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  • Siem Reap and Phnom Penh Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Sep 16 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    This is a report on sex workers encountered during a trip to Siem Reap and Phnom Penh in August, 2008. None of the women referred to in this report looked underage, but few looked older than 20 and the oldest might have been 23.


    All feigned embarrassment at being seen undressing, and almost all promptly wrapped a large towel around themselves after having done so. (Not to worry: the towel does come off in due course.) All had condoms ready; however, they were of the least expensive brand. None had any objection to using customers’ condoms. Although otherwise not hairy, all had a pleasing tuft of straight black pubic hair. I was not interested in oral sex in these circumstances and so can say nothing about it except that none of the workers I saw moved to offer it or seemed to expect me to ask for it.


    All amounts reported are in American dollars, which is the currency used in Cambodia, down to $1. (Change of less than $1 is given in Cambodian paper Rials, which are approximately 4000 to the dollar.)


    Tuk tuks are two wheeled, roofed trailers drawn by a motorcycle. They’re cheap and very common in both cities. (You can also ride on the back of someone’s “moto” (motorcycle) for even less, if you have nerves of steel.) Street slang for sex is, believe it or not, “beum-beum” (each equally stressed “beum” rhymes exactly with the first syllable of “woman”).


    Siem Reap

    1. On the West side of Sivatha Blvd, near the place where a diagonal street goes off to the Southeast (toward the old market), there is an open space in front of a bank.


    On the North edge, three women were sitting under a tree. As I passed by, around 9:30pm, one of them (terrifically cute) got up and trotted after me, saying “Massage? Wanna massage?” That would have been $5. Massage beum-beum? $25. The windowless room was hot, but there was an electric fan, and after a few minutes it was quite bearable. The girl was not overly enthusiastic, but certainly cooperative enough for a good time.


    2. For several blocks, Sivatha Blvd. has a massage parlor on one side or the other at least once per block. I assumed these were brothels, but I tried two and they were strictly for massage. On the other hand, a massage (98% full) by an attractive young woman while you’re wearing nothing but a pair of thin pajamas is a great way to get in the mood for something later on. Cost is $5. (But the house collects it, so the girl should get a tip of her own too – not that this was asked for.)


    I don’t say that no massage places double as brothels, but you shouldn’t expect that.


    3. On Pub Street (old market district) there was a bar (the Gecko??) that had an entrance about 20 feet down a passageway. There was a sign out near the street by the passageway entrance. Next to it stood a really good looking young woman who seemed to be there to invite people to patronize the bar. There were lots of people in the street, so I didn’t feel awkward about appreciating her. The moment we made eye contact, she came down into the street and encouraged me to go have a look at the bar. I politely declined; she said “Massage?” I waited, she said “Massage beum-beum?” – “How much?” – $50. – “Where? – “I have a room.” I agreed and she took me firmly by the arm and led me two short blocks.


    I think it was a massage parlor in which she had her room. A guy showed up and wanted $10 for the room, and also took the $50. – This was the only occasion in this report on which there was a separate charge for the room.


    4. Tuk tuk drivers (of which there are many) solicit business by saying “Tuk tuk?” as you walk by. At night, if you’re alone, you’ll hear, from about every third one, “Tuk tuk? . . . Massage? . . . Massage beum-beum?” I asked one if he was talking about just one woman, or whether there would be several and I could choose. Answer: several. (Eventually, I learned the word for a brothel: it sounds like “baun-hope-deu-ee”.) What would they cost? $50. He drove a mile or so West of Sivatha Blvd. along the road to the airport, then turned into a road leading South.


    A few hundred yards down this road, on the West side, are a couple of businesses with neon signs (you can see their glow from the main road). The last one has a wooden fence in front of it that blocks the view of the front door, but above the fence you can see the sign, which says “Karaoke”. At the end of the fence, you turn in, walk back with your driver to the entrance, and there is the brothel. Two rows of couches face each other; you go to one side, the manager comes to sit with you while you look at the women on the couches opposite. (There were five when I came in, but a dozen or so when I left.


    If you’re offered five and you’re not taken with any of them, ask if there are others.) When you select one, the manager takes the money and you and your selectee go upstairs. This one sent me into the bathroom to wash. Be prepared for there not being any hot water. When I came out, she was in her towel, and when she came out from her wash, she had it back on.


    When we got on the bed, she gave me halfhearted backrub for a few minutes. After that, she was coy about taking off the towel – but not actually serious about keeping it on. Afterward, this girl asked for a tip, and seemed well satisfied with $10.


    5. Siem Reap has a Night Market. This is worth a visit, but it has nothing to do with sex. However, on the West side of Sivatha Blvd., there’s an easily visible sign pointing to it (it’s to the West of Sivatha). About a block down this side street, on the South side, there’s what looks like a bar with lots of neon, and it advertises “Disco”. There is a bar in there (through another door after you go in the main entrance) – afterward, I understood my driver to say it had strippers, but I never got into the bar to check that.


    Past the entrance to the bar, there’s a brothel that looks like pictures I’ve seen from Bangkok. There’s a brightly lit room with bleachers along one of its long sides and at least 40 girls. From their necks hang cards with numbers.


    The manager sits beside you and writes down the number you give him, shows it to you to make sure it’s right, and then signals the girl. I assumed the manager would collect the fee, just as in the previous place, but this one was very particular that I was to give it directly to the girl (who immediately deposited it with a man at a desk in the lobby). I don’t know the reason for this difference.


    Upstairs there was a counter with several trays with three cans and a bottle of water on each. The girl signed for one and carried it to the room. I figured I’d have to buy her one of these at some outrageous price, but she set it down on a table and never once referred to it in any way whatsoever. Afterward she took it back to the counter and got back her ticket. I don’t know the reason for this performance either.


    This one came into the bathroom with me and seemed delighted to squirt me with a hose spewing cold water, watch while I washed, and squirt me again for a rinse. She too began with a halfhearted bit of backrub. But after that, she was wonderfully playful and totally hot. She too asked for a tip, and also looked quite satisfied with $10.


    Phnom Penh

    1. There’s a park-like area between Sisowat and the river, just about East of Wat Phnom. At night there are girls there, but they have no place to take you, so you need to go in a tuk tuk and take them back to your room. You give the madam $40. (Since I didn’t know how my hotel would react, I didn’t carry this deal through, despite the availability of a really good looking woman. So, I don’t know whether a tip would be expected, though I would not be surprised.)


    2. Three brothels in Phnom Penh were downscale from the ones I described in Siem Reap, but exactly like each other, so one description will do.


    Main difference was the three different prices – $50, $40, and $30. The $50 place had only four women on hand, the other two had about 15 each. All three were on a North-South street (Monivong, I think, but I may be a block or two off), roughly due West of the Royal Palace.


    In each, the door was open and led into a room that was completely empty except for a Buddhist shrine. These shrines, which you also see in hotel lobbies, restaurants, etc., are about desk height, a couple of feet wide and deep.


    They’re placed opposite the door, facing out, and you can see them through the door. They are lit up, as is usual, with a red light. Very convenient. Past the shrine, there’s a curtain; you follow the manager through it and there are the women. You pick one, she takes you to the room. No request for you to wash. The bit with the towel is the same as in Siem Reap.


    However, in Phnom Penh, your session begins with a full five minutes or more of vigorous back slapping with the edge of her hands (she sits on your buttocks to do this). I found this neither erotic nor relaxing, but it seems to be Phnom Penh style, and I didn’t want the girl to think she wasn’t doing something right, so I just put up with it.


    After she’s done with the massage, she lies down and cuddles up to you. Unwrapping her from her towel is incredibly erotic, and then she’s ready to follow what you want for a good time. One of these women seemed a bit anxious to hurry along and get the matter over with. The other two were completely relaxed erotic delights. None asked for a tip.


