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  • Street Action Dated Added: Thu Mar 08 2001 Submitted by: Alex

    Tourists usually go for the massage parlors and other types of brothels. But in Jakarta sex can be found on the street, and dirt cheap at that. On the street you can get most girls for, on average, USD 1-5!! I've lived in Jakarta for several years and tried most places. Let me bring you on a tour.~~~~A good starting point is Jalan Jaksa in Central Jakarta. Jl. Jaksa is the street where almost all backpackers stay. Accommodation is the cheapest in Jakarta. A non-air-conditioned room (though with fan) and cold water can be as little as USD 3 per night. Rooms with A/C and hot water can be found there for less than USD 15! ~~~~Jalan Jaksa is a laid-back little street with lots of cozy restaurants and beer gardens. And girls, of course. Most of them aged between 17 and 25. Some average to good-looking, some really cute. On average 7 to 8 I'd say. ~~~~These girls are not your average prostitutes. They just want to have fun. You can sit around having a good time with them chatting about and, of course, romancing. These girls really like foreigners. Hanging around with them is more boyfriend-girlfriend style than a prostitute-customer relationship. They won't ask you money, like most girls in Thailand nowadays. Sure you buy them a drink or a plate of rice, but who cares when the price for a coke is only 30 cents. ~~~~You can take all of these Jaksa girls back to your hotel, either for a short time or overnight. Many tourists there stay with their "girlfriend" for as long as they are in Jakarta; sometimes they never leave the place before returning home. They're nice, cute and fun to be with. And they're cheap. What else do you want? Oh yeah, all of them speak reasonably to very good English. I once picked up a chick there who brought me with her 4 WD Jeep to her up market high-rise apartment where I fucked the shit out of her for free!~~~~But there are many more street girls in Jakarta. When you walk to the end of the street (following the flow of traffic) you end up on Jalan Wahid Hashim. When you turn right, all the way to the McDonalds next to the Hard Rock Cafe (corner with Jl. Thamrin, Jakarta's main thoroughfare) you will find girls - from very young until those in their early forties. They're slightly more expensive than the Jaksa chicks, because they target richer men than those Jaksa backpacker residents. You may find good value for money though.~~~~If you would have turned left from Jl. Jaksa into Wahid Hashim and into the direction of the Gondangdia railway station, you find some old whores in traditional batik asking you if you want a massage. They will take you to a cheap hotel or follow you to your own. The women here are from late thirties to mid sixties in age, but mostly very experienced, so you can still have a good time with them. And they're cheap too - approx. USD 4-5 for a massage and a fuck. You can find them after nightfall until about 2 AM.~~~~Going from Jl. Jaksa in the opposite direction it's a short walk to Merdeka (Independence or Freedom) square. You can find girls here all day, but especially at night. Some are really young, 14 or so. Many very pretty ones too. They can follow you to your hotel, or they can bring you by cab to a love hotel where you pay for a 6-hour period. They're good but slightly pricey. You may expect to pay approx. USD 15-30. The girls are still a lot cheaper than in the discos or the brothels. ~~~~Back to the McD at Jl. Wahid Hashim. Cross Jl. Thamrin and walk (approx. 15-20 min.) until the end of the road. There you'll find a huge market. Follow the main road inside (beware, it'll be very crowded, but no worries mate) and you'll find women all the way to the local railway station. They're sitting or standing near to the roadside at little roadside stalls selling drinks. They are catering to the local common man, so they are dirt-cheap. There are a few small hotels catering for them and them alone, but they will also follow you back to your hotel. You can find women of every age there, from very ugly to very pretty. They are there all day long, but after nightfall you can find hundreds of them hanging around the place. Like with most street hookers in Indonesia, they hardly speak any English, but they do understand any sex language! As with all whores, bring a condom. ~~~~From the market you can go down the railway tracks (always a great place to find cheap women in Indonesia). Lots of poor people live there, and any woman you see can be fucked for a couple of dollars for a short time. There's a huge open-air brothel with discos (well). Also hundreds of girls hanging around there, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Take your pick. Again all types and ages. It's better to take them to your hotel for a long session; otherwise you only get a straightforward fuck. These girls want to make as much money as they can and spread their legs for anyone. Walking along the tracks (away from the railway station) you will find the homes of these girls and their families. It's a real shantytown (but not dangerous, Indonesians are really friendly) with no amenities. You can see people shitting next to the rail tracks and bath in the nearby river. Excellent views to be seen here! If the girl's not working at the disco further along the track but you like her, she'll come with you anyway. Once I fucked both mother and daughter there - we had a great time. ~~~~You can keep on following the railway tracks, or the adjacent little road in beside the river, and you'll find girls sitting beside drink stalls and little tents (where they will take you for a fuck) for more than 5 kilometers! At one stage you pass again under Jl. Thamrin. It's easily 45-60 minutes walking if you want to do the whole stretch. ~~~~The whole place caters to locals only, but to them an "orange bule" (foreigner) is a treat. Again you'll find girls of any age, any size and any type. Most of them are very experienced, so you will have a good time. If you pay, anything is possible, not only blowjobs, but rimming and more perverted things as well. I've done tens of girls here, but usually brought them back to Jl. Jaksa. These girls know how to give you a good time and enjoy it themselves. ~~~~One part of the stretch is called Taman Lawang (Lawang Garden/Park), and there's where you find the lady boys. Most of them are really very pretty, with gorgeous bodies. They give excellent blowjobs and have well-used asses for a great fuck. You can use them in the bushes in the park, in one of the tents along the stretch or even under the bridge. Or you can take 'em back to your hotel, of course. A short time with one of these banci (as the Indonesians call them) can cost you as little as USD 2. Be careful with your money though; never bring too much, you won't need it anyway. I've tried several of them, and I must say they're at least as good as any real girl, perhaps even better. Try it, you won't regret.~~~~I used to live in Pondok Indah, one of the up market housing estates in South Jakarta. If you travel along the main road towards the Simatupang highway, and turn left there, you will find a few cheap whores (and TV's) at the first bus stop. Some are young (early twenties), others in their forties. There's a little park-like area behind it, where they take you for a fuck or a blowjob (most of them will let you come in their mouths, some even swallow). This is open-air-fucking at its best. As usual, prices are around USD 2-3 for a short time. You can also take them to a 6-hour fuck hotel, a little bit further on the opposite side of the road. ~~~~Another excellent place to find cheap street girls (and transsexuals) is the area in front of the main railway station in the east of the town (you'll pass and make a stop-over here if you take the train to Bandung) and the railway tracks leading eastward. A ten-minute walk eastward from the railway station brings you to an area with lots of parked train wagons. Here you find girls all day but especially at night there are tens of them. They are usually young (late teens, early twenties, but some oldies) and the cheapest in town - some you can fuck for not more than the price of a bottle of coke. You can fuck them in or in between the empty train wagons. It's quite a thrill. Walk around a bit and you see people fucking all over the place. The girls will come to you and do just about anything you want. I once fucked a mute girl in her early twenties in her ass there. They are shameless and let you fuck them in full view of others - another cheap thrill, but of course you can hide in the trains if you are a less perverted type. ~~~~There are many more of these types of places all around Jakarta, but this should give you enough pleasure to last for your trip there. Feel free to email me for tips.~~~~Alex~~ (Review # 3262)
  • Jakarta Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Feb 09 2001 Submitted by: Nightcrawler

