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  • Surabaya Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Jun 14 2006 Submitted by: Blog

    Recently went to Surabaya and found that the choice of young girls at Desperado's was sufficient to cater for any taste. After a few hours with the massage ladies at the Shangri La, one was good another just OK, I went to try the bar girls. If you cannot find what you want, ask a sassy young girl to find it for you. A quick payment of $40 to a searcher will produce whatever you want delivered to your room. In my case, I wanted a young girl and by asking I got a very sweet, very good looking 18 year old on tap. She was very hesitant about giving a good suck but after I had finger fucked her and then sucked her little sweet pussy for ten minutes, she said in her broken English, "Now, I understand." She was on my cock like a rabbit, sucking and teasing like an experienced old girl so long as I licked her pink and easy little pussy. 69 for ten minutes. The great thing about young Asian girls is that even when legal, it's just like a very young European or American girl, fresh out of school, slim legs, small tight bottom, budding breasts and innocent mouth. The little, delicate slit is something else for all those men who wished they had had a better time with girls at school. The sweet pussy, small and delicate slit, budding tits and eager wish to please the man in her arms is so exciting, and itís hard not to come on sight. At 500,000 rupiah, $50 to the American, an hour or two with a Surabaya teenager is just a small glimpse of heaven, ruined by the ending of an enormous ejaculation when it should go on for ever! (Review # 14955)
  • Surabaya Massage Parlor Dated Added: Thu Mar 04 2004 Submitted by: mrBIGDICK

    The name of the massage parlor is Symphony and is located next to Majapahit Hotel.

    They have the most beautiful Indonesian girls in town. Dun go to Tretes as the girls are from village and have very poor sex skill. The cost is idr300000 fixed (about us$30) dun get charged higher becos u r a foreigner. Trust me get ur ass in there and u dun want to go home. They are the best place for Indonesian girls.

    Try Siska (cup d breast) or Meme (cup b breast)... u can fuck without condom for Siska but Meme u need condom. (Review # 8509)

  • Surabaya Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Sep 08 2003 Submitted by: sanukbaby

    Short trip to Surabaya. Happy to report that this little Muslim nation provides some of the best little fuck toys in all of Asia.

    The Station Disco in the massive Tanjung shopping centre (6th floor, but good luck trying to find it without asking) is happening from Sunday to Thursday - the weekend I am told the action goes someplace else. I asked one of the mall security guys to guide me and I knew I was in the right place once I got in the elevator - just packed with young girls who squealed with delight when I got into the elevator.

    Paid the US$4 cover charge, which gives you one drink. Pitch black dark and blasting music was a big minus, but I was told that the darkness helps in conservative Indonesia. With all the cigarettes puffing, the place looks full of fireflies.

    The place really fills up after 10:30, when all the girls from the shops close out and get their dinner. I think Sunday is the biggest day because that is when all the girls get their paychecks.

    Anyway, just chill out and the girls will come near you. A foreigner is very special here, so they won't attack you. Just smile and say hello. If you are not getting attention, just move to a different spot. Girls kept touching my ass as I walked through the crowd (darkness helps!) and one grabbed at my balls.

    My girl, Ayu (21 years old), smiled at me and I said hello. She stayed around me and I guess she was making sure that I was not with someone. She was with friends. Anyway, two minutes into our conversation she was asking where I was staying. Once I said the Sheraton (which is attached to the shopping centre) she immediately suggested that she come to "sleep" at my room. Oh yeah, sleep. She suggested IDR300,000. I grabbed my heart like I was having an attack. She dropped to IDR250,000 (about USD30). I was keen to get out, so I agreed.

    The night went well after that. Tight ass. Sweet tits. Wet pussy. Came in her pussy. All on video. Sweet stuff. (Review # 7504)

  • Jakarta, Bandung, Suarbaya Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Aug 24 2003 Submitted by:

    I read with great interest the amount of money some of your readers are paying for girls in Java cities. I would suggest that they will eventually ruin the place for others and push the prices to that of places like the Philipines and Thailand, where the girls have a grossly over inflated value of their services.