    The moto drivers (both cities) also solicit your business. Most who got beyond offering a ride said “Want lady?”, which I did not hear from a single tuk tuk driver; very odd. I also passed a boy of ten or so on the street at 3 in the afternoon. His first pitch was for one of the newspapers he was carrying. After I declined that, he too said “Want lady?” I didn’t take him up on that either. Cambodia is full of beautiful women and it was wonderful to be able to know some of them. R.B.X.

    (Review # 24742)
  • Phnom Penh Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Dec 12 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    It has been about 14 months since I last visited Phnom Penh and the city has really changed, especially along the riverfront. Prices for everything have gone up as well because the Cambodians foolishly use the US$ and that has dropped dramatically.


    Changes that will interest readers here the most are the bars. Places that I used to like (Golden Vine, DV8, and Voodoo Bar) all seem to have undergone management changes and are not worth visiting anymore. Golden Vine now has the ugliest girls in Phnom Penh, Voodoo has almost no girls (only 3 when I visited recently), and DV8 has a room full of ladies who cannot be bothered to get you a drink or talk to you, not that there are many girls left in there worth looking at.


    The big change is Street 136. Last year there was only two bars on this street and now there are 6, 136 Bar and Flora Bar have a lot of good-looking ladies. Bar fines seem to have gone up at bars in Phnom Penh $10 now, used to be $5. Great Palm Bar only seems to hire ladies with large breasts. The problem with that bar is they really hound you for lady drinks. Street 104 used to be quiet but now it also has bars packed along that short street.


     I think the best bar there is 104, Colonial wasn't bad either. If you want to see a dozen or so very beautiful, light-skinned Vietnamese girls then check out The Dragon Club on Monivong near the Holiday Villa Hotel. The girls are extremely attractive but the prices there for drinks and the girls rival prices in Hong Kong probably why I only saw wealthy Chinese and Japanese guys in there.

    If you have a lot of pocket money, I would recommend Dragon Club and another glitzy Chinese place (forgot the name) about 400 meters down from Dragon. Prices at most of the Western run bars seem to be $15-20 for short time and $30-40 for the night. At the Hong Kong-style places, the girls want $100 for an hour, $150 for the night.

    (Review # 22101)
  • Phnom Penh Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Feb 07 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    I have been to Phnom Penh about 10 times in the past 12 months and I have visited many of the bars and discos in the city. I can offer a few general tips. Most bars in Phnom Penh have an identical set-up; not just in terms of bar placement and musical selection, in staffing as well.

    Most hostess bars have one or two very attractive girls, one or two cute girls and six or seven ladies who are not attractive. So, your chances of getting a stunning date for the night are not good. The already slim chances are made worse by the fact that many of the girls have husbands or boyfriends and simply will not go with customers. It can be very difficult to get a straight answer out of anyone in Phnom Penh (this policy of minimum candour has been adopted by many ex-pats there, too) but you should ask which girls go with customers.

    Do not be surprised if, in a bar with 10 girls working, only one or two will actually be available for customer service. If you do see a girl you like and the bar has a fine-system in place (some establishments do not have a bar-fine and you will have to meet the girl after work) make certain you have discussed in detail what you expect from the girl if you pay the bar for her. She may believe that the two of you are only going to eat or go dancing.

    Every trip I have taken to Phnom Penh, I have heard at least one guy (usually just in from Thailand) complaining at a bar that the girl did not come back to his room with him. If both parties understand each other, the bar-fine is usually $5-10. Some of the girls will ask for $40-60 but the standard at the time of writing was $20 for the night. I think the best bar (based on the number of available, attractive ladies) is Golden Vine on 108 Street (perhaps 500 meters from the Sunway and Le Royal Hotels).

    This is one of the few bars where a majority (but certainly not all) of the girls are willing to stay overnight with customers. There are six gorgeous ladies there and the others are average (5's if you will), none of the ladies are ugly. Every hour or so, the ladies do a dance routine on the bar, some of them can really move, men have been known to change their stance on the paying of bar-fines after seeing those ladies dance. The bar-fine is $10 and the girls ask for $20. I have paid the bar-fine twice there, one experience was spectacular, the other, just average (there is a lot of "the starfish" syndrome in Phnom Penh bar-girls). Also on 108 Street, Barbados has a couple of stunners (mostly not stunners) available.

    There are a couple of bars stacked right next to Golden Vine, Voo Doo and Zapata. Voo Doo is worth looking into as there is some action available, Zapata is not worth your time if you are looking to take a lady home. Love Story Bar has several beautiful ladies but their availability depends on your looks and your offer. If a girl there finds you attractive, you'll be asked for $20. If you are not terribly appealing to them, you'll be asked for $60, or, you could be told that they do not go with customers.

    This bar has a lot of Asian clients more accustomed to buying lady-drinks for the girls (Many Caucasians simply will not buy lady-drinks) so the girls here can be rather picky. If they are having a good night in the lady-drink department, why bother going with you for $20? Across the street from Love Story Bar is, Happy Man Bar (the owner, Happy Man). This place is packed with ladies! There must have been 20 of them when I visited. Many of the girls are quite attractive and the atmosphere is great but it was impossible to determine which of the ladies were available.

    DV8 on 148 Street, just 15 meters from Sisowath Quay (the road along the riverside) also has a high percentage of take-away possibilities. Unfortunately, only two of the girls are true beauties. One of them, in fact, is so beautiful (light skin, lovely complexion) she could work in Akasaka, in Tokyo. If this girl lived in Bangkok she would be married to a wealthy businessman by now. As it is, she is the top prospect at DV8. She asks for $40 (and usually gets it). The other girls get $10 (short-time upstairs, $5 for the room) or $20 if you want to take them home.

    As I said though, most of the girls here would rate a 5 or lower on the 1-10 scale. Another key factor for all the above mentioned bars, I have never been asked to buy a lady-drink. I do not mind buying a girl a drink and I almost always do so but I like to make the decision without pressure. You can browse at any of those spots. Here is a list of bars to avoid, for one reason or another, or a combination of reasons: Shanghai (pressure to buy drinks and none of the ladies are going home with you).

    Mata Hari, the back bar of Riverside Bistro (see above, and, the owner is the most hated ex-pat in Phnom Penh, it is only a matter of time until someone shoots him and you do not want to get hit by a stray round from an AK-47). Sharky Bar (I climbed the stairs for this?). Chillis Bar (remarkably unattractive girls for the most part and they are the only ones available for take-away).

    Hooters (the owner is the abrasive lunatic sitting next to you and all the girls are married, even the ugly ones). Howie's Bar (don't say I didn't warn you). All the bars on 240 Street. I should also mention 104 Street, a short street near the Post Office. There are half-a-dozen bars on that street, some of them are hostess bars when I visit one time and not hostess bars on my next visit. I always take a tour of the bars on that street, with mixed results each time. There are three (that I know of) blow job bars in central Phnom Penh, all within a few minutes walk of each other. I have only been to Cyrcee Club on Street 49. Ten seconds after I was in the door, two ugly girls pounced on me and asked if I wanted to go upstairs.

    There were only a few girls sitting around and none were attractive, perhaps the good looking ones were already upstairs. The girls are rumored to be knickerless but if they were, they kept that a secret from me. I had one drink and left but I was told that it was $10 per girl and $2 for the small room upstairs. I have been told the prices are the same at both Sophie's and the Mikado Club. I suspect you receive the same sort of instant attention when you walk through the door at those other clubs, too. It is not for the shy. If you do not want to bother with figuring out which bar-girl is really available, you have a few options. Martini has been mentioned here before and nothing has changed there. Unless your hotel is out in that area, I really wouldn't bother going there because you could find the same action at Walkabout on 51 Street. Many of the girls shuttle between Martini and Walkabout so the selection is essentially the same.

