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Advice from some locals...
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  • Malacca Massage Parlor Dated Added: Tue Sep 02 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    Check out the Emperor Hotel. They have a "health club" on the fifth floor. You have to take an elevator off to the side to get up there. The main elevator doesn't stop there. There were six girls there at the time. I picked a Chinese woman, 30 years old, with a good body, a pretty face, and a nice ass. She gave me a nice massage, especially massaging my ass, which felt great. Then we took a shower and had sex. I went down on her and she started getting horny, so I kept going. She had a massive, screaming, bucking orgasm that seemed to go on for quite a while, and then she grabbed me and put that condom on fast and shoved my dick into her. You get used to the fake moaning that a lot of woman do, but I could tell this was real. It was a lot of fun, and she was a friendly woman, although her English was limited. I gave her a 50 ringit tip because she was worth it. The hotel charged me 158 ringits. (Review # 24643)
  • Johore Baru Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Jul 28 2008 Submitted by: GreenTree

    I visited Malaysia few times. It is a very Nice place to See forever. Lot of tourist places, islands to visit. Once I was in Johore Baru for a business visit, I stayed in moderate hotel near the Plaza plangi. In late night times can see few girls for enjoying purpose. can get even Rm50 for 1 hr Rm 200 for whole night. All are local indonesians. very good service.  (Review # 24351)
  • Kuala Lumpur Massage Parlor Dated Added: Fri Jul 25 2008 Submitted by: Cocktan

    Went to the massage parlor at concorde hotel, had a good time with a chinese girl and the problem is that you can't choose your girl. but I was lucky I got a slightly older babe than me.

    I'm 28 she is 30. nice ass and pussy and BJ with a condom(safe laaa) at least she lubricate before panetration.  After showering as the same process goes, a good 10 minute BJ then straight to a good sex.  After we were both tired out she started with a HJ. I guess that if she see no responce from your hard stick, she will immediately go over you and make her pussy come down till is at your face. but what i did was I go slowly by touching ,fingering and then to a good suck . In less than 5 min, out comes out my hot shot, all over her face!

    I would recomend to all off you, for RM 230 for a local chinese is not to bad of a price. i gave her RM 50 for the good service. i love it. thus, tha looks like one of the chinese actress. initials Zhang Z Y....! cheers!
    (Review # 24322)
  • Penang Georgetown KL Other Dated Added: Tue Jul 31 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    I have visited Asia at lease 100 times since 1985 and in 1999 lived in Thailand for a year and then moved to Malaysia in 2000 until 2003 after getting too drunk I spent 3 days in jail at KL and moved back to Australia. General information: Malaysia is a very laid back country and if you go about things the right way you can have a great time.

    The Chinese run Karaoke Bars found all over Malaysia is mostly fronts for Gambling and some Prostitution. The Health Clubs, found in most hotels are mostly for sex. You will find Indonesian, Chinese and Thai girls. In many cases the cost is shown up front at the Spa check-in and you just do as you please.

    If the prices are not posted then Western Men will expect to pay more, in most cases you should automatically ask for 25 to 50 percent off whatever the doorman says the cost is. In most cases they just double the local price. If it is a high class place with fresh young girls the price will be higher. If it is a cheap hotel with girls 25 to 35 it is much less.

    In my experience 5 star hotels run 250 RM (75 US) most other places it was 100 RM (30 US) this gets you free use of the Spa area and 45 minutes with a girl of your choice. Giving extra money to the girl for her services is not required but a 50 RM tip is a good idea.

    On the low end there is the “Hotel Dan Bar” where you will find a large variety of sex workers servicing locals. In place like this 50 RM (15 US) will get you most services in a dark booth or small back room. Sometimes you will see beautiful young girls who are working their way between Bangkok and Singapore but mostly the regular girls will be 35 to 50.

    Make friends with the bartender and he will contact you when young girls pass thru most will just be there at most 1 night and are gone as soon as they pick up some traveling cash.

    Street Action, it is necessary to watch what you are doing. Some streets get constant police coverage while others are left alone. The Police are seldom the problem because many street walkers are Lady-Boys or X-Cons, drug addicts and other low life. These are the ones who got kicked out of local the local places and you should not go with them.  

