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  • Pattaya Street Action Dated Added: Mon Nov 24 2008 Submitted by: Pavi

    Hello, Its my turn now to give back to this site after taking so much help for my various travels. Came back from Pattaya last week after a 4 day holiday.

    This was my seventh visit in last 8 years but it has always been short visits. But after 7 visits I suppose I know Pattaya well. I will give report about the new places that I visited this time and which most of the authors here recommend a visit.

    But before that I want to warn everyone about a Bar named Family House or Family Bar. It's a rip off. It's on the second road opposite Big C. If you select a lady here to sit with you, the lady drinks will keep coming in without your consent and the Mamasan Jennifer will also pile on you and will keep taking lady drinks too. And there is a very beautiful Bar girl here named `Nam' or something similar ( Beautiful face, perfect body almost a 10 )who is also very cunning when it comes to extracting money from you at every stage.

    I managed to take this girl over to my hotel after an expensive drinking session at this bar. At hotel, her performance was the worst ever I have come across because she simply wanted to return to the bar to rip off another customer. Please do not fall into her trap. If you do, just enjoy her body during your drinks at the bar but beware about lady drinks and the Mamasan drinks, don't take her to your room. They would even try to tamper with your bills while totalling. I came across such an experience for the first time in Thailand. Though it is very common in China. I hope it is just a one off case and it does'nt become a trend in Thailand.

    Coming back to various joints :

    Sabai Dee Massage : Good quality girls, very clean rooms. Enter, have a drink, choose your lady, she will take you to room upstairs. Will massage all parts of your body with all parts of her body. Nice and interesting but mechanical. I don't find it erotic. That's my opinion but if you are really looking for the best body massage this is the place. All for 1700 baht.

    Lucifer Disco, walking steet: Good place for picking up freelancers after 1 AM but the only problem is that the place is so dark that after your pick when you take the lady out, you will find that it's a totally different lady that made you horny inside.

    Super Girl Gogo, walking street : The girls were all 6 to 8 but already dancing naked when I walked in, making signs and sounds which I somehow find repulsive hence again I would say that it's not for me but good if you like the Gogo shows and enjoy fucking a hardcore prostitute. You cannot smoke here.

    Beer Bars : I have always managed to pick up cuties from the Open air Beer Bars. This time I noticed that bars on the second road have much better quality girls than the bars at the walking street or near it.

    Drinking Street beer bars on the second road in North Pattaya beyond Big C had some of the best girls last week. That's all for now. Pattaya still remains my favourite. A heaven for Single Male Traveller - Great food, lovely thai pussy, beach, great hotels, fun loving people and all at a very reasonable cost.
    (Review # 25240)
  • Phuket Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Nov 23 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    Hi and greetings I hope everyone is haveing a good time I had just recently spent 2 weeks in Phuket Thailand aka Hell!!!! anyway so that I don't waste anyones time thailand is not what peeps make it out to be sorry not the phillippines I stayed at a hostel in chalong very little to no frang unless you go to chalong bay where peeps gather to go diving or sight seeing lord and be hold i was the only american there

    Patong is very small esp the infamous bangala road i was given the reject sign by every thia laddy in sight the only creepy thing that happened was that some swedish guy that was in his 60s try to pick me up at the new bkk airport totaly creep out I do like older guys but he looked like he came from the movie the hostel it seemed that there was alot of season vets over all thailand sucked big horse dick i was hoping to hooked up but ended up jacking my one eye monster and sight seed for the two weeks hell didn't take a single photo of my trip should of gone to boston on my 2 week trip and just hang around the house oh by the way hardly anyone smiled talk about the land of smiles
    (Review # 25234)
  • Bangkok Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Oct 20 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    I just returned from bangkok. visited 2 superb massage joints, the plaza and the harem.plaza had about 100 girls to choose from. 

    Cost 3,500 baht for 2 hours,bath together, soapy body to body massage, and full personal service.tip to girl expected and well deserved.

    Harem has about 40 girls,similar service and priced at only 2,500 baht for upto 90 minutes. Both establishments are very clean,as are the girls.can recommend them both without reservation.
    (Review # 24932)
  • Pattaya Street Action Dated Added: Thu Aug 14 2008 Submitted by: Jody

    I love Thailand. The first time I went was on a bet that what I was told about it wasn't true. Well, it's all true. I have been back several times and it's a great time.


    I always stay at the Penthouse Hotel, it's only a block from walking street, and the prices are great. The prices are available online and you can browse there entire selection of rooms and they also have the "Kittem Club" attached to the hotel. I always go down there with I thing in mind, to have a great time, and I always do. I take 10,000bt ($300 US) out every night I'm there. That will cover all my drinking and the lady of choice for the evening. I usually go with a few friends and we spend a lot of money having a good time. So that's why I only spend that amount each night. Remember, the US dollar is about 38:1 over there, so 10,000Bt is good money.


    Don't settle on the first girl you see unless she is awesome and you think she is the best girl you've ever seen. There are plently of girl down walking street. The girl's usually have a bar fine of 500-1000 bt and then the price for all night with you is usually 1500-2000 bt. Some of the best girl's I've seen are at Angel Witch. They have live shows every night and have plenty of beautiful women there. The bar fine was 1000bt the last time I was there and the girl's where beautiful. if you go early, the best looking one's will be there so don't wait untill 9pm and think your going to find a 10. The only thing I can tell you is have a good time. It's not like the states where you are fighting for the girls attention. There are alot of girls there and they are there for a reason. HAve fun!!!!

    (Review # 24493)
  • Danok Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Jul 08 2008 Submitted by: Mike

    My first trip to danok lonely on 5/8/08, i pass troh imegresen with my IC, told them.. going tu duty free...but i cross over the border & park my car at sadou imegresen prking...enter lonely by walking....illegally....just to round & recce what are interesting place as per written in review....sorry my english not so good to story all my experience in well there i found a lot of karaoke , sweet &sexy girl sitting in front of the karaoke....few tokey offer me a girl when i pass trough their karaoke....but i reject them politely....

    i'm very nervous fronting the new invironment that never see in malaysia....even in penang...after i went throut a few lane....i visit 1 massage parlor....offer me RM12/hour...very cheap for me...i pick one thai young sweet girl.....massage my body....+ urut batin...+touch her breast+ little kissing...i paid rm50..for all service...i ask for B/J..but she reject...never mind for me..its ok....i enjoy cum at this time...even with her hand job.... 2'nd time..2 day after...i spend RM500 in my feel real enjoy day & night....after walking & visit few karaoke....i entered mania karaoke... i found very sweet young girl her name..ah koi...i call her adek......150cm/ 50 kg...age 18th...from myanmar..very nice skin & light...cute....her breast quite sexy...after nego with towkey (name WATER)...I agree rm230 for 1 day/night...i booked hum phing hotel with rm69..king size bed..with RM 180 in malaysia....i enjoy malay...with her....i just enjoy hand job 3 time with her...i refuse to having sex even b/j with her...worried about great sine & hiv spread.......
    (Review # 24214)
  • Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Apr 22 2008 Submitted by: Thai Phoon

    I spent 2 weeks traveling to Thailand's 3 most popular cities. A lot of the info I found on this site was very useful and fairly accurate.