    If you are out very late, girls who had no luck finding a client in Heart of Darkness sometimes wander down 51 Street and take a perch at Walkabout. The prices at Walkabout range from $5-15 and some of the girls are best described as frightening. Heart of Darkness is small disco on 51 Street, the crowd is touristy for the most part and that ensures a lot of working girls, some of them are very attractive and the going rate is $20. If you do decide to go to Heart, keep in mind that not all the local girls you see are for hire and insulting the wrong people at Heart can lead to an ugly scene. Working girls will give you plenty of eye-contact and then come over to you. If you want more locals and better music, go to Gold Star on 136.

    You walk through a rather quiet lobby and enter the disco through the doors at the back. You will see many fine ladies at Gold Star, however, not many of them are working. The hostesses wearing numbers will sit and have a drink with you (because it is mostly a locals bar, drinks are cheap) and other services can be arranged for a price. The disco is in a hotel and I am told there are short time rooms available. I have never checked into the prices but I believe it safe to assume that a girl and room (short time) would be in the $20-$30 range.

    There are few expense-account options, as well, in the central district. Cathouse Tavern (a three minute walk from Cyrcee Club) is a hostess bar-in-the-round that features pricey (for Phnom Penh) drinks and a lot of very attractive ladies. There is no bar-fine at Cathouse but it does close at midnight so you won't have to wait terribly long to meet the girl of your choice.

    However, she will want $100. I know one of the Cathouse girls from her time at another bar and she tells me that the girls at Cathouse rarely negotiate the price. Some hotels, notably Cambodian, have massage parlors attached. The fishbowl at the Cambodian is well stocked with Chinese and Vietnamese lovelies. They will want $100 but may be willing to negotiate a price closer to $60. The massage and the girl can be billed to your credit card (3% surcharge). I did this on my first trip to Phnom Penh, stayed at the Cambodian and put the spa experience on the company account. I should add that the girl was Chinese and the service was incredible.

    I should also add that the mamasan came up to my room when her shift was over. She was a Khmer lady about 30, attractive with a great body that included big round breasts. She gave me a body-to-body massage and everything else I wanted. She asked for $100, it was so good I gave her $120. The drawback to the Cambodian is that they get hostile if you try to big a lady(not employed at the spa) back to your room. I stay at either the Sunway or Le Royal now, they just hold the door and smile when you have company coming in with you. I think those are best options in Phnom Penh.

    There are several street-walker strips but those girls look rough and many of them look underage. There are also many small brothels and karaoke joints in the central part of the city. Non-Asians are welcome but these places are prone to police shakedowns. Getting caught in one of these beer-fund raids could cost you a lot of money.

    (Review # 17349)
  • Phnom Penh Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Jan 16 2007 Submitted by: Miseria

    December 26, 2006: I just came back from Phnom Penh. It is truly an interesting place but most of the reports that I found on the internet are either really outdated, exaggerated or merely the fruit of a seriously intoxicated mind.

    The famous K11 is closed, so do not bother looking for it. Yes, it had to be closed due to the amount of pathetic pedophiles going there. Thankfully, the government of Cambodia has decided to do something about that problem. If you are a pedophile, you are a sick bastard. Nobody will ever like you, not even your mother if she finds out, so you might as well wrap a plastic bag around your head and suffocate.

    Really! I "had to" go see Tuol Kok mainly because of curiosity and because I have a knack for "danger". The taxi driver insisted that it was not good. Of course, I did not believe him. He was right, though. It is just a long street with a lot or rundown shacks along. The ones with pink neon light are open for business. The girls are quite sad. I only saw 1 or 2 that even deserved a shag. The place is just disgusting. I had to check out the facilities and asked a girl to show me "where they did it". She took me inside the shack, very dirty, smelly, no toilets and of course, no running water. The girls asked for US$5. I did not even dare. Apparently the locals get it for US$2.

    The rest of the street is a bunch of karaoke shacks with a little grill outside where they cook. I stopped to eat, drink and sing at one of the places. The people are not used to foreigners there and they were really nice. The food, despite all the shortcomings of the place, was quite good. No danger in this area, but really a waste of time.

    Taxi drivers will offer to take you to the "floating restaurants" at the other side of the river over the bridge. There are several restaurants over what was once water. The water has now far receded and the place is not that nice at all. The food is expensive and horrible. After lunch you have the option to take the waitress to one of the rooms and fuck her for US$10. Since I was there, and it was only 2 PM, I had to try. It was my worst fuck in Cambodia. My advise, avoid the floating restaurants and don't waste your time.

    The massage parlors: Contrary to what some reports mentioned, these parlors have girls that just look too young. You go there and are given a book of pictures to choose. I went to several of them and decided to pass. The local brothels are illegal and, therefore, not advertised but you can find many just by asking the taxi driver. The thing is, the girls are not too much into it and do not speak a word of English. The price is US$15 - 20, but again, not worth it. Beware, the police do raid these places and the only way out apparently is by paying a hefty bribe.

    Of course, it is all a matter of luck, which can add excitement to the adventure, but really, the places are not worth it! So, where is it worth it? Stick to the classical bars. The girls are by no means gorgeous, but many of them are acceptable and most of them provide excellent service. Beware of the websites for some of this places. DV-8 has a great website that makes the place look like a NY club. Not at all, the place is a little dump with not too many girls. Not worth going.

    Martini's and Sharkies are where most of the girls are. You can get a girl there for US$15 short time. Forget about all nighters. What are you going to do, marry her?! Just fuck her and kick her out. I heard too many stories of stupid guys being robbed after falling asleep in the arms of their newly found love. Martini's is an outside bar, with trees, etc., very nice!

    Walkabout has several girls day and night. They are always the same and most of them are not too good looking. There are a few there that are worth something. In particular, there was (I am sure she is still there) an older Vietnamese woman with long black hair that for US$20 who provided some of the best service I have ever had. The place is also a hotel, so it may be very convenient to stay there (I did). The rooms are very basic, but safe and quiet. The place is very centrally located.

    There are several other bars in that area next to the Walkabout with girls and so on which are also nice. There is even a 'Hooters'. The American owner has made a perfect imitation of Hooters, down to the sign, the uniforms, etc. I bet he is just waiting for Hooters to sue him in Cambodia municipal court for infringement of tradename, ha, ha, ha. There are no working girls there, but the waitresses are a little good looking. If you can chat with them appropriately, you can take one home with you for free (I did).

    The same goes for the waitresses of some of the other bars. These girls are, after all, looking to get out of there and a foreigner seems to be the right ticket out. But one thing, once you do that, you have a girlfriend in that bar which means that if you go back she will not leave you alone... (now, why would you go back anyway when there are so many places to see?)

    Now, the famous Sophie, Cyrcee and Mikado (the blowjob bars). These bars have a lot of girls, but no BJ being performed "on-site". When you come in, you certainly feel like a Holywood actor in an Oscar night. Be prepared to have 6 - 7 girls all over you. They have rooms upstairs, very clean and nice. The girls vary, some are hot, but none is a model. They are really sweet and provide great service for US$15 a head. Take at least 2 with you upstairs. It is worth it. If you give them 5 extra US$, they will let you use your video camera.

    Sophie is a dump, though. The bar is really small and it is on a second floor in an area of town where there is nothing else. Cyrcee is the best. Cyrcee and Mikado being right in the center of the action, I see no reason to go to Sophie. Now, the best thing you can do is go around and try to meet local girls. Some speak English, some French, and after you take them out for dinner and make them feel comfortable you can spend a very good night without having to pay for it. Trust me... Heart of Darkness is a very noisy club. You have seen clubs everywhere, this is just one more. There is a lot of fat, pink fleshed, foreign girls alone or with their boyfriends. It is a tourist club. Nothing to it, unless you like that crap.