    In late January 2001 I enjoyed a week in Jakarta. The city is hot, noisy, chaotic, a bit dirty -- and great fun. Prices for almost everything are unbelievably low. You will have to pinch yourself to see that you are not dreaming.

    As for sexual experiences, Jakarta was everything I'd hoped for and more. The women are surprisingly beautiful, with much more attractive figures than the women in most of Asia. They are friendly, and many speak at least some English. They seem to be comfortable with and genuinely enjoy their sexuality.

    Here are some updates. First, Today Country in Lokasari Plaza, Mangga Besar. This disco has been mentioned in previous postings, and it is great! The disco's name is now Tiara Ceria, but many people still know it as Today Country. It is on the first floor, up the escalator one floor from the ground floor. You leave the retail area and enter the parking garage. The entrance to Tiara Ceria is in the parking garage itself. Hours are 2 pm to 1 am every day. There is a Rp. 15,000 cover charge on weekends when there is live rock music, and that entitles you to a free coke. Beer is Rp. 15,000.

    The interior is dark and it will take your eyes awhile to get adjusted. A mama-san will meet you at the bottom of the stairs and will find you a seat where you can have your drink. My mama-san spoke rather good English, but she was unusual. She will ask you what kind of girl you are looking for, and will bring one to your table. You can ask for younger or older, tall or short, petite or full-figured, English-speaking or not. Whatever you would like. Tiara Ceria attracts the school-girl crowd, and most girls appear to be 15-20 years old. Most are cute, and some are awesome. The figures, especially the breasts, of even the younger girls are surprising. If you don't like mama-san's first recommendation, ask for another. There's no problem with that. Mama-san may try to rush you a bit, but if you'd rather rest or look around awhile, just let her know your plans.

    The price for the girl and room is Rp. 150,000. This is for short-time, not one hour. You can tip the girl maybe Rp. 20,000 for good service, but it's not required. If the mama-san takes good care of you, she should be given a tip of maybe Rp. 20,000 - 25,000. Then she will also take good care of you next time.

    The girls tend to be friendly and rather uninhibited. But you should shop carefully, because some girls may be shy, inexperienced, or uncomfortable with foreigners -- just like any girls, anywhere. I went there several times and was really happy with most of the girls. One girl was a bit of a disappointment, but I felt it was my fault for not shopping more carefully. The girls will let you do them orally and most will give you a blowjob as well. Condoms are optional, not required. Tiara Ceria gets my highest recommendation -- it's great!

    Some other places including Bintang Mawar and Halow Mas are about 200 meters southwest of Lokasari Plaza on adjoining roads. I visited Bintang Mawar but didn't try their services. The mama-san quoted me Rp. 190,000 for one hour including the room. The girls are a bit older than at Tiara Ceria, maybe 20-25 on average, and some are quite attractive.

    Another review mentioned a full-body massage place named Kartika. It's difficult to find, and even local hotel staff hadn't heard of it. At the southeast corner of Hayam Wuruk and Mangga Besar is a local bus terminal. On the south side of this terminal is a small alley, and Kartika is at the east end of the alley. The "feel" of Kartika is a bit sleazy and I didn't stay to try out the service. There is a better looking massage place called "Super" in this area. It is about 100 meters east of the Hotel Jayakarta, which is on Hayam Wuruk about 200 meters north of the Hotel Mercure and about 300 meters north of Mangga Besar.

    Blok M is a well-known shopping and entertainment area of southern Jakarta. On my first evening in Jakarta, I went to the Hotel Melawei in Blok M. On the sixth floor is a bar with quite a few good-looking girls age 20-30. Many of the girls speak at least some English. The price is Rp. 250,000 for one hour including the room. They will give you massage or get straight to the sex, your choice. Hours are 10 am to 12 am (Midnight). So you should select your girl by 11 pm or you will not get full value.

    My driver said that the Hotel Melawei's first-floor disco is a good place to find a girl for the night. He indicated that the price would be Rp. 300,000, which is lower than the Rp. 500,000 that is typical at Tanamour and JJ's. Nearby the Hotel Melawei are Oskar's, Top Gun and other well-known pubs where you can also find girls for the night. I didn't bring a girl home for the night during my stay, but I asked the doorman at my hotel, the Sheraton Media, if the hotel would mind. He said that it would be ok.

    BATS, the famous disco at the Shangri-la Hotel, was closed during my visit, as the hotel is having labor problems. I went to O'Reilly's at the Grand Hyatt Hotel after 1 am, but it had already closed. To go there you should dress well or you won't be allowed to enter. Tanamour is a kick. It opens around 10 pm and by midnight it is packed. Tanamour's cover charge is Rp. 25,000, and I think that included a beer. JJ's is next-door, and seems to be less crowded and less exciting. I recommend Tanamour. If you're friendly to the girls, they are likely to be quite friendly to you. Keep an eye out for lady-boys. Some are amazingly "real."

