot. $25-50 to go home with you, and more for all nighter. When you are finally ready to go, the girls expect you to tip them. They expect you to tip the mamaisan. And the bill will be quite high. They don't charge $1 a beer, but 4-5x that much at least. If you check out the case you will realize you had only drunk half of each of the beers that you got. The room you have will be upstairs, and outside your room will be 4-5 guys with sticks ready to beat you up if you intend to not pay. These places are major gang hangouts, if you enjoy them, then go and blow a lot of money. Not worth it I think.

    (Review # 21820)
  • Saigon Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Nov 13 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    I've been back to Vietnam numerous times. Girls are numerous and everywhere. Prices are from free to $500 a night. $300-$500 girls - are models with name and publishing. These are famous girls in Vietnam that are hot, but not much hotter than the $100-200, just the fact they are famous, singers, actresses, or models or such they can charge that much more for a night. Discretion is advised. Don't just go up to them and say I $500 a night. Go to their shows, and send them with flowers and offer to pay this price for their company. Then have a private talk with them and arrange to meet up. $200 - Girls that are hot, but a little stuck up usually. They aren't much hotter or even hotter than $100 girls.

    Usually they feel like they can get this much, but you can probably bargain down to $100 a night for them. These girls usually hang around the lobby of the nice hotels like New World, Sheraton and such. They are usually taller, 5'7" or so, nice legs, many with breast augmentation. $100 Girls - These are the club girls. Go to club, get a table with friends, and remember to buy XO Cognac Hennessey or Remy. Girls will come up to you all night long. Check them out. Grab their tits, grab their asses, and make sure that is what you want. Dance with them all night and have fun. They will let you know about their $100 before the end of the night. Worst case is that you won't go home with the girl, but you definitely had your fun with her.

    This is at Blue, Gossip, Volcano, and Phuong Dong. If you white, you probably won't get the same respect, so you definitely need the XO and play it like you have money. No beer. If you are Viet American, then the girls might get to you before you get to a table. If you are white, you might do better at Apocalypse. Free Girls - same thing as the $100 girls in the clubs. Not all the girls in these places are hookers. I've picked up half a dozen girls for free in this place. What I do is go with friends, and buy XO, and keep my options open. Don't just dance with one girl, but several. Get a feel for the girls. But when you meet some, bring them to your table, invite them to drink with you, and be really nice to them. Let them know you are not interested in a prostitute.

    All the hookers will leave you at this point and leave their number with you. Now the ones that stay. They are gonna let you fuck them and they are gonna be free. Take them out to eat, and take them back to your hotel and fuck them. The next morning send them home. If you want to give them money, then take them shopping the next day. Works the same. Not required. How does XO work. When you come to a club you can buy a bottle of XO for about $100-200. They will bring out the bottle, and soda, usually Coke. They will put in a couple pieces of ice and coke and pour in cognac. As you finish you drink they waitresses will constantly pour more for you. IF you don't finish your bottle, get a reserve sheet and next time come back and they will give you the bottle back that they store away.

    When I got with friends and drink beer vs XO cost about the same, but beer does not give you any respect and XO makes you a VIP member. Get VS or VSOP if you want to be a little cheaper. Pretty much the same effect as XO sometimes. Street Girls - Girls will stand outside after 8-9pm and wait for guys to pick them up. Some even ride bikes to talk to you. They will ask you 1 hr or 1 time. 1 hr is a waste. 1 time, is fuck them 1 time. The price is 150,000 which is $10 for a quick fuck. All night with them is 500,000 or $32 about.

    They are not as hot, actually some like pretty cute. They will take you back to their hotel that they pay for. You do not cover this fee. These girls will pay 50,000 or $3 for a quick 1 hr at the hotel. These girls have a guy on a motorbike track them and follow them. So don't expect to try to rip the girl off and not pay, and Jesus Christ, its $10. This guy could also be the guy driving them around the streets that spotted you and offered the girl on their bike for sex. If you agree, the girl jumps over to you bike and the guy stays behind, but does follow you. You won't be able to lose him. So after the fuck the girl gets 50,000 and her driver gets 50,000. She makes a freaking $3 out of it.

    There are this really hot girl with the nicest legs and tits in a white miniskirt and a low-cut blouse. She looked older like 26-27 years old. She was riding around in an Attila moped. I stopped and was chilling at a drink stand. It was almost midnight and she came up, and asked "Do you want some fun!" I looked at her and thought "Hell yeah I want to fuck you so bad." I agreed and she said that it would be 200,000. I said that the girls around her only charged 150,000. She said she felt like she deserved more. My dick was hard just looking at her. She was probably 5'3".

    I agreed and took her back to my hotel room. She came in and let me take a shower first. I brought all my belongings into the room. All my other belongings were locked up in the room. I took a long shower, and then let her take her turn. When she came out I couldn't resist and just attacked her, kissing her up and down. Then I had her give me a blow job for a while. I then put on a condom and had my fun with her. When I was all done, she went in and took another shower. She came out all dressed, or half-dressed. She asked for 150,000. I asked her that we agreed to 200,000 and she only requested 150,000. She said that was because she thought she had to pay for the hotel room, but 150,000 since I already had the room. I paid her 200,000 and told her that she deserved it. She smiled and left and gave me her cell number in case I wanted anymore anytime. Day/night. Price for all night for her was 600,000. 