    (Review # 20350)
  • Seremban Escort Review Dated Added: Tue May 15 2007 Submitted by: Senawang orang blue

    Hello dude, all pussy licker and laughing cock heartland of Muslim in Senawang. Hard to find any hooker here and well you can find Muslim gals to fuck and gang bang here. Well no need to pay for their services as long you can top up their handphone credit. And fast car and sweet talking, the best part is all those Muslim gals in Senawang is a good sucker and loves anal sex.

    Coz Zsenawang area is a industrial area got a lot of wet pussy from other states of Malaysians since here is a heartland of Muslim it is a feast and exotic menu on the table. I manage to get 2 chicks from Senawang industrial area and bang them in a hotel name Royal Adel donít know how its spell believe me is a feast.

    Since I am Orang Putih here, every week I manage to get 2 wet Muslim pussy back home and cum them in the face.

    I strongly advise to start a feast here as Muslim pussy is a must for us.

    I will post their number later on
    (Review # 18871)
  • Petaling Jaya Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Jan 08 2007 Submitted by: Nickz

    Since I moved to Malaysia, I've had a chance to check out the massage spa at the Eastin Hotel a few times. Based on a review on this board, I asked for someone specific the first time based on her preference and like of men eating her. Though she was a little business like and not exactly a girlfriend experience, she did allow for and seemed to enjoy me eating her cunt and ass. She wasn't much into me pushing my tongue up her ass, which was a bummer. Also, her ass was really clean, but the flip side was that it lacked the nice musky and sensous smell I like when eating ass.

    The first time I saw her, I asked if she'd engage in another preference of mine --- a golden shower. She expressed surprise at such a request, but we then agreed that it could be done the next time I saw her, with a little advance notice and an extra Rm50. She gave me her number before I left and I called her a few days later in the morning and gave an hour notice to get ready for the golden shower. I asked her to drink lots of water, since most of the time I get a golden shower from anyone, it's just a little trickle and it usually tastes too strong.

    Anyway, I wasn't expecting a lot since that's typically been my previous experience. I must say I was in for a really pleasant surprise. This chick, who claimed she had never done a golden shower before was the best I've ever had. After some initial cunt and ass licking, I asked her to sit on my mouth and start pissing, making sure nothing leaked out. She squats down on my mouth and here I am expecting a slow trickle of strong tasting piss. Instead, out comes this steady stream of wonderful light tasting piss. Not only did it taste great, but she just kept going and going. It was incredible. She must have filled me up with a whole big beer mug worth of piss before she stopped. It was the best piss drink I'd ever had and the longest.

    Since then, I've been back to see about 4 more times and each time has been the same. She pisses a jug full of piss and it always tastes great. One time, she pissed in little spurts as I was eating her cunt. She seemed to enjoy doing that, and it was a new experience for me as well. All in all, I can see myself enjoying drinking her piss for a good while during my stay in Malaysia.
    (Review # 16933)
  • Kuala Lumpur Massage Parlor Dated Added: Fri Dec 08 2006 Submitted by: John Smith

    Hi Fuckers my name is John Smith and I am from USA. Malaysia is a nice place to find interesting fucks. One day, I got very horny and I went to Sucasa servive apartments. They have a Health Spa by the name of Ampang Heath Spa. I went inside, very friendly captain ask me for a sevice. I ask for a Thai girl. He broght 2 Thai girl... I choose one because I liked her. Very beautiful, slim and nice ass.

    My god... I can't belive on her service which she given me. She suck my cock like she never had sucked before. She give me a best service that I never had before even she give me anal fuck.