    One night my driver took me to a private home in an upscale residential area south of Blok M. My driver said this was the absolute top end of the market for women. I was led into a "viewing room," and nine absolutely gorgeous women walked in for me to inspect. They were stunning, with awesome figures. Movie-star quality, definitely. The price: Rp. 3 million for three hours. My driver explained that these girls were often given as "gifts" to business executives, government figures, Army generals, and such. I don't have an address for this place. If this appeals to you, perhaps your English-speaking driver or hotel concierge could find its location for you.

    Lastly, a surprise. An acquaintance had recommended a session of traditional Indonesian massage at the Hotel Mulia, a gorgeous five-star hotel in southwest Jakarta. The restaurants are marvelous (and cheap), and the health club and spa area is luxurious by any standard. The one-hour massage costs Rp. 93,500, plus a tip for the masseuse. What surprised me was that even in this top hotel, the masseuse offered a handjob at the end of her massage. In Jakarta, sex is everywhere!

    This was my first visit to Jakarta. Honestly I would personally rank it higher than Bangkok, which seems more commercial and "organized." Jakarta's women may also be better-looking than the Thai girls. Enjoy!
    (Review # 3125)
  • Jakarta Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Feb 02 2001 Submitted by: Gus Dur

    Had an incredible encounter with a massage girl, her name is Sari. Must be early 20s, very pretty, long hair, does house calls. The number is with Angel & Beauty Salon in the English daily the Indonesian Observer, classified section. 40 mins after making the phone call, she arrived by taxi with a male escort, who patiently waited outside while she entered your home.

    The massage bit started first. I was on nude on my stomach, while she starts from your foot, moving upwards to the buttocks, then up to the shoulders. She really takes her time, which I really liked. Also smiles gently which is a real turn on. The massage is so relaxing you might doze off, but then she started with the lotion and that's when it got exciting. She lotioned & massaged me again, this time paying extra attention to the inner tighs, slowly building the sexual desire. Then she asks you to flip over, and she works from the foot again all the way to the groin.

    With the lotion, she worked on the inner tighs & then expertly massaged my balls - it was firm but VERY pleasurable. She concentrated on the G-spot (just beneath the balls), which was enough to get me rock hard! She must have spent 15-20 minutes on the ball massage, saving the dick for last.

    At this stage, I asked her to take off her clothes - her body was very slim, teak colour & beautiful pendulous tits. She carefully stroked my dick slowly, making it red ripe. Then she bent over and gave my dick a sensous lip and tongue massage. It must have been like 15 minutes, her tongue swirling around the shaft - she was very gentle and really knew where to zoom in on. It wasn't like most blowjobs where the girl just wants you to cum as fast as possible - she really takes her time, stretching the moment for you.

    I was wet with pre-cum but somehow her technique was such that she knew when to stop to avoid me from fully cumming. She brought me close many times, but expertly knew how to pull back.

    In could not hold back any longer and initiated sex. I sucked her nipples only to be pleasantly surprised that she was lactating - we did some squirting & she seemed to enjoy the game. We fucked in several positions (use your own condom), finishing off in missionary - she felt very tight & although she was not that interactive, the submissive feel was a real turn on - she had this attitude of "take me, enjoy me" - always smiling warmly & stroking my back as I plowed into her.

    I paid her 250,000 rupiahs (about US$26) but gratefully topped it to 300k, damn she was worth it - it was an incredible 2.5 hours & you feel very very relaxed after that.

    Gentle, smiling & really took her time to pleasure you, no rush. Real Javanese hospitality which I thought was just a tourist tale. Sari is highly recommended.
    (Review # 3091)
  • Jakarta Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Jan 21 2001 Submitted by: Anon

    JAKARTA: Not a good place to visit during Ramadan holy week (Nov27th-Dec27 2000). Lots of bars closed early by 11PM. Some are just closed because of the religious extremist rioting (JJs and Tanamur closed) for the entire month.

    The Melawai hotel massage is closed, but you can meet the elevator lobby dude and he'll find someone for you for P300K. He had some dude bring this really beautiful young Indo chick (20yrs). Had her back at my hotel for a memorable night.

    Other places to visit during the evening is Top Gun or Oscars on the same street in Blok-M. Lots of girls there, no bar fine. All looking to hook up with someone. Easy pickings.

    YOGYAKARTA: Lots of women there. A real college town, and the gals there are beautiful and friendly. I met someone from chat there (decent type gal), so I didn't get much action. But, the taxis can take you to a place. It's kinda weird, the taxi stops in front of a nice looking house, they let you in the lobby with a bunch of chairs. Then the girls come in (about 15 of them) and sit down for about 10 seconds, then they all leave the room. So, you just have to pick the chair they were sitting on to find the gal of your choice. P250K for the night.

    BALI: In Sanur, they have this place (all taxi drivers know it). Lot's of girls maybe 50 women work there. It's a mob. Once you leave the taxi, this guy claps his hands and all 50 begin to swarm you outside the complex.~~It's hard to find the one you want. P300K for a room at the complex with shower. Very clean. P700K for a take out. Hope it helps!
    (Review # 3025)
  • Jakarta Massage Parlor Dated Added: Tue Jan 02 2001 Submitted by: kcufekili

    GENERAL INFO: - Prostitutes are called chicken, or "ayam" in Bahasa Indonesia
    - Most prostitutes in Indonesia will fuck without condom, although I don't recommend it for obvious reasons.
    - If you stare at a girl and she looks back at you, she's definitely available (I can guarantee this).
    - When you're in a massage parlors or a night club, there will always be a mama-san. Although they can get very annoying, they are pretty much harmless, and you'll need them to "call" the girl.
    - Most of the stuffs I listed down here are frequented by locals. If you're not adventurous type, stick with Hotel Melawai, 6th floor!

    - Panti Pijat is Bahasa Indonesia word for Massage Parlor.
    Stadium (Jl. Hayam Wuruk). Cost: Rp 100,000 (for girl) and Rp 55,000 (for room) Everybody knows this place. The place is so crowded, people actually lined up to get laid! As a result, girls here tend to rush you. Despite its fame, avoid it like the plague.