    (Review # 21810)
  • Street Action Dated Added: Sat Oct 06 2007 Submitted by: Saigonsausage

    So it's my first time in Saigon, VN this past month, and after hanging around this tourist spot (Pham Ngu Lao) till the wee morning hrs, I was ready to call it a night. I lit a ciggy and was about to get in this cab when this gorgeous street girl approached me and asked if I wanted to have a good time for $40. I would normally walk away but my horniness got the better of me and for $40, that's a bargain in the U.S, plus she was hot! But still, my inner businessman instinct offered her $30 and after thinking about for not too long, she took my counter offer. We walked back to this hotel around the corner whom she was a regular because the receptionist didn't have any questions for either of us, but I had to pay $10 for the room, whatever, I didn't care.


    Anyway, we went upstairs and she asked me if I wanted to take a shower. Even though I was sweating like a pig, I refused, because I've been told that once you hop in the shower and leave your stuff unattended, once you get out of the bathroom, your stuff will be gone and so will the girl. So if you really want to wash up and smell good for the whore, I suggest you bring all your valuables with you into the bathroom.


    She, on the other hand, went to wash her pussy for me, came out and sucks my cock. After which we got it on for some time. I unknowingly banged her once, paid her, and called it a night, which was my mistake. Because afterward, my cousin told me that I paid for the hr and could've banged her as much I wanted till my hr was up. So keep that in mind, your paying for the hr, not for the one time "wham bam thank you mame" deal. Hope this helped, always remember to wear a condom!

    (Review # 21094)
  • Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Aug 27 2007 Submitted by: Frank

    After all I read I have to agree with whatever my fellows said about Saigon: After having worked in the city for almost two years straight, finding street and club action, I could add another similar experience to most of your reviews. Bad and better hours at massage parlors, picked up girls at pool-bars in the Dhong Khoi area. But most of all, I collected some phone numbers of private girls which I mostly reach via the first hooker in the line. Since these girls hardly speak any languages, I simply send text messages asking them to come over. In pool-bars the rate is around 40-50 USD plus 20 USD for a hotel like Luc Phuc, or else 500-600.000 VND for in calls of about 1,5 hrs. Sometimes, I was cheated, never had I caught an infection.

    Have to admit some weak moments, pulling off the condom to really have her. If you ever did so, go straight to the Family Clinic in the basement of Diamond Plaza, they check you and take action if necessary. Note: Most girls are after relationships, e.g. stable inflow of money. Try hotels like Lac Vien in 28, Bui Vien. If you happen to have an apartment, check out streets like Calmette and find guys who stand around corners. Do not be afraid, remain calm and smile at them, bargain. They will help even if they don't speak your language. Be aware of bars like Allez Boo. Professionals passing by those bars carry a high risk of infection.

    (Review # 20572)
  • Saigon / HoChiMinh Street Action Dated Added: Fri Jun 01 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    Recently I visited Saigon / HoChiMinh. I travel to Asia often for business but this was the first time to Vietnam. I read this website ahead of time, and find it accurate for most cities, but frankly I think the reports are misleading for Saigon. It was better than previously reported.

    I stayed at Renaissance which is near the river in the central part of the city. During the evening, I was greeted by aggressive friendly ladies right outside from late afternoon until late evening (things happen early in the evening in VN). One night I went next door to the cowboy bar and it was packed full of people, live music, and a few obvious escorts looking for business.

    The following night, I went for dinner with a colleague at a restaurant a few blocks away, and on the walk home, we passed at least 3 or 4 pool bars with hot chicks hanging out of the doorway begging us to come in (sort of like Duxton Rd in Singapore but a little higher class). We tried two of them and both were hot situations. Ten girls, no customers, the girls are grabbing my ass and dick constantly and asking for some free soft drinks which were pretty cheap maybe $2. They hustled us at pool for $10 and then begged to go home with us.

    After getting drunk elsewhere with my work buddy I went back to find my first choice, the girl that beat me at pool. She quickly remembered me and changed her clothes... her friends wished her luck like we were leaving forever. I asked her how much and she said forty USD. That sounded good to me as she was totally young, tight, and hot. However... when we were going out the door the bartender said to give him $20 USD, so I did. It wasn't clear if that was 20 of the 40, or 20 on top of 40.

    Then, she said not to go to my hotel, we would take a taxi to another place. We rode for 10 min and went to a local hotel where a guy told me it was $20 USD. I gave it to him, although I didn't know if this was another 20 on top of 40 or if this was the other 20 after the bar 20. I am drunk and trying to understand VN math.

    We went upstairs to a very clean small room. She showered and put a condom on me and we proceeded to fuck in many directions. She was tight and hot, just like she looked in the bar. I went into 69 position because I couldn't resist getting my mouth on that incredible little pussy, although I worry later about infections (how can infections come from such a beautiful clean little body?)

    After that we fuck and fuck until she says "come now?" in English. I am drunk and could fuck all night but she is getting tired so I let it go.

    We cuddle for about 5 or 10 minutes and then incredibly I get hard again because she is such a turn on. She says we can do it again, but it would be $60. Does that mean 40 plus 60 or is that 60 total? She answers all questions with yes, so I have no idea. I tell her I only had $40 (which was true - and I gave 20 to the bartender and 20 to the clerk so I have about 7 USD left; you could say I was stupid but I'll tell you I was drunk and best I knew, I was spending the $40 we negotiated).

