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  • Ormoc Strip Club Review Dated Added: Tue Nov 18 2008 Submitted by: KennyB

    Ormoc has two go-go bars. Both are upstairs establishments. I don't remember the name, but all you have to do is ask. It was good fun, but pay as you go where ever you are. It avoids arguements. The girls in this place are nice looking. Maybe a couple of 9's and the rest are 5,6,7 and a few 8's.

    You can take them to your hotel or they have a pension house close by as well. The price is about the same as Cebu. 1700 pesos inclused the tip and barfine, but the girls drinks are Makati priced, 300 pesos. So if you find yourself in Ormoc, there is pussy to be had in the go-go bars. The disco's are only open on the weekend and they still dont bring in much business let a lone girls. 
    (Review # 25210)
  • Manila Other Dated Added: Thu Nov 13 2008 Submitted by: Brook

    I have just read the review about Mactan Island, Cebu Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Aug 30 2004 Submitted by: David C - what he says goes for most of Philippines.

    When I went out to Ph the first time I paid for bar fines, hotel porters and girls and had a great time, but when I added it all up including the airfares/hotels etc I might as weel have paid for sex at home (London).

    But I met a 24yo girl in my second week there and I was better than Brad Pitt to her. She seemed proud to be my girlfriend - a feeling I haven't had in years - and yes I have a beer belly, I'm 46, wear glasses, diabetic and balding. I did give her money and spent a fair bit on her I guess (maybe £150 - say $300) but for that I had 5 days of sex sex sex. We fucked and when I couldn't do it anymore (I am diabetic - as I said) she was happy to suck me off for ages and ages.

    We hired a car for a day and she had her hand (or even her head in my open pants) almost all the time that I was drivin. I didn't ask for anal because I didn't want to push my luck but on the third day she offered it! But early on she did start asking about my ex-wife and would I like a new wife...... I saw where this was going and said "maybe" which I suppose kept her on the hook. When I left I gave her £50/$100 and she was delighted.

    We exchanged Yahoo Messenger addresses but in view of her 'new wife' line I decided to tell her I had taken up with someone in London and we didn't chat again.

    So since I have gone out there twice more on the same basis as my second week - I haven't paid for a bargirl or street girl since. The last time I found a nice little trick - I went onto a webcam site for Filipino girls. I had the choice of loads of amazing girls and presampled what they were prepared to do - you find out their limits that way. Then we exchanged e-mails or YM - I told them when I was coming out to Philippines and had 5 days with three separate girls on my last visit. You have to chose different cities - you don't want an encounter with the girlfriend you have promised yourself to a few days before. You will have to look a long way anywhere before you find a girl willing to let you do some of the more extreme things but this way it is easy because you know before you ever go out there - I have done things I only ever thought I would see in porn movies.

    Just never never never say you won't consider marriage but for heaven's sake treat them well otherwise. Come on - you can spend £80/$150 on a resturant meal for two in the west, but give it to your temporary 'wife' in the Philippines and see her eyes light up like she's won the lottery - its another good feeling to have. If you want a girl who will probably fuck/suck well enough, you can spend your stay searching for, haggling with and paying for the bar girl of your choice (and her pimp), but if you want anything more than that do it my way. Oh - did I mention - Fillipina girls are the prettiest girls in the world? You need a whole different scale for them - 1 to 10 just isn't enough.

    (Review # 25182)
  • Moalboal Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Dec 23 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    Hi, I've to the Philippines four times in the last year, and think the girls out there are a lot better looking than their Thai cousins and a lot cheaper! Done Angeles city twice, lots of bars, lots of girls, I found the going rate was 1000 to 1500 (beware, the bar find over there also includes the girls money, so no need to tip, but I do). Stayed in Cebu city once and found it a bit of a none starter, the taxi tuck me to a rip off joint, but I could see it before I got out of my taxi, a quick argument and the table price was dropped but the drinks were still too much.

    Ended up in a nice go go bar and paid 2000 which seems to be the going rate there. Done a little scuba diving place further down the Island called Moalboal 3 times now! The first night walked into the bar and soon found my self buy the cheapest drinks in the world and behind me 4 young local girls looking into the back of me.

    Asked the bar owner about bar fines and hit a brick wall, just didn’t know what the hell I was going on about, turned the nicest girl (18 and the owners niece) showed her 500 and said my hotel room, before I could finish she had snatched out of my hands and was leading me away. Got very upset 3 nights later when I went with another girl. Since then I just meet local girls in what ever walk of life they are and off to take them for a meal (very cheap there!) and get what I want for free. 

    (Review # 22171)
  • Manila Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Oct 12 2007 Submitted by: Enjoy a good time

    I am traveling for more than 20 years to the Philippines and know the country and the attitude of the people there very well. However I have to say the Philippines are going down the hill if it comes to nice and easy sex. This time I had to stay in Manila for two weeks and was looking forward to some good time. So I went to the Pasay Entertainment Complex opposite the Heritage Hotel. First bar to hit were Firehouse with many girls at stage. However girls do not mind you much unless you are Japanese. The girls are very much self-centered and it seems that they do not care for business.

    My buddy from Singapore thought it might be a good idea to ask the help of the Mamasan to pick a girl. So he picked a girl from stage and the girl was seated next to him. First thing to buy a lady’s drink of course. The girl even did not bother to talk to him and seemed mentally very fare away. Next place was Cotton Club, which was before an easy going place. However this time same thing as in the Firehouse. They had plenty ugly girls on stage which one would even not take for a free ride. However even they did not give a dam to smile at least.

    Again the beautiful ones just pay attention to Japanese customers. Finally we moved on to the bar which is right hand to the Firehouse, I can not remember the name, were two girls showed some mercy to us. After one lady’s drink priced PHP 195 and a quote for a long time of PHP 2500 which I bargained down to PHP 2000 for the whole night and paying the bar fine of PHP 1000 I left the club with the girl heading to my hotel in Ermita. We took a shower together and then jumped to the bed. However the girl 24 years of age and quite good looking behaved quite clumsy. No knowledge to do a good blowjob or to play an active part. So I screwed her once and we went to sleep.

    In the morning I wanted to have a second run but the girl was not overly interested and seemed to be very bored. So I asked her to give me a blow job which was a disaster and finally I just jerked off. All over I also had girls from LA Cafe which are nowadays pretty old and ugly but with big demands money wise. One girl who indicated her age with 32 years was asking for PHP 1500 for a short time with the addition -Take it or leave it- I decided to leave her rather alone. My reading of the situation is that the Filipina girls who were always very easygoing and provided nice girlfriend sex are getting very demanding.

    I was a long time in favor of the Philippines compared to Thailand but have changed my opinion on that very much. Thai girls are generally more beautiful and know how to render you a good service. Stay away of the Philippines unless you like to deal with the chaos, which means overprized hotels, shitty food unless you pay a lot and everything problematic. If you are able to meet normal Filipina girls in shopping malls or wherever they are OK but the entertainment business is a waste of time and money and prices are in no relation what you receive for it.

    (Review # 21206)
  • Cebu, Other Dated Added: Wed May 16 2007 Submitted by: John, USA

    Hi Guys don't waste your money on buying pussy in the Philippines because it is 50 to 1. 50 women to one foreigner so you would have to be a fool to buy pussy anywhere in the Philippines just go to the Mall hang out there and for you know it the women will be coming to you. Also you can use AFF it works pretty good most of the time you can have a women meet you when you arrive in Manila and go right to the hotel and start fucking just spend a little time by emailing these women on the internet and getting to know them and picking out the ones that are good and dropping the ones that come off asking money the bullshiter. And once you find the one you will have a very good time with her just be nice to her and it is not going to cost you anytime because these women are hoping that they can find a nice guy. Because most of the Filipino guys treats the women there pretty bad.