    Hotel Travel (Jl. Mangga Besar VIII). Cost: Rp 100,000 (for girl) and Rp 55,000 (for room) This is a 3-star hotel made to feel like a 5-star hotel. This place is most famous for its karaoke, striptease, and massage parlor. Be aware, some of the girls in karaoke lounge may suit your fancy, BUT you can only fuck the girls in massage parlor, the girls who do karaoke and striptease is much more expen$ive even though the quality of the girls is about the same. The room is clean and built to a 3-star hotel standard, with shower, mirrors on the ceiling and the wall.

    Go with Daisy. She's young, beautiful, slim, with big tits and round ass. She likes to fuck and told me she regularly watch x-rated movie to improve her techniques! I won't tell you what she does in the shower with me, you find out yourself! Unlike in Stadium, you can take your time here.

    Hallowmas (Jl. Mangga Besar Raya). Cost: Rp 100,000 (for girl) and Rp 50,000 (for room) You will come straight into a living-room-like setup, where all the girls sit in a sofa reading newspaper and chatting among themselves pretending to ignore you. Most of the girls here are not as pretty as the one in Hotel Travel.

    The room is simple but clean and spacious, with shower inside. If you happen to visit this place be sure to go with Devi. She's the prettiest, has a big ass great for a doggystyle action, enjoys her work and don't mind to go for many rounds of humping (you'd wish Mr. Dick to be that enthusiastic!).

    STREET ACTION: Jl. Mahakam (Across from Grand Mahakam Hotel, next to Church). In the old days, the place is full of young girls looking for action and a bit of cash, but now I avoid it since it's full of foul-mouthed older prostitutes. Yet, there are always two girls sitting in cigarette stalls. They are sweet looking 20-year olds. Go with Diah, she's nice and tall, with 36B tits and long legs, just the way I like it. A short time with her (can be defined as one hour to one whole night depending on her mood) is Rp 200,000.

    NEWSPAPER ADS : If you're looking for a "take-home". Buy Poskota Newspaper and look in the classified for "Panti Pijat." Unless you're pressed for time and desperate for an action, I would not recommend this, since you can not choose your girl, also they tend to be ugly and over-the-hill.

    ESCORT SERVICE : There's a modeling Agency named "Lensa" on Jl. Pecenongan. This is a real modelling agency that does prostitution on the side. The girls are actual models (most of them college students) who show up in magazines or music videos. Price range from Rp 2 to 10 million for a short time (you could have 50 girls in Hotel Travel for that price!). The more prominent the girl, the steeper the price.

    The place is discreet. Unless you are being referred by a known customer, the mama-san will pretend that they do not provide such service. But if you gain their trust, they will let you pick the girls from a stack of actual magazines(!) provided for the "waiting" guests. The rest will be arranged by mama-san.

    You might want to try this outfit if fucking a fashion magazine covergirl is your thing, otherwise don't waste your time and money on them. The girls are hot looking, but sadly they're as cold as vegetable in bed.

    MOTEL : hen I pick up streetwalker, I always take them to Bukit Indah Motel in Jl. TB Simatupang. The place is discreet, clean dan classy (for a motel, that is!). A 12 hour stay in an "Executive Suite" will only cost you Rp 200,000.
    (Review # 2924)
  • Jakarta Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Nov 09 2000 Submitted by: Vanny

    I can say the Indonesia is the BEST for free sex. BAT's still being the #1 place to visit .. you can get all girls you want, there two kind of girls..the ones asking for a price upfront and the ones ... i like the most ... a couple of free drinks and a nice hotel room is enough.

    I suggest Hard Rock Cafe Friday and Saturday for the second type. Just walk in and discover paradise! Usually Indonesian girls don't approach you alone but with a whole group of friends .. then start all the questions... where are you from?? Where are you staying?? Where are you working?? and so on. Within 20 minutes you're alone with your victim ...or they think you're the victim for paying some drinks for a great free fuck.. next thing you remember is lying in bed while being sucked as you could never dream about!!! Thank you Livia for that "gift"..... and see you in my next trip...
    (Review # 2688)
  • Jakarta Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Oct 05 2000 Submitted by: mild

    There is a place by the name of dukuh atas district in Indonesia. This place is only minutes of walking from five stars hotels such as Shangrilla and Grand Hyatt. You can take the public train to "Dukuh Atas Station" or you take taxi (Unlike what you might have heard, the Jakarta taxi system is quite good) to either BP/Arco building or Citibank plaza, from there is only five minutes walk. The street has something like ten clubs, some of them are karaoke place or massage parlors. Prices are ranging from USD 15-20 per hour for sexual encounter. But the drinks are quite expensive, so be careful. This place are is the safest sex street in the city, because there is a police station across the street. Treat the workers nice, you will have a great experience, if you mistreat them you or you start any troubles you will get beat up by their bouncers. (Review # 2507)
  • Jakarta Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Sep 14 2000 Submitted by: Anon

    15 sept 2000: Went to Jakarta, the city is still very booming... B.A.T.S is the place to be. Its located at the finest hotel Shangri-La. Try to stay there, then you have all the facilities..... I went to other bars to, but the big difference is that in B.A.T.S. the girls have class and are very friendly, where at other places i.e. JJ's or CJ's I found them very pushy and sometimes aggressive towards each other. Try to get a Christian girl, they are a big difference in the way they treat you....

    The first night I picked up a local girl, very pretty but nothing much in bed. The second night there was another girl I met and I stayed with her for the rest of my stay. She made me feel like I was in heaven. the good thing about it was that she didnít want any money. She sort of enjoyed my company, the luxury of the hotel and the food I gave her. All that I asked her was no problem, willing to do everything I asked.

