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  Taipei (18)
  • Southern Taiwan Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Nov 09 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    It's Nov 2008 and if you come to Taiwan, you probably know the cost of living is competitive with US, Japan and metro-China. So, the price you are paying for sex here is still very competitive. Of course, you will rarely find, like China, lays for $20USD an hour. Expect to pay from $33 USD for 15 minutes to $100 USD for 50 minutes.

    To find girls for $33 USD/15 minutes - they are usually in a certain secluded street in a not so big town. They are dumps, hole-in-the wall type of establishments, lined up one next to another, very dimly lit so you must walk around to check them out close-n-personal. Here, there are about 3-4 girls that will stand near the front. Most of them are average 5-6 in looks with a few standouts 7-8 in looks. Ages range from 25-35. Most of them have very nice & petite bodies. Again, these places are hard to find. I've been here a year and have only found two of them (Huwei & Donshih). There are at least dozens of them spreadout in Taiwan.

    For the big 3 (Taipei, Taichung & Kaohsiung) - you will be paying $100USD/hr to $300USD+/night. If you don't have time, all I know is that most of the less glamerous hotels near the railroads are your best chances for finding sex. If you are traveling alone, the desk will often call you to ask you if you need a massage. To make sure they do, you should ask them if they offer in-room massage (code word for sex) before checking in. Most of the places do NOT encourage shopping. There are alot of pressure for you to choose within three girls. I've been cursed at a few times because I just couldn't find myself to do it with the girls they've offered.

    There are hot girls for good price in Taiwan but you must put in the time to find them - otherwise, pay upwards of $4500 NT/hr in big cities. Taiwanese girls are not as stuck up as before. Of course, you will find your typical no sex before marriage type of gals, but they are becoming rarer. I've met two girls on SKYPE/MSN that ended up in girlfriend/boyfriend type of relationship without having to pay for it. But you still are paying for the room, movies, dinner ... I think most of the Taiwanese girls doing it are doing it to get out of some debt. It is considered disgraceful to ask their parents for help, so they have no other way. I've met many that are currently teachers, office-secretaries, etc, that has never done this before (so they say). And I'm currently dating a 24 year old girl that I met at a massage parlor. I'm not saying she quit for me, but I do help her pay some of her bills ($300USD a month) so she doesn't have so much pressure to go back. She has a daytime job working in a dermatologist and I spent almost every night with her so I think she is just like a girlfriend.
    (Review # 25160)
  • Koashung Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Sep 23 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    Been in Taiwan for over 50 trips usually on business and all. I'm always in the major cities: Taipei (capital), Tachung (middle part, second in city-like), and Koashung (southern port; 3rd city like). Tapei (stayed at 5 or 6 star hotel) in city. NO prostitutes here. All are at KTVs (these days) and they run $300 US or more. No kidding. But they are very pretty and lots of drinking, but the alcohol is very overpriced.


    Massage parlors are there, but you'll be finding 5-7 looking girls. Koasung is different. A place which was Jurassic, then Tower, and is now a Japanese named is still there. It is on Jung Hwa Road. It's still a good place to PICK UP girls. There's some who will prostitute, but the price is 8000nt to 10000 nt (300 US to 450 US). Those are very expensive. Around that area, there is LAMP. It is a discotech and good for picking up girls. Again, you'll have to use your charms, but there will be some who sell, but at 5000nt to whatever.


    Shopping for 9 to 10 looking are there, but scarce. Massage Parlours are dwindling. I think there are a few in Jiu Roo Road as some have already mentioned. But they don't prostitute. They're legit Massages now. It's 2007 ppl. Hotels on 3rd floors up are a good bet. Those are pretty shady and require you to go up the elevator. There a guy/mamasan will ask and you'll have to say "resting - siu see" That means you wanna rent the room for 2 or 3 hours without staying overnight. After a few min, they'll ask you if you’d like a girl (3000nt to 5000 nt ; 140 US to 180 US).


    Girls most likely will be from china. You'll get a choice, if you like, ok. If not, pick again. Pick within 3, ok? These are only in the downtown area. Like Liu He Night Market (the street) or between Liu He Road and Chi Sien Road. There's Shangri La at Sing Je Jiang (ask for President's Pink Department Store). Again, this is a Dance Hall and girls will be 5000nt up. Go, dance, and haggle.