    You see in the USA it is the other way most of the women are gold digger looking for a free lunch in life at the expense of the America guy. Only because most America guys don't know any better. Most America guys have not travel out side the USA so they are willing to jump and play that dumbass game for those American Bitches just so they can have some stupid ass pussy from those American Bitches because there is so many guys that don't know any better. But once you guys start to see the rest of the world you will see it is not what the America Bitches have been telling you.

    I have been all over the world and the Philippines is got to be one of the most easy place in the world for getting a lot of Pussy for just being a little nice to them and buying them lunch or dinner that it guys just a meal and tell them that they are pretty & sexy. And when it come to the sex they will do anything to make you happy because they want to be your girl friend they know there is a lot of women there in the Philippines so they have to stay on there toes to keep you happy because they know there is another women around the corner that will take there man away if she is not watching herself.

    AFF is a very good site and it works in the Philippines real good and in other countries like Thailand. But it seems to work very well in the Philippines since they already talk English there. But your chances of having AFF work like it do for the Philippines. It is not going to work very well in the USA or Canada or in most places in Europe. Remember you don't have to play those silly games for pussy. Just do some traveling and check out the Philippines and see what l have been telling you guys about the pussy there in the Philippines. One of the best place in the Philippines is Cebu it is cheaper than Manila and Manila the Filipino's like to play a hard games with the foreigner than Cebu it is much nicer and safer than Manila.
    (Review # 18900)
  • Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Dec 06 2006 Submitted by: Lou

    18 nights in Philippines. I was expecting to fuck at least 12 reasonable Filipina. Nice girls. only succeeded 7. 4 out of 7 trying to take advantage of me cause I am a nice guy a foreigner. So they think we are stupid even after a more than clear agreement.

    At least, they gave me a nice FU before complaining they need more money for family, children, her doctor needs, etc. etc. etc.

    Not beeing so stupid, I gave them a short time reasonable price and ask them to leave.

    Not so bad for I have to admit a nice first FU!

    Angeles, Cebu, Puerto Princesa were really deception. Maybe unlucky after looking a lot around, asking advices from taxi drivers, peoples in my hotels and more even other foreigners.

    Lot of more than pretty women in Angeles but a lot to more than business for me. I need girls acting like they are my girlfriend for 1 night or more. I treat them the same way.

    The 4 best, not trying to take advantage of me respecting our deal were in LA cafe in Manila.

    Of course, I took the time to look around. Talk to few ones interesting to me trying to sense if they were girlfriend material. Being right for 3 of them. Even the 2 wrong one gave me at least, one good FU before acting business.

    But for me, I do not like to fight on sex matter like the Philippines made me feel.

    I will not go back except for business purposes.

    But I will go in Thailand as often that I could where I feel respected and welcome.

    Your choice Philippines for beauty, Thailand for less beauty but honesty.
    (Review # 16532)
  • Boracay Island Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Dec 05 2006 Submitted by: Coolboy

    Hello everyone. I just came back from my vacation on the Phillipines. It is my 5th visit to the Phillipines but my first one to the Boracay. If you think that there are no action in Boracay, you are wrong. Bear in mind that as limited as it is, you always find something. Not too many stunners but you get some great 8 level gals. Walking outside around 10:00 PM is pretty safe and the young girls will come walking to you asking you if you want a massage. Normally they charge 1000 pesos ($20 dollars) and like 600 pesos or $13 dollars for the room.

    They normally gather in a bar restaurant to the right of La Carmela Hotel. Just walk there nobody will mess with you and they are seated chatting or singing waiting for somebody to come by. They are young from 19 to 27 years old range. If you want to take them to your room, nobody gets into your bussiness. I recommend Leslie -- she will treat you tender, will clean you give u a good blow job and let you come all over her face and tits. She also likes anal. Good luck and enjoy it.
    (Review # 16515)
  • Batangas Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Apr 18 2006 Submitted by: Macca69uk

    Right I was in Batangas the other week and it was great was working a lot so not as much time for fun but I still got a lot, stayed in Ponte Fino Hotel and the nearest bar was Tripples. When I 1st walked past thought it was garage but it was not see sum girls out side so went in it was a videoke bar great, drinks were 80p lady drinks were 190p which was not bad sum nice lady’s and I took the 1st that caught my eyes. She was a stunner she wanted to go VIP which was to go up stairs and do the business but I wanted to go to my hotel so I asked how much for bar fine she said 2000p which I thought was a bit high for bar fine but I had a few drinks and said ok took her to my room hotel didn’t mind or didn’t charge any more nice place. I took her to my room we were there for about 6 hours then she had to leave which was good cause I had to go to work I went to give her more money but she said no its ok bar fine was enough she spoke good English so I thought the night after why not go do it again so I did and she loved it (Review # 14488)
  • Cagayan de Oro Other Dated Added: Wed Jan 12 2005 Submitted by:

    I visit Cagayan de Oro fairly frequently. I have stayed at the VIP Hotel, Pryce Plaza Hotel, and the Dynasty Hotel. Of the three, I prefer the VIP. It is pretty clean, is only half the price of the Dynasty and is located downtown. Rarely is the travel value of hotels in the Philippines appreciated like it would be in a place like Bangkok.

    Cagayan de Oro (CDO), is no exception. The accommodations are quite basic, but adequate, though much more than you would expect to pay. The VIP is in a good location. As you exit the hotel you can turn left, walk four short blocks, and three minutes later you come to the town center’s “plaza”. There is a Jollibee’s on the left corner. This street has an island running down the middle with benches, gazebos, etc. and runs for about a dozen blocks. There are a number of fast food places within several blocks of each other – Dunkin Donuts, Jollibee’s, McDonald’s, Chow King, KFC, etc.

    When I get to the Jollibee’s, I usually turn left for a couple of blocks and walk to the end of the plaza where the jewel of the area is – Xavier University. This is the source of much of the aesthetic appreciation of the area. I find this to be one of the top places in the Philippines for visual enjoyment. My favorites, in order, are Ayala Mall, Cebu, Robinson’s, Ermita, then CDO. The numbers aren’t as great, but the sights are very pleasing. After I reach the end of the road, which is the edge of the university campus, I turn right for a block and visit the Cyberia internet café. I have been there many times, and still fail to make a visit when someone inside hasn’t made my heart skip a beat or two before racing.


    CDO is an interesting place in that the numbers are small. Every time I walk around, I think to myself, this can’t be one of my favorite viewing stops. But, before long, a stunner or two walks by. The girls are very friendly, though shy, like much of the rest of the Philippines. It is rare that a walk down to the plaza, strolling around a bit, and a trip to the internet café doesn’t net a least one young lady who is looking for company, and in most cases, quite attractive company. I have been down there at lunch time, late afternoon, and evening. Almost every time, there have been one or two girls looking. It took me a while to figure out how it works. It is like much of the Philippines. They are not very overt, but will figure out a way to make your paths cross. The hardest is when they follow you. I don’t usually have the habit of looking over my shoulder very often to check. They are also dressed differently. Not in a school uniform. It will be up to you to initiate contact. Start with a smile, then start a conversation. As the evening progresses, the mix of girls changes from students to free lancers. By 9:00 PM, you can walk out of the hotel and up and down any of the streets within 3 or 4 blocks on either side of the plaza, and find videoke bars with girls either outside, or just inside, as well as on many of the street corners, though never many in the main plaza area.


     In many ways it reminds me of the street scene around the Apo View Hotel in Davao. There are a group of girls that hang out at the corner just outside the VIP Hotel, or across the street next to the fruit vendor. The later it gets, the more free lancers you see. I walk around quite a bit and feel quite safe. I am white – usually the only Westerner I see. The girls are different than in Davao. For the better, in my opinion. I have tramped around a lot at night around Apo View and usually see hardened, smoking girls sitting on the corner, vacantly gazing off into space. There are a couple like that in CDO as well. But generally the girls seem slimmer (not the “chubby, stubby” types I usually see posted on the Angeles bulletin boards – chubby waists, stubby breasts), less hardened, less aggressive, and perhaps fresher. Many of the videoke bars are open in front so you can look in as you walk by to see if there is anything that interests. There is the full spectrum of looks, many no so great, but some pretty nice ones too.