    In Jkt, Surabaya or Bandung ( all of which have many thousands of beautiful willing Indonesians just waiting for the 'bule' to arrive) the most that should ever be paid is 200,000 rp and maybe taxi fare. Most times it can be negotiated down to 150,000. To pay these girls 500,000rp (which they are worth) will eventually force the prices up for the rest of us. Any of the popular clubs in Jkt such as D's place, Lintas Malawi, Top gun, JJ's, Tanamur or any other 'shop of choice' has girls far in excess of demand and in this case demand determines the price, supply is in abundance.

    So guys, those of you who travel from North America etc, stop making a comparison to your home market, this is Asia, the choice is more, the women are better, the skills are higher and the price is much lower unless you ruin it. (Review # 7404)

  • Tretes Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Oct 16 2001 Submitted by: Anon

    Tretes is a quiet little mountain retreat about an hour South of Surabaya (Indonesia's second city and the capital of East Java). It's a very odd place, with beautiful mountain scenery but possibly with more brothels per inhabitant than any other town in Indonesia. The explanation is that it functions as a cool weekend mountain retreat for the mainly Chinese business set in Surabaya. ~~

    ~~The hotels are good value there, event the biggest one (forgot the name), I seemed to be pretty much the only foreigner in town when I went (May 2001) but was made most welcome. Unlike some snooty hotels the manager insisted that one of the waiters who spoke good English take me of a tour of the "nightlife" in the village. Apart from one Asian oriented Karaoke bar, this involved climbing up the hill to the main part of the village and then going on a tour of maybe 30 different houses, each with 2-8 young girls sat on sofas. If you ever wondered what happened to all those dreadful L shaped sofa units popular in the west in the 60s the answer is that they seem to have found there way to the tiny Indonesian town of Tretes.

    They are not too keen on short time assignments in Tretes - the preferred solution is for you to take the girl or girls back to your hotel for the night. its certainly worth looking around for a really nice looking girl - and really for the surreal experience of popping in to house after house of available girls. Its quite expected that you will do a good deal of window shopping and your "guide" (if you donít take someone from the hotel, a local will invariably interpose himself as your guide ) and it has to be said it is quite useful if you cannot speak Indonesian etc.~~

    ~~In my view its worth a deal of haggling in these circumstances as the money that is agreed t the time will be shared by the house owner and your guide whereas any money you give as an extra tip goes straight to the girl.~~

    ~~They will probably start out on Rps 500,000 (USD 50) for a night for a foreigner. You should be able to get this down to around Rps 300,000 (USD 30) whereas locals would probably pay Rps 150-200,000. However for this you should be able to insist that you have the girl's services for until say 10 am the next day, which isnít at all bad. (You need to agree exactly what time she is required until)~~

    ~~With all that choice, you should be able to find a girl you find very attractive. In general they tend to be relatively young - perhaps this is the sort of place that girls start out before winding up in the big cities. As ever the service you get varies greatly from girls who really enjoy the experience - which I find most fun, to one or two with a little bit of an attitude problem.~~
    (Review # 4455)
  • Java Island Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Feb 09 2001 Submitted by: TC

    I travelled around Java and to Battam (a rough and ready place to say the least) for two months .There is certainly the chance to meet many girls in various cities for cheap sex. Jarkarta(various massage places mentioned in other reviews) and Battam (esp Queens Massage Parlour 150 girls to choose from ,at $10US(short-time)a go Great fun) are definitely the best places.

    In smaller cities sex can be had for as little as $5US!! However the quality varies a Lot!! at the lower end of the scale the girl may look like your Mother-in-law ,if you want to meet the best girls they hanging around the big Hotel Bar's and Other Bars close by (never hard to find in any city ). However these girl's know they are in demand and charge accordingly 30-80$us especially at the weekends.

    The service can vary a little too at their best the girls are lively and fun in bed, but if you want oral sex you generally have to talk her into it as this is not consider normal especially If your not paying very much.