    Wow! Nice place to fuck about 180RM per 45 minites. Try man... really nice! Her name is Nee.
    (Review # 16555)
  • Penang Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Nov 26 2006 Submitted by: Mell

    If you go to Penang and looking for a multiple choice of girl to fuck, then you must go to Grand Paradise Hotel. Ask the bell man, they have Russian, Thai, Vietnam, Indonesian and many more! Very beautiful girl available, price btw RM200 to RM300 for short game and RM700 to RM1000 for hold night! (Review # 16418)
  • Kuala Lumpur Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Oct 09 2006 Submitted by: Simpler

    I have been hunting for a good laid for quite sometime now, and tried a number of places, including Spa Deluxe (behind Thai Club), Federal Hotel, Green Elephant, Beach Club, and several other places. And the following is my review about these places. Spa Deluxe = The girls (not many choices) inclusive of local Malay Chinese and some mainland Chinese. Try the local Chinese or Malay, they will serve a little better than the mainland Chinese. These mainland Chinese doesn't seem want to work on you at all, and quite rushy. Quick BJ and quick Fuck, boobs grabbing is a no no, no French kiss, shitty service (I get better sex with mainland Chinese in China) than these girls. But hey (if) you are looking for a quick fuck, then maybe you don't mind they rush you, but then again who like would like a rush fuck, right? Federal Hotel Spa? Shitty place with shitty facility and the girls? These day? Suck to the maximum. For six times I gone to Federal this year, five time there I am exteremely disappointed with the level of service, both from the girls and the captain. I don't know why some of my friends like this place. Only one time, the experience was somewhat so so. In the past (few years ago) this is definitely the place to go. Plenty of choices with some of the hottest gal in town, both local and foreign gals. Excellent Service and the gals with superb service. After ABB become PM of Malaysia, the local join has become extreme discreet. Man I would not vote this PM not now or in the future. Anyway back to present day (few days ago). I thought giving this place one last try, again extremely disappointed. However local girls are not rushy (and quite friendly) but definetely not interested or know how to to serves, with some exception for some of the local Chinese girls but for the price you pay there? You should try somewhere else. Trust me on this. This place is a dump. Same goes with Green Elephant Spa, Submit (Subang). These place is a dump. Eastin Hotel? No foreign gals, but the local is quite ok. But be picky about the gal you choose, I got several complain here from friends. Other than that, my pick of Malay girls here are quite pleasant. Keen in serving but a little rushy. As for the Local Chinese, I would said not too bad but better with the Malays. Also if you like, should go to Armada Hotel (PJ) and also try out Mandarin Court, Lisa de Inn and Crystal Crown PJ (although I doubt they have much of a choice this days). Also don't overlook WenWood Hotel (KL). The gals there in the past are great with quite good service. As for you guys hunting for "Over night and over your place" gals, try out Beach Club. Mind you, we heard that some of the girls there are disease driven. So careful with your selection and play safe (use condom always). Tried several girl there (mainland Chinese and Vietnamese), the experience is not bad, although I have a complain about these gals being smelly, eventhough we bath/showered properly before sex. I've taken one nice a gorgeous looking gal back, superb body, with nice tits. Then we have a good shower and off to bed with passionate kissing, etc. but what a turn off when I found out how fucking smelly her pussy was during intercourse. The price ranging from RM350 for the whole night at your place. I personally would not recommend any of you guys pay more than RM500. Some joker (some caucasian dude) even willing to pay up to 300USD for one of these girls, spoiling the ongoing price. Honestly I am not being stinggy, but I don't think by paying more you get good service, no matter how gorgeous they look. Anyway why pay more when the going range is RM350 at the moment? Bargain a little. When you ask them how much to these gals, they will surely say "RM500". The key word, bargain! Best price for the whole night is USD100 which is RM370 plus minus. Mind you, it is not how much you pay, but how you make these gals feel even for that moment. Remember Whores are people too. Make them laugh and show that you are here to have a good time, and you want them to have a good time with you too, then really, does price really matter? Share one experience with you, a friend of mine (who is a frequent visitor of Beach Club), sometime get lucky for a free fuck several time (maybe the first few time he pay but after that, it is free fuck all the way until the duration the gals go back to their respective country. These gals are quite lonely and if you show them that give them a good time, really does money really matter? They might look for a partime or fulltime boyfriend, so act like one if they give you the hints that this is what they want. Advice for some of you, don't suck up to the girls, be gentleman and mean it when you said you are here for a good time. The poor selection girls are the Indonesian and the Filipino. Some are just plain ugly. But hey, different people have different taste. So who am I to complain. Anyway happy hunting. (Review # 15888)
  • Klang Street Action Dated Added: Tue Aug 22 2006 Submitted by: Peterson