    If you are into massage, the hotel desk can arrange it for you. The Dynasty charges 350 Pesos, the VIP and Pryce Plaza, 500. If you use the hotel, none of them have their own staff. Ask for girls from the Country Village Hotel. The ones from Body Basics have fingers of steel. The ones from Country Village all seem to have been trained by the same person to pay a little more personal attention to areas that you prefer. My favorite is Rose. The first time she came to my room, I opened the door and thought I would send her back as she had a lot of acne and was rather overweight. Fortunately, I didn’t. She had very nice hands and tongue. Her English is somewhat limited, but I like her better than any of the massage therapists I have had in the Philippines, except Lynn at the Marco Polo Hotel in Davao. Another one is Angel. She is older, but seems to know every little trick in the book that makes things very nice. Does she ever have nice hands! The downside with her is that she always is so sullen about getting paid so little compared to what she asks for. 200 for a hj and 500 for full service should be right, though they always ask for more if you are white. But both are very skilled.

    (Review # 10833)
  • Mactan Island, Cebu Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Aug 30 2004 Submitted by: David C

    Recentnly I flew from my home in Canada to meet my Friendster friend who lives in Cebu. Turns out we didn't hit it off so well, so I went exploring.

    It is easy to meet chicks there. I am 44 years old and have a beer belly but in Cebu, I was Brad Pitt. There are many girly bars but its not necessary to go to one. Just go to the mall. Any mall. Spot a pretty girl and ask for her cell number. You'll get it. Guaranteed. Ask her if she would like to have a coffee with you. She will. And I mean goddessesses. Not skanks, these girls are tired of poverty and are more than willing to share their time with you in hopes of romance which will get them out of their dismal shacks. They are nice sweet girls who dream of a better life, and they will be as good to you as you are to them. Even buying them a T shirt makes them happy.


    Like everybody else, I like to fuck, and most of the ladies are happy to oblige if you are good to them. No payment was necessary, they enjoyed eating daily, swimming at my hotel, and eating out with me. But they want to fall in love. Be careful. They are easy to fall in love with!

    I was staying in Cebu City but got tired of it because of the traffic and dirty air. I moved over to Mactan Island. Much better! All the nice beaches are there. Visit Tambuli Beach. It is only about a dollar to enter and they have three nice beaches and many many swimming pools. The food is good too. The girls love it. The rooms there are very nice and only about $60 per night.

    Don't accept their first price. They try to get $80, but you can get them down. Guaranteed. Night life is scarce except for girly bars. Not my scene... I like to find a girl and have some romance, not just wham bam thank you ma'm.


    Check out the Cadillac Cafe. This place is top notch. Got a garden cafe that looks straight out of Europe, sit in the garden and have a bottle of Italian Lambrusco for cheap. Got a disco with live music. It is definately the local favorite. The owner is a retired American and he has 3 luxury rooms for rent. They rent for $50 a night and have every amenity. But they are usually booked, so good luck, I had to wait two weeks to get mine. The food at the Cadillac is the best I found. Everything from Chinese, to Italian to American. It's on the main road and about 200 meters east of the local hospital. Everybody know where it is.

    On the same road is a place owned by a Japanese called Tropical Live. It's a very fancy place and affordable but the live music there sounds like you are sitting in a cement pipe. The food and drinks are affordable but only small portions are served.

    If you need a girl, let one of the waiters know it, and suddenly one will show up. There are rooms to rent upstairs over the joint. This place is known by the taxi drivers. Mactan is a great place. I stayed two months and met many nice girls and got my eyes fucked out. I can't wait to return. Treat the girls good. They deserve it.

    (Review # 10005)
  • Quezon City Strip Club Review Dated Added: Wed Aug 04 2004 Submitted by: HelpingTheHobbyistCommunity

    Information current as of late July, 2004. Police in Quezon City--specifically the Central Police District--sent undercover officers into a bar called The Golden Flame. After a girl in the VIP room confirmed sexual services were available, police called in the rest of their team. A security guard named Raymond tried to stop the police team from entering, reportedly even pulling out his gun. He was arrested. Thirteen bar girls were also arrested. No report of customers being arrested. The women were arrested for failing to present work permits. Police are investigating to determine the owner of the bar, but it is reportedly a retired army general who is none-too-happy about the raid and said to be "harassing" the police over the raid. This same police team raided the Casa Nova apartelle, a motel which allegedly operates as a prostitution den, the week before. This kind of thing normally doesn't happen and it has been speculated by parties who will not be named here that somebody failed to grease the right palm. (Review # 9777)
  • Manilla Swing Club Dated Added: Wed Jun 30 2004 Submitted by: Anon

    Had a great time in Manila recently. In fact its quite a fun filled city aside from all of the beautiful girls. Had read about the LA Cafe on this site and decided to test it out, but it took me a while to suss out the whole city so I tried a few other places first.

    It started when I stayed at the Copacabana Hotel on EDSA. Within 5 mins of checking in I had two young girls in my room for approval. It was all a bit much and I passed which made the hotel agent (?) a bit pissed off. I knew there was more opportunity out there and it wouldn't be long before more contact came my way.

    I then went over the road to EDSA complex which is full of about 10 bars all with dancing girls. They are on stage and a female hostess will come and sit with you and give you a shoulder rub while asking who do you like. The hostesses are usually older late 20's and a bit thicker than the girls on stage but the one who came up to me had a great set of boobs that I had to play around with her. Talking all sex talk and stuff I told her how I wanted to get a 69 and maybe take 2 girls.

    I could tell she was getting hot by the frankness of my conversation, and she started rubbing my cock at the bar saying who is going to be the lucky one or two!....and laughed. I couldnt do it. So I said I would be back later. Then I went to a Karaoke place just next to the main entrance. Really pretty girls and they all danced for me when I walked in ( the only western guy there but it was cool). There was a tall girl about 5 ' 7" and she kept making eye contact. I invited her over and she pampered me for a couple of hours but let me know she didn't go home with anyone. If I wanted to meet her for a tour tomorrow I could call her house. (I did the next day out of courtesy but I was was too tired to do anything as you will see)

    Then I went to the Hotel on Roxas (can't remember the name) with the health club on the 14th(?) floor. By this point I was ready to bust a nut so I chose 2 girls - one about 24 with really large firm boobs, and the other about 21 with a sweet and sexy smile and tight ass. They showered me and fluffed me up with soap then took me into the main room ( you get a hotel room here and two girls for 1800 Pesos plus tips (about 1500 each).

    Later I went back to EDSA after a few more beers and picked this 19 year old who was dancing like a freak with her friend. I was thinking both would be great, but in the end paid the barfine Peso 1000 and took her back to the Copacabana. She had blue eyes and a beautiful face, and I wanted to look into her eyes while she sucked me dry. I did. It was 6 am and I walked her out the front, so the guard could check her off the list of visitors.

    Next day I went for a Spa and Massage on EDSA again, Core Town, it was a fee to get into the Spa about Pesos 500 then you get naked and take a choice of spas or saunas. Then you go over to the wash area and a female attendant will come over and see if you want to be scrubbed. Of course I did. She shampooed me and got me all frothed up with soap, then clean around my azz and balls, with a slight tug on my know. She looked at me and said did I want to finish, and I said yes, where she grabbed my rod and tuggged hard and long until I blew over her leg along with soap.

    This is a pretty open space to get a hand job and there are about 10 booths with no doors in a row next to the spas. A bit embarrasing at first but cool in the end. I then went for a massage, and got hard again, but the older massge lady said head back to the spa room. So I did. And got another public handjob for Peso 600.

    Later went to LA Cafe, and it was a blast. Really good music and didnit feel seedy at all. To get excited just sit at the bar and wait for the girls to come up to you . They will talk and you talk back, eventually you will be getting a cock rub as they try to convince you that they are the one to spend some time with. I got in this situation 8-10 times but never took anyone home. That was a big step.

