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  • Lahore Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Nov 06 2004 Submitted by: Mudasser

    Lahore is full of prostitutes. All you have to do is find one, with sharp eyes. In Y block market, a lot of girls can be found after 9 pm. In liberty market, girls with blonde hair are true beauties.You can find good looking girls in Z Block defence area in 15th street. (Review # 10397)
  • Karachi Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Jun 16 2004 Submitted by: Ali

    I work in Jinnah Hospital as an Infection Control Director. To my horror the blood sample we get is almost 10% hiv positive. And this is just the general population. I am sure the HIV/AIDS rate in the prostitutes is much higher. Maybe one in 3 or 4.especially the cheap ones.

    I know its fun we all love pussies.but remember Pakistan is close to become a very AIDS infected country, just like AFRICA or THAILAND.  No offence but all the pussy lovers should keep mistresses or multiple wives on the side, that way they can save money and their and family life. Use condoms always.
    (Review # 9361)
  • Karachi Escort Review Dated Added: Fri May 14 2004 Submitted by: JoyRider

    Karachi is the happening place lately. You need not to do much effort to find girls hanging around the busy malls in Clifton and Defense area. If you know someone that is a blessing. Some pet corners are the front of MidEast, Pizza Hutt and KFCs. hotels are also nice place to find fun. Prices may range from $50 to 2000 for a night depending what are you looking for. Professional Models are also available if you make right queries (Review # 9074)
  • Multan Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Apr 30 2004 Submitted by: Jugnu

    Although Mltan is called city of saints, but it is city of pros also. they are easily available on road sides after 5 PM. Some known places are "Chungi No 9" and "Chock Kumharan wala".Girls are available from 19 to 35. u can make colorful ur night from Rs.500 (8.3$) to Rs.5000 (83$).

    Remember that these all people requires some introduction. but you can use any fake name that , that person told u about them.

    Be careful. Aids is death
    (Review # 8968)
  • Lahore Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Apr 03 2004 Submitted by: blackwill

    I am a frequent traveler between Lahore and Islamabad by Daewoo Bus service. Recently when i was travelling i gave my mobile no to one of the female attendant for contact. I was really surprised when she contacted me. I asked her about extra service and surprisingly she accepted we met and perform our fantacies in a local hotel...she told me that 90% girls working as attendant in Daewoo bus service are willing to have extra mony for their extra services. I paid Rs 3000/= for 2 hours. (Review # 8772)
  • Lahore Street Action Dated Added: Thu Mar 25 2004 Submitted by: gill430

    Lahore is city of sex, in these days Russian girls are easily available in guest houses of posh areas like Gulberg and Defence...last Sunday I was in Lahore, I stayed in a guest house. I called two Russian girls named Sabrina and Aarzu (both from Azerbaijan) they required 5000 rupees for whole night for one girl...finally we decided 1500 for single shot. I choosed Aarzu...she was tall and pretty. Bj with condom only. She ride over me and gave me full pleasure. I can't forget her (Review # 8701)
  • Karachi Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Mar 24 2004 Submitted by: blackwill

    Following are the areas from where you can find girls working as freelancers easily from 8 at night onwards. 1-Clifton 2-Sea View 3-Avari Hotel 4-Napier Rd 5-Allahdin Park. The damage is from free service to Rs 3000. U must have open eyes and courage to talk. (Review # 8691)
  • Lahore Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Mar 14 2004 Submitted by: blaczero

    I love this site. I too am living in US and travel to Pakistan occasionaly. It seems like ppl here are well connected and know some pimps in Pakistan. I am looking for some young 18-21 pathan or kashmiri girls in Lahore. I have had a lot of fun in Pakistan but the girls are not the kind I wanted. The usual action costs 5 dollars to 100 dollars depending on what you are looking for. (Review # 8587)
  • Karachi Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Mar 12 2004 Submitted by: blackwill