    There are lots of good looking women and just as many above average women. I did something most men don't bother with. And that is I went to several nicer massage parlours in Bangkok to take a look. They were very expensive ($150 to $400 USD) and they did have much better looking women,but I was definitely not interested at those prices. The normal bar hoes are less expensive ($75 to $150 USD).

    I noticed that foreign men take for granted that they have to pay close to $100 USD for these women. In a world where most women in poor countries make $50 to $100 USD per week I am amazed that most foreigners are happy to pay the high whore prices. Many bar whore pro's make 4 to 6 times the average female salary.

    I calculated that it cost at least $2,000 USD for airfare,hotel,food,alcohol,entertainment and taxi's for a week in Thailand per person. If you spend $100 USD for each whore,and try 10 of them then the total cost of everything comes to around $3,000 USD. The problem is that you can get an Asian whore for around $200 (for 30 minutes) in the USA. So it is actually cheaper to stay home in the USA with these high cost.

    Guys you can get a much better deal in the Philippines where its a lot easier to get women under 25 years old for $40 or $50 USD. The exception is in Manila where the women are more battle hardened and hard core professionals. The other cities like Cebu are much better.

    I think women prices in Thailand are way overpriced at $75 to $150 USD. The only thing to keep in mind is that unlike most other countries, many women in the Philippines don't carry around comdoms. In most parts of the world bar whore women carry condoms routinely so you never have to buy one. If you go to the Philippines buy your own supply after you get there.

    Guy's Thailand is great but the best deal in town is in the Philippines (excluding Manila)
    (Review # 23293)
  • Various Locales Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Sep 15 2006 Submitted by: Monkgonewrong

    For newbies going to Thailand I have a few helpful pointers. Iíve been there on dozens of occasions and dearly love the people, the food and the country. First off, near the end of September there will be a new airport opening in Bangkok. Once you collect your bags (same as the current airport) do not stop and agree to a taxi with the touts inside the airport. Go out to the taxi stand and wait in line. If you go with a tout or if a taxi driver motions you over to get out of line and go with him then you are going to pay at least 100 percent over the standard fare. The line usually goes quickly because they call in for taxiís when needed. Right now taxiís to Sukhumvit are around 200 Baht (a little over $5 USD). The new airport is much further from the city so I imagine fare will be about double once it opens. If the driver hasnít turned on the meter tell him to do so or get out. They are required to do this and 90% of them do but every now and thenÖÖÖIf you see a foreigner, same as yourself, ask to split a taxi if he/she is going to Sukhumvit. They are building a new Skytrain to the new airport from the city but it will not be finished for about two years, I think. For myself Bangkok serves as a weigh station to other destinations. I always stay a couple of nights on arrival just to wart off the evil jetlag. Most Farong (foreigners) like to stay where all the action is, and that would be between about Soi (Street) 24 and Soi 3 in Sukhumvit. The Thai work ethic never ceases to amaze me. For instance if you walk between about Soi 11 and Soi 3 during the daytime, there are shopping stalls set up along the sidewalk. They sell clothing, CDís, DVDís, paintings, toys, mosquito zappers, etc, etc. But around midnight they take their stalls and go away and in comes the bar and food stalls. So when you walk at night there are all these people sitting at tables on the sidewalk eating awesome Thai food and swilling brew. Itís very cool and (no matter what anyone else tells you) itís very safe. I have walked around Sukhumvit at all hours of the day and never, never had any problems whatsoever. Thailand is the number one destination in the world for single women and that should tell you something. Prices have risen everywhere in the last few years everywhere in Thailand. Even from 3 years ago prices for hotels have gone up at least 20%. Whatever you want you will have to pay more for in Bangkok whether it be food, hotel, sex, clothing blah blah. If you are mute send me and email and I will send pointers on how to find women, the rest of you wont have ANY problem figuring it out. Expect to pay $1000 Baht ($25)for short time and twice that for all night. Once you're out of the city this price goes down, down depending on where you go. You can bargain but why? If you like the girl, honor her and pay it. Otherwise you're probably gonna get at best a half-assed BJ then boom-boom. If sheís ugly ok bargain by all means! They (unlike western cunts) aren't clock watchers and they wont ask you for money beforehand. They always shower before and expect you to do the same. If you donít shower the BEST you will get will be a HJ (Maybe even with a condom, hmmmm, never done that one before!!!!!). Enuf of BKK, on to other destinations. Pattaya: If you want to see the WORST of Thailand go here by all means. It is the closest beach area near Bangkok (about two hours via taxi). Nowhere else in the country have I witnessed violence but here and I have seen it on numerous occasions. Itís common in the bars for offended Thai pu-ying (females) to crack open a beer bottle over a mans head. Once I sat at a bar and a pissed off woman threw a bottle at this man and missed, it hit the bar near me and cut my leg. It was kind of good because the mamasan came over and cleaned the wound for me, apologized, and plucked a fresh Heineken from the tree for me. The girl totally lost face for three reasons. First, she lost control (never do this, if you're pissed off, swallow your pride and smile!). Secondly, she injured an innocent and never gave amends and worse than all the above she pissed mama off! Mama does not like giving farong free beer! Mama has honor, however, so she does anyway. Recognizing that I give her a ďwaiĒ in gratitude. Iíve seen other incidences, which I wonít go into. Just be careful if you go here. By my reckoning there are three good things about Pattaya. There are some really nice hotels (close to Bangkok in prices thoí), some of the restaurants and Thai food stalls are wonderful, and you can get 100 -200 Baht BJís ($2.50-$5.00 approx) near Soi 4 if you go early in the morning. Go 1-2-3 hours before sunrise and she will do it right there in a vacant lot or on the beach. Sleazy, quick, just the way I like it! I would not recommend bringing your wife or girlfriend here. After she has seen her 300th prostitute sheís gonna be pissed with your sorry ass for bringing her here. There are also lots of Katoeys (lady/boys) and gay men there so if she doesnít catch you checking out the pu-yings sheís gonna think you're gay. If you are gay then check out Boyz Town, all the moto-taxiís know where it is. Fortunately for you there is an airport in U-tapao which is about one-half hour from Pattaya. So when you have had enough of Pattaya you can move on. Talk to a travel agent first because flights only go to a few locations. One is Koh Samui and Iím not certain of the others but you may have to go back to Bangkok, depending on you next destination. Last thing on Pattaya: During the Vietnam war America built the airport in U-tapao for R&R for itís baby-killers so they could stop killing and fuck a little bit (good for morale I guess) and that started what we now know as Pattaya and men have been going there ever since. Americaís gift to Thailand IMHO (I would rather have a box of candy and a doz. Roses but to hell w/ me!). Before I move on to my favorite destinations (one is secret, sorry!), I want to give a couple major ďDonít doísď! I know youíve heard not to touch the heads of Thaiís and their children (no matter how cute) and I know youíve heard not to point your feet at Thais. These things arenít really good but most Thais will realize that you are a foreigner and donít know any better. They arenít going to beat you or throw rocks at you. From my experiences there are only two major doníts when in Thailand: Donít bad-mouth or make jokes about The Buddha. And donít bad-mouth or make jokes about The King. Otherwise, if youíre in public,, youíre gonna draw a crowd quick! And if you are lucky enough to survive; when you finally do leave the hospital and are taken promptly to the airport, you may very well find your passport stamped: Persona NON Grata! Iím very glad this standard doesnít exist in America because I think Bush sucks off cocker spaniels but letís not get into politics. If you like beach destinations I have several suggestions. Koh Samui is very popular as well as the nearby island (KOH= island) Koh Phanghan. These islands are a little bit cooler during the hot season than locales like Phuket, Grabi, Ao Nang (beautiful!) and Phi Phi. All of these have better beaches than Pattaya. Donít get me wrong the scenery in Pattaya is lovely, my problem is the water. Itís sukopoke (not clean), sorry I like to swim; I donít do it in Pattaya except for the hotel pools. I like the northern provinces myself. Itís cooler, I possess a passion for tamashad nam laun (natural hot springs) which this area satiates for me quite well ty, prices are very cheap- maybe half of what you would pay in BKK, and you get a real (the Real Feel) of Thailand culture, people and food. Places like Chaing Rai (pronounced Chang Lai) and Mae Hong Song are very nice and the ratio of cash for gash drops dramatically from most other ítouristyĒ locales in Thailand. Another advantage is youre close to the Lao border in case you need to do a visa run. But the best thing; if you are single, and looking for The One then these northern areas (and there ARE many I have not mentioned) are the place to be. Most of these women want Foreign husbands and many (certainly not all) would make damn good wives!! They have worked in rice patties, or farmed chili, or done construction for a dollar or two a day all their lives! They have a way of expressing gratitude that you have never seen before -if youíve only been with Westernized women of course. Yes, I know American women work construction too. Right! They hold the fucking flags!!! Thai pu-ying are right in there with the pu-chai . Most of them make the same money as their male counterparts because they do equally arduous work. And believe it or not, many of them will never lie to you once you commit. I donít want to mislead some men out there so Ö.if you're into violence with women make sure she has no family because if she does, they are going to want to ítalkí with you in a BIG way!!!. If you should go up north consider a flight to Chiang Mai or Chiang Lai. Chiang Mai is Thailandís second largest city, a tad too many people for my blood, But the food!!! OMG!!!! If you like spicy food and aren't a vegetarian, just stroll up and say ď nam pic ongĒ or ďow nam pic ong kopĒ- is even better--(I want nam pic ong please). [Actually the word for Ďpleaseí in Thai is ďkalunaĒ but kop is what the Thaiís use in this particular reference]. If You should be reading this and are female, donít say kop (for male speaker only, unless youíre a dyke) use kaa instead. Last word: There is no double standand here for foreigners. Females can enjoy the same advantages for finding sexual partners as men, no matter what their sexual persuasion. I doubt the femmes peruse this site like you DAWGs do but, nevertheless, (Review # 15559)
  • Bangkok / Pattaya Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Aug 28 2006 Submitted by: Ufuck-Ipay