    So I went back to the 14th floor and picked 3 girls all with big breasts for 2,200 pesos with room plus 1250 tip each. I fucked them all and made sure they were all involved with each orgasm. EG. One girls hands rubbing my balls, and other girl getting doggy from me while other grabbed doggy girls tits and sucked on my nipples. So good, I cannot tell you how good it was to truly have all of my (prehistoric?) male instincts satisfied. Carmen Electra could have tried to go down on me in the elevator on the way back to the lobby, and I wouldnt have given a shit. You can't beat that. NB: Chinese herbal viagra did help this situation but I could not go soft (could have been triple dose) for almost 18 hours, and I had a full on fever all the time. Later the next week, I was still with fever and thought I had malaria! I am fine now.  
    (Review # 9476)
  • Makati Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Mar 06 2004 Submitted by: Rod263

    I have been going to the Philippines for a few years now and all of my trips there have been business trips to Manila usually for a few days at a time.

    I invariably find myself going to P.Burgos St which is an easy 5-10 minute taxi ride from the Makati business district. I have tried Quezon City (too far) and Rojas Blvd (expensive) and prefer someplace easier to get to.

    I have tried almost all of the bars up and down P.Burgos over the years and there are a couple that I enjoy going to now where the girls are young, very pretty, very friendly and there aren't any 'experienced' girls who are only after what's in your wallet.

    The two bars I enjoy visiting are Montana which is up P.Burgos on the right after the intersection and the Pink Flamingo which is at the bottom of the street and almost the first bar on your left. You can have fun in both these places, at Montana you can watch the girls dance on a stage and have the choice of visiting one of the secluded VIP Rooms, the Karaoke Room upstairs which is great fun or take a lady away with you after paying the bar fine. At the Pink Flamingo the dancers are well trained and dance in synch which is great to watch. There are no VIP rooms here and you have to take anyone you fancy to your hotel room after paying the bar fine.

    The music in Montana is better, a mixture of great old favorites from the 60s, 70s and 80s plus all the current hits. You can request any songs you like which they will be glad to play for you. There is no stress reliever like singing along to some good old favorites with a drink in one hand and a beatiful Filipina Lady (or two) on the other!

    I have been going to both these places for a long time now and have never been ripped off! But it is always better to be prudent and check your bill before paying. Have fun! (Review # 8526)

  • All Cities Massage Parlor Dated Added: Fri Feb 06 2004 Submitted by:

    Just be extra careful when using these whores. No one undergone a medical exam unless they are sick or cannot tolerate the pain. My friend died of hepatitis contracted from a girl that pretend to be young and student. According to survey, 95% of the whore are infected by early stage aids, hiv, hepatitis or TB. My advice to all mongers, be careful or you'd bring something unwanted to your family. (Review # 8299)
  • Sabang Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Jan 22 2004 Submitted by: Oxossi

    I am flying out of the Philippines in the morning after my first visit to this fantastic country, so I thought it a good time to offer a report.

    SABANG Spent most of my time at Sabang, a small beach resort town near Puerto Galera on the island of Mindoro. It is a few hours busride south from Manila to Batangas (P111) and a fun 1.5hr boatride straight to Sabang (P100). The best place to stay in Sabang in my view is the Steps and Garden Resort (P825/night this time of year) owned by a Swedish guy. Simple, clean, your own private cottage with sweeping views of the bay and islands in the distance.

    There are three girlie bars in Sabang including ‘Sabang’ and ‘Village’ located at the end of the main road. (By the way, most of Sabang is pedestrian-based – no cars !) These bars open at 8pm. Drinks are about P50. I forget how much ladies drinks are (maybe P150 or P200) because when I choose a girl, I usually want to take her right away. The barfine is P1,000 and you pay another P1,000 for the girl – which should mean she’ll stay with you all night. Sometimes I would go into a girlie bar and sit there for sometime without even buying a drink for myself. I would just explain to the mamasan that I was just looking. They were happy with that. Not much pressure. I actually got to like the mamasans.

    The first girl I brought back to my cottage was fantastic, but wanted to leave soon after our first session saying she had menstruation, which wasn’t true - but anyway….

    The second girl I met through a masseuse who works the beaches. I ended up staying with her for nine days. To reduce the P1,000/day barfine, she would go to work at ‘Sabang’ at 8pm, and I could pay the reduced rate bar fine of P500 after 11.30pm. I was happy to pay her P1,000/day but she wouldn’t take it ! She only wanted P700 ! She was beautiful, sexy, loving and really enjoyed sex. (I bought her breakfast and dinner, and paid any other expenses of course, which anyway was cheap, and a pleasure for me).

    We made day trips everyday. I took her snorkeling for her first time (the coral comes right to the beach. I did one scuba dive while I was there and it was incredible – better than the Great Barrier Reef in Australia in my opinion). We made love on an isolated beach and on top of a beautiful waterfall (though filipinas are not used to making love outdoors). We made love on average three times a day for nine days (five times on one day). I could wake her up at 3am with caresses and light kissing around the neck, and she was soon ready to take me.

    I sneaked in another girl one evening (while my steady girl was dancing) – a shy girl from the provinces who was pretty, had the most exquisite body, with flawless coffee skin, long black hair all the way down to her gorgeous bum, and full and firm breasts (ie a definite 10 in my book).

    The first two girls I had didn’t insist on condoms and I am ashamed to say, I didn’t either. I have used condoms with the four girls I’ve had since.

    The girl I spent the most time with was upset when we parted. I have strong feelings for her and phone or e-mail her every day. I hope we can get together but probably the currents of transnational living will carry us apart.

    MANILA Grimy, polluted, noisy, hectic, ‘loco-loco’. After a few days, however, and a couple of trips into the mad bustle of the Divisoria markets, I am almost beginning to like the chaos, though my lungs will no doubt take months to recover. I stayed at the Rothmans Hotel on Adriatica, Malate and found it good value (P1350/night marble bathroom, a/c tv, reasonably attractive generic hotel room), central to clubs. You can bring girls back to your room, no trouble though the receptionist did say that the double room was meant for two people so you might have to be discrete bringing back more than one girl at a time.

    The L A Café nearby is an easy place to pick up girls 24 hrs per day. All three girls had shaved pussies as compared to Sabang where none were shaven (I prefer unshaven, particularly since they usually have such cute wispy pubes). Here you can get a girl for P1,000 for the whole night but make it clear you want them for the whole night. My last girl was stunning in every way, but she didn’t stay the night as we’d agreed so I gave her P700 which she seemed happy enough with. I can only assume that Western guys have generally treated the local girls well and with respect, because most of the ones I met were friendly and trusting – not hardened at all.

    I visited a few girlie bars in Ermita / Malate but found them grotty and I passed them up. I visited the EDSA International Centre in Pasay where there are about ten bars in one location where prices are P1,000 barfine and P1,000 for the girl (no discount after 11.30pm). At the Jurassic Bar (opposite LA Café in Malate) I didn’t want to pay P1,000 barfine so the girl suggested I meet her outside at closing time, 2pm and she stayed with me until midday next day for a total P1,000. All girls were into raunchy wild sex (except the beautiful shy girl mentioned above who was less experienced) and deep kissing.

    A word on mobile phones: it seems every Filipina has one and they are constantly sending and checking text messages from their friends. I don’t think it’s too much to ask them to switch it off while you are together. They’ll still get all their messages when they switch back on.

    A great place to pick up girls – perhaps for nothing – is the Havana Club in the ‘Greenbelt 3’ complex in Makati. Live Latin music gets going about 10pm on Fri and Sat. It is upmarket, no entry fee, and I found myself dancing jam-packed with beautiful single women. It’s sister Havana Club in Remedios Circle, Malate (a great area for clubs and cafes) by contrast, didn’t have the copious throngs of girls.