    So I tell her we need to go to the ATM where I will get more money, then we'll come back and fuck again. She says ok, we will go get $60 and then come back. I finally realize she is looking for another $60. We get a taxi and she says "ATM". I quickly say "Renaissance hotel". He drives close to the hotel and she says "no, no, ATM". I throw my last Dong money at the driver (it was about $7 USD which was double what I probably owed him) and jumped out of the cab and started to run down the dark street. The girl jumped out and somehow hopped on a guys motorcycle and started chasing me. After dodging some construction and a one-way street, I sneaked into a different hotel and lost them.

    I was really shook up by the whole incident, which was unfortunate because I usually pay girls and don't mean to cheat them. However in this situation she was either trying to squeeze me or was unable to communicate the real deal.

    The bottom line is that there are tons of girls in Saigon and most of them are very friendly. However, they are looking for your money like most other Asian whores, and you'll need to be firm about managing the bargain. Go to VN; eat the great food, mingle with the cute girls. If you have the option, I'd suggest drinking with the pool hall girls in VN, fucking their cousins in Bangkok, and getting massaged by their friends in China.
    (Review # 19382)
  • Hanoi Swing Club Dated Added: Sun May 13 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    Beware. Karaoke bars in Hanoi are scam places run by criminals. You are shown to a room where 2 girls will join you just to sing karaoke - the waiters bring lots of food that you did not order. The girls will open the food packets & eat a bit. Then after 1 hour you will get a bill for over 100 us dollars.

    The girls disappear & two Vietnamese criminals will block your exit until you have paid the bill. You could try to push your way out but you do not know what is down the stairs (remember the bar is usually upstairs). The police are corrupt & on the make so it's a waste of time contacting them. The bar we went to was Phuong Nam karaoke bar at 38 Nam Ngu in Hanoi. All karaoke bars are the same, run by demented little criminals. You have been warned. In fact the Vietnamese seem to want foreign money but don't like foreigners - give it a miss.
    (Review # 18822)
  • Saigon Street Action Dated Added: Fri Apr 07 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    I just came back from Saigon recently. Sex is still not openly available but you can find massage parlors masquerading as hair cut salons. You can also find free lancers driving around on their mopeds. I was checking my mail at a cyber cafe in the Pham Ngu Lao area in the evening. There was a very attractive women sitting at the next computer typing away at her emails. She was about 35'ish, 5'4", slender but showing some signs of age, long silky hair. When she was younger, she must have been a 10. I peeked at her monitor and saw her type something in funny English. I burst out laughing so she gave me a strange look. So I said, "Sorry about sneeking a peek at your email but I think what you want to say is blah blah...". That's how we started chatting. She asked me my name, where I was staying, how long was I visiting, from where etc. After a while, her chubby 12 year old son shows us and we all chatted. Then she invited me over to her home for a coffee. I accepted but in the back of my mind, I was thinking, "With this kid around, I don't think she is going to have sex with me. May be she will slip a pill into my coffee and take away my money". She kept asking me to sitwith her kid in the living room but I hung around the kitchen while she made the coffee. Not noting anything suspicious, I finally got relaxed and drank the coffee. Then she took me to he bedroom, lay down next to me and started showing me pics from her younger days. Nothing happened that night. Next day I saw her again at the cafe and invited her to the hotel bar for a drink. Her kid showed up again and I ordered some food and juice for him. We ended up having dinner. I asked her to come to my room because "I wanted to show her something". The hotel lobby folks wouldn't let her go up but finally they agreed to let her go up for just a few minutes. Once in my room, I said that she was very pretty and I just wanted to be with her for a while. We hugged and started kissing, quickly moving on to French. I was caressing her curvy butt and fondling her tits and she got really horny. I unbuttoned the top of her shirt and her bra and started kissing her nipples. But she wouldn't let me remove her pants, insisting that the hotel folks will come upstairs. So I just slipped my hand into her pants and slid it inside her panties. Her crack was so wet and I could tell that she wanted me real bad. After just touching and kissing for a while, she said she have to go down (son was still waiting downstairs too). I told her that next day I was flying to Nga Tran, a beach town few hours away. She said she would "miss me to much" -- right! But she also said that she would like to see me off to the airport. So we met again next morning, her son joined us again. I was really annoyed to have him show up every time. We dropped of my luggage and went to a nearby mall. We went to a bowling alley and played for an hour. I was amazed and how many Vietnamese couldn't afford to play and crowds gathered just to watch others play. I felt sorry for them. Then we just hung around the mall for a while. All this time I kept hugging and kissing her and rubbing my dick into her butt. She was turned on like crazy by this. Finally we sat down for a coffee in a half-empty restaurant. She sat in the chair next to me and her son sat across from us. I was quite shocked and surprised when her hand just slid up under the table and into my shorts. She grabbed my dick and started masturbating me. I was thinking, "OMG, your son is sitting just 2 feet away woman! What the hell are you doing" but my dick was thinking, "Oooh yeah baby, more, more, more..." As she kept massaging my penis, I suddenly said, "Hey, why don't you fly down with me to Nga Tran". She said sure. I was now having wild thoughts of fucking the heck out of her by the beach side. But then, she immediately said that her son also has to go with her. I was really annoyed by now but her hand was still working magic on me and my penis was starting to leak love juice by now. So I said, "Ok". She agreed to fly down the next morning. Now I had to catch my flight so she let go of my dripping penis and we went to the airport. I asked her to bring a swimsuit with her and she said, "Oh, I cannot swim now. I'm having my sick lady" Periods! That was the end of it. I flew away and then sent her an email telling her not to come to the beach town. That was the end of it and I never saw her again. She is probably trying to hook all eligible foreigners who can spend money on her and her son. While in Nga Tran, I found a girl with very nice tits and fucked her for $20. I paid another $4 or so for the dark apartment where we had sex. She gave me a ride to and from. But otherwise, finding sex was quite difficult. Girls were everywhere but everybody is scared of the cops. I found Vietnamese people to be one of the most hard working in all of Asia. They are also tremensously friendly. I didn't see even small kids begging. They wanted to sell me books, gum, cigarettes etc. but if I said, "No", they would go away. I love this country and would like to go back again and again. (Review # 14420)
  • Saigon Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Dec 22 2005 Submitted by:

    Part 2 of 2:  Bar Girls (cont'd). I have often taken two ladies from U2 or 49 to a mini-hotel and had the most awe-inspiring sexual experience. One girl sucking my cock and one licking my nipples. I love licking pussy, and my best experience is to lick a pussy whilst my cock is deep in another girl. It is possible to meet the best girls and become a regular (some of them really are goergeous, if a little silicone-enhanced).

    Massage:  There are many massage places in Saigon ... virtually ALL offer 'additional services', althought the price for such services is severe and simply not worth it. I have had girls in massage parlours asking for US$70 just for masturbating me, whereas a girl from one of the bars will give me a blow job and let me lick her pussy for less than half that. Do not ask for 'extras' in the Sofitel Hotel. (I was embarrassed once when I developed a raging hard-on and was asked to leave.)
    (Review # 13403)
  • Saigon Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Dec 22 2005 Submitted by:

    Part 1 of 2:  Saigon, although now opening up to the International 'quality tourist' trade, is still a hotbed of thinly disguised sexual activity. There are many different options and you can pay as little as nothing or as much as US$100, depending on your patience or proclivity. I will share with you three experiences I had in Saigon (more properly Ho Chi Minh City) whilst working there in 2004 / 2005.

    The first rule is that it is impossible to take a lady into your room in a 'quality hotel' after 9pm in the evening, if you have checked in as a single person. It doesn't matter whether the lady is a personal acquaintance or a full-blooded whore ... the only way you will be allowed to fuck her is to pay for a separate room for her, which is expensive. However, there are many 'mini hotels' - the whores know where these are and will take you there ... Beware, you should be paying no more than US$20 for a room. Sometimes the whores will say it's more, and pocket the difference.

    Regular girl: Vietnamese people are wonderful - the most friendly I have come across in SE Asia and are genuine, happy people. You should be aware that they have strict family values, and a good girl would be ashamed if her family found out she was fucking a foreigner. This gives two options .... put in the time to meet and develop a relationship with a beautiful, genuine lady, or alternatively meet one who will fuck you (normally to better her English, or accept gifts, etc.) but will always expect some kind of regular reimbursement. I have not met any expats who have met a proper girlfriend without putting in the effort / courtship.

    For me, I prefer a loving relationship, and have now settled with a wonderful Vietnamese lady. Having said that ... Vietnamese girls are certainly promiscuous (there are not many virgins around), and it's easy to get sex 'with strings'. When I first arrived, I would sometimes walk round Diamond Plaza (big dept. store) and could sometimes catch the eye of a beautiful lady who would then come up and talk. I fucked maybe 10 ladies in this way, but in most cases (as I mentioned), there was always the (not unreasonable) expectation that I would have to 'maintain' the lady with gifts, money and regular meals out - not a problem, but a little artificial for me.

    Bar Girls: There are many bars in Hai Ba Trung, Thi Sach, Le Than Ton in District one, where you can walk in, order a beer, and within seconds have a beautiful lady on your lap holding your hand against her (often panty-less) pussy, or fondling your groin. You will have to pay only US$3 for a drink for the lady, and maybe US$1 for your beer. In Bars like 49, or U2, it is possible to retire to an open bar area (but dark) through a curtain where the girl will masterbate you, or suck your cock, for a small fee (maybe US$20). This practice is a little shady ...she will want to be discreet, so the mammasan doesn't see, however I have had many experiences of 2 beers, a packet of peanuts and a BJ on the way back to the office or prior to getting home. The girl would far prefer to coax you into paying a bar-fine and going to a mini-hotel, though (see above).
    (Review # 13402)
  • Ho Chi Minh Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Oct 07 2005 Submitted by: Frank Labbro

    The situation is always the same.... Apocalypse Now is the best for quality, but the prices are higher than in BKK.... from 40 to 120 US dollars... The rest of the clubs close to the Caravel Hotel are very dirty.... Not so interesting... (Review # 12815)
  • Saigon Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Sep 30 2005 Submitted by:

    Just got back from Vietnam and had a great time... The girls are about 30-40$ for a couple of hours. The main draw back is the hotel, as many don't let the girls back in with you, so you need to get another one for about 6-8$... There is a great bar called Lost in Saigon. Lots of girls to be had... (Review # 12774)
  • Ho Chi Mihn City Street Action Dated Added: Sun Jan 23 2005 Submitted by: GregP

    Approached by a girl on the street. $20 for boom-boom. Hotel $10. Sexy looking girl. The hotel, neraby wanted to charge $20, till I pointed out the agreed rate. Then they agreed. Once in the room, therer was a knock on the door from someone selling a condom for $1. No choice! Girl stripped and washed her genitals. Insisted I do the same. Then laid back passively. Saying you are too big!


