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  • Lahore Street Action Dated Added: Sat May 19 2007 Submitted by: Rovingeye

    I've benefited from this site enormously during my international travels, so just thought to give something back.

    Street action is quite common in Lahore, but you have to know what to look for. Look for single girls or in pairs, standing by road-sides during evening hours (6 - 10 pm). You must beware of "hirras" (eunuchs) however, who can be quite nasty once they get in your car. Also, watch out for young girls accompanied by older women, especially in Gulberg area: they are mostly in cahoots with the police who emerge from nowhere as soon as the girl gets in your car (the police will let you go for about 500-1000 rupees though).

    Other than that good action can be found in liberty market, defense, township, and even on main jail road. If you can drive around the main roads in these areas during evening hours, you can be quite sure of finding some good action. Cost will be 500-1000 rupees for about half an hour, and 2500-5000 for the night, depending on the quality of the girl.

    My advice would be to stop the car beside any such girls that you think fits the bill; if she is a pro, she will respond immediately, and will get in the car. If she's not well you can just drive on ;) (This is how I made most of my contacts in Lahore and Islamabad, since I’m not local to these towns).

    Besides street action, it’s always better to know a local who can give you contacts of "aunties" (brothel-runners), who are usually quite dependable and the quality of girls is also better than the street girls; rate is between 2500-6000 for a full night. Good quality professional Russian (Uzbek) girls are also available in abundance; rate is normally 8000-9000 for the night.
    (Review # 18992)
  • Rawalpindi Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Dec 21 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    Hi guys... just keep you updated of the situation in Pakistan. So easy here to find girlfriends for money. Last night I was in Sadar near KFC at 21:00 PM. These two girls walked past and probably smelling my expensive after shave. They start looking at me. After about five minutes looking at each other, they walked up to me... I said 'hi' and so on and they asked me if I had any work for them. I said yes and offered them 2000 rupees each. They asked what work, I said all night shift. They said they were only available during days and we would meet tomorrow.

    All agreed we meet the next day. I meet them same place, took them back to mine... stripped them... shagged their pussy and anal together. They were tight and horny. After three hours I let them go. A few days later they came back with another girl and I fucked her while they watched. After watching, both of them started to touch each other and then they shagged the girl they bought. They licked her, fingered her and that stuff!

    So Rawalpindi --- the place for hot sex! You have to be confident as there are girls about.

    (Review # 16689)
  • Lahore Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Sep 06 2006 Submitted by: TheKingOf_The_Sex

    Very interesting topic :) Guys, you'll looking in the wrong place, don't lose time, if you're really after sex then The Ambassador Hotel is one expensive way, and the best way is to take a rikshaw and they'll start talking with you about it, you don't even need to ask. Lahore is the best place to have a model girl for one night or your whole stay. Gifts and money will do a lot, taken them to a restaurant will make it even more easy to have extra time and service. I visit Lahore for business between time to time and stay in the pc hotel, it's expensive though, but the room service guys or girls will help you providing the best of the best of Afghani or Paki girls. 1000-5000 is the rate they ask for, don't rush, you can get the girl for 1000 only, and they'll give you the best service you'll ever thought off. (Review # 15502)
  • Rawal Pindi Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Jul 15 2006 Submitted by: Fata

    Hi Sex lover, I live in Karachi and I visited few month before to Islamabad for getting Indian visa. Since Indian embassy is in Islamabad, so I stayed in Rawalpindi as somebody recommend a nice hotel named" Flash man Hotel" When I was standing in the Q for entering Indian embassy there was a guy behind me, so just starting chit chat with him. he said he is a police man, then he asked me where I came from and where am staying, I said came from Karachi and staying I Flash man hotel in Pindi. Then he was so happy and said well, you are staying my (his) faveroit hotel, he said this hotel is very safe and he always go there for sex. Then he gave me a phone number and told me tell the person referred by him and he gave me his name also. To my surprise I was shocked that how come a police man giving me this kind of information and wishing me best of fuck. At first I was afraid but later I realized that he is a nice guy. Any ways when I returned to my hotel I give a call to that no., one aunty picked the phone and I referred her to that guy and asked he for the girls, first she said girl can come to hotel only at night but when I insist that at night I an going back to Karachi (just lieied her) then she agreed and asked for the 6000/ for 4 to 5 hours I asked her to reduce then she said ok rupees 5000/ then after half an hour she send a girl. with a man, the man took the money and leave my room said when finish call to the aunty. Well the girl was nice and very innocent. very new to this business. let you do whatever you want. until I cum inside her mouth. also she didn’t complain. Overall nice experience. Next day I get to know that one of the bell boy also have so many contact for girls so I contacted him and ask him for girl, then he also provide me few girls during my one week stay in this hotel. So I recommend this hotel is very good very private and very safe. Good luck all the fuckers! (Review # 15135)
  • Lahore Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Jul 09 2006 Submitted by: Pakipussylover