    Regarding thieves and steeling, then I have never in my many trips as a monger in Thailand ever experienced anything remotely. I have been to brothels, go-go bars, called escorts and picked up street actions and most of the time, the actions has been taking place in my hotel room. I have read stories and put out traps with all from 100 bath to 5000 bath in all the worlds currency Ö never , and I mean never has a single bath, Euro or usd been missing. In my opinion, the Thai people are one of the most honest people in the world and itís the only place I have meet ďhonor among prostitutesĒ. That does not mean that you shouldnít be careful, but I donít think itís a regular thing. (Review # 15449)
  • Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Aug 17 2006 Submitted by: Buriram Bad Boy

    Ok this is simply gonna drop names of places to go that made my holiday become a permanent vacation! Yes thats right I loved it that much I'm gonna be another sexpat in thailand and im only 24! First of all I shall start with bkk, I didn't travel too much around bkk but I did find some great bars on Sukhumvit. Soi 7/1 is good for indoor bars with aircon and has massage available there too. I checked the clubs such as bed supper club and were ok but nothing special. Soi Cowboy is definitely the place to go for gogo bars, its cheap and cheerful and some nice looking girls. My fave place was titanium bar soi 22, this has an ice bar upstairs to cool down and some hot ladys in different uniforms. Drinks are pricy but I was informed there is no bar fine, never tested the theory though. Watch out for the hotels charging you extra for taking girl back, I have read no one has found a way round this but I have! Just book the room for two people it costs the same anyway, give them a name and stuff if they request it but i had no trouble taking different girls back when doing this. Hotels charge around 1000 a night for extra guests. Pattaya has different area for different types of girls I reckon. Walking street prices are ridiculous and girls are def looking for the shortime money. Beach road dont go near it, theres very good reasons why they aint in bars! Soi bukhaow the girls are looking for long time more often than not as its quieter and more suited to your regulars. Soi 7 and 8 give that gf feeling but is a Saturday night pub crawl atmosphere. These are fun girls guaranteed a good time. Soi 6 aint bothered about bf and are happy with the money cos they are brothels. Reading some of the comments you can see classic lines from the Thai girls like this is my first month! Blues factory is good place to go and Angel Witch do the best gogo shows. Everyone has there theory on thailand, my advice is if you try to think too much you wont enjoy it. There are a lot of guys looking for the one out there, if on holiday just go with it. I would reccomend going into the country though I loved it and you can go to places where it costs 200bht for short time! (Review # 15366)
  • Koh Phi Phi Street Action Dated Added: Wed Aug 02 2006 Submitted by: Benedict