    VIAGRA AND CIALIS If you have never used Viagra or Cialis, I would recommend it, even if you have no trouble getting erections. I use Viagra 100mg pills but use only half a pill at a time (this is much cheaper than using 50mg pills). You can get Cialis in 20mg pills and use half (cheaper than 10mg pills). Cialis is said to last longer in your system (36 hours ?). But NOTE - I found that it sometimes took several hours before Cialis would take effect. Perhaps it lasts a bit longer than Viagra, but I would estimate 48hrs for Cialis and 36 hrs for Viagra. I find Viagra comes on within about 30 minutes, maybe less. I sometimes get a little reflux (indigestion) with Cialis and a little face flushing with Viagra. You can buy single doses of Viagra over the counter in the Philippines, but at P700 a pill, it is the same price as in Australia. These drugs have allowed me to make love for as long as I want with a super stiff cock – perhaps 20 minutes in a session if the girl is into it. For me it has meant I can give a woman extended oral sex without fear of losing my erection (so after she’s enjoyed an orgasm or two I get to finish her off with a virile fuck).

    POST SCRIPT Since finishing this report I decided to go out to the LA Café again and hunt down another feline for the second time tonight. A band was playing Santana – as good as and almost indistinguishable from the original. Girls were dancing, dancing together, occasionally revealing a little breast, a little bum. These girls aren’t employed by the club. They just do it for fun. And it’s great. Makes the West look pathetically prudish.

    Anyway, I picked one girl from the dozens of approachable women in the club. She was cute and beautiful. But she was a bit reticent to come back with me to my hotel. Unfortunately she’d been beaten by an Australian guy about a month ago, and she was forced to run out of his hotel onto the street wearing wet clothes, without her panties and without her pay. (And unfortunately I too am Australian). I apologized on behalf of my barbaric compatriot.

    So I invited her friend to come back with us (P1600 all up) and after three in the shower we got straight down to pleasure. She had a perfect petite body, well proportioned, beautiful skin, die-for bum, (my head spins just recalling her from one hour ago) and we made love in numerous positions. Then she sat on my face and I ate her yummy pussy while her friend sucked me till I came – a most delectable way to finish my holiday in the Philippines. (Review # 8214)

  • Davao Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Dec 01 2003 Submitted by: oljoe

    I'll advise on current conditions in Davao rather than write the full story now. (Data on Manila and Cebu will follow). Part of my reason for the visit was to assess same for expatriate living.

    Re medical care, and a warning to all: - the first night in my hotel room I foolishly took an alleged Sex Stimulant pill containing Yohimbin + my usual anti-Parkinsons medication - I've used Viagra many times with great success and no side effects whatsoever. This time it was different. There was no effect at all until the lady departed then - Wham! Thought initially it was my usual Parkinsons tremor but Jeez - soon became whole body violent shaking, mass ive sweating, ultra hyperventilation - believed my time had come all alone in a far and distant land.

    It was anaphylactic shock against incompatible drugs - body trying to reject them. After about 15 minutes I swallowed my pride and gasped a message into the room phone. The room 'boy' was very good, helpful and compassionate and he called the Emergency crew who lose nothing in comparison with similar services I've called at home - quick, efficient, empathetic, understanding Parki's [few filipino/as do - get really pissed off at times with the shameless staring when I shake or stumble - I usually tell 'em "your precious Papa Santo [the Pope] has the same problem and you pray for him!").and all at no charge (of course next day I visited their Hq and insisted they take some donation.) Two hours of big scare, a few puffs of Oxygen and some TLC and a good sleep and Oljoe was able to resume his agenda without problem but much food for thought. And this was the first time ever in 40 years of travel he'd neglected to take out travel insurance!!!

    So wotchit with funny pills, stick to genuine Vitamin 'V'. Yair, he's a crazy ole bastard, always marched to a different tune - at 69 with his 30-year affliction and foreign escapades and 750 motorcycle at home, but that's Oljoe on the go, short or tall, he screws 'em all!

    But this may have been the last adventure - no joy living alone even in Oz with its generous pension and living standards; gotta decide if companionship in a third world country is worth the hassles and sacrifices of expatriate living. An admonition to 'jet in and out' regularly is fine but expensive and doesn't help me when alone at home and paralyzed for an hour or two awaiting medicated temporary release. Curse my faithless second and third wives each of whom I freed from Philippine/African squalor to be repaid with

    1. gross betrayal after a few short weeks; and

    2. near bankruptcy from her insane gambling mania. Screw 'em but DON'T marry 'em, they just want that first-world visa. Oljoe Imports Inc. is out of business!

    Anyway, to get to the Davao scene - an announcement on 21st Oct. 2003 on board the Cebu-Pacific aircraft en route to the effect that a special offer of P1100/nite (only AU$29) was offering at the Apo View [usually P.2850] was most welcome; not often Oljoe can enjoy four star living. They sure are desperate for gringos - International Airport blown up by fanatics scared them off - in several circuits of downtown & San Pedro Ave I saw not one other white face! At first I thought the L.O.N.'s were gone from the precincts of the Apo View but I looked too early - around 11pm a mama-san and acolytes appeared but our relationship was soured by her [allegedly unknowing - girl had coat tightly wrapped] supply of a 7 month's pregnant lady of about 19. As a first time I essayed a quick poke but her Attitude of 1 on my 1 -10 scale led to an unfulfilled departure and mama-san refused any refunds or concessions, so after unsatisfactory use of hotel staff and pimps, thereafter I relied on freelancers as you wisely suggest.

    None was obvious close to the hotel - the "Bank Asia" sign on the corner is gone with the ladies you remember there. It is necessary to venture further afield with a friendly taxi driver to various locations mostly in the closed-at-night commercial/warehouse areas where items such as truck parts or water pumps are sold - there may be found large groups of willing chix awaiting your bargaining skills in these roadside arcades. Didn't find any in San Pedro's full length or in retail and brightly-lit places - rumour there may be a mayoral crusade in effect. I'm not usually a bar person so no relevant data. However I gleaned a wide variety that is tabled below: Missed some names and photo opportunities for a variety of reasons I didn't use a condom anytime, the few requests for same easily countered.

    Code: Appearance; Sexual abilities; Attitude ; Age; (No. of kids);

    JOAN 7 7 8; 27 (1) P.700; Hotel staff: She spoke almost no English but was very pleasant natured, bright, co-operative with missionary and doggie; and delighted when I gave her P. 200 (500 initially to pimp)

    LISA 7 0 0; 23 (3) Hotel staff; Very little English but demanded P.2000! Laughed at this nonsense so she left in high dudgeon -a non-event.

    NICKI 7 0 1; 19 (3/4!) P.600; Mama-san; Pretty face but stunned me with her bloated 7 mths-pregnant belly when she removed jacket. First time in my 69 years to essay a poke in a filled cavity but her sour face and negative demeanour led to her early ejection. Mama-san claimed ignorance of her condition and refused to negotiate refund or discoiunt on another.

    LINLIN & 5 ? 6 19; P.900 for both ST; Off street A twosome; to 'hot sheets' hotel - P.200. Crummy surroundings turned me- JACQUI 3 ? 6 25 off - they were willing but I couldn't and didn't!

    JOANNE & 24 6 6 7 (1) P.1500 for both LT; Off street; Had huge breasts leaking milk for month-old.child. Lots of jerk- off activity before I screwed her but unable to penetrate very small vagina of younger one. Irked by 2am departure after "all night" assurances.

    TANYA 19 4 1 1 (0) P.1000 LT Mama-san a BIG girl, not fat, just a "fine figure of a woman" Won me with her smile and change from my usual preference for 4ft 10in.'tinies'. Smile soon faded to whining sourpuss status on arrival at her requested Paradise Island - demanded to return to mainland with 'headache' after 30 minutes. To hotel and ordinary fuck, then she left after devouring everything edible in frig. Yes, she was winsom - Winsome, lose some!

    Yes it's all commercial but most filipinas have a unique ability to make an old fuggin' machine feel he's really loved Amazing also how they seem to have no aversion to being intimate with a man old enough almost to be their great-grandfather. No I'm not ashamed, what else is there at this age?