    Just came back from my trip to Lahore. (Damn it was hot there) anyway. Checked into the ambassador hotel. Its very girl friendly, ran me RS 5000.00 ($80.00) checked into the room it does need some better cleaning and a little bit of upgrade but was a clean room. Called in the waiter to take the dinner order and asked him for something to drink.. He said he can arrange it. In 10 minutes I got a bottle of teachers scotch delivered to the room, a bit pricy at RS. 4000 ($65.00) but did get the staff on my side after I tipped the waiter RS. 500 for the booze. I did get call a girl into the room.. (RS. 4000) for a few hours. She said that she could stay till 11 pm as she had to be home after that. No anal but loved giving blowjobs and seemed like she even cam when I fingered her. This girl is what I would call a semi-professional and she even invited a gf over so we could have a 3some (RS 2000 more). But that girl got scared of the security at the gate and left. (Review # 15101)
  • Karachi Street Action Dated Added: Tue Jun 20 2006 Submitted by: Tonya786

    I have spent a few nights in Karachi and after a fruitless first day I finally struck gold , now I only post real numbers and you must as always have your story correct or they will not continue and hang up and then change number so come on lads use your brain you want the real deal then use these numbers (1) when you want sex (2) have 20,000 rs at least and (3) are staying in a top hotel...this is my tale. I booked into the Pearl continental the two of us and started making enquiries with staff, you will have no joy here as all deny any knowledge of call girls going to the pc that’s total nonsense. I got a contact called Munir who arranged for2 absolutely gorgeous 18 year old girls to come to the hotel they arrived at 11pm and didn’t get past security who turned them away even though they had my room number and name, I went to the lobby and queried this and was told no ladies can enter the pc at night and go into residents rooms, I slipped the security a 1000 rs note and all of a sudden they are now allowed in. Mehak and Mehran are two stunners Mehak owo and sex no condom the latter would not do oral and you could not touch her breasts it your mouth which was strange. several goes each and two bottles of black label Jonnioe walker and we were all very tired. as I write I have decided not to put the number on as some strange males get kicks out of making false calls but if you contact the exec booking in desk they will make a call for you. The girls only attend in pairs it is costly but well worth it. (Review # 14991)
  • Lahore Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Apr 04 2006 Submitted by: Capitalist

    Hello there Writing today one of the best experiences of my life. Happened a week ago in Lahore. I was staying in Ambassador hotel (Davis road). At night around 11 pm there was a knock on my door. After inquiring it was a hotel waiter asking for anything I need, I said no thank you but he kept on insisting, no sir tell me if I can do anything for you, after inquiring he revealed that girls are available here for the convenience of our customers. He brought 2 girls in my room; both were around 20 and looking educated. I liked one of them and paid the waiter 6,500/- for her. She was awesome, pretty, and excellent with spotless body. She gave me blowjob and a massage. Her boobs were excellent and actually enjoyed the fuck thrice that night. In the morning I gave her 500 Rs as tip. So guys do stay in Ambassador hotel and have fun. (Review # 14392)
  • Islamabad Street Action Dated Added: Wed Mar 29 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    I had been in town a couple of months and no action, so asked around. A friend called me 8:30 and said that they have a girl for a couple of hours (Rs. 2500) she was Russian did not speak English but about 6 on a 10 scale. The friends used her at a Guest house there. Guest house had been raided a couple of days before.. the Cops had let the foreign girls go but had detained the local guys . I wanted a bit more action so asked if the madam had any girls for the night. We called her (I can give the number but that would be completely useless. The Madam has to have a known contact before she will even talk to you). We followed the car across town where the madam felt save and pulled into a side street. The price she would not go below was Rs. 8000.00 ($133) and I picked out one of 5 cramped in the back of a car. The girl was around 22 pretty hot, shaved. I took her home. We got there around 10 PM and she fucked my brains out most of the night. She was into it!. This was one hot / wet pussy not just doing it as a Job, bj, anal the whole gambit . So the action is alive and well in this city. The best way to get any is know people. You ask the front desks at any guest house. They can help but the price might be a bit higher as they will take their cut. (Review # 14341)
  • Multan Other Dated Added: Tue Dec 20 2005 Submitted by: BigLunBuddy