    I visited Plaza Hotel near cantt railway station but it has closed down for renovation and will operate soon with new name. Then one person recommended me Bloom Luxury Hotel behind Plazza hotel on Golf Club Road. I went to their restaurant and amazed on seeing 3 beautiful girls serving there. I asked to one girl abot extra service. She said ok reserve a room in this hotel. She spent whole night with me. Cost room Rs1100+ girl Rs3000. Many Russian girls lives in this hotel permanently. (Review # 8572)
  • Lahore Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Nov 17 2003 Submitted by: blackwill

    I am a local resident of Lahore, want to let you know that sex scene has totally changed in Pakistan and now you can easily find girls for sex not only in five star hotels but also in three and four star hotels situated near TV station and in Defence and Gulberg.You can find girls in Hotel Lobby after six evening or you can request for one to the bell boy/room service or at the counter.Some hotels also have album of large selection of girls with their photos.There is no need to worry about police as it is fully protected. Some hotels also have Russians. The average rate is Rs 3000-10000/-per night(US$ 50-150). (Review # 7902)
  • Peshawar Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Nov 13 2003 Submitted by: pantylover

    I live in Peshawar. Here you can have sex with your cousins also. Because they always in home and not go outside . Therefore they get bore in their houses. There fore they need to have sex with boys. I Have one cousin about age of 17 one day she was bathing and she haven’t lock the door. I just open the door and I saw her with out her clothes. I was very frightened and left the bathroom. But I was just amazed that after 2 days she came to me. And take off her pants and underwear. Ohhhhh it was was beginning…………………………………….. (Review # 7877)
  • Peshawar Other Dated Added: Thu Oct 30 2003 Submitted by: kona _fucker

    we the pathans are very fond of boys. here the wives are only fucked once/twice a year. there are lot of gay brothels in peshawar----the famous among them is at "ramdas bazar". also go to any afghan restaurant and you will find young waiters selling sex for $2. in bannu(120 miles south of peshawar),there are gay marriages which are never disclosed. in peshawar mosques, the religious student surely plays the wife of the cleric. if you need a good boy,than come to saddar road at 11am and you will find real good chitrali/afghan boys only for $5. (Review # 7809)
  • multan Other Dated Added: Sun Oct 05 2003 Submitted by: gill

    Last Sunday,i was in Multan for a official trip. my friend gave me two phone numbers of escort services. i call them through my mobile. one of them is aunthy afghani and other is siraa. Both of them replied me positively and said me to come their place. Both of them were resident of shah rkni alam colony multan.

    First i reached at siraa's place. there were 5 girls . two of them were good but very expensive. so i decided to visit other place. i reached at aunty afghani,s place and there were 8 girls. i selected one girl who told me later that she belongs to bahawal pur. i paid three thousands for whole night and took her to my place. she was good in oral but no anal.i fucked her four times. she was hot and horney. almost nine in grading. not too slim not too fat. good alternate of my money paid for her. next day at 9 oclock i gave her a tip 500 rupees and she went back.

    i am trying my best to go Multan again. (Review # 7656)

  • Islamabad/Rawalpindi Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Sep 03 2003 Submitted by: wind

    Hello evey One. islamabad / Pindi is a place where you can easily find girls for sex. rate varies from Rs 1500 to Rs 7000 depending upon the girls. You can also find foreigner girls e,g turkish but their rates are higher. The flooded place of pros is sadiqabad behind muree road. You can find all sort of variety. (Review # 7467)
  • Lahore Escort Review Dated Added: Fri May 09 2003 Submitted by: pussylover

    Hi all. You can have sex easily with any girl who sweaps in ur hope. All u have to do is put up courage and talk to her. They are poor and need money. You can get them in even Rs. 100 or even free. And they are very sexy. If u don't have chance to talk in ur home. You can offer anyone walking on the streets. I have had sex with five of such girls and they were gorgeous. This was a way of having sex economically. If u want some better things, then u can visit the Heera Mandi of Lahore. ~~~~