    Best place to pick up local talent (non-professional) is in the streets, the markets, the shops, etc. Remember, local girls cannot afford going out at night. The lake area has delightful cheap guesthouses overlooking the lake. Nice to sip a beer watching the sunset, but no action to speak of, except if you like the lousy young pink fleshed backpackers with their bellies protruding from their t-shirts that want to talk about all the places they have been before... Fuck it.

    What else? Cambodia is very poor, and everything is very cheap. Tip the people, be nice to them. After all, where else can you fuck the hell out of two happy pretty young girls at the same time for US$30???
    (Review # 17003)
  • Phnom Penh Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Jun 05 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    Phnom Penh is certainly one of the cheapest cities of the world for good sex. My (wonderful) experience: the Martini. To go there, motorbike (donít pay more than 1 $ during the night). I arrived there around 9 oíclock, free entrance, about 30 girls waiting for customers (they donít work for the bar, at least thatís what is written at the entrance), and 5 or 6 white men seating. I ordered a beer (donít remember the price, but quite cheap), had a look at the girls. A few young ladies (most of them are 18-25 years old) came near me. I hesitated to make my choice, until a young and very pretty one came very close to me. Irresistible I finished my beer trying to find a still more beautiful, but the one who chose me was really the prettiest. So we agreed on 15 $ (she first wanted 20). I suppose older or not so handsome girls would go for 10 $. We took a motorbike to the center (I think the Soria hotel - 2 $ the room for 15 minutes, 5 $ for 1 hour). She undressed (cute figure, very soft skin), washed her pussy and asked me to put on a condom. She started with oral, then fucking. 10 first minutes were very good (even if she simulated too much), any position ok, but after she started to ask me every minute ďYou cum? Why?Ē I rather gave up explaining her that if she would keep asking I would never cum, and above all that I just tried the Indian Viagra I had bought there for 3 $ the 4 pills. A few tips: theses girls ask a lot of questions, donít tell them your real name, the name of your hotel (you never know, just in case), say that you have already been many times in that club and that you will come back the next days (that was my mistake, I said I would leave the next day) - they will better take care of you if they think they will see you again, otherwise they will hurry to leave and find another customer. Just a few words about Tuol Kok, the red light district: donít go there (alone)! Dark streets, sad girls waiting in seedy huts (around 20 huts in the area), no foreigner there, to avoid. (Review # 14901)
  • Phnom Phen Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Jan 06 2006 Submitted by: Ken

    I have only been this once and had a good time. There are a lot of places but I was only there two days and Club Martini was just around the corner from my hotel. There are Cambodian and Vietnamese girls. The average price is $10.00 US. Donít bother with long time because no matter what you pay or say they will leave after sex. No matter what you pay a Vietnamese girl she is not happy and goes away in a huff, so donít bother to tip them. (Review # 13612)
  • Siem Reap Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Dec 23 2005 Submitted by: Tom

    The Zanzibar is a small bar on a major street (ask any moto driver) run by a long-term European resident. Beer and other drinks are reasonably priced. A gaggle of girls hang around on the street outside. Go on in the bar and get a drink, sizing up the ladies outside; they will not bother you inside.

    When you have in your own time chosen one, ask her in for a drink. After $$ arrangement are made, go on home. Better yet, turn left outside and walk about 100 yds to the Nguyen coffee shop for coffee, and for her a smoothie or whatever. A couple of dollars and a half hour spent here will pay real dividends in the following hours.
    (Review # 13410)
  • Phnom Penh Other Dated Added: Sun Sep 18 2005 Submitted by: Cucumber Man

    Cambodia is a great and cheap country to get laid, but it is rife with STIs (sexually-transmitted infections) so you really do need to wear a condom. It is fair to assume that one in every three girls in the game is HIV positive, particularly the younger ones. In addition, more than half are probably infected with chlamydia and ghonorrhea. I have had both and - believe this or not - I got them through BJs. Both can be extremely painful, but are easily treated with antibiotics. Another problem is that, for a lot of men, there are no external symptoms, but the disease is still there inside your body fucking it up and passing it on to your partners. So take precautions. (Review # 12693)
  • Phnom Penh Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Jun 02 2005 Submitted by: Jaimie

    Encountered a number of interesting gentlemen's clubs recently in Phnom Penh, Sophie's Club and Le Cyrcee. Le Cyrcee being a little more up market. Sophie's Club is near to the Central Market and was apparently PP's first blow-job bar. First time I visited I got blown by five different Khmer girls while sitting at the bar! I chose the best of the bunch to go to a private room with to be finished off. The best $10 worth of entertainment I've had in a long time!! Le Cyrcee is another BJ bar close to Sophie's and was apparently as a result of a break-away by one of the former owners. Some very cute girls here. No open blowing at the bar but the girls love to expose their cute little shaved pussies while sitting perched on a bar stool next to you at the bar. Cyrcee girls like to come in twos [no pun intended] and offer 'pussy yum yum' (i.e eating each other out while blowing you). Well worth the experience. $10 a girls plus $2 for the use of an air-con room for an hour. For 10/10 blowjobs Cambodia's the place to be! (Review # 11643)
  • phnom penh Massage Parlor Dated Added: Fri Mar 04 2005 Submitted by: dimitri11

    Last summer I stayed at Hotel Cambodiana at PP. Asked for a massage at the hotel and after 10 minutes a Vietnamese girl showed up, wearing a very short skirt, making me suspicious about her massage skills.

    Truly, she knew nothing about massage but instantly agreed for sex for 50 US$, took a shower and went down to business, 69 condomless, and every position I wanted exept anal. Stayed for 1 hour.


    Sure you can have a beer girl for 30 US$ but why get all the trouble since you can have them right at you room?

    (Review # 11089)
  • Phnom Penh Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Aug 13 2004 Submitted by: Cucumber Man

    Phnom Penh is a crazy place but in the best possible sense of the word. You have to pace yourself otherwise you'll be unfit for human consumption by the time you get home. The only dangerous situation you are likely to find yourself in is crossing the road or riding at the back of a motorbike in rush hour. You can live like a king with good accommodation included for well under $100 a day and eat, drink and shag your ass off.


    A cheap charlie could do the same for under $30. The local people deserve credit for being so poor yet so lacking in open contempt and envy for the rich foreigners with their pockets stuffed full of dollars. Most of the population have to get by on $1 a day. In no other Asian country have I been told I have a big dick or come across girls so sweet and willing to please and be pleased.


    I stayed at the excellent Riverside Hotel. If you e-mail them at with your arrival time, they will come and pick you up at the airport and save you $7 on taxi fare. The city view rooms ($30) are very pleasant and quiet. Good security box system too and no girls are allowed to leave without a guest's permission so there's no chance of having your phone or digital camera nicked while asleep. On the road at the back of the hotel you will find a superb Chinese restaurant called Seven Bright. You won't get such good service and food at that price anywhere else in the world. I fell in love with waitress Number 19. If you buy a beer you can invite the waitresses to sit and drink with you. None of them speak any English. For excellent European food (and proper wood oven pizzas) the Foreign Correspondents Club (FCC) have a gourmet set menu for only $10. There are many other good places on Sisowath. For a full English breakfast the Jungle Bar is recommended, $3.75 including one mug of tea or coffee.