    Truth is always hard to be accepted and talked about. We all need sex but we could not talk about it openly and we all have to ďbehaveĒ ourselves. We canít tell our wives that we love them but we do need other women to satisfy our other needs. We need to feel other bodies when we still can. Well, I believe our wives feel the same. Can we accept that? I think it varies from person to person and country to country etc. Well, we have no time to debate on that but sometime I really feel guilty to touch other women due to such cultural values and such malaises are creeping on me. But itís great to have sex with other bodies and please do not apply all those values on me. They donít mix. I was driving on the Federal highway after work and I was thinking about life. I need to feel another body tonight. I saw Histana in front of me. I heard about this place, parked my car and I went up to the SPA. Itís not an impressive place. Anyway the captain showed me about 10 girls ( all 3 races ) and I chose a petite Indian girl by the name of Aishah. Paid RM198 and I was led to the room which was quite worn down. This girl talked very little but itís ok since I just wanted her other resources. She bathed me and herself and then we went to the bed. She did a lousy massage for me but again I didnít mind because thatís not what I went for. Now, she carried on to give me the blow job which was quite pleasurable but her boobs were real flat that I could not even get a grip on. Luckily sheís got a real petite body and I was hungry for that. One thing I hated was she spitted a few times while doing the BJ. She pulled down the rubber without saying a word and went on top of me. Alright, since she did not put in much effort, I had to help myself. I grabbed her hard and span her like a cowboy on a bull and I threw her up and down like a wild horse and that it was really an act that I had dreamt of doing for many years. Her body was good for that. Now, I flipped her around and carried on with doggy. I was charging so hard that the bed wobbled and it was really noisy. Couldn't care less I just keep riding and grabbing her hard on her shoulders, her abdomen and all over her body. I couldn't hold it anymore and it was hot sex with this goody. After I pulled out slowly, I kept her legs open and I told her to let me watch her pussy for a while. It was a great piece of pinkish pussy and I rubbed it with my fingers and squeezed most parts of body over and over again. Felt like going in for another round but the phone rang. No choice since I did not want to spend more. She bathed me again and I gave her another RM50 for tip. We must always remember: Cherish those who give you pleasure and make them happy with a little contribution wherever you can. Nice to keep her in my wild shots record and the journey moves on. (Review # 15387)
  • Johor Bahru Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Jun 26 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    Went to New York Hotel twice in the last one week. Place has sign of wear and tear, otherwise ok. Full package is still RM198. First time, disappointed. The lady "Joanne" is a no-go: in a hurry and short-change you in service. Body ok but tiny tits with two little bean-sized nipples. Second time, got a lady "Cindy" and she was very pleasant and friendly. Body slightly chubby but very good BJ, without rubber. Massage was also good quality. Could sense professionalism in her. Would definitely go and try more, either Cindy or others, but definitely not Joanne. One advantage of the setup: lift from carpark exits directly to the spa at level 2. For those who drive, you effectively head straight to the place from your car. Highest possible privacy. (Review # 15031)
  • Kuala Lumpur Escort Review Dated Added: Thu May 11 2006 Submitted by: Gudhubby