    The last day, my heart really broke when I had to leave her behind, so I bought her lots of food and a health insurance and I will send her money when I can. The big difference I found with other girls is that they are so dedicated when they are giving you their body. But please do remember that Muslim girls are 1/2 the fun! If you have to pay, bargain to 400.000 RP (about 50-60usd). they stay the whole night.
    (Review # 2371)
  • Jakarta Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Jul 27 2000 Submitted by: Dude

    Asiaman should be named SPAMMAN. ~~~~Never I have paid more that 200,000 total for a beautiful young girl to stay with me and stay all night. In the other post from Spamman, I mean Asiaman, he mentions a Karoke place where you must 300,000 just for the girl to sit with you is insane!~~~~200,000 is great and you will find plenty of girls at that price. If you get out of the big cities and on the smaller islands don't pay more than 100,000. The girls will hit with a big price just smile and say Tidak Trimakasi (No thank you). (Review # 2028)
  • Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Jul 22 2000 Submitted by:

    RE: JAKARTA, INDONESIA (July 2000) ~~~~Thanks to everyone who wrote helpful posts about Jakarta, Indonesia. I was a frequent contributor to until it apparently croaked (with a large backlog of unposted messages). ~~~~This is my first of hopefully many for if they can keep it updated better. The information has been helpful and I want to give some back. ~~~~Jakarta's still got a lot going for it: Consistently MUCH better performance from the girls than Thailand, for example, and at somewhere around half the price. An earlier post ranked the girls only behind the Vietnamese ones in Phnom Penh, and I would agree with that. Most of them do excellent condom-less blowjobs and enthusiastic sex.~~~~Looked for some of the places mentioned in earlier posts around Jalan Mangga Besar and could not find many of them. But there are still a fair number of options. One section I often head to is the side streets off and Jalan Hayam Wuruk just southeast of the Jalan Mangga Besar intersection in the north (Kota) section of town. The Hotel Mercure is the nearest major hotel. ~~~~The "bar-pijat" places along these side streets are where many of the locals go (I took the "pijat tradisional" places at their word and didn't sample them). In the bar-pijats at the desk you typically see a collage of studio photos of the girls. The ones with tiles over the picture are there for the night; if the green side is turned over she's available, if the red is turned over she's being shagged.~~~~They'll let you pick from the picture alone but it's not a good idea. Anyone can look good in a photo-studio photo. Better to go to the bar, drink a beer, listen to the bad karaoke and look the girls over.~~~~This is where a good mamasan earns her money. The mamasan probably speaks English but the girl may not speak very much. The good mamasans will try to help with the communication and not be too pushy about recommendations. The bad ones will try to push their older or not-so-good-looking ones onto you. A place I can definitely recommend is Berlian, on the first side street off Jalan Hayam Wuruk southeast of the Mangga Besar intersection. ~~~~Depending on the bar, the cost for an hour will range from about 110,000 to 140,000 rupiah, including what the girl gets (tips to the girl are appreciated but not expected). That worked out to $13-17 US, making it an excellent deal. ~~~~It's the same down-to-business format as Phnom Penh short times (they might look at you funny if you really want a massage). The quarters, though, are MUCH nicer. You'll likely get a basic small partitioned room with air-con and attached shower. The girl will pick up towels and a sheet from the maid desk on the way up. It's very basic, but not hot or squalid like Cambodia. It's more similar to Bangkok, but without the bath and the slip-slide before the sex. (But also at only one-half to one-third the Bangkok price!)~~~~But be forewarned: not all the girls will insist on a condom. And it's very hard to want to stop things, especially if she's gotten you super-aroused with a long, condomless blowjob and then climbs on top to guide you inside and ride you bareback. But be wise, always use condoms and don't become a statistic.~~~~On the other side of town, the health club on the sixth floor of the Hotel Melawai (Blok M area) is still going. They have a nice collection of women, mostly early 20s and many with ample breasts. Most also speak at least some English, and the rooms are pretty nice. It caters to foreigners and is easier to navigate than Mangga Besar, but also more expensive at 240,000 rupiah.~~~~Outside the massage places, the bars/discos are still good meeting places. Lately you see far fewer foreigners around than you did 3-4 years ago. Economic problems and political instability have reduced the numbers of expat workers, and tourism is also way down. This will eventually come back after they restore more stability and get the investments coming back in. In the meantime, hotel rates have really crashed, and favorable exchange rates have made just about everything in Jakarta an incredible bargain.~~ (Review # 1987)
  • Jakarta Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Jul 10 2000 Submitted by: DiscoFlyer

    DiscoFlyer again. (Bangkok/Pattaya/Bandung) I posted here a few months ago, but I thik it got lost in the shuffle of the WSG getting changed to a new serve. Okay, here it goes: My first night there I went to the 6th floor of the Melawi Hotel on Blok M. Just like a previous post said. A great, easy fuck. You walk in and it's very dark, so give your eyes plenty of time to adjust to the low light. Most likely, the girls will get excited when a new guy comes in, and hang all over you. Go to the bar and get a drink and they will eventually leave you alone and you can take a pick. There were some girls I wouldn't fuck for free! However, there were some that I was happy to pay 250,000 (US$30) rupiah to. Exchange for US$ lately is 8400 for US$1. I found a great girl there who was voluptuous and in good shape and a good lover. She was Muslim, but that didn't make her less of a sex demon--thankfully. What a great body. Anyway, I will go back.

    Now on to what I posted here before. BATS is the bar in the Hyatt hotel I think. It was one of *the* best plaves in Jakarta, but as of March 2000, they instituted a new rule that women were not allowed in the club unescorted by a man. I didn't realize this til I got to chatting with some people inside. Some girl entered in front of me and I didn't realize they were using me! :) Oh well. I still got laid that night by a nice girl, but BATS is not the great hooker-scene it was before they made the no-single-ladies rule. Let's hope it doesn't last too long! BATS is still ok though.

    TANAMUR is the legendary sleaze disco, and that's why I went. Some of the single girls dancing there are employed by the club as hostesses, though you donít have to pay any sort of bar fine to take them out. You can virtually have your pick and it is still a pussy-pick-up factory. I definitely will go back there. The funny thing is, I think a lot of tourists don't know what it is famous for. You see some white couples on holiday going there for dancing, and the place seems like a normal disco until the girls hit on you. The top floor is where all the gay men hang out. But that's ok because one of the things Tanamur has going for it is diversity and I think that makes for a lot of fun and an interesting evening. I took home one of the girls--a hostess, and it was incredible sex.