    There are many good places to meet girls. The most popular are Sharky, Martini, Walkabout and Heart of Darkness in that order on a nightly timescale. Sharky gets going around 7 PM. Heart of Darkness is a late night place and not worth going to before midnight. On a cosmic plane, above the rest, is the new Martini, which has moved from its old location but is a carbon copy of the old place except cleaner and with an air-conditioned dance floor. A very pleasant intoxicating aroma pervades the atmosphere. Girls start arriving after 9pm with most in the 18-22 age range, count on $10 for short time and $20 all night. You can halve that for the older ones over 30. The average around 7/10 is higher than any similar place I have ever been to in Asia so you are spoilt for choice. Some of the younger girls will insist that you take their friend too. Nothing wrong with that but in general you won't get great service and they will feel superior. For good threesomes you need to be able to choose both candidates.


    For yam-yam (BJ) or boom-boom (shag) on the premises, try the Cyrcee Club, Mikado, Sophie Club, or DV8. They all charge $10 per lady regardless of service and the girls are, in general, willing and excellent technicians. I would agree that DV8 has the best-looking and well-mannered girls. The ones at Sophie get too well-serviced and look the most clapped-out. There are 2 good hostess bars near the Riverside Hotel, about 5 minutes walk towards the centre in a small sidestreet (Street 104) off Sisowath Boulevard. One is called Rose Bar, the one opposite is called Zanzibar. Zanzibar has the younger and better-looking girls and the owners are charming women. Draft beer is only $1. There is a $10 barfine at both places but not all the girls will go with customers. T


    Two new discos have opened up. Manhattan is at the Holiday Hotel, Spark is a huge new place near Martini. They are expensive - $5 a drink - and cater mainly to rich Asians who prefer the lighter-skinned Vietnamese girls. Both are quiet before midnight. I went to the infamous Svay Pak (K11) brothel area one night at 8. The place looked like it was closed up but apparently not. I was surrounded by some young touts who opened the grilled gate for me and said many young girls inside. There were some dodgy characters lounging about nearby. The atmosphere was menacing and I didn't fancy getting jumped, robbed and the shit kicked out of me on my way out so was off like a shot. During the day it's okay but it's now common knowledge that the police are lying in wait to make a bust so I guess we can all cross K11 off our list of tourist attractions.


    For getting laundry done, the places on Sisowath charge too much. Go down the main road which leads to Sharky and you will see a few on the opposite side. I used the Eden Laundry, very cheap and your stuff ready in 24 hours. There are a couple of massage places on the same street where the girls sit outside. You can go in and actually get a proper massage very cheaply. Girls don't speak any English. I also found a good place which does digital prints in 20 minutes, 8 for $1. Address is Kampuchea Krom Street 134-136. Girls here really appreciate photos as a gift. I even spotted a new Canadia Bank ATM machine. It's in a main road near the Pacific Hotel and Super Burger shop wherever that is. There are internet places everywhere now, 2000R (50 cents) for an hour. Most have internet phones too, not a great line but 8 minutes for $1 to the UK. There are 2 money changer booths on Sisowath about half way down, more inside the Central Market. Don't give money to the street children, as the money they collect goes to unscrupulous adults. Give them food, or better still, eat at the charity restaurants that help them. Recommended is Friends near the royal palace.Free condoms in the toilet. Be gentle to the girls but not too generous or you may end up seeing more of them than you want to.

    (Review # 9844)
  • Phnom Penh Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Mar 17 2004 Submitted by: Headhunter

    Just spent one of the most enjoyable weeks of my life in Phnom Penh. The city is safer now than it has ever been but take the normal precautions you would take travelling anywhere in the world. The people are wonderful, the girls sweet, lovely and affectionate. This is girlfriend sex at its cosmic best. Bring plenty of dollars cash with you and don't forget photo for visa on arrival.

    There are no ATMs but you can get cash advances on credit cards at banks in town at $5 or 1% minimum charge. Visa is the most widely accepted. Good place to stay is Mikey's Guest House at 213 Sisowath Quay, the most lively part of town. Rooms are $20 and $35. If Mikey's is full, try the Riverside Hotel ($25/$30) a few blocks further north. The hotels can find you girls but you'd need to be pretty incapacitated to resort to that method.

    Indian-made viagra ("kamagra") is available at all pharmacies and costs only $10 for 4x100mgs tablets. To get around town, the moto-taxis are fine. Pay no more than 50 cents during the day, $1 after dark. Try and get hold of Bayou, a free monthly listings magazine with good map in the middle. All the cafe-bars on Sisowath have copies. You don't need to tip here but even small tips of say 1000R(25c) are very much appreciated. The beer is good and deceptively strong at 5%. Beer Lao is my favourite.

    - There are some good privately-owned sex bars (brothels basically). Drinks are usually $2.You can have sex on the premises for $10 whether it is yum-yum (BJ) or boom-boom (shag). Girls don't have any underwear on. Mikado is good fun although the girls are not up to much. Cyrcee Club (#13, Street 49 ) has some nice ones, ages 20-25. Sophie Club (9EO Street, 118 corner of Street 53 ) is an outrageous place.It has rooms upstairs but don't be surprised to see guys getting BJs at the bar. Be careful with your cash here. Some of the girls have light fingers. While one is playing with your dick the other might be going through your pockets. A class apart from these three places is DV8 (#7, Street 148)just off Sisowath near the Riverside Bar (not the hotel of the same name). Drinks are cheaper and girls are very cute and accomodating. You can pay the bar $25 and have a girl for the whole night. Try their B52 cocktails.

    - For freelancers, the going rate is $20 for long time. A good place to start is Sharky (#126,Street 130. The girls here can be a bit aggressive, particularly the older ones who usually start massaging your back the second you sit down. $1 for for about 15 minutes.The best-looking girls here are the waitresses who earn only $40 a month for a 6 day week. Work on them and you can get them to see you on their day off. This place can get lively from 8 onwards and serves good tex-mex food. A later place and my favourite is the famous Martini (402, Mao Tse Tung Blvd), also does good Asian food, a lot of pretty girls 18-21. All the drivers know the place. Disco starts at 9 and live bands in the main area at weekends. The girls are a 50-50 mix of Vietnamese and Khmer.

    Vietnamese are generally more aggressive and older. It's worth getting there early to get the pick of the best. I noticed a few girls start at Sharky and go on to Martini later. Another excellent spot is Walkabout, a 24 hour bar. It helps if you can play pool because the girls congregate round the table area. The Walkabout is the best place to watch live sport, especially English football, as it has a big screen and can show two games at the same time. In the same street is the famous Heart of Darkness. Worth a try but recently is attracting a lot of rich Cambodians and also a gay crowd, the girls who freelance there make you work hard too. Also, some of the bars on Sisowath have their own regular freelancers who arrive any time after 6. Try Mikey's (Sin is hot) and the Jungle Bar nearby.

    - There are some good hostess bars, barfine $5. Try Shanghai Bar (Cnr streets 51 & 172) opposite Walkabout where there are a number of pretty girls 20-27. There is also Rose Bar just off Sisowath down from the Riverside Hotel. The girls here are okay but this place attracts a lot of yuppy types.

    - Cambodia's first a go-go bar has just opened, called Viper (702 Kampuchea Krom Blvd). Girls dance on a stage surrounded by a ring of fire. I heard the drinks are overpriced here so didn't bother checking it out.

    - There are two main brothel areas where the girls stand in front of tin shacks which are generally smelly, dirty and unhygienic. $10 a shag. Very few girls speak any English and you might prefer to take them back to your hotel and pay them a bit more. One area is called Tuol Kauk and is only 3 kms out of town.

    Now for a warning which you can ignore at your peril. The infamous Svay Pak (K11) has been under police surveillance for some time. An average of 2-3 foreign guys gets busted here every week. To pay your way out of jail will start at $50,000. Keep the fuck away from the place. The most dangerous part of the city is Hun Sen Park after about 10. Streetwalkers cost only $3. If you go there and get away with just being robbed, you will be lucky.