    ~~All u have to do is start walking through the Texali gate slowly. You will be called up by a no. of pimps for sex. They will take Rs. 150 for escorting u to a brothel. Once u have seen a place, u can go there directly the next time.( u will need a pimp again if u want to go to some other place). Don't worry, there is no fear of anyone. You can get the most beautiful girl depending on ur pocket. If u take Rs. 500 with you, they will not even take off their full clothes. They will just take off their pants and say to fuck and get lost. ~~

    ~~But if u have more money (like Rs. 3000-5000), then u can enjoy as much as u want. One more thing. If u want full-fledged sex and more time, then u must go there in the day after noon. Because in the night, they are busy and they look for more and more customers. I had sex there six times. The last time I gave Rs. 3000. Her name was Farah. If u are handsome, then they will love u. She called me again in the day so that she could give me more time. U can go there in the weekend nights if u want to see some dances. I will write you some other exact places the next time. ~~

    ~~Hey guys, please try to write complete details of the places and the numbers because ur report will be useful only if we can understand them properly. ~~

    ~~Thanx. Enjoy.~~ (Review # 7220)

  • Karachi Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Apr 27 2003 Submitted by: insider

    In Karachi u can find girls in any good hotel, or in beauty parlor. Just choose the right one. Small hotels in Saddar (Cantt) area have good quality girls 4000-5000 PKR are enough for night or full day service. You have to first negotiate for BJ and anal. Girls don not press for condom but it is better. (Review # 7150)
  • Lahore Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Apr 18 2003 Submitted by: gill

    I was in Lahore last month. I had relations with a pime named Norren near shezan factory/ niazi bus stand. I called her on her ph but she replied me in negative . I insisted then she gave me a ph no of Badshah Khan. I called him on his phone . He replied me positively to come near his place. I told him no of my car. When I reached there, he was waiting. He showed me four girls. All were Punjabi. I picked one Punjabi girl aged 22 years, tall, big tits and ass. I took her to my hotel for 4000 Pakistani rupees. She gave me best blow job but no anal. I fucked her twice. She stayed with me till next day noon. It was a great experience. (Review # 7119)
  • Lahore Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Apr 18 2003 Submitted by: gill

    I was in Lahore last month. I had relations with a pime named Norren near shezan factory/ niazi bus stand. I called her on her ph but she replied me in negative . I insisted then she gave me a ph no of Badshah Khan. I called him on his phone . He replied me positively to come near his place. I told him no of my car. When I reached there, he was waiting. He showed me four girls. All were Punjabi. I picked one Punjabi girl aged 22 years, tall, big tits and ass. I took her to my hotel for 4000 Pakistani rupees. She gave me best blow job but no anal. I fucked her twice. She stayed with me till next day noon. It was a great experience. (Review # 7114)
  • Lahore Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Apr 14 2003 Submitted by: Alex

    The street action in Lahore has changed a lot. Its full of FUN. All you have to do is know some local people. ~~~~Excellent local girls are available who charge from 4000 a night to 5000 a night ( include gang scene as well) (Review # 7085)
  • Okara & Pakpattan Street Action Dated Added: Mon Jan 27 2003 Submitted by: Pardesi From Okara

    Prostitution is common in every city of Pakistan. Not to forget smaller cities of Punjab. Its illegal but widely tolerated. In December 2002 I was in Okara. There are many prostitutes working just behind the main Bus Stand. Sitting on the cots and standing in the doors and windows. Age varies from young to oldies. Prices are from Rs.50- 1000 max and they do Anal, Oral and Full nights. You can also take them to Gulistan Cinema with you, which shows xxx movies all year round.~~

    ~~Pakpattan is also harboring a lot of Classy Pathan and Punjabi prostitutes. The mainly active area is near the railway line on the other side of General Bus Stand. Girls are Classy and cheap. It is recommended that you take them to your place, as it is safer.~~