    Again, a pick up place, so don't expect a free ride without using your charm. As for sex in gen. the Taiwanese are stuck up and very hard to get a good romp. Most prostitutes are from China and it's seemed below Taiwanese standards to do what they do. So if you want all those juicy acts and stories, you won't get it. Taiwanese are expensive (cause of the culture and economics) and you'll most likely get a straight lay only or with a condom BJ. I've had over 20 experiences because I make good money. Trust me. But the girls are 8 to 9 looking so that's good, huh? Well, ok, it's over-rated. I'd offer some Tea Shops too. Those are 600nt (20 bucks) to get in and you can touch the girl while she makes your tea in a dark small room. You can touch top and bottom, but no sex. If you want it, its 2000- 3000nt (70-100 bucks US).

    The girls are true prostitutes and as expected, around a 5 to 7.5 looking and 26 years old and up. Not much to write home about, because you're in a small room, you do it, and it's over. No massage, no nothing. But as far as I know, there are 2 like this and I don't recall what street they're on. Sorry. Hope I helped. Taiwan is very expensive and the sex trade is getting so depressing. Most are traveling out and most places are getting raided. China girls are doing this and their pimps ask for a large amount of money (more than China, HK, Macau, or Singapore). And the Taiwanese ones are so pompous that they charge a lot yet deliver the least. I've had them. I often satisfied myself a few times after they left just thinking of them. They're delicious, but they lay like a gf, no adventurism whatsoever.

    (Review # 20837)
  • Kaohsiung Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Apr 26 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    Spent several months in Taiwan (Feb 2007 - April 2007). Depends on where you are, the girls in big cities (Kaohsiung, Taipei, TaiChung) are usually prettier and younger than country side, but they also cost more ($2300 NT to $3500 NT for 50 min of full service or $70 - $120).

    Barber shops and beauty salons are everywhere in Taiwan. If you can't find any action, just look for the darker and seedier shops with the spinning barber posts. If the establishments are well-lit and polished, and you are greeted with girls/guys that are dressed up in business type attire, it is probably straight massage and expects hand-job at most. BTW, Handjobs cost about $1500 NT (inclusive) for 90 minutes, you can get away with $1000 NT for 60 minutes. Price for straight massage runs from $600 NT on the cheaper side up to $1000 NT per hour.

    For full service (Chen Bao), it costs anywhere from $1600-$2300 NT (countryside) to $2300 NT - $3500 NT (high quality city girls) for 50 minutes. If they quote you $2500, you usually can get away with $2300 or try $2100. These places are easy to spot - they are almost always dark inside with spinning red/white barber posts. Some may not have those. From my experience, the big cities are your best bet for best looking and youngest girls. I was in the countryside for several months, while cheaper, none can match up in terms of looks and youth. Most of the working girls are from China and Vietnam.

    The downside is that you will not get to see most of the girls that they offer - I think it is illegal for them to parade girls like that. The mamasan (usually a guy) will take you to a dark room and a girl will come to the room, and you must make a decision in a few seconds, which is hard to do in a dim-lit room. While some establishments will let you see many girls (1 by 1) until you find the one you like, most will get irritated after you pass on the 3rd or 4th girl.

    In Kaohsiung Railrod station, there are tons of establishments near hotels that offer full service. Be careful of the street action, you may pay a little less ($1600 - $2000 NT) and you probably will get what you want, but you are taking a chance of getting ripped off. One time I was quoted $2000 NT and I after arriving at the place, at first, I thought the girl looked decent - and he forced me to give him the money before I can make up my mind (at establishments, you pay after). But upon closer look, I changed my mind. He wouldn't give me the $2000 NT back. Luckily I started arguing in front of his store, he looked like he wanted to beat me up, but finally gave me $1500 NT back and kept $500 NT. So, it could've easily ended a lot worse. I wouldn't try them again given that there are better looking girls in a safer environment. But you may have better luck.

    The hotel-escort type girls are usually better than the barber/beauty shops. TO find them, exit Kaohsiung station and head straight down the big road in the direction of the freeway underpass. The first big street you encounter will be (Ba Der Rd. spelling??), there is a Watson shop on the corner. If you make a right, you will see a hotel right away. There should be a sign for 6F and 8F written in Chinese. Those types of sign are what you are looking for - they are escort/hotel type of girls. You can take the elevator up to either floor and they operate 24 hours a day. The prices here is about $2300 NT for normal and $2700 NT for model quality. The girls range 7 - 9 in looks and body and between 20 to 25, some look younger. You can usually take these girls to a nearby hotel if you don't like the dumpy place they offer. Hotels are really cheap around the railroad station. Short time rentals can be had for around $300 NT (3 hours) and $650 NT per day for a decent room. Best bet is to rent a nice hotel ($1200 NT a day) and then go hunting.