    I had a very great experience with two girls of nice beauty in Multan. I was trying to find a good girl to fuck and this woman took me to a place of Zakeryea Town. She had two girls of 20-23 years, and one was dressed like a boy, with cut hair... very beautiful. She told me she was in a very nice educated family, but she was a great fuck. Nice big tits also. She give a blow job in a nice way, and I fucked her three times. I had a great time with her for Rs. 3000. Now I want to go back there to fuck her again. I cannot forget her tits. Anyone wanting a great fuck must see Zakeryea Town... main road near Masjid. I will go soon... I want to see her. (Review # 13357)
  • Lahore Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Nov 20 2005 Submitted by: mile_raheel

    Hi , I have read ur messeges, and i m looking to find a prostitute in lahore ,i think if anyone could give me any fone # of any prostitute because i have had sex only with girlfrieds and a prostitute realy gives a good time , so i want to have that experience ... so can anyone tell me about it ? my email id is (Review # 13137)
  • Karachi Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Oct 31 2005 Submitted by:

    In Karachi you can hire a girl very easily. Most of them live in Gulistan-e-Jouhar, a densely populated locality. I took one from there. She was 19 with D-sized boobs and round ass, fair complexion, 5.5ft in height. She also offered me the place, but I took her to a beach luxury hotel. Room charges were 4000/= and she charged 5000 for the whole night (12 hours)! BJ was great, even the intercourse! Her contact number is 03002226186! Sania (Review # 12987)
  • Lahore Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Sep 06 2005 Submitted by: Shocking

    Hi guys... I recently went to Lahore for a business trip, and as usual a businessman gets horny at night in a new place. I gave a call to this escort service (Aunty as you say) on the tip of a friend. She invited me over to Lahore Cantt (near Rahat Bakers). She had wonderful girls ranging from 16 to 25 and Punjabi to Pathani. I preferred an Afghani girl, as young as 20.

    She was pretty, clean and tidy, and knew how to cater to sophisticated people. I paid 5000 for a night and took her to my guesthouse in Garden Town (near Barkat market). She was gorgeous and elegant, yet knew how to satisfy a man. I made love to her 3 times, yet never felt tired. I guess you guys should come across this (Aunt) and ask for Hana. Aunt’s # is 0300-8033041. Good luck!
    (Review # 12618)
  • Karachi Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Aug 24 2005 Submitted by: Greek_Ash

    Hi Viewers! As you all know, is a perfect place to find escorts & fun at your desired location. In Karachi, commercial sex is very common not only in high class areas but also in middle class colonies. As I am from Karachi, so I think that I can guide you ppl. A good place to find cheap fun in Karachi is AYESHA MANZIL (Federal B Area) behind the Agha Khan School, there's a market area which is almost always very busy. All you need is (EAGLE EYE) and you can find some young AFGHAN girls for only PKR 300 to 500. So good Luck! I hope it will help you guyz.  (Review # 12540)
  • Islamabad Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Aug 23 2005 Submitted by: Jalebi Lover