    Do not go deep! Promise! I asked her to suck my cock. She would only lick the frenulum afraid of ejaculate. Finally I put on a condom and fucked her in front of a mirror. She made some noises (sic). Later she wanted more and started crying. I gave her another $5. She bolted. Not much of an experience.

    (Review # 10884)
  • Saigon--HCM City Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Jul 31 2004 Submitted by: HelpingTheHobbyistCommunity

    Information current as of late July, 2004. Police in HCM City busted a prostitution ring operated by two women, ages 21 and 28, with between 15 and 20 girls working the hotels, including the Dai Hoang Ha Hotel on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street. The clients were reportedly mostly wealthy Viet kieu, which means overseas Vietnamese. (Review # 9732)
  • Ho Chi Minh Street Action Dated Added: Thu Feb 05 2004 Submitted by: Torontonian

    I have been reading your reviews for quite a while now. Surprisingly, you all seemed to have either bad experienced or being ripped off. I guess being a Vietnamese, things are more easier for me.:-) A girl for a quicky only cost me $20.00 CAN plus a room fee of $6.00. Make sure you tell her that you don't have any ID so she can put hers as a guarantor. Although it was a quicky, It was definitely worth it. You can get them as young as 18 years old. If you like her, you can ask her to take of a few days to travel with you around the city. She can give a girlfriend experience for as low as $30CAN a day.

    I picked up a girl a on the street "Duong Huyen Tran Cong Chua" near the Zoo. The street crawls with chicks. If you take a stroll along this street, you will find the girls all stand around dressing very provocatively. Just walk straight to them and tell them what you want. They usually stand in groups and you can pick any of them. The condom man usually stands near by selling condoms, he usally also have ID (Chung Minh nhan dan) for rent if you don't have one (you must be Vietnamese of course). There's also a motor cycle taxi waiting there and about as well. That's all you need :-) Pick a girl; negociate the price (no more than $20 CAN - The locals only pays $6.00 CAN); buy some condoms; wave for a motocycle taxi and go to the nearest motel (she will suggest which one is near and safe) and have your fun.

    I had picked one up 6 o'clock in the morning (still suffering from jetlag :-) Went with her to the motel, we started with a BJ in the shower, after I feel like I will be coming, I asked her to stop. Turned off the water, she dried me off from head to toes and I did the same. We continued our session in bed,I licked her nicely trimmed, wet pussy until start groaning with pleasure then I banged, she was very tight... she was very experience, her "pussy-clamp" (contraction of her pussy muscle while you are inside her) can make you come in now time.

    After I came, she asked me she will see me again. I said "maybe". That was well worthed. Unfortunately, I can't do that every day since I have to bring some breakfast back to my hotel to eat with my girlfriend. :) My next visit to Vietnam, I'll make sure I'll find some girls who's willing and give you guys her name, address and telephone so you can just knock her door and find yourself a sex-companion for the rest of your trip. :)

    Have fun and keep those reviews coming...:)
    (Review # 8290)
  • Street Action Dated Added: Fri Jan 16 2004 Submitted by: Donalbein

    Just got back from Saigon in December 2003. I spent 3 weeks there and had a really good time. I checked out several one of the large expat bars called U2. I was told you can take a girl up stairs for short time, I don't know for how much though. As soon as you sit down there was a girl in your lap and of course they want to order a drink. I did not find the girls to attractive and so I decided to leave, besides it was to early in the evening (around 5pm). As soon as I went to leave the bar some whore started to yell that I had to tip the girl for her time. I figured I paid almost 5 USD for her drink in a country that you can drink all night in for 10 USD. So I decided to skip all of the expat bars this visit.

    About the street action...well you can get a girl for around 20 USD for an hour plus the cost of the hotel. I stayed at one of the many hotels on De Tham St, just make sure your hotel allows "guests" when you go to check in. My first hotel, called Lan Anh, did not allow women at all, not exceptions. Around the hotels on De Tham St in District 1 there are lots of girls at night, usually around 10pm to 2am, to choose from. They usually drive up on a motorcycle with their pimp to ask you for a massage. Be careful though so that you don't get robbed. I recommend choosing a different hotel then the one you're actually staying in to take the girl back to.

    The massage parlors were hit and miss. Some only did hand jobs others would do whatever you asked. I recommend asking a cab driver to take you to a boom-boom girl if you want full service, to avoid wasting money at places that will only do hand jobs.

    I was taken to a place in District 7 by one of the fellas who worked at my hotel. I am not sure of the address but it was along the main street by all the ponds. I guess most of the places on that strip provide the same services. It was just a blow job bar but you could take one of the girls home after work if you wanted. I got this beautiful girl around 20, most will not speak any English. She was stunning but her technique needed improvement, I think I paid around 20 USD for the blow job and a few beers.