    I thought I'd write and share an eye for an eye tale which includes some of the best shagging seen this side of the equator. Awhile back I went on a trip to Thailand with 8 mates from school. They were all living in London and flew in from there and I was still holed up here in Australia so you can imagine when the lads announced they were hitting it for a month I was keen as mustard. My first error was not doing my research. At this point in time I was an inexperienced traveller and I soon learnt that a little prior reading never goes astray. Anyways we were about 2 weeks into the trip and we hit Koh Phi Phi. I had been to a pretty nice brothel in Chiang Mai earlier in the week but wasnt really looking for a whore house here. We went to a bar that has a kickboxing ring in the middle (some of you may know it) which is in front of the Reggae Bar. After the fights, a voice on the PA announces 2 for 1 buckets at the Reggae. For those not in the know, the infamous bucket is a 200mL Thai whiskey, a can of coke and a can of red bull mixed in a child's sand bucket, I was smashing plenty of these with the boys and was pretty maggot when i looked over at 2 FIT thai girls seated near the bar. I wasnt aware of the whole prossy/ladyboy situation over there so I went straight over to them and said hello. I was told pretty much straight away that I could get my dick sucked for a small fee and I asked if both of them would come back to the room. They agreed. The better looking one was wearing denim hotpants and had the most awesome rig I had seen on the trip, Tall, slim, tanned and she had these purky little tits. Fuckin oath. The other was tall as well, a little flatter in the chest but had hair down to her ass and really nice legs. We went back to my shithole room and began undressing. They took turns in sucking my knob and then i fucked them both. The better looking one was such a top shag, took it in the ass and all sorts. After I blew they rolled a joint and this totally fucked me. I was so blind that what i didnt need was to smoke weed even though I am somewhat of a veteran when it comes to mull. Anyways I took a few tokes and my head started spinning as I lay on my back, still getting blown. After a bit I sat up and tried not to yak and held it back. The lesser looking one (still hot as fuck mind you) declared that she was leaving but the hottie wanted to stay. She was so hot this bird I had her on her back, pushed her legs back and grinded her in the ass. She blew me after that again and I spunked twice which was a sterling effort I thought considering the copious amounts of alcohol in my system. I collapsed in a daze and she started wanking me off...again. She got up and stood in front of me and bent over showing me her ass and pussy. She started to rub and finger her gash and then I reached over and fingered her ass. She grabbed my cock again and started saying shit like "I like your dick. I need you to fuck me again". I couldnt believe the stamina of this chick. What i didnt realise was that I didnt have any condoms left. She was pointing her tidy little butt at me so I gave it to her anyway. We shagged again but I just couldnt spill a load. We mustve fucked for ages but she ended up leaving in the end. I was so off tap I passed out. I woke in the morning with a mad hangover but atleast I was thinking straight. The first thing that came to mind was the cash that I had stashed in my backpack. Fuck, I emptied everything out and discovered I had been rorted of about 300 Aussie bucks. Shit. My mates still have not let me live down this episode, even to this day. This was not my only worry. On the next 12 hour train I started my research about the Thai sex trade and was shitting bricks that I grinded a thai slut with no rubber who has probably fucked more blokes than times i've brushed my teeth. The next 2 weeks were total paranoia. Anyways the next day we're on the beach drinking beers and I see the hottie, wearing some fucking tight spandex type shorts and a bikini top. Fuck she looked magic and I am a sucker. I could see her but she couldnt see me and she was getting looks off everyone. "Forget it mate", the boys kept saying. Later that night I was out drinking again and I saw the other chick sitting in a bar drinking a rather exotic cocktail, no doubt courtesy of my swiped coin. I went over and said hello and she got straight on her phone to the other chick. I bailed straight away and went to watch some more muay thai fights. They found me soon enough and wanted to go again. I played dumb about the cash and suggested tonight we go to their place. Off we went but got some scornful looks off people as we were leaving but i didnt give a fuck. I was already plotting how to get my cash back. Their room was a total shithole. Needless to say they wanted my pants off so they were on the floor. They obviously used a distraction while the other subtley went through the pockets, even with the light on. They were pros, but it was double or nothing and this time I was switched on. I left 600 baht with my mate at the bar and kept 30 baht in the pocket of my pants. So after having these two sluts on their backs with their legs spread, I spunked all over both their tits and collapsed on the bed next to them. I was pretending to be ultra pissed and this is when they made their mistake. As they had jizz all over their boobs they went into the bathroom to shower. They were only in there about 2 minutes but this gave me time to swipe a purse and a phone and dash out the door in my jocks with my pants over my shoulder. They were screaming as they heard the door close and ran out after me but being an athletic kind of guy i scaled 2 six foot fences and ran through some bungalows before headng back to my mate's accommodation. I couldn't go back to mine cos they knew where it was so in the morning I got a mate a Singaporean guy we met on the trip to go back and grab our bags in case some mad cunt was scoping the place...waiting. It turns out the purse had about 5500 baht in it. Not quite all of the 300 Aussie but a pretty good return. I handed the phone to some tourist police and said it belonged to some thai thieves if they got bored later. You have to be careful over there. I learnt the hard way but alot of Thais are thieves. Its ok to get pissed but you still have to be on cue to some degree. You can have some awesome sex as I did, but be wary of who you take back to your room. (Review # 15256)
  • Pattaya Street Action Dated Added: Mon Jul 17 2006 Submitted by: Educated consumer

    The Beach Road is the best choice for thrifty types or just a low-budget characters like myself. Sure, only 1 girl out of 7 is worth attention, but there are at least 120 of them at any given time and they always would be coming and going, so if you can make your choice in 15 min. or so, you can always come back and see some new material to work with. The best open-air brothel I've seen. The best time - 7-10 pm, the best option - "short time" (one shot deal). One needs to test-drive a bitch before making any long-term plans (4 hours or more), besides, most girls prefer short time option themselves. Due to higher prices for pretty much everything in Pattaya and influx of assholes with money-printing machines in their basements some bitches have a nerve to ask 800 or even 1000 baht for the short time. Do not encourage that even if the girl happens to be around 20 and good-looking. If she likes you, she will come down to standard price of 500-600 baht, if she dont, well, why you wanna fuck her anyway? If you paranoid about deceases, no problem, they all like to use condoms for everything, but if you more like a normal person, always make sure that girl agrees to suck you without a condom before you leave with her. For a late night bargains, try Tony's disco on the Walking Street. A lot of Beach Road regulars gonna be there too, but, you know, better looking ones. Most girls will not talk money before they leave with you and you shouldnt either. In Tony's its a bad manner. After 3 am most girls get desperate and will go with almost anyone. I'd recommend paying 500 for one shot and perhaps, 100 baht for every additional hour she spent with you. If you really wanna see her again, you can give up to 1000 extra. Like I didn't mind to give 1500 baht to 18 y. old who suck my cock for good 40 minutes non-stop and let me fuck her raw for another 3 hours. OK, that washt non-stop. I tend to get thirsty and sweaty while fucking. Need to go the fridge or the shower and stuff. Its a tropical country, after all. (Review # 15153)
  • Hat Yai Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Jun 13 2006 Submitted by: Pinkman