    Hard Rock Cafe is packed so full it's almost miserable on Fr-Sat nights, but on a weeknight I picked out a gorgeous local girl and she basically became my friend for a few days before a trip to Bandung and for a few days after I returned. Not really a hooker joint, but Hard Rock is definitely a good place to pick up girls.

    One other thing to point out is I got a lot of attention from the department store girls and that was a lot of fun actually. I walked around Jakarta feeling like a fucking supermodel, knowing that I could have any girl I want, and it's a nice feeling. Even the good girls look at you as a westerner and want to be with you. They might take your money if you pay, but they will also be totally happy, and probably prefer to have you as their regular boyfriend--as a moneyed foreigner, you are their dream come true.

    Anyway, Jakarta has great places for sex and DiscoFlyer will be back to partake of its pussy delights again soon.
    (Review # 1909)
  • Jakatar Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Jun 19 2000 Submitted by: Asiaman

    I need to travelling all around the south-east Asia countries for business purposes. Jarkata is really a very nice place for all lonely traveller. Here is the places I have some recommendations for all walk of life.

    Bats Cafe
    This cafe is located in the Shrila Hotel. Plenty of high quality girls can be found over there but please go there after 11:00. You can approached them and talk with them for a while before you have started your bargaining. Price of the girl here is priced from 500,000 to 800,000 which depend the quality. Please keep in mind that most of the girl hanging around there is Indo girl, if you want to find Chinese, it is not the right place for it.

    Disco Stadium
    The Indonesian calls disco as "Dis Co Di". You just tell the taxi driver that you want to go to "Dis Co Di" Stadium, they surely will got it. There is a Complex building for sex, the 4 th Floor is Disco where plenty of girls sitting inside the Dsico. You need to pay 20,000 ($2.5 US) for entrance free and MaMaSan will approach you and introduce girl for you. Just upstairs of the Disco have a many small room for the services only. The price is cheap here, about 150,000 ($20US) but the quality is in medium range. If you feel the girl is no good, just reject it and ask for another one, please remember give MaMaSan 20,000 tips if you make a deal, more tips is not necessary. The 3rd is a kind of Cafe and here is plenty of high class Indonesia girl. The environment is better, at least slcient that Disco, you can choose a girl you like here and there may be more than 30 choices. The cost is about 150,000 ruphia but it do worth for it. The 2nd floor is karaoka and the most high quality girl is here ! You need to pay for her to sit with you , 300,000 RP, and then you can talk with her and bring her to hotel. The price is negotiated, normally about 300,000 to 500,000 Rup.

    It is a quite famous nightclub before but now absolutely is meaningless for all sex fever. The girl here is low quality and the charge is quite expensive here. Some ppl said here a lot of Chinese but all of them is not available for sex which just for Karaoka only.

    Cafe Jalan-Jalan
    It is a Chinese cafe located at 35th floor of the Emperor Building. The disco is nice and you can see the night scenery and dancing at the same time. There is many charming Chinese ladies. Some of them looking for one-night-stand. Please make sure your target is no accompany. I am sure you can find the best Chinese girl here.

    Disco JJ

    JJ is the most famous disco in Jakarta and all the girl here is Indonesia. Be sure you go this place after 12:00p.m.. Some of the girls employed by JJ to make the place look more ladies. They just only ask for you a free drink and even taxi fee to home. Normally , the lady for sex and for fun will only available here after 12:00 p.m.. You can approach them and negotiate with her for sex services, about 400,000 to 700,000.
    (Review # 1746)
  • Jakarta Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Feb 02 2000 Submitted by: Paul Indonesia

    The girls in Jakarta are the best I've met in any Asian country so far, with possibly Cambodia's Vietnamese whores the only comparison. The best part is they are practically everywhere. If you are new try the 6th floor massage parlour in the Malawi Hotel - 250,000 rupiah current rate for an hour - suck, fuck, come in their mouth. Easy to have more than one girl if you like.

    At nights, try the LM (or Lintas) disco next door to the hotel, or across the bus station there's Oscar's, and a whole range of pussy stations. They are all available to go to your hotel or apartment, and prices range from 150,000 upwards, depending on your negotiation skills. Again you can get as many girls as you want, have an orgy if you're traveling with other guys.

    Most hotels offer in-room massage, and the Observer newspaper lists a range of in-call massage numbers. These can be expensive. Hotel health clubs are also whore joints.

    More traditional is the Manga Besar area, Jalan Hayam Wuruk. Prices from 100,000 upwards. Some really classy girls in the discos in this area, where rooms are available for short-time assignations.

    If you're interested in a guided tour, I'll be happy to be your guide! Anytime Jakarta calls, my little man is ready to go!!
    (Review # 1466)
  • Jakarta Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Jan 11 2000 Submitted by: Gilles

    On December 1999, I went to Jakarta and stayed at the Shangri-La Hotel. On the basement there is this club BATS where they play very good live music and which is packed with nice girls. I picked one up she was very attractive and very sexy dancer with a very slim and fit body. When BATS closed at 2am, we went in my room and I had a very good time. I spent 2 full nights with her and she didn't ask any money but I gave her 50 US. It was really nothing for two nights. I strongly recommend BATS.> (Review # 1296)
  • Jakarta Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Sep 04 1998 Submitted by: the animal

    In Jakarta, the best place bar none is the tantrum disco. Every cab
    driver knows it location. Be aware some girls are not whores, and are
    just out to find a western man for a boyfriend, and will fuck and
    suck you to your hearts content. The place seems to get going around
    11:00PM. Usually the girls want $30 U.S. The best night is Sunday when
    it is ""ladies night"". Another Disco worth checking out is the ""Bengal"",
    located on Japan Surinam, near the Jakarta Stock exchange. It is only
    open on Friday and Saturday. There are not to many whores, but they are
    very pretty. The other girls are also looking for western boyfriends.
    If you have an Indonesian friend to hang out with, go to the
    ""stadium disco"" in North Jakarta. I do not recommend going alone if you
    are not fluent in the Indonesian language. The second floor has the
    massage parlor, known as the ""aquarium"", which is full of petite girls
    from the surrounding villages. The girls go for $30/hr. It is a lot, but
    they are very pretty. Next to the parlor is the disco. It starts
    happening around 11:00PM. Other places are near an area known as
    BLOK-M. They are ""Top Gun"" and ""Oscars"". It is a safe area to be in,
    but take a cab to get there. Your hotel concierge can give the taxi
    driver directions.
    Note to all, a little cash (20,000-50,000 Rupiah) given to the hotel
    security or doormen helps smooth things along. At 4 or 5 star hotels,
    don't worry about it.
    (Review # 344)
  • Jakarta Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Mar 12 1999 Submitted by: john barrymore

    JAKARTA: MARCH 1999; The night scene for ladies exists in nightclubs: Tanamur, JJ's, (which are located next to each other),
    Bats and the Hard Rock Cafe. Ladies are easy and the rate is approx.
    200,000 Rupiah - locals (expats) pay 150,000r. So about $20US and she's happy.