    I plan on going back this June for several months. I am attempting to learn the language by then. I will try to go to as many places as possible and let you fellas know exact addresses the next time I go back. This way you won't have to waste the time trying to find places to go, especially if you are only going or a week or so. Until then keep the posts coming!!!! (Review # 8186)

  • Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Mar 19 2003 Submitted by: Wilson

    I've been in VN 3 months now and in that time Iíve had 6 girls; 2 who are married. I have read numerous reviews of hookers and the various aspects of sex trade and, believe me, you donít have to pay for it. VN girls are the most flirtatious and promiscuous girls I've met on the planet. Even worse than New Zealand nurses! If they like you, they will just say so. What happens next is up to you. VN girls love oral and I ones I've had are absolute artisans at this. And they swallow. They dig receiving it too. ~~

    ~~The best policy is, donít be seen to be chasing it. Be genuinely friendly to people you meet and try to learn what you can about the country. Try to learn some of the language. It wont take long before you meet someone young babe in a shop, cafe, the hotel or wherever and you make some small talk. If you click with her tell her you want to see more of the city and surrounding area. Arrange a date to go touring or whatever, but donít even think about going Dutch. ~~

    ~~After that, dinner, dancing and a fuck. Treat 'em with courtesy and respect at the platonic stage and you'll go places. A word of warning: I work in a health related field and a work contact who knows of such things says that about 20% of the girls who work Apo Now and such places have the big 'A'. The rate in the backpacker area is higher due to the drug use in that zone. Well, I'm off to bed now, I 'm going touring bright and early with a sweet young thing I bought some art from yesterday. Happy hunting.~~ (Review # 6972)

  • Saigon Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Aug 30 2002 Submitted by: JaMMan

    Had a girl brought on by the motorcyclist boys for USD30. Its obviously overpriced, but you can't complaint being in tourist area in District 1. I was made to wait at somewhere at the side of the road where the girls come on motorbikes to be the chosen one.

    I was brought to a so-called 'fuck hotel' in run-down District 3 where the room is USD10. The room was good enough though. The petite-sized girl of 5 feet tall was 19 years old (checked her identity card), she was pretty raw cos she said she was new to the business. The act itself was great. She allowed around 2 hours. Very tight pussy. Took me 15 mins to ease her and get it in. Did it without a condom.

    It was really satisfying paying the money even if its overpriced, cos you could not possibly get this standard at this price in any developed country. (Review # 6046)

  • Street Action Dated Added: Thu Mar 07 2002 Submitted by: Humphrey

    Ho Chi Minh City~~

    ~~The Hairdressers Situation; ~~~~Probably these places are everywhere, but especially in District 11 (around Dam Sen Park) and in Tan Binh (around the airport/ northern end of Cach Mang Thang 8 and Au Co). Look for hairdresser-salons ("Hot Toc") with many young girls (in their 20s) sitting in the chairs with nothing to do. Usually there's a man there, too. (He probably knows how to cut your hair). Go in, and ask for "Ma-sa" (massage). A girl takes you inside behind a curtain in the back and puts you down on a kind of a bed. (where you may have your hair washed as well). Then she gives you a blowjob. Give her a tip; 50-70.000 VND. Then pay the man 70-100.000 VND. That's it.~~
    (Review # 5140)
  • Saigon Massage Parlor Dated Added: Wed Dec 12 2001 Submitted by:

    Vietnam, Saigon: Visited for the first time in Aug 2001. The country is still very communist and the cops are everywhere. They patrol the neighborhoods at night and all hotel owners are afraid to allow you to bring girls into your rooms -- not even your REAL friends.

    ~~But there are many hair cut places, which also give massages. They have signs everywhere - HOT TOC. The haircut/massage part is legal but the kind of massage you get is the fun part. I was walking around the Pham Ngu Lao area, which is a cheap, backpacker's paradise, in the afternoon, when it suddenly started raining. So I stopped under the canopy of a shop waiting for the rain to stop. 2 doors away, a nice looking girl, who was sitting outside the shop, gave me a big smile and waved me to come to her. I hesitated. But many of the other people seeking shelter from the rain looked at me, laughed and signalled me, "Go go!" So I ventured in.

    ~~It was a sparse place with 8 hair cut chairs. Behind them was the massage room, which was unlit - intentionally - and partially screened by sheets. There were 5 girls sitting inside. Some petite and sexy, some not so cute and 1 slightly plump. I asked for a massage and pointed to a girl who was about 5'1", skinny and very cute. The mama said 70,000 Dong, which was about $5. I agreed and took her inside.

    ~~I took all my clothes off, except my underwear. They won't let you get naked because the cops can walk in at any moment. Since I was really tired, first I let her massage my back. She stood next to the table that I was lying on and started massaging. While she was doing so -- and not too well -- I let my hands wander on my side, feeling her legs and tight little ass. She didn't complain. Finally she asked me to turn around so she could massage my arms, neck and chest. As she started working on my arm, I reached out and started massaging her compact boobs. I also slipped my hand inside her skirt-shorts and grabbed her butt. She protested and showed me the front inside of her skirt -- Sanitary Napkin!!! She was having her period :-( :-)

    ~~I sat up and pulled up her t-shirt to expose her bra, which is quickly unhooked. She was trying to protest but still let me have my way with her. I pulled her close and started sucking on her nipples and licking her boobs. My right arm was behind her caressing her butt. I have NEVER felt such a compact and soft butt!!!! It was AWESOME!! I kept sliding my fingers towards her crack but she was worried too much about her periods and kept stopping me.