    Hai, Just want to share my golden experience with all guys, April 28, 2006, itís my first time trip to Hat Yai, alone by myself. been there in 3 days 2 nights, what an awesome trip. I stay at Pink Lady Hotel, 700 bath per night (recommended, this hotel is like haven for the guys, all Thai women so good in doing their job. 1st day (28/4/06) arrive at hotel at 7.30pm, check-in, dinner, back to hotel, bellboy recommend one lady, meet her in my room, average English spoken, so warm and friendly and nice blowjob, for I night pay her 1,600 bath. what a night. 2nd day (29/4/06) till 12noon than I woke up, take my lunch outside the hotel alone, after lunch shops few items, than meet this guy Mr. Ah fatt (01-9698633) he show me 1 place so called Pizza karaoke, the papasan show all his girl, once they in, my mouth is lock, can't say anything, what a beautiful Thai women in- front me, choose 1 girl, high 5'3", weight about 45kg, nice white-yellow skin , origin from Chiang Mai and just 20 years old, pay for only 2000bath, the price kind of okay to me, bring her back to hotel, what a shy girl man!!! I love her pussy sooo tight than I find out she just joined this industry around 1 month, that mean she is a new girl and still fresh. its my lucky day. we have sex intercourse 4 times that day. last day (30/4/06) at 8am the girl finish her work, give her tips and tutut money, take my shower than breakfast. my bus back to KL at 7pm, so I still have plenty of time, didnít go anywhere stay at hotel, down to level 2 in my hotel find out so called aquarium where instead of fish they put a a lot of beautiful Thai women, one papasan approach me, than give me a short brief, 2 types of service:- 1) 1,300bath - shower, blowjob & missionary 2) 1,600bath - shower, massage blow job and missionary pick no 1 options, and pick this lady, her name Kan, age 27, 5'0" and around 43kg, soft skin nice service, find out she just continue her job after 3 month off (because of breast implant operation), very soft spoken and know want a guys want. I thing that all guys, sorry about my writing language, not so good in English but at least I share my experience with you all. I might come back to Hat Yai in August 2006. bye (Review # 14945)
  • Bangkok Street Action Dated Added: Fri Apr 14 2006 Submitted by: Derry

    I have read some of the things written here in the forum. First I read about some african states. Seemed ok, then I read about Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar. All right, haven't been there. Then I chose to read about Thailand. I was shocked of all the Horseshit and wrong info submitted here. If that is the standard of the other things I have read I siimply can't believe some of these guys info. It is simply wrong! I have been to and from Thailand since 2001 (Pattaya, Phuket, Krabi, Bangkok) and moved to Bangkok 1 year ago. Some of these guys talking about Bangkok must simply have been so drunk that they probably was in whatever city in whatever country. First: There are three main places in bkk which are kinda clearly hot-spots: Sukhumvit soi 4 aka Nana, Patpong 1&2 (very mafia-area) and my favourite, if I want to go to those places, Soi Cowboy (between Sukhv. 19 & 23). Try visiting Baccara or Long Horn between 9-10PM and see girls dancing totally naked showing you e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. Baccara has a ceiling of clear glass with girls dancing in schoolgirlsuniforms without panties (be careful so you don't break your neck while viewing). Better to stay by the bar where there are mirrors mounteed at the desk so you can look down and see both the 1st floor dancers pussies and the 2nd floor schoolgirls. Give them a smile and a thumbs-up to those you really like and they feel very happy. They won't annoy after dancing, so don't be afraid. The girls in all those places are good, some not exactly beautiful, but good. Believe me I have tried many of them during my stays in Bkk. All those girls goes for barfine 200-500 and 1,500-2,000 (longtime) or 1,000 (Shortime). If you want anal ask first. Likewise if you want two, ask if they really are bi or lesb. You might be lucky and end up with two really girlfriends, that comes like hell with each other while you work on them (I did once, but I haven't seen them the last half-year). Then there are the numerous karaokeclubs, scattered around the whole city. One of the girls there wanted to go with me, but only if I married her because she was virgin. Huh!? It turned out to be true, too, because her sister confirmed the story. So expect everything when you are on a karaokebar. Tis girl was only 18 and that is not legal to work in a bar when you're under 20. Btw, some say the concencus age in Thailand is 18, but I have heard from a friend who is policeman (and from sources at internet) that it is 15, but you need an ok from her father or mother (cost you probably 5,000 bath). Now you know that. Keep to the 18 so you don't have to stay in jail and have a hell of problems. Another thing: Be careful on karaokebars, some thaimen can be jealous. Better bring a tough friend with you (thai or farang) if you're a small guy or be a group of farangs. But karaokebars are really funny and you should pay them a visit if you visit bkk. Then we have the old backpacker road Khao San and Yeowarat (China Town), of course, with all the brothels. If you're one of these disgusting paedophiles that's the places for you. I have been offered (and seen with my own eyes) a 12-years old terrified isaangirl stripped off her clothes right in front of me. The pimp widened out her small pussy just in front of me. I almost puked and refused the offer, paid my food/beer and left in anger. Hope he gets a hurting dead. Then the freelancers. Don't forget to visit Thermae on Sukhumvit 7-9 (I think). Almost all are students or office workers, but some whores tries to enter when the doorguards aren't looking so good. They have short-time rooms there, too. But a nice looking student with a very good english is better to take home. Just ask for her studentcard and you're sure she's not a fake. If it is Friday or Saturday night she might sleep to 12am before you have to wake her up and take her to some streetcafť and give her a good breakfast, unless you are in a hotel then. As I told you before, I live here and don't have thaifood in my fridge. Normal pick-a-whore streets are Sukhumvit soi 3 (opposite soi 4-Nana) or beside the Lumpini park (old leftovers really, but very skilled and cheap)or Petchburi Road, after 10pm. South of Bangkok is Samut Prakhan, a factory area about 15-20 min. with taxi where you can have cheap girls from 300-1000. For 300 baths (If she is only 18 you might have to pay more) she takes you in the backyard, tear her panty down and lean over. If you grab her breasts, she snap-off her bra so you can feel the goodies better. Then there are the 25-30 other streets/areas I still haven't found tiem to visit yet. If you want to have fun with the girls and keep your pockets safe, go into to the small criss-cross sois between Sukhumvit soi 5 and soi 9. The girls, often halfdrunk after been working with customers some hours and made some money, easily invites you to their tables for a drink (Thai whisky or Rum). Chat with them, respect them and you get good friends. I have to admit that I have had free rides more than one time. Sometimes in some of the toilets in the area. (Review # 14460)
  • Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Mar 25 2006 Submitted by: Looking 4 sex Holiday