    I live in SEAsia and found Jakarta's hookers to be particularly rough and
    abrasive. They're not gentle like Thais; to be clearer, it's
    like dealing with New Yorkers. Most the hookers are Muslim and this seems
    to be a bad combination.

    EXAMPLE: My buddy fell for a sweet 20 year old (Lina,)looked Chinese and
    was darling. (He met her at JJ's.)To our surprise the sweet healthy thing
    turned out to be an i.v. drug user - and she was the nicest of the bunch.

    Her friend Lia Ramalia(age 21, 175 centimeters, available @ JJ's & Tanamur),
    who I made the mistake of fucking, may have been the most self-centered
    whore I've ever met. And this comes from a man who's had plenty experience.

    I've just given you a small taste, for the complete misery try one yourself.

    CONCLUSION: Jakarta is not the place for ladies. Being of Islamic ethos
    does not produce a considerate whore - unlike the Buddhists.

    ALTHOUGH if you must be there, Hotel Melawi, Blok M, Jakarta is open till midnight;
    sixth floor. And 150-200,000r gets you a fine time. There's a lady for
    every taste there.
    (Review # 343)
  • Jakarta Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Sep 12 1998 Submitted by: BigBoy

    I was in Jakarta a couple of months back and stayed at the Heat. As usual, got horny and called one of the escort agencies. An hour later, the doorbell rang and when I opened the door, there was a stunning 5' 4"" long hairdo Indonesian beauty named Chichi at the door. I paid her the money (US$50.00) and she then went into the bathroom to undress (Indonesian women are very modest in this way). She walked out with a towel wrapped around her delicious body. I unwrapped my purchase and proceeded to have some fantastic foreplay. Kissing her and licking here exquisitely pert nipples. I then went down south to explore the rich forest. I was not disappointed. She had a wonderfully responsive pussy and I proceeded to lick her and make her squirm. All she could say was, ""Nice, nice"". She was so nice and wet and I was getting really randy. I kept on licking her until she shuddered in orgasm. She then gave me a truly fantastic blow-job, licking and sucking my Johnny. She then mounted me and I rammed her all the way home! After we climaxed, we just lay there are cuddled for some time. She than asked me if I wanted to go again. I was rather tired so I asked her to massage me instead. She then gave me a very invigorating massage which ended up with yet another outstanding head-job. All in all a fantastic experience which I will cherish for some time to come.... (Review # 342)
  • Jakarta Nightclubs Dated Added: Tue Sep 22 1998 Submitted by: Buleman

    A recent surf trip in Indo revealed much. I began in Jakarta, where I met my Aussie mate on whose boat we were to sail. First night though, a bunch of us went out to the legendary Tanamur(?) nightclub (cabbies all know it). We walked in the door, paid the very low cover and hit the dance floor hard. The place was crawling with women, most very attractive, slim and dressed to do damage. Indonesian, most esp. Javanese, women are to die for and, though I'm a good boy who doesn't pay for it, this doesn't mean I'm wont to ignore the flirtations of a hungry woman. And this is where it gets interesting: in my many visits to Jakarta over the last ten years, I have been taken aback again and again by the sheer sexual aggression of the women there. I was once approached by an attractive young thing who'd sat with me and said -- and this is a true account -- ""I want to fuck with you. Will you wait here while I take my cousin home?"" I gulped, and said, ""'Kay."" An hour later, mid-rant to a friend, I felt a hand on my leg and there she was. I couldn't take her home, because my Muslim neighbours would've had kittens, and I told her so, adding that I had no money (also the truth, and another story). She said no problem, walked me to the nearest hotel, booked and paid for a room, took my hand, showered us both and then... we pounded like deranged orangutans for all but an hour or two of that night. Next day, this astonishing wonder of Javanese generosity bought us both a nice brunch, lingered, then leapt in a cab and zoomed off. She simply wanted a good old shag. I was amazed. So, back to Tanamur... As I expected, the crisis has changed everything and attractive girls (many are uni. students) will go home with you for as little as 50,000-100,000 Rps (US$5-10). In twos and threes even, if you're up to it. So don't be a cheapskate and attempt to bargain them down. They are truly hungry, their country's utterly fucked! I did not attempt to pull that night at Tamamur, but others among us did and were well rewarded. Morning time, and you've decided you like her and want to travel with her, you'll not meet with much resistance, as life's pretty rough in Jakarta, and just paying a woman's way is usually enough to make her yours for the duration of your stay. And who knows, you might even fall for the girl, as Indonesian women in general are incredibly easy-going, fun-loving and beautiful. (Also try Die's, next door -- music's often better, but smaller dance floor) (Review # 341)
  • Aarhus Investigation Dated Added: Mon Apr 26 1999 Submitted by: Private Eye

    Aarhus is the second largest town in Denmark, only surpassed by Copenhagen in
    importance and so far neglected by the World Sex Guide. So, being a bright young
    student of ethnography, I set out on a research tour in my own university town
    in order to update my knowledge (and yours) on the big issues: Where? And how

    I mainly sought out addresses where I have bought sex before. These are
    therefore brothels with some degree of 'staying power', meaning that you too
    should have a good chance of success if you go there yourself. But of course the
    ladies you will meet are not likely to be the same as the ones described here.
    What you get here is an
    idea of where to go and what you may find.