    ~~I kept going back and forth between, "Ouch, my body hurts and I really enjoy your massage" to "Forget the massage and let me just maul your angelic body". I also wanted to deep kiss her... but one whiff of her breath told me that she had not brushed her teeth in several years... I have seen this phenomenon with all Chinese masseuses and whores (but not with Thai girls)

    ~~Then I pulled down my underwear, clamped her tiny palm around my throbbing hard dick and asked her to give me a HJ. As she stroked it up and down, I instructed her to stroke my balls gently. As she took me to pleasures I still fantasize about, I continued to suck and caress her boobs and feel her butt.

    ~~Finally I pulled out a condom and asked her to slide it on my dick. She refused, thinking I wanted to fuck her. She was very very afraid of the cops coming in suddenly. Finally I slid the condom on myself and shook myself to ecstasy, while continuing to feel her divine body. Ooooooooooh, that was great!!! I paid her 30,000 Dong and then 70,000 to the mama. All in all, $7 for 1hr of awesome Vietnamese intimate touching.

    ~~I returned again later in the evening, around 7PM. All the girls and mama welcomed me with a big smile. This time I picked a slightly plump Chinese girl. She was STRONG, 5'6" and looked like she could give me a real massage. Another petit girl with an E-size cup ran in with her. I didn't stop her. They both gave me a real good massage for about 40min. All the time my hands kept feeling their legs and butts. When I turned on my back, I started feeling their boobs. I pulled up their t-shirts and unhooked their bras. I sucked on the plump one's boobs for quite some time and then diverted my attention to the E-cup girl. I also pulled down my underwear and led the Chinese girl's hands to my erect rod. She started stroking me while I continued to fondle the E-cup.

    ~~~~I desperately wanted to do some kissing. This time, fortunately, both the girls had clean mouths and white teeth. First I kissed the plump Chinese. I clamped my lips on her mouth and started to suck in her lips strongly. As I sucked and puckered and slid my tongue deep into her mouth, she started getting turned on and sighing with arousal. We kissed for a long time, while my hands were kneading the boobs of the E-cup girl. Then I switched to her lips and kept going back and forth between them.~~The Chinese girl was really on fire -- she would have fucked me if she could. But the girls were afraid of the mama. While I kissed and played with the breasts of the E-cup, I pointed the Chinese girl to suck on my melting cock. She said, "No!" She was wary that the E-cup girl would report the sucking to the mama :-) Very suspicious world, Vietnam is...

    ~~By now, 1hr 15min had passed and mama was worried that I was getting a 2hr massage for the price of 1hr. So she came inside the room. The Chinese girl saw her coming and quickly pulled up my underwear over my throbbing cock, to form a mini-tent.~~Both the girls got agitated that mama was interrupting and pushed her out, while protesting loudly. Then they resumed their play. After 15min, the E-cup went out for something. The Chinese girl and I quickly walked to the door and closed it. She yelled to the E-cup to not come back. Now was my best time.

    We kissed some more and then she bent down and took my cock deep into her mouth. As she started moving her mouth up and down, licking my shaft and sucking and rolling her tongue around my head, I was getting ready to explode. But for some reason I could not come inside her mouth.

    ~~So I pulled out my dick. She handed me a towel, which I held around my cock head. Then I pulled down her pants and inserted my finger from behind into her pussy. She had so forgotten the fact that we were doing business that she started acting like my girlfriend. We resumed our deep kissing. I caressed her hot body and her erect nipples with one hand while the other played inside her pussy. She grabbed my towel shrouded dick with her hand and started giving me a hand job. After some time, I could take it no more and came violently in the towel. I kept playing with her until she too orgasmed. We kissed some more after that.

    ~~Now mama was getting REALLY impatient and worried. I had been there for almost 2hrs and her own girls had pushed her now and now one girl was inside with me behind LOCKED doors. If the cops came in, the lock would get her in serious trouble. But we were done. So I got dressed and gave the Chinese girl 50,000 Dong. As I opened the door, the E-cup walked in. I gave her 30,000 because although she had awesome tits, she was very immature and didn't really understand the idea of sexual pleasure. She complained and asked for more money when she saw that I had given 50K to the Chinese. The Chinese was nice so she was about to give some of her money to the E-cup. But I stopped her. Then the store owner (a guy) came in and told me that 30,000 was too much tip for the girls :-)

    ~~I also voluntarily paid mama 100,000 and she gave me a huge smile. I walked out totally satisfied at having spent a wonderfully erotic 2hrs, with almost no risk of getting aids (from the girl sucking my dick without a condom). All this fun for 180,000Dong (less than $13)!!! What can I complain about? :-)~~I thought that this experience was in a way much better/safer than having sex with the girls in Thailand/Pattaya. I am confident that if I would have stayed longer and asked the Chinese girl to meet me elsewhere, she would have definitely agreed. May be I'll try this the next time.

    ~~I have pulled similar tricks in Thailand and have had great success. Instead of fucking regular whores, I always picked up these fringe business girls. Some of them were really averse to sex for ANY fee in the beginning. But after visiting them for real massages 2-3 times, we became friends and then I was able to get them into my hotel and have sex with them. They still resisted when I tried to undress them but a great smile and treating them like a real person allowed me to overcome their barriers and create a pleasant time for both of us.