    From the station, if you go down one more street (Chi Sian Rd), and make a left, you will soon see many more of these types of hotel-escort places. They usually have 3F, 12F written under the sign, pointing you to which floor to go up to. If it says KTV in the sign, it means Karaoke = cost more because you have to pay whole bunch of house fees before you will get any action, unless you like to sing. I've never been to those, but I'm sure you can get anything you want, but why not just go to the escort/hotel places and save the fees.

    There is also a night market nearby the station. Called LiuHer (spelling?). Great place to find cheap, fresh eats and it opens until 5 am. Just be careful when you walk around that area at night. There are always guys on scooter in the nearby streets asking if you want girls. I strongly recommend you to stay away if you are not familiar with the area or language.
    (Review # 18511)
  • Taoyuan Street Action Dated Added: Wed Apr 25 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    Taoyuan is close to Taipei, about 40 minutes by train, and has some decent options for Taiwan. When you exit the train station, walk straight up Zhongzhen (spelled Jungjen there) road until you reach a big temple in the middle of the road. There are a few girls walking around the temple and they can be had for about 1500NT, plus the cost of a hotel, which runs no more than 400NT.

    There are also "barber shops" (the touts will offer "Ma Sha Ji", Chinese for "horse kills chicken"), which cost about 3000 dollars including a lousy massage, past the temple to the left of Zhongzhen road. These can easily be recognized by the barber poles and the aggressive touts. After you're finished and wish to return to Taipei, a cab ride should cost between 600-800 NT.
    (Review # 18488)
  • Taipei Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Nov 14 2006 Submitted by: Jack

    Taiwan is really great for sex. I went there before 2003 and had many great night with Taiwanese bitches. Taiwanese women are known for their tight pussies & assholes & throats. I fucked them so hard and they all cried so loud. During the time I visited Taiwan, it was so cheap... I didn't have to pay a big amount of money. It's about $100/a night. (Review # 16324)
  • Jiaosi, I-lan Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Oct 03 2006 Submitted by: Retired but still horny as hell

    With regards to the post for this location dated 18 Nov 2004 - - This place sounds a lot like a place I visited often while stationed further down the island at Tainan Air Station from 1962-64. I got up to Taipei regularly by taking a Chinese Air Force flight that made the trip to Taipei and back a few times a week - believe it or not, it was an ANCIENT C-46! Most everyone called it the "May-o Guan-Shi airlines" (i.e, "No sweat Airlines"). When I was visiting this place it was known as Shin Pei-to and was full of hot spring hotels - the same thing occurred - as soon as you checked in, mama-san would ask if you wanted company - being in my teens at the time, you better believe I did! After 15-20 minutes she would reappear with a line-up of 5 or 6 girls and it was choice time. If there were none to strike my fancy she would shoo them out and in a bit there was a totally different line-up. I soon discovered all the girls I had seen riding on the back of motorcycles going up and down the road through Pei-to where the working girls. I can't remember the prices but, considering it was in the 60's it was dirt cheap. After changing into robes it was down to the baths. The first time, being totally ignorant about hot springs I jumped right into the bath after she soaped me down and rinsed me off - very bad mistake! It was so fucking hot that I jumped out and discovered I was as red as a cooked lobster, and felt the same way - muchto the amusement of my nei-san for the night. After easing into the bath slowly - and a good long soak with her playing with me under the water it was a quick run back to the room for the sex - everything and anything I wanted. After sex it was back down to the baths again - the one thing I remember is that the baths had a recuperative power. Back to the room - knock another off and back to the baths. Back to the room, etc., etc., all night long. In 40 years of service I was fortunate to by stationed or posted to Taiwan, Vietnam (just in time for TET!), Korea and Thailand (7 years) and have visited Cambodia and the Philippines. In all the countries I worked in or visited, Shin Pei-to was the wildest. (Review # 15803)
  • Jiaosi, I-lan Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Nov 18 2004 Submitted by: Tu Bao

    Hey...I can't believe I haven't read any posts about this place...Jiaosi (that's how they spell it in Taiwan--it's actually pronounced Jiao-sheeeeeee), is off the railroad just before you hit the bigger cities, Yilan (or I-lan) and Luodong in I-lan county. Jiaosi is famous for its many hotsprings and girls. The place is literally crawling with hotels advertising hot springs baths (nice in winter). Once you get in, they will ask if you want a girl to "pei ni sheee-zao" (help you shower). Once you say's on.