    This site Rules man. Went to Thailand followed all the advises on this sites all worked for me so here is my owed review to this site 'a world sex bible'. I have been to many places in the world but Man Thailand is the place like nowhere else, if you show the girls some respect, if you can chat to them and make them feel loved then thai girls are angles and Thailand is surely a Paradise. I stayed in Thailand for a month I fucked every single day from the days I arrived there (even after the 15 hrs flight) until couple of hours before my flight. I travelled around Thailand after landing in Bangkok to Chiangmai, Pai, Ayuttha, Bangkok again down south to Pukhet, Koh Samui and Koh Panang. I had soo much sex that I had to cancell my planned trip to Pattya. Because I wanted to visit pattaya at the end of my trip to get laid. I was nailing a new girl in each town I went to unitl I met a nice Thai babes on my second week in a small town near Bangkok after an affort of three days, chating to her taking her out. I truely made her feel like I was to be trusted with she reluctantly agreed to come to Bangkok with me, where she let me fuck her. Believe me all that affort wasn't time wasting which I thought at that time. I had a fantastic time with her, she did not know much at the begining but she was eager to learn. I did everything for me she thoroughly pleased me. memory that I will never forget, I left her in Bangkok but I missed her so much that I had to call her back. She was a sweet young girl of 19 and very tight (I don't know if she had sex before because she bled when I fucked her man and I am not even a very big guy). I visited many go go bars and message parlours, saw some awesome girls there but believe me never fucked any girls from Go go bars and parlours . It's not that I didn't want to (because they were beautiful) but because I don't feel comfortable. I am a kind of guy who likes to do hunt his own prey in simple words talk to them and get to know them which suited Thai girls. All the girls I fucked I met them in the cafe, waitress in the restaurant, tour guide and picked few from a night clubs. I am not saying they were not slappers but never paid them for sex. Of course I left handful of money (to last them a month)to those who pleased me. As a thanks just before departing with them when they were not expecting it. Maybe they didn't expect it because when they were with me. I treated them like 'A lady'. You don't go and find girls in Thailand they come to you man. But Can you believe it, that I had to end up refusing some? Because yes most were only after money and I was sure I wasn't gonna get much attention from them. So guys go to Thailand. There are pretty bitches everywhere. If you can't find a nice one go back to Massage parlour. Have a full body massage or a go go bar( I know I went to have look at these places. The girls were ranging from 5-10 out of 10 in all the parlours in every city). If I wasn't lucy outside I would have gone back to go go bars or the Parlours, I have heard they are good. Be careful in Go go bars in Nana Bangkok there are many lady boys that you wouldn't even realise that they were men. Also don't get too drunk if you are alone in Go go bars, its easy to forget count of drinks, when you are sorrounded by so many beautiful girls.So Go to Fuckland and Fuck (Review # 14305)
  • Hatyai Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Dec 22 2005 Submitted by: thaivisitor

    Just thought I would provide some info on Hatyai since I'm based here. It is not a secret that many male travelers come to Hatyai for their infamous female companions or "escort" services. Chances are, 80% of the female Thai's that are with foreign guys are escorts. Generally, escort services can be obtained from 2 main areas, namely Channivate and See Kim Yong, but there are also escorts in Thung Sao, and stand-alone establishments as well as freelancers which can be found in popular night spots too.

    Their prices range from 1500 to 2500 Baht depending on the escort's experience, age, looks and services. Escorts from stand-alone establishments range from 2500 to 5000 Baht, and you can negotiate with freelancers, depending on whether you want their services for a couple of hours or for the whole night.

    Generally, each establishment will have a "showcase" of about 5 to 10 escorts, with a few exceptions where there could be as many as 30 escorts. Normally, you can find some of the escorts sitting outside their establishment where there is a concrete table with stools. Whenever there are clients, the escorts will parade on high stools on one side of the room inside the establishment, while the clients will be sitting on a sofa on the opposite side. It is a common sight to see the escorts, or their managers, calling out to prospective clients who are moving around outside to view their "showcases."

    The general system in engaging an escort is simple and straight-forward. You can actually go round to view every establishment before deciding which escort you want. Tuk tuk drivers are very familiar with the areas and establishments, and would be more than willing to bring you around. It is very common for a tuk tuk driver to be paid a small commission from the establishment, should you decide on an escort during his "guided tour." Upon selecting your choice of escort, you will have to make payment first, and the manager would then take note of your hotel room number for him to monitor the whereabouts of his escorts.

    You can request the escort to accompany you immediately, or you can request for her to be at your hotel at a specific time. It doesn't matter whether you book the escort in the morning, afternoon or night, but the price of the escort which you paid for is for her time to be exclusively with you until the following morning at about 8.00 am, and whatever goes on between the escort and you is considered "paid" for. Whatever it is, make sure you practice "safe sex"!
    (Review # 13377)
  • Bangkok Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Oct 09 2005 Submitted by: john

    HI Guyz! Well,Well... There is no place like Bangkok ...I just unpacked from there --YESTERDAY -- i.e Oct 8TH 2005... Unlike many reviews here, which are outdated ...I give you accurate information ...if you are a first-timer/NEWBEE to Bangkok... then hell, read this!

    ...I arrived at the airport at around 6.00pm local time ...and it just took 20 mins for the airport formalities. Then I booked a 3 star hotel ...{any will do -- Just Avoid the NANA HOTEL!}. Then, as I went to my room ...the service boy came with a fresh set of towels and filled the MINI -BAR... and then before I could remove my socks... he said he can arrange gals for me ---{SEEING I WAS SINGLE!} Costs: TB-2000 -- For short time {2 hours}. After waving it down, it was agreed on 1500.

    I was in my room ...after 15 mins, I got a knock ...and I saw a beautiful Thai darling, aged 20--22. First thing I did was touch her pussy area to confirm she was a gal... She was shocked and thought I was desperate... Then, after confirming my doubt... I asked her to show up. Then she went to the bathroom and had a shower for 10 mins... Then, wrapped in the towel... she came out and sucked my dick in knee-elbow position. She seemed to be a pure-whore...then --- YOU MAY NOT BELIEVE IT --- I TAPED HER WHILE SHE DID ALL...then had sex ---- all ---69/ANAL, lick the bum and face-sitting---{THAI'S LIKE EVERYTHING}--JUST BE GENTLE WITH THEM.