    ~~I recommend this approach to anybody who plans on visiting Vietnam or Thailand.~~FYI, the Hot Toc where I had such great fun is very close to Ben Thanh market.~~
    (Review # 4777)
  • Ho Chi Minh Street Action Dated Added: Fri Nov 23 2001 Submitted by:

    Saigon has everything from overpriced disco queens to plenty of freebies. You pick the product and level of effort/commitment expended. I had a cute thing in a disco that wouldn't come down from $100/nt, even with my local friends negotiating, and this was 2am on a weeknight. She was willing to go home rather than take less(I don't look that bad!). You can also get plenty of free action, or even a girlfriend if you like. We were typically paying 300k VND(140k = $10US) for girls picked up around the square near Tan Son Nhut(see 4-16-2001 review below), but I understand the girls downtown ask a lot more, and the discos are the max(like everywhere else in the world).

    ~~~~ For freebies, try cruising the smaller bars in the backpacker section. She may not have a fashion model face, but they've all got excellent bodies and most a pleasant attitude. You can also try cruising the big shopping centers, especially the high rise(I don't remember the name) in District 6 (take a cab, he'll know what I'm talking about). Walking around there hand in hand with my girlfriend, I was being checked out like Pamela Anderson at a swimsuit competition!~~

    ~~Happy hunting!~~ (Review # 4674)

  • Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Nov 01 2001 Submitted by: Anon

    I'd like to back up what King has written above: if you pay more that 10-15 dollars, your stupid. I've done quite a lot of traveling in SE Asia and, on average, for a Vietnamese girl, I pay $5 short time and $10 all night. Please, all people reading this message, try to stick to this figure because giving more only inflates the price for other sex tourists. (Review # 4542)
  • Saigon/Ho Chi Minh Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Jun 22 2001 Submitted by: ridinghigh

    BOYCOTT SAIGON!  Can't say it any clearer than that. Cruised Hai Ba ~~Trung Street as per earlier post and he's right... there's dozens of these ~~little hostess bars, some of which have damn cute little hostesses.
    ~~But try to buy? Fuhgeddaboutit! Mama-san must be tourist-crazy, 'cause she won't ~~back down from the equivalent of $50 US for all night. Tried to negotiate bar ~~fine, girl's rate, the fact that I had already bought a drink or two, that I ~~wouldn't mistreat the girl - nothing, NOTHING worked.
    ~~All over the street - same deal. The best I could do was to pick up an older ~~couple of whores who cruise on a moto outside of Apocalypse Now (AN) bar. And ~~speaking of AN - bad news there, too. The independent operator types are getting ~~a real attitude.
    ~~Just for clarity's sake: I'm a not too bad looking guy. I dress reasonably well, ~~I'm not fat and I'm in my 30s. This is NOT a good situation. A lot of Vietnam ~~prices have gone up unreasonably. Thailand is SO MUCH better. BOYCOTT SAIGON!
    (Review # 3830)
  • Saigon Travel Report Dated Added: Sun May 06 2001 Submitted by: Asianjohn

    Contrary to the other reports listed - the REAL PRICES for girls are much lower. Off the street girls can be had for US $2 to $5 - ask a local or expat for current locations. Depending on circumstances a good meal will be sufficient payment. From bars freelancers can be had from $10. Remember you must bargain in a reasonably sophisticated way to get best results. Also many girls can be had for free with a modest effort.

    The prices quoted in other reports appear to be based on taking the first price quoted which appears to be a strange bargaining strategy in a buyers market. So come on guys get with it and stop paying prices that are the same or more than you would pay at home, especially you expats whose job is to negotiate could contracts for your company/business. Ps I am speaking from 20yrs experience
    (Review # 3483)
  • Saigon-Tan Son Nhat area Street Action Dated Added: Fri Apr 06 2001 Submitted by:

    Just in VN for 3 weeks. Girls are out of this world. Slim and innocent, and the sex industry thrives. Best area for street action is right by the airport. Troung Son is the street coming out of Tan Son Nhat Intl airport, and just a few blocks down; you pass a triangular park on your left. This is a major traffic interchange (vehicles go around the park). The intersection of Hoang Van Thu, right in front of you, is Ground Zero! Anyone hanging out here after about 9pm is involved in procurement! Lots of girls cruising by on motos, but many more hiding in the shadows. Approach one of the guys sitting on their motos, talking on cell phones, as these are pimps. The standard VN national price is 300,000Dong($21.50 US) for all night, but they'll ask foreigners for more. Most of the time you can get 300. The pimps will direct their drivers toward "friendly" hotels, and I recommend several right down Cong Hoa (the street to your right as you entered). Go down past DHL and FEDEX, then look for neon on the right. One up front was good to me several times (no hassle, charged me the posted VN rates, no extra for the girl), but several more down the alley are also OK.~~~~You can also go to Bia Om, Vietnamese beer and Karaoke, where they bring in girls to help you "experience the moment". These are all over town, but more prevalent in Tan Binh and Go Vap. May need local help to negotiate this delicacy. Some of these girls will go with you for the night, but ask for more (500-800k Dong), but typically higher quality. They were often more willing to go with me than my VN companions! They like Americans!~~ (Review # 3369)
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