    It'll cost you between 1500 and 2000 NT (45-50 American $) for full service, but don't go over that. Of course, try to bargain, and insist on choosing your girl...If you can, request a a "Da Lu Mei" (which means "Mainland Beauty"), those are the hot young ones that come over to earn some cash, and tend to be better looking than their Taiwanese counterparts, many of whom are old and faded. I don't know how many of you will make it there, but Jiaosi (about an hour and a half outside of Taipei) is definitely worth the trip...and the ride...

    (Review # 10488)
  • Taichung Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Aug 15 2004 Submitted by:

    Hi everyone, this is my first post, since I got so much helpful info from here, I thought I would try and give something back. I went to Taichung for the weekend and the taxi driver that took me to the hotel all of a sudden just asked me, if I needed a massage. I said sure, yeah, of course, so he kept on talking and everything.


    He then explained the deal, that it would cost 7500 NT (around 150 $) of massage and special service. I asked what he meant with the special service and he said, well bj and 69 of course. I said well, thats a bit expensive, so he dropped it to 5000 NT (120 $).


    In the evening, he picked me up and shipped me to this massage parlour where I was given a nice private chamber. A cute girl then came, we showered, she gave me a great massage and the special service was fantastic. She asked me if I wanted anal, but since I am not into it much, I just continued the regular ways.

    (Review # 9864)
  • Kaohsiung Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Jun 05 2004 Submitted by: Pete

    A lot of action in the numerous KTVs on Jo riu Street..starting from McDonald's right till the Train Station. Cost is NT$ 2000. Don't pay more. The girls are rarely younger than 25. If you speak Chinese you might try to ask for outcountry girls..especially from China, Vietnam. They are relatively younger and usually reserved for VIP clientele. You might end up paying more. Otherwise Kaohsiung has become as boring as ever :( Jurassic has changed to Tower and even JD's does not exist any more. On my way to Kenting I saw all these beautiful "Beetlenut" girls. They sit behind glass and sell anythning from water to cigarettes. Some of them are drop dead georgeous. Next time I might approach them..but I will not know what to say ;) Any Chinese John reading this..can he advice me ? (Review # 9252)
  • Kaohsiung Travel Report Dated Added: Sun May 02 2004 Submitted by: Pete

    Was back in Kaohsiung on business. This place changes every year ! Old places close and new ones come up. Honk Tonk near the President Department store... Cover NT $ 500 all you can drink... The later it gets the more drunk the chinese girls get and the easier it is to pick them up. Jurassic has been replaced by TOWER. I have not been inside. Alice has opened a bar called The shy dog. Nice girls. Montana hires Philipina girls and they are all eager for you to buy them a drink.

    The best place to be is still Pig and Whistle. Ladies night and Weekends are the best. Kaohsiung has lost its charm and so has most of Taiwan. I prefer China :)
    (Review # 8986)
  • Kaohsiung Other Dated Added: Sun Dec 01 2002 Submitted by: pete

    ~~~~~~This is an update on Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Beware of drinking and driving. The cops have become increasingly hard and even foreigners are not spared. Don't try the old trick."Sorry, I speak no Chinese" it does not work anymore.~~

    ~~"Sexy" has closed down. Jurassic Park has become a haven for drug abuse and even DNA is filled with drunk Englsh teachers. ~~But here is the good news; try JDLondon Pub. It is close to the one and only Citibank outlet in Kaohsiung and the bar girls are pretty cute. They dance on the bar counter for you !!! A very new addition is Honky Tonk just across the street from Mamamia and "Passion" on Linsen Road. No 165.~~The scene on Wufu 4th Street has undergone a change too. Try Alices Pub. Nice girls and a lively atmosphere. And yes, if you are ready to get ripped off,walk into "Oh la la" ~~

    ~~Pig and Wistle on Suwei Road is a good bet. Sunday is foreigners night and the bar girls are pretty nice too. It is up to you to strike up a conversation.~~