    ~~On Sahiwal road there is a Roti Tandoor (Chappati Oven) opposite the animal market. Owned by an old woman. She sells normal housewives who are short of money. She will charge Rs100 Commission and girls are normally Rs500-1000. They do different positions; some will do oral and anal. Need to ask before hand. This is a must visit Tandoor.~~ (Review # 6766)

  • Lahore Other Dated Added: Sun Jan 26 2003 Submitted by: cold ca$h

    Hi! I am a 29 year old male Punjabi who has had sex a couple of times until now. It started with a nurse from a shadman hospital who needed some extra cash and so on it went with trips to Nishaat Colony where the Christian population reside. I have had intercourse with three prostitutes of Heera Mandi and now have fund a permanent place which I frequent in Riwaz Garden. The flats are teeming with whores. They even give blow jobs for as little as 400 rupees per person. ~~~~~~ (Review # 6760)
  • Multan Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Oct 15 2002 Submitted by:

    ~~I started my sex experience from Multan. It is in the middle of Pakistan. Most pretty sexy girls are exported from here to all over the country. the most popular place is haram gate..about 4 lanes ..with houses on both sides and women sitting in doors..right from small chicks to big hot mums..quality also varies from ugly whores to sweet n sexy chicks. price starts with simple one fuck costing Rs 100 ..about $2 only. but if u give 1000.have fun as much as u want. some girl will do all anal ..oral..etc..some will not ask first..There are some speciall high class secret houses in the city too..charging more..bringing u there or coming where u want..very pretty..and very cheap.. ..have fun….from pink white chicks to black hardcore whores.~~Have fun~~ ~~
    (Review # 6290)
  • lahore Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Jul 06 2002 Submitted by: shah

    I am a native of Pakistan. I have lived most of my life in the U.S. last year, I went back. I made many friends -- most of them were of the college-going age. Much like here in the U.S., the topic most on the head of these boys is sex! So I asked them if we could get some girls and have some fun while I was still there. No problemo, they said! So during those 2 months I stayed there, I must have fucked about 15 girls. Most, if not all, were quite good-looking. I did not have to spend any of my money, the boys were generous enough to use their own dough. if you have connections, you can easily - very easily! - Get a girl to sleep with you. There are, of course, all those actresses and models to choose from, too. ~~

    ~~They are available for as little as 1200 u.s. dollars. Then, there are "high-society" girls who normally reside in posh areas like defense. you can spend a night with them after spending about 100 u.s. dollars for a night. you can also make friends with a college-going girl there. Shower her with gifts, adulation and money and she would certainly give you "something" in return. I made about 6/7 of those sort of girlfriends (from such schools as kinnaird, punjab university, lsa, etc) from well-reputed families. They were all eager to take off their clothes. Have me fondle their genetills. Or to suck my cock. I did not fuck them, though. they told me if I did that then I’d have to marry them, so I chose not to. Most boys in Lahore, do it, however. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    (Review # 5720)
  • Lahore Street Action Dated Added: Fri Nov 02 2001 Submitted by: Max


    ~~Heera Mandi in lahore is a popular place nearly all the taxi drivers knows about this. Last year I was there for a visit and try one of the local girls it was awesome.~~You can find pimps all around and they will come to you and ask you if you want a girl or not sex quality is good and the prices are also

    ~~I payed 3000 rs for 4 hours.~~

    You can get film stars for 50000 to 70000 rs but you need good contacts for that.~~High class college girls who wants some extra money will charge you some thing around 10000 to 20000 .~~

    (Review # 4550)
  • Lahore Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Aug 09 2001 Submitted by: Neo

    I was the student of FC College last year when I came to know there is a sexworkers area in the back side of college. At the back side of college there were many small houses which were looking very dirty from the outside. Many girls (sexworkers) were standing at the windows in sexy dresses. We were just passing through the road when suddenly we met a person who offered us a girl only in 50 rupees which is not a big money .But we refused to go with him because we were somewhat frightened. There were many people who came here to have sex, so it appears that you can get girls for a small amount of money around from here. (Review # 4127)
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