    Guys out there! I thought I will give my 2 cents worth and update the Sex scene here in KL. Am an expert and been based in KL since Jan 2005. Decided to check out the local scene this year in 2006. Have been to quite a few of these "health Spas" and this is my feedback: Concorde Hotel - Jalan Sultan Ismail - Realaxaspa - neat place. Currently only Chinese. Massage costs RM88. Full package costs RM238. Most of them I saw were at least 30 plus. Sex time id 45 mins or how fast you cum. I have tried 3-4 ladies here. All are just OK. Decent BJ. Sex is not so great. Good place to go to as rooms are neat. Menara Genesis - Jalan Sulatan Ismail - 10th floor - another mainly Chinese joint. Has good sauna. Tell the guy u want a fuck and not massage. Massage ladies are very old and they don’t fuck. Only HJ. I saw 2 young ones - rated around 7-8 - very voluptuous. But Johnny says they are booked and charge much higher. Here massage only is RM80 and FS is RM234. Worth a visit. Alson Genesis Hotel - a little low class joint. Have some decent babes who specialize in sex only. Some of the babes look classy. One of them turned out to be a Shemale with a 7" Dick took me by surprise. I politely refused. Can’t choose your female initially, but push your luck and u may a get your choice. The one I got was just interested in a quick fuck only. But she told me if I wanted Anal, ask for #23. Grand Seasons - 11th Floor - a little on the upper end. Costs RM88 for massage and RM230 for sex. You can choose your babe. Saw at least 4-5 decent ones - all above 7. The captain openly asks for sex, says is easier and cheaper. Nice clean rooms. I first opted for a massage which was done by a 35+ lady. She proceeded to give me a very good Dick massage - paid her RM50 for this. Not the standard HJ, she really gave it a good massage before making me cum. I then told her I wanted sex. She asked me to pick one from the captain. She again massaged my dick saying she will make is strong for a second cuming. I picked a girl named Tina...was quite chubby with nice tits. She was onto my dick in a flash. We first did it w/o rubber. Later, I had her on top of me (she insisted on a rubber and I agreed) and she gave it a good whack. After about 10 mins, we switched positions and I did her doggy style. I wanted ASS but she said it was too painful. Still she allowed me to fingerfuck her ass. One more BJ followed by a fuck and I shot myself inside her. Surely will go again. So far for now.....write again later. May 11, 2006 (Review # 14687)
  • Kuching Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Jan 17 2006 Submitted by: HotRod

    Just came back from Kuching 2 days ago... and you can easily find action in Kuching just by asking the taxi around there. I got an 18-years old Indonesian girl for a night at only RM220.00 but too bad in the middle of the night, I feel like having some slight fever so I cannot have my "breakfast" before she left. (Review # 13741)
  • Miri, Sarawak Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Jan 14 2006 Submitted by: GagOnThis87

    Whenever in Miri try going over to Big Boss Saloon. It looks like an ordinary saloon out front but it has individual rooms with toilets attached on the floor above. Take your pick while one of the girls gives you a shampoo or a hair cut. (No guarantee the haircut will look good!) My favourite is Ann. She is a tall, sexy Chinese Indonesian gal with amazing blowjob skills! She can take my whole 7" and use her tongue to tickle my balls! She does anal and will fuck like a wild rabbit too! All services cost RM$150 and you are given 45 mins with the girl. If you wanna take any girl home it will cost you RM$350 for 24 hours. If you're lucky and the mamasan likes you, you may strike a deal and take 3 girls for RM$500 only! I got this deal on my birthday and it was an awesome threesome! (Review # 13701)
  • Chow Kit Street Action Dated Added: Thu Jan 12 2006 Submitted by: Giri

    One day, I was feeling very horny and went to Jalan Chow Kit. As I was walking along a pimp came and asked me whether u want any young girls, I said yes and he took me to a cheap hotel which is actually a shop house. We entered through the back door and once inside he closed the door. He showed me the girls who were Indonesian; young and beautiful. He told me rm120 per fuck, I reduced to rm100 and he agreed. We went to a small room upstairs and the girl told me to put my cloths in a cupboard just after the single bed. I was not not allowed to touch her breast and she went straight for the fuck. She put two condoms on my penis, the first time ever for me. As I was fucking her someone knocked the door. She told me to get off and thats it! Before I could come, I had to go out. I thought there was a raid or something so I quickly put on my clothes and went out. I went to a nearby coffee shop to have tea. When i checked my purse I only had one ringgit notes. All my 50, and 100 ringgit was stolen. I lost about 600 ringgit and half fuck only! So guys dont ever think of going near Chow Kit for cheap fuck. You will lose more! They take ur money when u are in bed and maybe they have a small sliding door and they ransack ur pants when u are in bed. (Review # 13683)
  • Petaling Jaya Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Dec 07 2005 Submitted by: piledriver

    Just came back from Esteem Health Spa at the Eastin Hotel, along Jalan Damansara, in PJ. Got in, but couldn't choose the girl, much to my dismay. I asked for a Malay girl, and was given Apple. Petite, a moonface, but nice perky tits (erect even thru her dress) & a killer, killer ass. Didn't ask for massage, wanted to get straight into the action. She showered me, then tongued my body all over, rubbing her tits in all the right places. Then a very pleasant (but I had better) ass rimming with her tongue, and a blowjob that got my stiffie going.