    So in summary Davao City is very peaceful and attractive especially to my fellow Ozzies with our dollar at long last at a proper level - AU$1.00 = 40 Pesos vs 26 on my last visit in 1996. I saw no overt military or moslem activity - only a few women with headscarves and some guys with their white 'Hajji' hats. NOTE: English is not in use as widely or effectively as in northern islands, most girls have only a rudimentary command of same, taxi drivers ditto. Of the 12 girls above, only one - Odette - was really in command linguistically with her sister Julie a little less fluent.

    While I think of it there is a lurk one can use - the Apo View and other fancy joints have their own cars which meet most flights - just present yourself at the car and imply you're booked in' -en you arrive ask for price/special offers - if OK take it, if not satisfactory continue to seek what you want, there'll be no recriminations. I did it, others reported similar success. There's a bunch of nice reasonably-priced western restaurants about two streets south of the Apo View when you tire of chicken & rice - an Italian; Dutch; and French. Tried them all.

    Davao lacks the frenetic traffic and lifestyle of Cebu and the high prices of Manila. But why pay crazy prices as at 'Plaza Roman' (visited same -P.3000 ST, you're jokin' - how do they stay in business?) and bar fines when attractive freelancers starting at P500 are readily found at night away from the 'downtown' areas. I dunno how long the Apo View discount will last [operated by owners of Cebu Pacific Airline] - maybe you just gotta ask, they're begging for turistas, there's some nationwide nonsense called '"WoWPhilippines" asking locals to encourage furriners, and the Apo View, 4 stars and all (Mme President Arroyo visited it during my stay!) doesn't regulate 'visitors' - you can even enter via near the ballroom and avoid the lobby. as I did with my retinue of four. Not much to doo but scroo, the hinterland doesn't offers little more than Paradise Island, a $3.50 taxi + ferry ride is a nice cheap resort with excellent meals on the beach, a cool park and a few bored birds in cages.

    If you're energetic you could visit and climb Mt. Apo - tallest peak in the Republik ng Pilipinas and the legendary Phil. eagle said to be the world's biggest flies about there. I wandered about Rizal and Magsaysay Parks in the daytime - strictly family stuff then, and they're a bit dark and dodgy by night. One observation - filipinas are very strong on eye contact - almost every one will bore into your retinas as they pass. I maybe missed some opportunities coz I have a lifelong aversion to eye contact. . . (Review # 7961)

  • Parañaque City Other Dated Added: Fri Oct 10 2003 Submitted by: Brad Pitt

    Cheapest lodging place that's clean, quiet and private, plus of course, very Romantic! Some young tourists friends told me that if you wish to bring your girlfriends or any escorts or masseuses in south of Metro Manila near the international airport, go to a nice, clean and very affordable place called Hometel Inn at 344 El Grande Avenue, BF Homes, Parañaque City (near Lopez Subdivision on one side and near Aguirre Avenue on the other side).

    There are a few Western-style bars and restaurants walking distance only. The place is open 24 hours daily, very quiet, private, with incredible prices of only P150 pesos (less than 3 USA dollars!) for 12 hours anytime from 6 am to 6pm, and P200 pesos (less than $4) for 12 hours at any other time. Those are fan rooms that are cool and nice and very clean. For aircon rooms, only a little bit higher. It's so private and quiet and homey, any girls you bring there will feel happy, you too! Stays of 1 week or more get higher discounts. Try out Hometel Inn! (Review # 7691)

  • Taglibaran City, Bohol Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Nov 12 2002 Submitted by: PI Local

    Gents, I've been living in PI for almost two years and enjoyed some 300 plus girls, my previous money saving reports have been ignored by editor so sorry, I'm just trying to do my bit for the cause! Let me be THE FIRST, however, to offer some tips on Taglibaran City in Bohol. Not a pussy lovers destination, but like me you may find yourself there after a trip to chocolate hills with a night to kill.

    First, stay at "Slim Pension House" about 700pesos per night and very clean with Cable and air con. On one corner is "Solid Gold" KTV with ok talent at 1500p. What's better around corner is "City Lodge" boarding house. Ask for Chicks at front desk. Place is loaded with whores, saw about eight before choosing, but found a real treat named Linda for 700p all night long. Sorry about last report, again, and happy hunting in Bohol.--PI Local~~ps yes, it's true, all jadecool girls are hookers. (Review # 6416)

  • cebu,angeles city Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Oct 29 2002 Submitted by: markvegas

    Ok, just returned from 2 hot weeks in the Philippines spending most of the time in pussy heaven-Angeles city. it had been 2 and 1/2 yrs. since my last visit there and the town now has about 20 new big 'themed" go go bars. tons of hotties everywhere. Up to 200 in places like 'west nile. beside there is Cambodia and ayer' rock, one of my favorites. Very hot hostess there - Gurly-...tell me how she was! Roadhouse is still rockin and the labamba used to be the best(still the best aircon in town)but went downhill on quality of girls and wildness. Even kokomos turns into a girly bar about 8pm.i always stay at the America hotel for 20 bucks a night, clean, good TV, great 24 hr. pool, staff and walking distance to bars.~~~~

    ~~Cost for barfines is still 1000, plus a 500 tip and the girls are happy. Now on to cebu....cebu sucks bad compared to a.c. for snapper. I stayed downtown at the midtown hotel, right in the middle of about 5 bars. 2 were very bad, only a few girls and expensive drinks(only filled 1/2 also). they were thunderdome and the one right past them. They also charge to get in. never pay to get into a place. Papillon is really the only good place about a 5 minute walk from the hotel. Barfine 1000 and tip 1000. nice pretty girls there....don't bother with the bars across the street. Right beside the midtown hotel on the bank side is the only other good club. but if you are going to PI just for snapper......stay in Angeles and knock yourself out. Think I will try pattaya again next Jan...I need a new tie... ~~ (Review # 6365)

  • Barrio Barretto Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Oct 28 2002 Submitted by: pool guy

    I recently made a trip to PI and wanted to share some info on the scene in Barrio. I stayed at the Dryden Hotel and I would highly recommend this place. I had a nice room with a terrace overlooking the main street and with a view of the ocean for $15 per day. Room came with aircon, refrig, and a nice American style bathroom. The hotel also has a dining area and a Karaoke area. The food is the rave of all Barrio. Breakfast was my favorite meal of the day with scrambled eggs, tocino, and fried rice for 120p ($2.35). Every other meal was top notch as well.~~

    ~~I spent a lot of time at a bar called Bosen Locker. San Miguel was 25p and Beer na Beer was 20p. A mixed drink was 60p. I believe Beer na Beer is a newer brand and is a little sweeter than SM. Ladies drinks are double what a customer's drink is. Bosen Locker is a nice quiet place with a pool table and darts. There were about 6-8 waitresses and GRO's there in the evenings. Bar fines are 1000p~~

    ~~Another place was The Lions Den. They had a bar and pool table and a few more girls. The thing I liked most about this place was the bartender. She had been working in bars since the base was still in Olongapo. She spoke great English and was fun to joke around with. ~~

    ~~The other club I spent a lot of time in was Whiskey Rose. Probably the most fun of the bars I was at. They had darts, pool, and table games. The waitresses would play games with you while you drank. Games like Jenga and "Bingo" (connect four). The table games did not cost anything and I would buy a ladies drink now and then plus a nice tip when I left. There probably was a minimal charge for darts and pool but I always let my escort worry about that.~~

    ~~As for other bars, I went into Mangos once. They have an internet site and looked like a good place. But my experience was less than exciting. After I ordered a beer, not one girl approached us or talked to us (me and another guy). The girls just sat at a table talking. There is a Swiss Bar for those who speak that native language. The girls were not too friendly there either.~~ (Review # 6356)

  • Boracay Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Oct 26 2002 Submitted by: dan

    I visited the island of Boracay in the Philippines and would recommend it to anyone looking to get away from it all . My stay at the Regency was absolutely the best time I have ever had . The beach is white sand and the island girls are a beautiful brown . Massage girls wander everywhere and offer their services for 200 pesos . I chose to have a massage in my room for an additional 50 pesos . Talk about a wise decision . ~~