    After about 1.5hrs, I came thrice ...and mind you, taped everything, and took about 50 pics of her on my digicam. I then paid her 200TB extra as taxi money. NOW COMES THE FUN PART .....YES, I PAID A TOTAL OF 1500+200 FOR SEX ---BUT I GOT ABOUT 3000 TB in cash for selling my pics {50} on the net! There are many sites who buy your snaps after seeing a preview..... Sorry, I could not make the tape sell, as it was below amateur stuff... I will post the snaps in the forum... after masking my pictures along with her....... THANKS FOR ALL HIGH LEVEL HELP!
    (Review # 12826)
  • Pattaya Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sat Oct 01 2005 Submitted by: Mike

    SABEE DEE ROOM : PATTAYA - Highly recommended... Great place with great babes. The staff here is very courteous and highly professional. The selection of girls and women is very good. The girls are neat, clean, and very gentle... treat them in good taste when indulging... else your country's reputation will be tarnished forever... they hate men from the Gulf... (reason is anybody's guess... circumsized bastards). The price for an Hr of Tub Bath / Soapy Massage on an air-mattress and BOOM BOOM Sex is 1600Bhat (40USD). Should you want a double whammy, the price is 3200 Bhat. Two women can be a lifetime experience... especially when they both give you a sandwich massage over an air-mattress with soap all around. It is simply great. The same thing in Bangkok will cost you over 2500 ~ 3500 Bhat and quality is not so good. (Review # 12778)
  • Pattaya Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sat Oct 01 2005 Submitted by: Mike

    Highly recommended... Great place with great babes. The staff here is very courteous and highly professional. The selection of girls and women is very good. The girls are neat, clean, and very gentle... treat them in good taste when indulging... else your country's reputation will be tarnished forever... They hate men from the Gulf... (reason is anybody's guess... circumsized bastards). The price for an Hr of Tub Bath / Soapy Massage on an air-mattress and BOOM BOOM Sex is 1600Bhat (40USD). Should you want a double whammy, the price is 3200 Bhat. Two women can be a lifetime experience... especially when they both give you a sandwich massage over an air-mattress with soap all around... It is simply great. The same thing in Bangkok will cost you over 2500 ~ 3500 Bhat and quality is not so good. (Review # 12777)
  • Other Dated Added: Tue Aug 16 2005 Submitted by: ThomGreene


    1. No. It does not neccesarily mean you are gay if you go for a ladyboy. You probably are attracted to them because they look like beautiful female runway models. They are usually much prettier, sexier and more fit than the regular girls. They give better blowjobs than chicks. However, if you really crave the ones with a dick and like to get funky with it, you can no longer call yourself totally straight. I happen to choose Katoeys (ladyboys) because I am almost 50 years old, a little heavy set, and it's as close as I can get to a real model type.

    2. Be careful.
    (2a). Being physically born a man, yet feeling like you're a woman, starts the cycle of mental problems they are prone to. They may be sweet at first, but can snap like dynamite for seemingly no reason at all. They can get violent, and can kick your ass. I've seen a guy get stomped and kicked bloody by a pack of them.
    (2b). Also be careful about diseases. Many of them see no future for themselves (Where do old ladyboys go? Have you ever seen one?) and therefore don't care about the same precautions for a wonderful future that we might.
    (2c). They are known for being pickpockets and thieves sometimes. Be aware, if they grab you in a crowd and feel you up.
    (2d). That being said, there are some quite normal seeming ones who are relatively non-problematic. At least on the outside.

    3. Where to find them. Nana Plaza has a few bars fully staffed by them: Cascade, Obsessions (might be closed now) and Casanova? You'll see plenty at the entrance to Nana at 1 or 2 am when the bars close. They all hang around looking for gig's. Patpong has 2 bars for them. Both are part of the Kings Group Entertainment company.

    4. The fake pussy:  Yes, some are cut and stitched up. Some better than others. Some you could never tell just by looking. But you will surely smell it. I almost never had a Thai girl's pussy smell, but the ladyboys' fake one just doesn't have the biological mechanisms to self-clean, and it can smell funky. Again, there are exceptions.

    5. What if you can't tell if a "girl" is really a girl or a ladyboy? Well, if you can't tell, what are you worried about? Have fun. That's it for now. Any questions? 
    (Review # 12464)
  • hatyai Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Jun 22 2005 Submitted by: singpin

    Hatyai is the major town in south Thailand, frequented by Singaporeans mainly because of easy access by road, and of course all Thailand offers. I have been a happy visitor there for 10 years now without being cheated till recently, and after a series of incidents I feel compelled to write this piece. After tsunami, I was duped into "saving" an orphaned young women from prostitution. I paid for her passport application and subsistance, vanished! Next trip, booked a woman; nice food drinks & disco later she claimed to get periods! Brothel owner promised replacent next visit, on next visit she refused. So booked a woman next door. Food drinks & disco , she had migraine, but left by 6 next morning; no sex! Fed up, next visit i telephoned a cute one in the same karokae and booked her for the next Saturday and sent her money by transfer. When I arrived there no responses to phone calls & smss, her mamasan says shes gone to Chiangmai. Excusable, but she has not replied to my smss for 6 weeks now. I dont think its chance occurences, Thais have started cheating, and anyway young women are hard to find in Hatyai now. Healthchecks are lax, and slowly HIV infected girls are back in trade is the new rumour. Insist on their healtcards. I wonder how the scene is in bangkok and pukhet. (Review # 11822)
  • Bangkok Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Feb 10 2005 Submitted by: Jack

    I was transiting in Bangkok for a night on my way to Japan. Having heard so much about the place, I wanted to have some action without fussing or wasting time. Got off the airport, a bit of wait in the queue to get stamped (I did not need a visa). Out of the immigration 30 min after landing, entered the arrivals area.


    Found two or three counters marketing travel packages and talked to a lady in one of the private operations. She worked out a deal for 50usd included airport transfers both ways, a guide to accompany for the next 6 hours and a car with driver. She also told me that I would be taken to a line up to choose what every man wants. The site seeing was pretty dull, and to cut a long story short, I ended up at the line up (Happy House)at around 7 pm. My guide was very helpful and there were 20 odd girls of all sizes and shapes includes some veterans dressed in evening gowns. One caught my eye straight away, around 4'2", size 6, good tits and a great smile. I picked her up for the whole nite for 2500 B. My guide women suggested that I take one more for another 1500 and I looked again to find a tallish, well built, 26 year old with a great body and a smile. Darkish and not the most perfect of faces but she looked very happy.