    ~~Apart from this if you are really looking for a "hot" encounter you will need a Chinese speaking friend to go with you. Believe me..some of the KTVs in the city have an amazing array of girls as young as maybe 16. They sing with you and sit on your lap and the list goes on and on. This can get pretty expensive. A night at such a KTV can run way over Us$ 400..but worth a "once in a lifetime" experience.~~

    ~~Enjoy life, guys !!!!~~ (Review # 6484)

  • Taipei Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Sep 20 2002 Submitted by: andy

    I was out in Taipei to visit a karaoke bar. First we had to wait to get one of the "rooms". Finally we got and the signing was on. So there were different girls coming in every 15 min singing for us and demanding an equaly expesive tip.

    After about 2 hours we left the place and find out that the girls were willing to join us for about US$100. Some of us made the deal and went back to their hotel. From what I have heard the girls used every exuse to get away. so be careful. (Review # 6171)

  • Taipei Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Aug 25 2002 Submitted by: Rob

    Went to Taiwan on a business trip. I bought the local newspaper and found a dozen ads for escort services. I picked a number and called. A lady answered the phone and when I told her what I am looking for she said $150 for an hour. I bargained and dropped the price to $100.

    Half an hour later a young, petite girl knocked on my door and from the first moment asked for the money and started to undress. She was 20 or 21 years old with a body of 7 at most. Good tip here to everyone: you should bargain, start by offering $80 you may get away with it. (Review # 6009)

  • Kaohsiung Travel Report Dated Added: Thu May 30 2002 Submitted by: pete

    Why pay for sex..when you can get it for free !!!! This is my policy in life and I am usually successful. I am a 27 year old male(goodlooking !!) and I was in Kaohsiung recently. For anybody of you looking to make some easy money, teaching English at "bushibans" is a good alternative. ~~

    ~~Don't worry if you do not speak a word of Chinese, because once the night sets in, Kaohsiung, all aglow in neon, is yours. Remember I mentioned "free sex". The numerous discotheques in the city are the best watering holes. ~~For example try "Jurassic Park" in the heart of the city. On weekends the cover is NT$ 450(US$ 13) which includes a free drink. I guess Tuesday was ladies night, but the good part is that if you are a white male you stand a good chance of getting hooked up. Now I am not speaking about hookers, but very normal girls like the ones we see every day. Taiwanese girls are very shy when it comes to speaking English, but they want to, so desperately. They fantasize of having a "foreign" boyfriend. ~~

    ~~I spotted a petite girl in a group(Taiwanese always dance in groups !!) who kept on glancing at me with an occasional smile. I discovered my chance and just joined in the dancing not very far from her. At some stage the "boys" of the group ( note. Taiwanese men go to the the WC in groups too !!!) had to answer the call of nature and left. I wasted no time and struck up a conversation, asking her her name and what she did. It worked !! We were dancing together for the rest of the evening, and she did not bother to go back to her "group" again. We did not have sex the very same night but the next two weeks (my entire stay in Kaohsiung) were spent in heaven with "Eden". (That was her name..most Taiwanese have a double English name). She was 20 and wanted to study at a US University. Her dream was to become a fashion designer. ~~

    ~~Other places to check out are Rock 22 in the Hai Lai Hotel, DNA, (supposed to have an Irish/ Australian/Canadian ??? management), Sexy at the Grand Formosa, and Pig and Whistle on Wufu Road. Apart from this there are numerous bars on Wufu 4th Street where the barwoman herself is "willing" to go with you !!!(Montana Bar off Wufu Road)~~

    ~~If you believe in paying money..then try walking into the numerous Barber shops at "every" corner of this sprawling city...and be at a risk of being refused because you are a foreigner(AIDS !!!) and/or the doorman does not speak English. Try taking a Chinese speaking companion with you. It is difficult to recommend any good one because most of these places have absolutely no English name but there is one on Santou Road very close to the Linden Hotel where I was staying which charges a flat fee of NT$ 1500(US$ 45)for an all inclusive service. The girls are rarely under 25 but a good value for the money. Barber shops can be identified by the revolving neon signs, a symbolic butterfly like a man who hops from "flower" to "flower".~~

    ~~Patience is a virtue and if you have charm and are able to make both of these work for you, then you never ever have to pay a single dime for a "one-night-stand"~~Good luck !!!~~
    (Review # 5553)
  • Kaohsiung Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Nov 17 2001 Submitted by:

    Long time reader and first time poster. ~~

    ~~The local market is dominated by girls from China. And the service is available in almost all hotels, except the 5 stars ones. ~~

    ~~It's not hard to find them. Check in to a hotel and the servants in every floor, mostly women in their late 30 or early 40, would ask you if you want some special service. If you said yes, they will bring you girls with in 10 to 20 minutes. Don't be afraid to be picky and reject if you don't see what you like. The servant lady would bring better ones if you are picky. Just don't reject more than 3 times. ~~

    ~~Most girls are young, from 18 to 26 and attractive. They would come in, give you a shower (don't turn this down!), and proceed to give you a blow job. Then, the real sex. ~~

    ~~It costs about USD$90~150 for 40 minutes. If you are quoted more than $150, bargain! ~~~~
    (Review # 4618)
  • Kaohsiung Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Sep 02 2001 Submitted by: The Kaohsiung Dog

    I just finished reading the report for the city Kaohsiung and checked the map. The place in that story is not too far from the night market called "Liu Ho Night Market." So you can tell the cab driver to go to his Chung Hua Road or "Liu Ho Yeh Shi" The night market is a lively place, selling the latest DVD releases, frog meat and some small time gambling. Most of the visitors there are city workers but very friendly and cheerful. They are there for a good time anyway. The place I am going to recommend is near the market. The market is 3 blocks long with an east-west orientation. The place is near the east end in a well lit alley. It is called "Jen Jen". You have to take the elevator to the third floor and the manager will be there to greet you. He would ask, "Have you been here before?" You don't have to say yes. He would lead you through a maze like passage way, through a fake hotel room and enter through a door on the side wall. A very neat design. I guess it is to keep the cops confused. But who knows. The cops might know these secret doors better than I do. He led me to a room and left with my order.
    ~~A knock on the door. There stood a thin lady. She nodded and smiled. "Hi, you need to undress and take a shower. And I will be right back." By the time I was done with the shower and wrapped in a towel, she came in and started doing her routine, the shower. I was lying in bed when she got out of the shower and wrapped in a towel. "Could you roll over on your stomach?" I obliged. She started giving a good massage. I told her I was getting old and enjoyed a good massage as much as a good sex. She giggled and applied more force to my back and worked really hard over my calf. Then she came close to my ear and whispered, "Turn over." After a wonderful blowjob, I eased into her while her breasts pressed against my chest. The rigidity that the Viagra I had taken made my penis very sensitive with each stroke. I turned her over and doggied her. Her white back and ass was a beautiful sight. I offered the manager the US$100 and offer her a US$25 tip. The manager hollered, "Twenty five dollar tip for the girl." while the girl was smiling by the door of the elevator.
    (Review # 4264)
  • Taichung Other Dated Added: Wed Nov 22 2000 Submitted by: Local guy

    Hi,there, As being a Taiwanese, I would like to contribute some info regarding some interesting activity in Taichung, the center of Taiwan.

    1. Little Stickers: What is that? you may ask. well, in the center of this city, if you park your car on the road side for one hour or two at night, when you return to your car, you will find those little stickers (flyers) with a telephone number, and you dial up, someone will access the phone and direct you to the location service including Nude Bathe, finger and tongue massage, BJ (with rubber) and straight, 50 minutes, and the girl is young, (have not found any older than 25), price: about NT 3,000 ( a bit less than 100 US)

    2. Sauna Club: You will enter to a massive spa area, enjoy the spa and jaccuzi, sauna...(by yourself), then when you enter the second floor, some guy will approach you to ask if you would like to have a "oily massage", (of course they speak Mandarin only) and say yes, you will enter a discreet room with a massage bed, a girl will come for service. Service is the same, be noted Chinese girl does not do anal, price is 4200 NT (140 US) (one hour special service and you can stay in the sauna for as long as 8 hours, even free supper at night), girls there a bit older but skillful, but no one older than 30.

    3. Call girl: Don't try it, my advice

    4. Club girl: These girls are the best, mostly beautiful and sexy, and willing, but expect to spend up to USD 400 for a whole night.

    5.Massage parlour: Well, unless you are in desperate and trying to save money, price: NT 2500~3000, (80~100 USD)
    happy fuck; Local guy
    (Review # 2337)

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