    If your used to Latin girls you may be a little disappointed the girls here are not as wild or willing to do so much. If your after a "good girl "girlfriend and you like small shy girls you can find some real amazing girls here. However you need time (weeks++)and donít expect sex too soon she'll have marriage on her mind, but she will be very loyal and you can be sure she not some pro putting on a act. To meet these girls hang around the shopping centre's, most girl 's will happily talk to purely out of interest. Basically the Sex industry in Indonesia is on a much smaller scale than other Asian counties but in touristy places you never have to go far to find it
    (Review # 3127)
  • Semarang Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sun Dec 17 2000 Submitted by: Anon

    If you want the full thing cheaply, go to Mantili Massage parlor in Patra Jasa hotel. You get anything you like for less than 10 USD. Recommendable. (Review # 2860)
  • Surabaya Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Nov 29 1999 Submitted by: DCRJ

    I recently stayed at the Hyatt Regency downtown. Had two great massages from two different ladies who were middle aged. The first lady was not real pretty and about 33, she did a great job with the massage then the full service was very nice and she was very careful to make sure I was happy and she did a right by me. The second lady was really good, she was about 36 and mentioned she had three highschool aged children. When she got down to the full service she removed her top to reveal a great six pack, she obviouly spends her spare time working out in the health club. She had nice small breasts and proceeded to fuck my dick with her titties. After a few minutes of this I suggested I fuck her pussy hard and make her squeal, she wasn't sure what I was saying, communication barier I guess. She did get naked and laid back on the bed as I proceeded to eat het nice little, slightlt haired pussy. She really enjoyed this and said it was her first time for getting her pussy ate. Later I grawled up and fucked her good without hesitation and no mention of a condom. I like no condom but of course don't recommend that. She hesitated at giving head but I think she would do with a little more persuation. All in all the hotel health club offered great service. There are some ypung and pretty girle ther though I didn't get the chance to accually drive one. The price was about 300.000 rup ($US45), This is a little high, but the service is there and I din't have to trust some Taxi guy, nor did I have to wait. Nice hotel. I don't recommend crusing the streets of Sirabaya espeacially at night. The hotel had what I needed and the service was good. (Review # 919)
  • Semarang Massage Parlor Dated Added: Fri Dec 03 1999 Submitted by: John M

    As I travel through out Indonesia on business I often stop in out of the way places ie: Semarang on the Java island. I was looking for a good fuck upon arrival as there are many girls looking for men there. I was taken by a taxi to a house were there were girls that could be taken for out-call. I took my pick of 15 girls all very young and so very sexy as Javanese women are , the pimp charged me 300.000Rupiahs or in U.S. dollars $32.00 for all night which I thought was a good deal from 10P.M. till 6:00A.M. in the morning. We got back to the hotel she showered and we did it missionary style. She was so very tight , it must have been the herbs they drink daily to keep them fit sexually. I could hardly get it in and when I finally was in she asked me if I was ready in english by saying ( ok - ok ) I said yes and she began squeezing my cock with rythmic action till I was left breathless in shot my load in less then 5 minutes. I have found that many Javanese women posess this ability and if you get a chance when you are in Indonesia ask around to get a native Javanese women who drinks ( Jamu or in engilsh Herbs for the vagina or in Indonesian - Memek ). I will update you soon again when I leave Java. Happy Fucking (Review # 888)
  • Java Island Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Mar 12 1999 Submitted by: Bob

    Various ways to find sex in Indonesia : massage parlor, room service massage,
    sex house, clubs etc etc. Now all available cheaply since Rupiah devaluated
    badly (now is around 9,000 per US Dollar). Standard quality girls usually cost
    Rp. 150,000 (short) or Rp. 300,000 (long), it means US$ 22 - 33!!