    (Always: Buy today's issue of Ekstrabladet and search the personals under
    ""Massage"" for up-to-date phone numbers.)


    Klosterport 7 is in downtown Aarhus, not far from a historical building that
    used to be a medieval Dominican monastery. Behind the white door (with a name
    sign saying ""P. Hansen"") right out to the
    pavement, you find one 'massage parlor' that has by now become somewhat of an
    institution in the sexual underground of Aarhus.

    It is low ceiling basement where Thai women work in shifts at a 24-hour-shop.
    The procedure is the same as in most other places of this sort in Denmark: You
    ring the door bell and are let in after a brief (and in this instance not quite
    comfortable) wait - this part of Klosterport is deserted most of the time but
    many city busses pass through it, leaving you exposed to the stares of
    passengers if you are unlucky to be at this particular door at the wrong moment.

    Once you're inside, the woman will show you a handwritten menu, stating the
    prices. I noted down four: A normal fuck - called ""Danish"" (dansk) in the coded
    lingo of the prostitution world of this country! - will cost you 400 DKr. A
    blowjob (""French"") 600. Half an hour is 800, and one full hour is 1200 DKr.

    The treatment follows Thai whore habits: If you take an hour, you will be given
    a shower together with the woman, she will work you all over with her own body,
    and she will end with a generous sex massage.

    However, do not expect to find the youth and beauty you have heard about from
    people who have been to Bangkok. The woman I met when I visited Klosterport 7
    for this report was around 35, alright but not outstanding in any respect. She
    seemed worn out and maybe alcoholic.


    Klosterport leads to Noerregade which can lead you to Groennegade (if you walk
    in the right direction, to the left). At number 64 in GrÝnnegade, the door bears
    a sign: ""Studio 64"".

    The advertisement in Ekstrabladet said this: ""De luxe avantgarde ... a full mega
    DD bosom ... lavishly sparkling Danish showgirl, been photo modelling on Hawaii
    and Barbados for Penthouse, Taffe, Pitte ... open from 10 to 02.""

    I went there and met ""Isabella"" and, frankly, the advertisement is not quite
    truthful. Or it may refer to very old issues of those magazines.

    Her prices where 500 DKr for a fuck, 400 for a blowjob, 800 for half an hour,
    and 1500 Dkr for one hour. ""These are my prices. I cannot tell you what others
    who work here may take."" She didn't know who else works there apart from a woman
    named ""Bitten"" who may be the one who owns the place.

    A thing about Studio 64 I don't like at all is the waiting room where you are
    seemingly expected to sit down together with other customers. In spite of the
    artful note on the table, inviting you to take a cup of coffee and try one of
    the filled chocolates, the chance of having other males enter this room while I
    am there makes me cringe on the inside.


    ""Malaysia Club"" is situated in a quiet street, Schleppegrelsgade 23, in the
    basement. The easiest way to get there is to take city bus line 5 and get off at
    Frederiksberg Torv. Then ask for directions.

    But do not expect too much. What I found was three women, one of which was
    passably pretty. One was not, and the third was harrowingly marked by fate
    (alcohol, disease and whoring that is). The prettiest was maybe 35. The two
    others rather 40-45. - In the words of the advertisement they are ""gorgeous
    young Malaysian dreamgirls"". Oh yeah.

    Prices are 400 kr for a fuck, 400 for a blowjob, 800 for 30 minutes, and 1500
    for one hour. They did not like my noting down this on paper. In fact one of
    them tried for an ultrashort moment to snatch the paper from my hand: ""Your
    friends will have to call on the phone and ask."" - Open from 10 - 02.


    Another long standing 'massage parlor' is discreetly placed in the basement at
    Silkeborgvej 120 in a neighbourhood that for some reason or other has become
    rich in basement storefront brothels. You can recognise them by the anonymous
    white Venetian blinds and the sign in the window saying either ""Velkommen""
    (You're welcome) or ""Optaget"" (Busy, will be back).

    Take bus line 16 or 17 and get off on Silkeborgvej after Ringgaden (Circular
    Road). It's in one of the small lanes with red brick middleclass apartments on
    both sides. Opposite the bus stop you'll see several big shops. Walk a short
    distance till you see HTH Koekkenforum (red and white) and Jysk Sengetoejslager
    (blue). You are now at the beginning of the right lane. Turn right, go to the
    very end of the lane, keeping to the right side. - Go down the concrete steps
    and ring the bell by the anonymous white door.

    Again: A Thai woman opened. She was not really beautiful, and she was at least
    40. But she struck me as somehow sympathetic. Even her inadequate English, made
    near unintelligible by her chewing gum, was charming. I can't say exactly why,
    but I recognised this nice feeling from previous visits here.

    Prices are 400 kroner for a fuck, 400 for a blowjob, 800 for half an hour, 1200
    for one hour. I forgot to ask about opening hours but I remember this as one of
    the 24-hour places.


    Silkeborgvej 233 (a long distance from no 120) is also a permanent advertiser in
    Ekstrabladet. I haven't been there, so I can't tell you about the ""mature"" lady
    behind ""the red door"". But the place looks creepy from the outside, dirty and
    decaying, as if the house itself has syphilis.


    The porn shop bearing the name ""Video Kiosk"" and a big sign saying ""Sex Bio"" is
    the unlikely neighbor to a small, rather classy French restaurant named
    ""L'Estragon"" at Klostergade No 6, a street in the oldest part of Aarhus. At
    times there's a ""coffee girl"" present who will take on customers in one of the
    four private cubicles in the video cinema in the dungeon-like basement.


    If you are looking for street action, try Borggade in the late hours. It is just
    around the corner from Klostergade, and before the closing hours of the Video
    Kiosk (at midnight) they will use it for turning tricks in case you don't have a
    car. - But prepare yourself for a meeting with human misery and drug addiction
    if you go here.


    By and large: Aarhus is a second rate town in terms of prostitution.
    Down-at-their-heels women who often seem to be deportees from the Third World,
    depressive airs, and rudimentary English capabilities
    is the norm.

    All of the places mentioned here have many more offers on their menus. I
    deliberately chose the most common and noted them down in each place in order to
    make possible a comparison.
    (Review # 201)
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