    Another place to avoid is U2, a large Cambodian nightclub on the way to Martini. Shootings are common there between drunken locals. Another 1-2 guys gets set up every week, not only by Cambodians but by other foreigners working for NGOs would you believe it. Never accept an introduction for a sex partner from anybody. You will have no difficulty finding your own ones. Have a great time and be nice! (Review # 8620)

  • Phnom Penh Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Jan 20 2003 Submitted by: onefortheroad

    Enjoyable and seems pretty safe to visit nowadays. Make sure to take a passport photo, as you will need it to attach to your visa application form, which costs 20 USD. You will also have to pay 20 USD on departure.~~~~

    ~~There are plenty of other reports naming venues.~~Svay Pak - if you wander around, someone will appear to escort you to a house or houses where you can find a choice of company. Martini's and Sharkey's are business as usual, and near the Central Market is an area where ladies cruise on motorcycles looking for company. A pleasant place to stay is The Riverside hotel, 30 USD including breakfast, and no problem to entertain your guest or guests. In fact, in the unlikely event you cannot find a companion, one, or more, can be found for you. ~~

    ~~A 'must visit' is the Foreign Correspondents Club (FCC) about a kilometer south from the Riverside hotel facing the river. Excellent food, reasonable prices and great views over the Tonle Sap/Mekong river confluence. Many ladies can be found in the evenings along the river. Most ladies ask from 10 USD shortime, to 15-30 USD for all night. As in other reports we found the Vietnamese ones tend to be better looking and more eager to please than the Khmers.~~ (Review # 6733)

  • Siem Reap Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Jan 18 2003 Submitted by: Heavy Balls Bill

    Jan 2003 I just returned from Cambodia. In Siem Reap, I was taken by cyclo driver from the boat landing after arriving from Phnom Penh to the Lovely guesthouse. I stuck with this driver (always a mistake- they see you as a vein ready to be sucked dry, but you usually go with it for safety's sake).~~

    ~~~~The best thing is to go to Martini's and meet a nice girl and negotiate with mama. Or just take a moto to somewhere NEAR the brothel/ massage, and send his ass away, otherwise he will jack up the price. Don't feel sorry for the moto boys- they make a good living. Feel sorry for the girls who get robbed and fucked by their pimps. Tip them nicely with the money you saved by outthinking the motos.~~ (Review # 6713)

  • Phnom Penh / Siem Reap Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Oct 22 2002 Submitted by:

    I just returned from a 5 day trip to Cambodia. Golden Gate hotel in Phnom Penh has good Deluxe Rooms for US$30/night, including breakfast and laundry, and regular rooms for $15/night. Vuthy in the reception moonlights as a taxi driver/guide, speaks fairly good English and was very helpful in showing me around.~~

    ~~~~1st day I went down to Martini. Mostly Khmer girls, some really pretty and 18-20 years, mostly so-so. Ended up having late dinner inside Martini with the two prettiest I could find, claiming to be cousins. Around $2 for fried rice with beef. After some discussions, agreed on $25 each for the night. Reasonably good service back in the hotel, but after the first shot they both got up and wanted to go home (1am) to "take care of their mothers". Being a bit pissed off for expecting whole night of fun and then only getting 1 hour, I gave them $20 each.~~~~

    ~~Day 2, went down to Heart of Darkness. Not many girls inside, though quite nice bar. Went off to Sharky's, but got disappointed by the mostly old and not very attractive girls there. Went back to Martini and got another one for $20. Totally poor service, and again suddenly had to take off after the first shot. Sent her home.~~

    ~~~~Day 3, went to Siem Reap to visit Angkor Wat. Stopped by a Chinese restaurant/massage parlour with the usual Thai-style fishtank setup. Picked a reasonably attractive girl at $25 for 1 hour of full service. In the small room, the service provided was totally worthless. She didn't know how to massage, and was completely uninterested in the sex. Left the place after an hour. Later that night, went to Zansibar, with a mix of girls and ladyboys. Even with hard haggling, the girl I chose refused to go for less than $40/night. In the end I agreed and brought her back to the hotel. Again the service was quite poor, but at least she stayed all night and I could fuck her 3 times.~~

    ~~~~Day 4, back in Phnom Penh in the evening. A moto-driver took me down to a brothel where I picked a really pretty girl for $15/all night. Back in the hotel, she was even worse performer than the others, just watching TV and wanting to sleep, totally uninterested in fucking or making out. Fucked her once just to get some value for money and told her to piss off. Went back to Martini instead, but it was closed, so went down to Sharky's. Picked a quite nice girl for $15/night. Finally someone who did a fairly good job and put in some effort, but again after the first shot, she suddenly had to go back, regardless of us agreeing on all night, and demanded $20 instead, plus taxi money. Told her she was crazy, gave her $15 and 2000 Riel for the taxi ($0.50).~~

    ~~~~After 7 girls, I was not very impressed by the standard. There are lots of young and beautiful girls, but in my experience their service is the worst I've experience in Asia. (By the way, I'm a white guy, late 20s, been living and working in Asia for some years)~~ (Review # 6324)

  • Phnom Pehn Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Oct 17 2002 Submitted by: ivan

    Enjoyed a recent short visit, Oct. 2002, to Phnom Pehn, the wonderfully relaxed capital of Cambodia.~~I would recommend staying in the area known as Street 93, off Monivong Boulevard, a quiet dead end street backing unto the fresh water lake called Boeng Kak. Here you will find all things necessary to sustain a comfortable lifestile at very low cost, most of the hotels have decks built out over the water and provide wonderful views of the setting sun, the water helping to keep temperatures at a bearable level, prices never rising above the $5 level, although the plumbing is not up to western standards.

    ~~Any of the " motorboys " will know the way there for less than one American dollar, try the Lazy Fish guest house & restaurant, ( lazyfish ), very safe and friendly.~~There are no girls in this area, but a short ride provided by any one of the multitude of "motorboys" will bring you to the local brothel village called "Tuol Kauk", or a slightly longer ride to the out of town brothel street known as "Svay Pak".

    ~~My preference would be for the later, the ride out along the Tonle river provides a facinating window on life of ordinary Cambodians as they live out there lives along the roadside.~~Recent clampdowns by local police within the village mean that the girls no longer surge out of their "houses" to greet and hopefully capture the attention of arriving customers.~~Now they must remain behind the metal shutters that front houses 1 to 9, but within these basic, but adequate structures all remains the same, with a wide range of very enthusiatic young ladies ready and willing to satisfy most tastes.

    ~~Prices range from $10 for ordinary straight sex, plus a tip for the girl. It is interesting to note that price negociations always take place with the "mamasan" or "papasam" and if you dont like the first sellection of girls on display, more will always be provided, specialist services can be requested.~~In every case you will be encouraged by numerous young men or pimps, who surround your taxi or motorbike on arrival, and try to convince you that the house they represent is best. Pick one at random, they are all the same.

    ~~Alltogher it is a very happy and unthreatening place, sit down at one of the local cafes, have a beer, watch the white males from every country in the world arriving and departing by taxi or motorcycle, note the number of official looking cars with blankets over their number plates, and get a feel for the place before making a choice.~~The local word for straight sex is "Bom Bom" while oral sex is known as "Yam Yam " or "Yum Yum" ( I dont know what word they use to describe anal sex )

    ~~Combine your visit with a four hour trip up the Tonle Sap river to the wonderful temples at Ankor Wat where girls are also available at the small town of Siem Reap.~~A facinating country, but go before the tourists ruin it. (Review # 6303)

  • Phnom Penh Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Nov 18 2001 Submitted by: Ramtto

    I have been in Cambodia in November 2001 and I can tell you that it was a fantastic Journey concerning Girls and Fun.