    My favourite is Copacabana located inside Taman Impian Jaya Ancol (entertainment
    complex). It's on the right wing of Horison Hotel. Entering the place you find
    a hall 15x15 meter full of girls. The light is rather dimmed so adjust your
    eyes before picking your choice. Afternoon shift works to 17:00 and night
    shift is to 22:00. I like afternoon shift better since not so crowded and
    usually there are about 30-40 girls working. Night is packed with visitors
    and the girls can reach 40-50. The pay worth every penny, for one hour full
    service (sex, bj, eat pussy etc) in VIP room (with private whirlpool!!) cost
    Rp. 200,000. I like to take at least 2 hours giving a good amount of time to
    relax in whirlpool after sex. No limit of how many times you can screw the
    girl (isn't that great). Something different to do is to take 2 girls to do
    threesome. Girls are friendly and not pushy, variety of choice from dark skin
    to light skin or petite size to large size. Age normally 20s but some are 30s
    and a few 40s.
    Another place is Melawai Hotel 6th Floor. The price is similar to Copacabana
    but I found the girls were less attractive compared to the ones in Copacabana.
    The room is rather lousy here, I tried the VIP and it's a small 2x3 meter room
    with basic bed and bathtub. Many foreigners gather here in the bar where the
    girls usually hang out for pick up.

    Girls from private sex house is available on call. You may want to visit Jl.
    Pajajaran or Jl. Kawung to pick up your choices. Or you can use bell boy service
    to save time. After 15-30 minutes the girl will show up and if you don't like
    just give her Rp. 10,000 for taxi and requested another one. Tell the bellboy
    what type you like and find out what pricing is like. Price is various from
    Rp. 150,000 - 300,000. The girls from Pajajaran is something like Rp. 250,000 -
    300,000 for short time (3 hours) and double for overnight. Girls usually are
    obedient and good server. Let them lick you, do BJ or you eat their pussy before
    a good session of fucks. Another choice is room order massage but the ladies are
    usually 30plus - 40plus but they're not pro. Price is Rp. 100,000 for full sex &
    due to their age/ experience I found these massage ladies are very good in
    service. Additional is Rp. 30,000 - 50,000 for hourly massage charge. Most
    of the hotel offers room massage. I experienced several hotels : Aquila, Horison,
    Topas (in my last trip in November 98 they stopped offering room massage!).

    Dolly is the red light district with 10-15 brothels each having 15-20 girls. The
    price is very cheap at Rp. 75,000 and the brothel provide small room with bed.
    Since the price is so cheap, once I tried taking 3 girls at the same time. What
    a nice 2 hours of fucking session.
    In Jl. Sono Kembang No. 5 there is a sex house to pick up girl with better
    quality costing Rp. 250,000 for short or double for long time (overnight). The
    collection is around 20 girls but go early before 19:00 (they open 18:00).
    You have to take the girls back to the Hotel you stay as they don't provide any
    room there.
    Room Massage Service is also available costing Rp. 100,000 for full sex plus Rp.
    30,000 - 50,000 for hourly massage charge. The women are usually 30plus or
    40plus. Hotel Garden Palace has quite good selection of 5-10 girls each shift
    (afternoon and night).

    If you happen to go to small cities like Cirebon, Cilacap, Karawang, you can
    order girls from bell boy and cost about Rp. 75,000 for full service. Unlike
    big city prostitute, girls in small city is more shay and quite BUT it does
    not mean they couldn't provide good sex. I found half of the girls usually
    don't allow you to eat their pussy (at first) but pursue them nicely and they
    can be very obedient. Small city prostitute is usually dark skin and very
    typical Malay look with dark nipple and dark pussy. The size is usually petite
    and very firm (very good butt).

    Well, this is only the tip of iceberg based on experience. I'll be interested
    to find info on other places outside Java island. How about Kalimantan???
    One more thing, get yourself a digital camera and take the pictures of girls
    you fuck. Why Digital Camera??? The girls are usually very shy and won't allow
    you to take their nude pictures. Amaze them with Digital Camera which pictures
    can be seen instantly from the laptop so out of curiosity they will let you
    take the pictures. What a trick but it works well.
    (Review # 345)

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