    This is one of the most exclusive sex parlors I've come across in South Asia. The Madam and the girls (one or two guys, too) are sexy and very talented. The services are somewhat pricey (not below Pak Rs.1000 for a blowjob) by Pakistan standards. But it's well worth it. The clients are mostly Westerners, especially Brits for some reason. Well worth a visit. (Review # 12524)
  • Karachi Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Aug 23 2005 Submitted by: ZPower

    Back again....Karachi is getting hotter and hotter... Go to and find the real stuff. All you need is a drive on the beach or in Clifton area in the night starting form 9 to 11. There is a big gay scene also. Visit places like Clifton Center... Have not seen KFC or Mc girls in action... But I can imagine with a need for extra cash on the side increasing, these girls are no exceptions... Things are safe... a few night clubs are operational... talk to your hotel folks. C U  (Review # 12520)
  • Lahore Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Aug 05 2005 Submitted by: special

    Lahore sex life is totally changed and it's easy to get a girl for f***.  Most of the hotels provide you the girls upon request. "Lahore Hotel" is one of the biggest spots to get girls... Have fun.   (Review # 12288)
  • Rawalpindi Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Jun 22 2005 Submitted by: Arshad from Brussels

    Hi, Last month I went to my native village near Gujarkhan. I wanted to have some sex and then a friend took me to Gujarkhan and we went in a snooker club ,where I paid about 5000 Rupees. Then the club manager took me to a village near Gujarkhan and took me in a huge house. After a moment he came back with 4 awesome girls and I choosen one she was so professional a typical gal from Pakistan she spent about 5 hours with me ,that was a worthy deal. If you go there ask for Yasmin. She's a tall and beautiful lady with brown hair and green eyes she's about 30 years old. Keep it safe and always use condoms its not a game. (Review # 11826)
  • Lahore Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Jun 19 2005 Submitted by: nadia

    Allam Iqbal Town is the town of prostitudes. You can find girls of your choice near Shezan Bakers in moon market. Nirala Sweets, Shirin Mahal and McDonald's. You can also nask from any Rickshaw driver about hookers. These are avialable from 7 p.m. to 12 p.m. daily. (Review # 11785)
  • Rawalpindi Escort Review Dated Added: Sun May 15 2005 Submitted by: Pussysucker

    Hihi guys rawalpindi is no far away from making your night a erotic one. There you can find so many aunties who are in that business of girls. Last weekend I spend my night in one of my friend's place who hired a Turkish girl for a money of Rs: 4000/- She is a professional one, and gave us all the soothing touches to our dicks. She also suck my cork and give it a good nice firm looking by touching her tongue. she kiss my body my dick,balls,lips. what a blow. and then I fuck her doggy, legs on shoulder and updown style three times a night. I must say she is too professional with my dick, she grasp her firmly and also rolls my balls with her hand. woooff..! That was special night which I can never forget. (Review # 11461)
  • Lahore Escort Review Dated Added: Sat May 14 2005 Submitted by: Anon

    A few days ago I picked up a hooker from Race course park on Jail Road. She gave me great time. She offered me blow job, Ass fucking an other services all for Rs. 500. She said she is not pro as she works at fast food joint nearby during the day. She works for extra cash in evening. she was about 5 ft 6 inch, with D size boobs and beatiful ass. She had a very fair color. (Review # 11449)
  • Lahore Escort Review Dated Added: Sun May 01 2005 Submitted by:

    Lahore is very much happening place. Finding a girl is sooooooo easy... Damn easy.. Ask any rickshaw driver and he will guide you to the spots.. (Review # 11373)
  • Lahore Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Mar 18 2005 Submitted by: BootyFiller

    I am a 26 year old Pwho who graduated from the US about 2 years ago. The sex scene in Lahore these days has touched the sky-heights with a lot of prostitutes residing in Lahore.


    A couple of days ago I happened to be under the influence of alcohol, so I was erotically charged. My friend Mr. Khan was also horny and he told me that we could find some hot chicks to fuck.He took me to this place at the Canal near Doctor's hospital and to my surprise there were about 15 Russian chicks living in a house.We both picked this chick up called Varena who must be in her mid 20s.