    The 4 of us went to have dome dinner in a steak house and the food was excellent and the girls were really pleased. We chatted and decided to go to the hotel. 500B each for the driver and guide to part us. The guide was tempting and we asked her to join in. She finally decided to go. I had my arms around each girl for 45 min drive back and the girls were more than happy to kiss and caress all the way back. In the hotel, the girls stripped, cleaned themselves and when the tall one was in, I was working on the petite. She was hot and wet and wanted it straight away. She gave me a a blow job with a condom but I was very errect by then and started reaming her tight pussy in two positions and let her ride me for a while. Just then the tall one, Runa, walked out of the bath room and the petite was feeling shy and asked her not to come out. It was too late and I invited Runa to join the fun. She jumped in and showed her great arse and I immediately wanted to ride her. She politely pointed to my condom and I dutifully changed to a new condom.


    Got into her and gave it to her in doggie style. I came for the first time in about 30 min and I can see that the petite, Kai was horny now. We chatted for 20 min or so and Runa would not stop talking. The girls had a Thai/English translating gadget and we were laughing around finding words. I was still fondling both heavily and the petite got mine up. After trying out a couple of positions, I started some serious sex and the room boy knocked. So, I took the petite to the bath room and made her sit on the marble wash and fucked her standing. She seemed thrilled and started moaning with closed eyes. Then I brought her back to the bed, lifted her legs and started reaming her deep. She was moaning heavily and Runa was licking my balls. Then I got the petite on doggie style and rammed her deep for about 10 min and she was grunting and moaning and when I came she just collapsed on the pillow.


    Later on she told me that she was VERY HAPPY. More chatting, and some coffee and scotch, we both started working on chattering Runa. We both fondled her tits and then I mounted her from the side. Went steadily for eternity and she for once went quiet. The petite was rubbing my back and carressing my whole body. And, after a while, I got Runa on doggie and started slapping and the sound of flesh was really erotic. The petite stood behind me and her pussy was slammed into my back while I was slapping harder and harder into Runa. Finally I came and we all got into one blanket and took some rest. The girls then sat up, and cut my nails and polished me off with some cream and every thing. It was 1:30 in the morning and they said good bye, took 1000B and left the room with out any fuss. Both wrote their cell numbers and cards and it was a satisfying evening. There was no problems with the hotel and I got my plane at 7 am. It was Thai air and I had the opportunity to taste the great thai hospitality one more time - sex. Overall, it was a great 8 hours for 55 USD. Great place folks, great folks...

    (Review # 10976)
  • Bangkok + Phuket Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Jan 25 2005 Submitted by: SpinningAway

    Thanks all for the helpful information ! This site really rules. I was in Thailand in december 2002 and I’m sorry to post my experience just now. But I’m sure that there aren’t changes in the scene there. I spent three days in Bangkok and sixteen in Phuket. All the spots mentioned in this site are good and if you want some specific info about a particular spot have a look at those sites:


    There are a lot of them but now I forgot some…sorry. My prefered spot is “Edenclub”. It is in Sukhumvit Soi 7/1 just off the Skytrain station. Someone said a lot of bad words about this place but I want to assure all of you: it’s a little bit expensive (1900 baht each girl – minimum 2 – 90 minutes) than the go-go bars, streethookers or beerbars but IT WORTHS ALL THE F***ING MONEY !!! Trust me.


    Phuket: If you want something you have to stay in Patong Beach. The other beaches are wonderful but, at night, there is nothing. Patong rules. There’s not a particular spot to mention because at night the girls are all over the Bangla road and some other smaller areas. Suggestion: take a room on the beach road and enjoy your stay (late morning sun and swim on the beach – evening a good but light dinner in a good restaurant like “Roma” – soi Post Office – and night spend with a few beers, lot of friends and the girl or girls you desire) Sounds good ?

    (Review # 10894)
  • Thailand Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Jan 03 2005 Submitted by: Mr. Robin

    Thailand ??? NEP ??? Beautiful Girls ??? Shame and Shame!!! Do you believe good sex exists in Thailand? Totally false. I have just visited Thailand for seven days. I stayed in Nana Hotel and checked Nana Entertainment Plaza and some places in Shukumvit area. All were rubbish. All girls are ugly and 100% professional prostitutes. Very few girls can speak in English. Never go to Thailand for sex. (Review # 10793)
  • Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Sep 04 2004 Submitted by: spinningaway

    Thanks all for the helpful information! This site really rules.

    I was in Thailand in december 2002 and I’m sorry I could only post my experience just now. But I’m sure that there aren’t changes in the scene there. I spent three days in Bangkok and sixteen in Phuket.


    There are a lot of spots, but I forgot some…sorry. My prefered spot is “Edenclub”. It is in Sukhumvit Soi 7/1 just off the Skytrain station. Someone said a lot of bad words about this place but I want to assure all of you: it’s a little bit expensive (1900 baht each girl – minimum. 2 – 90 minutes) than the go-go bars, streethookers or beerbars but IT WORTHS ALL THE F***ING MONEY !!! Trust me.

    Phuket: If you want something, you have to stay in Patong Beach. The other beaches are wonderful but, at night, there is nothing. Patong rules. There’s not a particular spot to mention because at night the girls are all over the Bangla road and some other smaller areas.

    Suggestion: take a room on the beach road and enjoy your stay (late morning sun and swim on the beach – evening a good but light dinner in a good restaurant like “Roma” – soi Post Office – and night spend with few beers, lot of friends and the girl or girls you desire).

    (Review # 10043)
  • Danok Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Aug 18 2004 Submitted by: Landlord

    Danok is full of scams these days. Be careful and don't fall into the pimps as well as the girls' traps. They ask for the money up-front. After that they come up with all sorts of excuses to short-change or even worse, dump the customers. Heard so much about it recently and still got stung.


    It was a week-night, the town looked somewhat less busy. The pimp showed me the girls in my hotel room. I picked the only gorgeous young thing. She appeared very friendly but language was a huge barrier. Next she explained she needed to go back to the establishment and pack for her over-night stay. Then she never showed up. I called the pimp and he said he could do nothing except to offer me the same batch and he refused to show a new batch.


    I insisted on the chosen one and he hung up. End of story and the money gone. Lesson to learn: Never hand over the cash until the girl is inside the room with you and never let her leave the room for clothes or meals or emergency or any reason, except when you are done with her.


    Since when did happy hours become so watchful and hectic? Can Danok survive the popularity it has been receiving in recent years in the midst of these scams introduced rampantly by a minority but short-sighted culprit traders? My circles, one by one, are moving their happy hours to somewhere else, like Haadyai, Medan, Batam, China, Macau (glad that air-fares are much more affordable now) etc. And I suggest they clean up their streets and re-build their good names first before we consider spending money in their facilities again.

    (Review # 9898)
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