    Here comes the best part. Since I didn't like the narrow & high massage bed they had, I wanted to fugg her standing. So I doggied her for awhile, but what I really wanted to do was fugg her in her beautiful inviting ASS. So I asked. And she said YES. Off came the condom, a quick slick lube on my tip, and I was soon pounding her butthole like a piston. This was my first ass encounter in KL, period. She was most accommodating, enthusiastic & certainly enjoyed herself while I violated her buttocks wildy. She even arched her ass up so I could get a buttfugging angle. All this without a condom too.

    Within a few minutes of rutting, I shot a bucket-load of baby batter into her bum - I must've flooded the entire canal. She took it all in like a good girl, squirming her ass cheeks. I pulled out, she smiled. (She must've known it's hard to get ass action - or she maybe she just enjoyed it.) We cleaned up & I left. Pleasant, and very, very naughty she was. That was hot. Next time, I'm going to spermify her face. I'll bet she'll say yes.
    (Review # 13235)
  • Kuala Lumpur Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sat Dec 03 2005 Submitted by: koon koon

    Just to add on to Joey's report... Stay Inn in Pudu... go for the rate of RM168... all Mainland Chinese girls. Good quality. You want great service, look for Jolin. (Review # 13221)
  • Tawau Massage Parlor Dated Added: Wed Nov 30 2005 Submitted by:

    Tawau Guys... you can try these places:

    1.  Marco Polo Hotel - Nice place with many ladies to choose from. Just pay for massage services..... you can negotiate for more action. Ladies are from Indonesia, Philipines, China and Local. Recommended:  Monica, Anne, and Sara.

    2.  King Park Hotel... Same as above. But need luck to get A1 material.

    3. 1st Hotel... Same as above. But need luck to get A1 material.

    (Review # 13194)
  • Kuala Lumpur Other Dated Added: Tue Nov 22 2005 Submitted by:

    Hey guys... You may wannna check out some good shemales along Chowkit area... not the ones that are desperate guys... look for the ones who stand near the windows or on the staircase... Well, last week I was kinda bored so took a spin around that area, and to my luck, there was this shemale who offered me sex anyway I wanted, so I took the offer... Went up to the room, relaxed awhile, smoked some weed, and started undressing.

    This one has got firm boobs... man, soft skin, long hair. So we started playing with our toys, and this Tgirl started to do BBBJ, and the feeling was good. Minutes later, told me to enter from behind. Soon we were doing anal, and for a good long time in many positions. Then this tgirl came on top of me and started rocking real good. So, a few minutes of rocking and I asked the tgirl... is it okay to fuck his anal without condom...?  He agreed... so we fucked, good time, and the tgirl told me to shoot it in... That made my day, man.  We continued another two sets, till it was 6.30 am.  Man, was it good.
    (Review # 13147)
  • Kuala Lumpur Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Oct 31 2005 Submitted by:

    Menara Genesis, 10th floor........... next to Hotel Istana, look for Diane............ Excellent job, you will get it from her......... (Review # 12986)
  • Kuala Lumpur Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Oct 24 2005 Submitted by: Sir Shagallot

    Mongers.... I can't understand why everyone is so hung up on Chinese babes. You see this in reviews from Indo, Malaysia and elsewhere. Nothing against Chinese mind you, as I love shagging them senseless when I'm in China, and they love taking it up the arse from me with my big white snake, but when you have the chance of variety, then take it. The best Chinese shags I've had where in China (and there they love to drink it down with a twinkle in their eye). Treat every lady like a princess and they'll warm up to you... it doesn't matter where they are from! I've driven a few of them in SE Asia and would say honestly that they were not worth the money spent. Best has always been local!