    ~~My massage girl came to my room and brought a friend . I explained that I only needed the massage for myself and their was no need for two girls . The girls then said that business had been very slow and I could have them both for the the price of one . What a deal ! No way I was going to pass up this opportunity . The girl I had chosen on the beach was attractive but the girl she brought with her was even prettier . The asked me to undress and began the massage using coconut oil . I relaxed and let them rub me for an hour . I was very excited and when it came time for me to ask for extras , they were happy to oblige . I had them both and I can tell you it was fantastic . They were very enthusiastic and willing to oblige my every fantasy . When you visit , ask for the 2 for 1 special and enjoy the beauties of the Philippines .~~ (Review # 6342)

  • Angeles City, etc. Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Jul 30 2002 Submitted by: The Viking

    I have been to Far East a lot the past years and I rate~~the Philippines as the best if you want to find nice girls. First most Philippinos speak good English and it help if you can a few words of Spanish as well as local language Tagalog is a mix of Spanish/Malay and spiced with English words.~~Second, it's a really beautiful country and you can easily communicate if you are fluent in English.~~

    ~~~~Here is some advice how to make the best of your trip for (according to my taste of course...)~~Skip Manila, go direct to Angeles or Cebu. I prefer Angeles ( closer and you don’t have to fly)~~Manila is too expensive, lots of criminality, rip-off’s etc like any other big city.~~Establish yourself in a nice hotel for 3-4-5 night, ~~

    ~~Take your time and try out different girls, don’t go to same places and finally take the girl you liked best and LEAVE Angeles ASAP ! Go to Boracay (where you will not find so much girls ) or even better fly off to Palawan, the jewel of the Philippine islands as long as you cant go to the South islands due to the political instability in the south. Have a enjoyable week or two in the sun, eat and drink and have fun. Staying too long in a dirty, messy Angeles or expensive Cebu or Manila will just drive you crazy. When it comes to picking a girl its all a matter of taste. I do as follows: On arrival just take someone reasonably ok 7-8 scale and get a first plain fuck. ~~

    ~~You probably need it after the flight.~~After that, cool down and look around. I look for 9 -~~9.5:ers who also have nice attitude and are looking for someone who can take them away from the Ph and get married. They are the absolutely best because they will give you 100 % of everything they have, ~~sex all the way you want and can take, and in all and every way try to make you fall in LOVE with herself. ~~

    ~~So, caution, make your mind up what you are there for, fur & vacation or to find something more.~~I don’t say that neither is bad, just think twice.~~Finally, don’t be cheap with the girl in any way (money or mentally) treat them nice. But remember an average income per month is 4000-5000 pesos=~~200-250 pesos a day for a normal office/hotel job.~~So, no reason to pay more than 500 pesos or less for a longer time.~~
    (Review # 5849)
  • Makati & Angeles & Subic Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Jun 20 2002 Submitted by: whore-ny-one

    I was blown away when I finally visited the Philippines (or Asia for that matter) for the first time. It's a bit of a cultural shock for a Westerner to go there for the first time. Plus I went alone. Everything is very different. No set prices. Chaos, trash, poverty, bad smells - everything hits you all at once. And since you are white and locals know you got cash, everybody is all over you trying to give you their service for some money. Be careful about paying too much for taxi cabs, trikes, hookers, tips, hotels, etc. But after a couple of days you'll get the hang of it and get over your cultural shock. ~~

    ~~I started off in Makati (Manila) on my first night. Stayed at the Primetown Tower Hotel where all the bars are. Went into a bar. Sat down and just gazed at all the beautiful girls in there. There were more than 20 girls and maybe 3 guys. Business has slowed down for them because of the terrorist problems. A girl who was not a dancer started talking to me. Her English was pretty good. (Most Filipinas speak decent English, but some are better than others). I bought her a couple of drinks. Then I said I was gonna check out some other bars. Walked around and was approached by a street hooker. She (or he?) had sort of a low voice. Good indication for a TV (transvestite), so I left "that" alone. I decided to just go back to that bar and barfine the girl I talked to earlier. She literally jumped up and down for joy and was all excited while I was paying Mamasan PHP 3000 = $60 (I much later found out that they get half of that). I took her to my hotel, which was nearby. No one seems to care whether you bring a girl in there. We sat around and started talking and watching TV. She said she was not into boom boom. ~~

    ~~I was thinking that maybe I had picked up the wrong girl. But she seemed to like to kiss. So we kissed for a while. Then it progressed to touching the titties, getting rid of the bra, and little by little we had all our clothes off. She let me undress her completely and play with her tits and kiss her all over. She did not mind me going down on her. She tasted real good and clean. After a while she was blowing me and stroking me real hard. At one time I almost put it inside of her, but she did not let me. She ended up finishing me off by hand. I tipped her PHP 2000 = $40. ~~

    ~~The next day I travelled to Angeles City. There I stayed at the Orchid Inn. Nice place. Let them show you the room first. Do that everywhere you go by the way. They have real clean rooms with nice bathrooms and a real nice swimming pool. They also have their own bar called Flamingo Club where you can try and pick up a girl. I went in there and started talking to one girl. She was a little beauty, but did not speak much English. After a couple of drinks I asked if she wanted to come with me. She just gave me a cold smile and shook her head. Brrrrr - she was as cold as ice. ~~

    ~~I decided to explore the area. There's this real seedy little street, mind you this was still afternoon, that is a dirt street (no asphalt). There's all kinds of small little bars, and the girls want you in there real bad. Went into one, and 3 girls almost attacked me. Their hands were all over me. One even put her hand inside my pants and underwear and started playing with my dick. They offered me a coke and said it's PHP 500 for an ice job = meaning a blow job. I picked the girl I liked best and we went to the hotel. We talked for a while. Then we both got undressed except for our underwear. She started giving me a blow job. It was pretty good, but I wanted to view her pussy, so I asked her to get on top of me with her cunt above my face. I pulled her panties to the side and just looked at that little cunt hole. It got me so horny that I came very quickly. She stayed a little longer and said she was still a Cherry Girl = still a virgin. I'm not sure if I can believe that, but whatever. I gave her another PHP 500 = $10 tip. She seemed happy. Then I went to the hotel bar and talked to an American guy who lives there. He was suggesting a bar down the street. So there I went to "Brown Sugar". I immediately liked it in there. Tons of real pretty girls, all of them smiling and friendly. Good music and sound system. ~~

    ~~I sat down and right away saw a girl that I liked. I pointed at her and waved her to me. She came and sat down. Bought her a couple of drinks and we talked. Mamasan came over as well. At one point all three of us were dancing. It was fun. The girl I chose had long hair down to her hips. She had dyed them light brown - kind of a shame because I like them real black. But who cares, this girl had the best attitude. I told the girl and Mamasan that I was looking for a companion to go to Subic Bay the next day. I paid the barfine which was PHP 1000 = $20 (much better than Makati). We went to a nearby restaurant with a trike. Ate pigeon, first time for both, and a fish called Lapu Lapu. All was delicious. ~~

    ~~Then we went to her place because she wanted to pick up some clothes and things for our trip. Then we went to the hotel. We started kissing right away. I was touching her all over. She was only about 4'11", around 95 lbs, real petite. Some pimples, but otherwise real cute face. We got undressed and fooled around. She did not take too long to start giving me a blow job. I decided to put on a condom, and we went at it right away. Used missionary position. Her cunt was real tight and I came good. We talked, watched TV, drank Mango juice, then started with round two. She has a nice little body with nice tits, not too big or too small, and a real nice little ass. Fucked her from the back this time. She seemed to get into it herself. Moaning a lot and all that. Next morning we woke up and fucked again in missionary position. Horny little thing she was. Then had breakfast and ordered a taxi. Went upstairs to pack but ended up fucking first - again!!~~~~