    She was blonde with bluish green eyes. Big fucking tits staring at me and saying come on FUCK ME. Man thats the best sex I've probably ever had.We had a three-some .I fucked her doggy style, missionary style, legs on my shoulder, on the couch. Basically fucked her every which way possible while my buddy Mr Khan was too relaxed and was getting a nice head. I fucked her thrice and even came in her mouth once which felt out of this world because she really knew wat was she doing so I let her take the driving seat and went with the flow. Man that was toooooooo gooood. She swallowed all the shit and the best part was she did it so well that I didnt even feel the need to go to the loo to wash the junk.All for Rs 10,000/-. Now I'm saving up some dough so I can go and visit my nice and generous friend once again.

    (Review # 11131)
  • Lahore Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Feb 28 2005 Submitted by:

    Most of the girls working in fast food resturants like McDonalds & KFC will provide extra service for as low as 1000 Rs extra. I picked up a girl from McDonalds on Mall. A very pretty looking fair girl with good sized boobs and great ass for 1000 Rs. She admited to the fact that most girls will provide service given a visting card in advance with an offer on it. She provided me with a blow job and anal included in the above package. (Review # 11070)
  • Faisalabad Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Feb 23 2005 Submitted by: Bgcock

    I live in Faislabad. In my opinion you can find girls in every girls hostel and four star hotels.You can find good looking Russian Girls in Sarena Hotel Club Road. (Review # 11042)
  • Karachi Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Dec 15 2004 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Here is a fascinating piece of reading about Pakistan sure to provoke some thought on the part of the reader. Credit for this opportunity for fair comment and criticism must go to The Telegraph of Calcutta, India. * * * Karachi, Dec. 4: More and more sex workers in Pakistan are practising “mutah” — a short marriage contract — to gain a sense of legitimacy and beat the law of the land. In most red light districts of Lahore, Karachi, Multan, Hyderabad and other cities, every time there’s a police raid, sex workers and their patrons seek cover by owing allegiance to any sect that allows mutah. According to a tradition among some sects representing Islam, mutah takes place if both partners agree to enter into a marriage for a short duration, even for a few hours, based on verbal consent. There is no need for any documentation or testimony, apart from a confirmation from the man and the woman. A majority of the clergy in Pakistan is unimpressed by the opportunistic use of the provision. Mutah is a controversial provision in Islam. According to the majority Sunni sect, mutah has no relevance in the modern world as it was granted during the time of the crusades when “warriors of faith” had to spend months and years away from home. Moreover, sex for money and soliciting are all “haram (prohibited)” under Islamic law. Mutah, Sunni scholars point out, also envisaged male responsibility in areas like pregnancy, legitimacy of children, maintenance and so on. And more important, it was permitted only with divorcees and widows. Local Sunni leader Haji Sheikh Ismail said like the triple talaq, mutah is a reprehensible provision that has “no relevance in the modern world”. But mutah finds acceptance among some sections of Muslims. In fact, it is sometimes considered a “gainful and favourable act”. According to Sayyid Mujtaba Rukni Musawi Lari, who wrote Western Civilisation through Muslim Eyes, mutah was introduced to wipe out prostitution and other forms of illicit relationships from society. But in Lahore’s notorious Heera Mandi, prostitution could not be stopped even when the government machinery cracked down. Under Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, the sex industry grew stronger due to liberal policing. During Zia-ul-Haq’s regime, mutah provided protection, yet a majority of the sex workers shifted to other areas. After Zia, they again began operating out of the red light areas and mutah has given them a shield against raids by the police or other law enforcement agencies. Neelam (name changed on request), who said she has used the mutah provision to “tide over financial difficulties”, provided another angle. “It relieves us of a sense of guilt. At the end of the day, we seek solace that we have not committed a sin as grave as adultery,” she said. Mutah marriages are not limited to Pakistan. In India’s Hyderabad, such incidents are common when cash-rich Arab sheikhs come searching for young brides. In most cases, the marriages last a night or so and greedy clerics even issue marriage/divorce certificates to provide legal cover. Poverty, ignorance and lust seem to be paving the way for exploitation of women, on both sides of the border. (Review # 10591)
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