    ~~~~~~In Phnom Penh there are several places where you can get a nice companion for a few hours or a whole day. My favorite place is K 11 or SVAY PAK. A lot of Vietnamese girls between 18 - 22 years olds, cheap and willing to serve you in all ways. Pay not more than US 5$ for a short time action or not more than 20 US$ for the hole night. Other places like 63rd Street, Toul Kok are offering same services for same value. The Martini Bar, before my favourite Place now don't have as much beautiful girls as they had before and most of them are Khmer not Vietnamese. They are trying to rip u take care.~~The Sharkey's is still a good place to have a drink or to find a girl for they night, even if the girls are older and less beautiful than the K11 ( Svay Pak ) girls. Try it out.~~A good and save hotel with AC, hot water and king size beds is the Tai Seng Hotel in Monivong Boulevard for 20 US$. You can bring one or more girls inside your room without having problems.

    ~~~~Sihanoukville, my favourite Beach Location is cheaper than Phnom Penh but it offers you a wide range of nightlife. You can have a girl from 3US$ for short time or for 15US$ for the whole night. Accommodation for about 10US$ is clean and good.~~Try out the Hawaii Hotel or the Marlin and if you need a girls try out the Vietnamese Girls Strip in the center near the Market or the long brothel way at the port, where you can find a lot of Khmer girls.

    ~~~~The real paradise for men is KOH KONG. Accommodation for about 4 - 8 US$, girls for the whole night for about 8 - 10 US$. And the girls are nice and young and able to do everything. Ask your moto driver for the "chicken farm". A beer in a restaurant is about 0.6US$. A good place to be and easy to reach from Thailand. Just take a bus from BKK/Pattaya to Trat, from there a minibus to the Bordertown (Had Lek), pass the border, take a boat ferry to Koh Kong and all will cost you not more than 6 hours from BKK/Pattaya and about 10 US$......~~
    (Review # 4625)
  • Sihanoukville Other Dated Added: Wed Nov 07 2001 Submitted by: Doug

    I got ripped off in a way that is not in any way embarrassing or aggravating. I just want to warn you~~that bait and switch is alive and well. After a ride on the back of a motorbike past brothels on a very rutted~~dirt road, dodging pigs and a water buffalo, my moto driver rolled into the parking lot for the Biba Disco. I~~had read it was kind of a disco/hooker bar worth checking out. Here's what happened. My driver and I go in and order drinks.

    ~~~~~~ About 15 girls are dancing to typical disco music in~~the style of 19th century apsara classical dancers. Lots of intricate, slow finger motions and slow twisting and turning of the legs. Imagine Saturday Night Fever danced like a very slow ballet.~~ The advantage of these motions is you can definitely see how hard and tight the bodies are on a relative handful. The others are packing about 10 extra~~pounds or so. All look around 18-25 years old. After about five minutes, the mamasan comes over and hands me a photo album.

    ~~~~~~ As I begin to leaf through the beautiful color pictures, it appears to be a photo album from a wedding. I turn more pages and realize these ladies~~are all wearing wedding gowns. Page numbers in the~~album correspond to little number disks pinned on the shoulders or waists of the dancing girls. I look at number 17 dancing in front of me. She has a body like a stripper, a very slim waist and large breasts. The~~negotiations begin. After about a minute $10 is accepted for a quickie in the nice rooms behind the disco. Typical Chinese set-up in the room: air, bed, bath, shower, toilet, and a large TV showing Chinese~~porno movies.

    ~~~~~~ Number 17 went from being all excited to be selected from the group to being a coy, virgin bride ~~type in the room. So, I go shower and return in two minutes. She jumps up in her towel and goes into the shower. She comes back shortly and turns the TV to ~~some non-sex show. No problem there. But then it becomes a struggle to get her out of the towel.

    ~~~~She is~~a bit playful, but it seems kind of odd that a prostitute~~would be reluctant to have sex. I cannot speak Cambodian, but I show her there is nothing abnormally~~big about my cock. And I show her the condom. Then~~I start to think maybe she has stretchmarks or a scar~~she wants to hide. Or maybe gonorrhea or some disease.~~

    ~~~~ I gently but firmly pull off the towel. She covers her breasts with her hands. Her exposed body is attractive and unmarked. I gently push back her hand. She is flat chested. She must have stuffed her bra with silicone~~gel fake breasts. I shook my head in disgust. This is bogus, I said. I gestured for her to give me head. She refused. I just got up, got dressed, and went out to complain to mamasan. She brought over the manager.~~He said take any two chicks you want for free. I said no~~thanks, paid the tab, and split. My driver said she will~~probably be put on a bus back home for deceiving us~~all. ~~
    (Review # 4579)
  • Various Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Feb 04 2001 Submitted by: Eatlife

    So anyway I recently got back from a trip to Cambodia. Generally advice: its not that dangerous anymore, except in a few areas. Sihanoukville is a nice beach, Phnom Phen is a cool city, Siam Reap is only good if you like your temples, everywhere else is pretty quiet but usually pleasant. Prices are still reasonable with perfectly good hotel room being $7-$15, and a good Baguette 25-50c, whilst a restaurant meal will be about $2-$5,and beer well anything from 25c-$6 (roadside stall - top nightclub). Motodriver transport is typically unpredictable, some drivers will be reasonable, some will take the piss completely, most will try the "its up to you, how much you want to pay?" routine - incidentally it is in your best interest to stick to short hops rather than extensive contracts, it don't make things any cheaper and can make you feel obligate to take the same guy always. That would be fine if there were some benefit in doing so, but there isn't, I would go so far as to say there's almost a conspiracy, I had a particular driver whom I was very fair to, I paid him a decent (but not excessive) amount, bought him lunch, cigarettes etc. But would he ever take my side in a haggling situation? WOULD HE FUCK! No matter how much kindness you show these people, at the end of the day you are still a rich tourist to them and even a Cambodian who is a stranger (to them) deserves your money more than you do. On the other hand, on my last day when I had $0 left, the drivers I'd been regular with saw to it that I ate, drank, and got to the airport for free.

    Now girls :) Oh wait perspective - in my 20s, never been to SE Asia b4, had a modest number of girl friends will quality of sex varying from disappointing to fantastic, only ever used a prostitute once b4 (when I was younger and just wanted to find out what a blow job felt like).

    Still essentially 3 types of prostitution that are common in Cambodia, tried all 3 types, and they're all subject to circumstances.

    1. Hotel arranged - The hotel girls were both the best and the worst, the 1st 3 girls I had were hotel girls, and they nearly put me off bothering with anymore. The 2nd one was so unco-operative that I sent her back, the other 2, one just lied back and took it with minimal reaction looking at the TV the whole time, the other did her level best to stop me actually having sex, she was fine with hand jobs, and begrudgingly did some short blow jobs, but it became clear that if I wanted to actually fuck I was gonna have to practically rape her. It was bad enough having 3 girls in a row that made me feel like a molester, I didn't want to feel like a rapist to. Conversely, both of the best girls I had were also hotel girls. When someone in the hotel offers you a girl they will likely give you some bullshit along the lines of "they'll be 10 girls to choose from, from China, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia, all different ages, and types, blah blah" don't count on it, it'll be as many girls as they can fit on 1 or 2 motos, and quite likely disproportionately more Cambodian girls (seemed to me that Vietnamese dominate the clubs, brothels are 50/50, hotels are mostly Cambodian)

    2. Night-club/Karaoke - Overall the nightclub girls (who are usually freelance) were the best on average, none were disappointing. But with Karaoke a lot of the places didn't seem to have such great looking girls.