    ~~Taxi came and we drove to Subic Bay. It's absolutely beautiful there. I invited the taxi driver for lunch. So the three of us ate and talked. The girl and I got lazy and we took an afternoon nap. The place we stayed is called Blue Rock. I can recommend it, it's beautiful. But bring a girl, I did not see any girls hanging out by themselves there. In the evening we went for a "Sunset Swim". That was her suggestion and it was great. Even though there were plenty of people around, we were constantly fooling around, kissing, and she kept pulling what she called "The Snake", which was hard for her most of the time. We were getting a little itchy on our skin at times, because there are Jelly Fish in there. We did not care. On the horizon you could see dark clouds and there was thunder and lightning. It was simply awesome. Then we went to the hotel, and (you guessed it) fucked around again. Then had dinner. She always ordered Mango Juice. Walked the beach at night. Then went to the bar. One guy had this little monkey there on a leash. When you said "Kiss-Kiss" and smacked your lips he would stretch his little lips forward, my girl really liked him. Then we went back to the hotel..... and went at it again. This time she went totally berserk. She kissed me real hard, and then went on top of me and literally fucked my brains out. The bed was making an awful lot of noise, it was made of bamboo, and I thought at one point that it was going to fall apart. She kept saying "You drive me crazy", when really, she was driving ME crazy. We both came real real good, needless to say. We slept, woke up, and .... well you know. Had breakfast. Same Taxi guy picked us up, we had arranged that the day before. Back to Angeles. ~~

    ~~My plans were to leave that night and travel on, but I decided to spend one more night with her. We checked in, and before I knew it were both naked again. Usually I always put on a condom, but this time I rubbed my cock on her pussy, and it felt so darn good, so I thought, just a little, and so I put my tip inside of her, but it felt so damn good that pretty soon I was fucking her without the condom. I came so darn quickly. Don't do what I did, always wear a condom. They are willing to do it without, and who knows what diseases they have. We swam in the Orchid Inn's pool, ate a lot of real good food, she had Mango Juice, I had San Miguel beer. We talked and had fun. Went to bed and sleep. The next morning when we woke up she got on top of me and started kissing me wildly. She was being very affectionate like she was my girlfriend or something. We fucked again in various positions.... aaaah it felt so damn good. Had real good breakfast, tropical fruits. Then I slipped her a tip PHP 3000 = $60. ~~

    ~~She was so nice and I know she needs the money for her son (yeah she has a kid). We said good-bye, both driving off in trikes in opposite directions... I looked back .... she looked back.... and to be honest I immediately missed her and tears ran down my cheeks. Does that make me a wimp? I don't know, but I think I fell in love with this girl. We are keeping in touch by email and who knows, maybe I will see her again some day. So be careful what you get yourself into, because sometimes it's not just about money or sex or whatever, but also about your feelings! And please treat these women with kindness and respect, they really do deserve it!!!~~
    (Review # 5632)
  • Manila Travel Report Dated Added: Sat May 18 2002 Submitted by: THE JAZZ MAN

    Well after seven weeks back home now I feel I have the strength to submit a review of my five month stay in the Philippine (mainly manila but a little PG and sabang). My number 1 rule has got to be DON'T TRUST ANYONE!!! That goes for foreigners as well as the locals, I say this as there are quite a few burnt out foreigners that have had to much pussy, beer and/or sun and have run out of money and visas extensions and will tell you anything to scam a few peso's out of you. If you would like to meet one of these bums (they always expect you to pay cause they left their wallet in their other pants) check out Robinson mall in ermita district and go to the third floor and look outside the universe cyber cafe for an old wrinkley guy sipping a bottomless ice tea. Go over and have a chat and listen to his latest scam, sorry I mean deal.~~

    ~~~~~~rule number 2 when a phillipino asks if they can borrow some money somewhere along the lines the translation got screwed up cause borrow actually means give! So if you let people "borrow" money off you don't expect it back!~~Rule number 3 if you don't like the price and feel your getting ripped off smile, laugh and walk away.~~

    ~~~~~~Now we got the basics out the way I can't believe that all these guys are paying for sex?????? You don't have to pay for sex to get a hot looking girl whether they are a whore or not. phillipno women get treated like shit by the guys (note 95% of phillipino men are pieces of shit, avoid as much as possible) so all you have to do is treat them with a little respect take them for a meal or a movie, listen to what they have to say and let them be your girlfriend, simple unless your really really old or fucking ugly then you have to pay.~~

    ~~~~~~Example: I went into p.burgos st. where the most gorgeous and expensive girls work. I went into one bar and sat down and ordered a drink and watched the girls on stage for a while before the mama san approach. She asked me if I liked anything I saw and told her I was just waiting to meet a friend and didn't want any company at the moment. I had already seen the girl I liked though she was a complete stunner, anyway over their the next 30mins I was approached by a few of the girls with the usually "what is your name","your so handsome" but just brushed these girls away in a polite fashion. another mama came and asked if I would like any company I gave her the same line but started a conversation with her and she was helping me with my tagalog. so after about an hour of talking to me I bought her a drink and continued our conversation and telling her I was still waiting to meet this guy.~~

    ~~~~~~ When it came to about 1:30am I asked her who she thought was the prettiest on the stage and she pointed a girl out a girl but I disagreed and pointed the girl I had my eye on suggesting she was the best. The mama san didn't hesitate to fetch the girl over and have a quick word in her ear telling her I was a nice guy. I spoke with this girl for 30mins and she asked me why I didn't pick a girl, I replied with my line "I didn't come here for a girl, I was meant to meet a friend but he let me down" just to give her the idea that I wasn't after a whore. We continued talking until the bar shut and I suggested we meet outside after she had got changed so we could get a bite to eat and continue talking. She met me outside at 3:10am (no $60 bar fine to pay) and went to the 24hour restaurant on p.burgos and had a bite to eat after that I asked her if she wanted to stay with me for the night and she agreed.

    ~~~~~~~~We went to the infamous sogo and had a great nite of sex and in the morning I gave her 1000 peso bill and some change for a cab but told her that was my first time to pay as I didn't take girls out of bars and would like to see her again. Well the rest is history I spent the next 3 weeks with her and it only cost me food and accommodation and a couple of small gifts, she even went out of her way to buy me one back with her own money. We keep in contact now and will be returning shortly to that sweet little puki I discovered on p.burgos.

    ~~~~~~~~So there you go you don't have to pay for it after all, just treat them like a lady even if they are a whore and they will fall in love and you'll have them were you want. That’s if they are a good girl and haven't been corrupted too much by prostitution, some are just skag whores that want money but the majority only want a good man to take care of them.~~

    ~~~~~~See you in the phills~~

    ~~~~~~p.s. try and learn some tagalog it impresses the ladies, also if you know your way around or have stayed in the phills for a while and spot a fresh tourist give them the lowdown on the place cause at some point we have all fallen foul of this sin city and I’m sure it wasn't nice for you either so to make up for all your immoral depraved acts help the guy out and give him some pointers.~~

    ~~~~~~Oh yeah NORFLOXACIN 400mg x2, take them 24hours apart and they clear up the clap in a couple of days you can buy them over the counter at mercury drug store for 70peso each, stock up on them if your going to sabang (trust me, it's not nice pissing razor blades)~~
    (Review # 5486)
  • Quezon City Escort Review Dated Added: Wed May 15 2002 Submitted by: frenzy

    Hey there pussy lovers!!! I’m local an have a good advice to those who wants to have a good massage and a good fuck. I suggest buying a local advertisement paper called "buy and sell" then look under the escort services. I’ve tried this personally and i have to tell you that ever since I came across these girls, it's always a great fuck man! And the price is reasonable and affordable. The best thing about these escort services is that you don't have to go to bars and pay bar fine. You just have to call the number indicated in the paper and then negotiate and they will come to your hotel. ~~~~Another great place to go is Lexus in Timog ave, Rolex and Pegasus in Quezon ave. the girls there are classy and great. ~~~~Good fucking guys~~ (Review # 5464)
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