    And BTW, if it was to have "GF Sex".... well I'd get a GF - and if she f*&^ed like what I just paid for, I'd shoot her.

    I've had a wonderful time of shagging away in Europe, Latin America, N America, ANZ, Africa and all over Asia. I've had freebies from Beaches and Hard Rock local girls, and from ladies that had sensible jobs during the days, and were travelling on business as well (working for MNC's).... gents there seem to have an un-due amount of focus on Spa's, KTV's and Chinese babes... You have over a million swimmers.... why waste them on a mediocre shaggette.
    (Review # 12936)
  • Kuala Lumpur Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sun Oct 02 2005 Submitted by: python577

    I was in Kuala Lumpur in 2003 and stayed at the Federal for one week. However, I did not try the Health Club that time. I was befriended by a pimp along the Bukit Bintang walk and we had a few deals so I did not find it necessary to go to the Relaxa (the HC at the Federal, discreetly located in the hotel basement with a side entrance/exit on a not so busy street).

    The pimp traded me a couple of nice ladies from Myanmar (formerly Burma), China and Vietnam, all costing around RM250 each for a one and a half hour full package sesion in my hotel room. I'll submit updates for the Federal in another review. This time around (August 2005), I stayed outside of KL for more than one month and just went into the city on occasion. I tried first the classy HC at the Concorde. The facilities there are very good, being inside one of the better hotels. Free drinks and fruits while you wait to make a selection. Massage for 1 hour is RM88, full package (massage and one-shot sex) is RM230 for 45 minutes. Time is counted only when you enter your private room.

    Ladies offering massage are not as good-looking as those offering the package, but they are very good at what they do. I tried the massage first, since I found one of the ladies quite attractive - a tall, and a bit chubby, Asian local with a nice ass and more than average-sized tits. Lucky if you get a girl who speaks good enough English, so you can try to talk your way into what you want. She obliged to disrobe while doing the massage, just leaving her red g-string on. Seeing her almost naked while massaging me, with those 36C tits jiggling around made me really hot for her, and she found it obvious. I politely asked if she could finish me off with a package, but she said she does not do packages, offering me a hand job for RM50. The deal was on and the action got really hot for both of us, and while lapping up her nips, I asked again for a package at RM150, and this time she agreed.

    Good thing to remember is to bring one of your own rubbers since she did not have one with her, having only prepared for the hand job finish at the most. This HC at the Concorde has more girls late at night, since most of them are part-timers. By the way, she did mention that if you really want sex, the way to go is for the package up front so you won't get disappointed if things don't work out.
    (Review # 12783)
  • Kuantan Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Sep 20 2005 Submitted by: KL

    Read in this forum about MS Garden... Was there last week and walked into the health center located on the 2nd floor. Only have about 6-7 girls to choose from, full package costing RM200. Choices are limited to a few local Chinese and Malay, all aged around mid-20s. The only advantage is if you are a hotel guest, they can send the girl to your room. Service is so-so. (Review # 12707)
  • Kuala Lumpur Massage Parlor Dated Added: Wed Jul 27 2005 Submitted by: robin222

    Another girl you can try at Eastin, is Winter. Body not bad, rounded tits, pussy shaved. Will french kiss and let you suck her pussy. Very wet pussy. She can be a bit noisy though, especially when you are sucking her pussy. At Hotel Grand Continental, if you don't mind fucking a middle-age woman, Mary and Jessy have very tasty pussies.  Can cum a few times when you suck them. They probably don't get much sucking. Probably none. They are both late thirties.  Body still okay. Tits not very big though. Very clean pussy, and tasty juices.  Every time I am with Mary, she cums at least twice, just from sucking only. (Review # 12184)
  • Petaling Jaya Massage Parlor Dated Added: Wed Jul 27 2005 Submitted by: Fernando

    Try the Spa at Crystal Crown, P.J.  There's a new Malay girl there called Lin. She's very fair and has a cute face. Her blow job is average, but when you fuck her she react romantically as is you are fucking your girlfriend. Very friendly and responsive to your conversation. Unfortunately she works part-time and available on certain days only. Got to call the Spa to confirm. Anyway, she's every penny worth it. (Review # 12182)
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