    3. Brothel - Most of the brothel girls were good, none were especially bad. I suspected that had I taken any of the good ones back to my hotel it would have been cool. But it seemed that whenever I found a brothel girl that I would have taken back, something got in the way: other plans, already really late at night (too late to bother paying more when I wanted to sleep soon), this girl isn't available for hotel, etc, etc.

    4. Some guys also told me they had some great on the street offers, I spent a lot of time loitering in the places they mentioned to no avail.

    Prices, well, I am a terrible haggler, especially when my dick is involved, for a 1 shot I was paying from $8 to $20 (although that one gave me the impression I was getting her all night) and $10-$35 all night. I'm sure these prices could be negotiated down, just not by me, sorry for causing inflation. Siam Reap was most expensive probably because they get a lot of clueless loaded package tourists there, they actually asked for $60! I battled to $35. Sihanoukville was on average a bit cheaper than Phnom Phen where prices always came with excuses: oh its very late we had to wake her up, oh its very early she's fresh, you took a long time I think I deserve it, you western guys have bigger dicks (more wear and tear!?), I have to pay for my English classes so I can talk to guys like you. Don't get me wrong, they're not ruthless hagglers or extortion artists, but if your a soft touch like me, they will take advantage of your good nature - but then if you're good natured you wont mind. Outside of the main tourist areas it will never be that expensive, but can go 2 ways - cheap because its more or less local prices, not so cheap because there aren't so many girls working the area so supply/demand comes into play.

    Locations: I didn't rate Toul Kok, found K-11 to be bigger, better, more girls, and plus it had some fair bars and restaurants for down time. Both Martini and Sharkey's are still full of available girls. They're fast and predatory too. The more reputable (and far more expensive) Phnom Phen clubs had much less overt working girls, and it was often hard to tell if any given girl was out for fun or profit. In Sihanoukville there was the variously named Chicken/New/Lady Village, which was similar in appearance to Toul Kok, but felt better, I didn't try the Biba Disco despite constantly being urged to by drivers - it just sounded over priced. Everywhere in the country there are karaoke bars, massage places, and sometimes Cambodian style discos, almost all of which will have some prostitution element to them.

    Looks, there was only 1 girl who was not especially attractive, alas that was in a small town where there didn't seem to be many other options. The rest were variously cute to absolutely beautiful. I found that the Vietnamese girls were on average better looking, but at the same time, it was definitely a Cambodian girl who I would say was the most beautiful (obviously a subjective opinion). Generally speaking the Vietnamese girls had lighter skin, and were more petite; some of the Cambodian girls were more shapely. I'd say they were comparable to Chinese and Thais respectively. Almost without fail they were well presented, some wearing club wear, some smart casual, some traditional clothes. Always clean, showering before and after sex. By and large most girls seemed aged about 18-21.

    With the exception of the 1st few girls, they were all at least co-operative, and usually affectionate. Some were in fact great fun. And did a great job of seeming to enjoy themselves generally as well as during sex (whilst I think the sex was acting, I believe at least some of the girls comparatively enjoyed their time with me - I'm sure I'm preferable to some Arab who wants to beat you b4 sex or some fat old miserable tourist etc). One girl even picked my camera up off the table and started taking photos. If only it had been digital with no worries about developing I could have got some good pics, she seemed very up for it. This girl was quite near the end, prior to this I'd been a touch nervous about asking to take pics, but 1 other girl liked our taking pics of each other. As long as your not paranoid about her trying to rob your camera, I recommend leaving it in plain view, both these girls suggested the photo sessions and did not expect extra pay for it (though if it had got all porno they might have asked for a tip and rightly so). I did have 1 nightclub girl who was a little disappointing; she came on really strong in the club then totally fizzled at the hotel.

    Performance wise, about half did oral, and some of those did BBBJ. Only girl 2 and 3 tried to not have sex. Most girls put at least some effort into the sex but some were a bit lazy. Some didn't want me to do doggy style; others were fine about it. All those that I suggested anal too turned me down flat, even if offered double money. Some of their pussies were amazingly tight and felt unreal (all Vietnamese girls I should point out), the rest were all well and good, except for the previously mention most beautiful girl. Yes she was beautiful and had a really warm character but (probably as a result) her pussy was a real non-event. Most Cambodian girls seem to have very little pubic hair; Vietnamese often have more but still usually less than western girls do. Bonus.

    In the brothels they often expected you to shower b4 leaving, each and every time this gave me a paranoid fit about leaving my stuff in the room, I guess it'd be pretty bad business to rob your customers especially b4 they've paid. Unsurprisingly nothing went missing, but I'm sure it must happen in some places.

    I sure as hell wont ever go back to Cambodia for sight seeing it isn't that interesting. As for the girls, well, I have no point of personal reference, but Vietnam now seems very appealing (would I be right in imagining there are more and perhaps even better Vietnamese girls in Vietnam? or is the greater restrictions on prostitution there the reason there are so many of them in Cambodia?). Unless of course North Korea opens up soon - GOD that's gonna be good I bet! Enough, Eatlife
    (Review # 3097)
  • Jackson, Michigan Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Sep 25 2000 Submitted by: Henri

    On a recent drive from Detroit to Chicago, I stopped at the Oriental Sun spa near Jackson, MI. The Oriental Sun, which is just off of I94, looks like a dump from the outside. Inside, however, the woman who greeted me had a warm smile, although she did seem a bit paranoid. I asked for an hour session, which cost $60. It was clear from the start that more than a massage would be available, but the woman would not take a tip right off the bat. After a long, invigorating massage session, the woman massaging me draped herself over my naked body and asked me what I had in mind. Although she was fairly attractive and friendly, I opted for a hand job, which she performed well. This cost an additional $60, but there is little doubt that full service is available for anyone desiring it. All in all, not a bad place, if one can overlook the general decrepitude of the place and the annoying "oriental" music coming from the cheap portable radio. (Review # 2443)
  • Siem Rep Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Aug 17 2000 Submitted by: Armored Saint

    Took a quick detour from Thailand to Siem Rep for the cultural experience of Ankor Wat. Definately 6th world. But on the street everything is quite cheap. I do mean everything. The American dollar rules do not change your money to reals as it is worthless. Many girls abound for 10USD shortime 20USD all nighters (without any bargaining) less money for a little barter time. However, I found in general youth without experience here to be quite a pain. The girls never speak English, and the Kymer girls are beautiful but extremely shy and reluctant. (Review # 2187)
  • Siem Reap Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Dec 15 1999 Submitted by: dazzler

    OK, so your going to Ankhor Wat to see the magnificent temples. Watch out for the moto drivers, they are all little shits out to rip you off. Pick one carefully, like a girl.

    There are a number of places for cheap sex here. Just around the corner from the Nana Guesthouse is the typical low end Khymer brothels. Look for Bayon Smile guesthouse on the same dirt road. And look out for the scarecrows dressed up in womens clothes, this seems to be the unwritten sign for the brothels. it's pretty nasty around here but I am sure you can get $5 fucks in the shacks.

    Even better is the Martini Nightclub. Despite what the Lonely Planet says about it being nothing like it's namesake in Phenom Phen, this place is full of taxi girls. The girls here are tops. All night for $30. You can probably get it cheaper but i didn't bother. So I took home a beautiful 20 yo Vietnamese girl and shagged her 3 times and once more in the morning before she left. She was great fun and could tell I was getting excited before I did. Good Value Plus it's so much fun to show her off in front of the other earnest foreign travelers at the hotel there to see the ruins. You can see the old men drooling and the ugly white girls scowling. Haha

    There are also a couple massage parlours there to satisfy your desires. I wish I had went, sorry I don't have any advise there. have fun and be careful of the mines.
    (Review # 1189)

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