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  • flic en flac Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Oct 05 2008 Submitted by: joe_

    When in flic-en -flac ask taxi drivers, they drove me to view 3 girls locally and finally chose a mulatto beauty who worked in a local hotel, took her back to my hotel (Mauritius is an informal island), this girl was gorgeous, slim body but nice breasts, very keen for anything, blowjob, sex and anal with condom, all night was equivalent of $100 in euros, and a lovely fuck before breakfast!

    Next two nights thought I would try my luck with one of girls who worked in my own hotel, after shift she came to my room full GFE except she wanted to retreat to bathroom while room service of wine and food came. She was lovely and only wanted to stay in a hotel in which she puts in long hours, but what sex!, The colour of her skin and the touch of her fingers and mouth was like being touched by an angel. She had to disappear before morning shift change but came back following night, hot sex she wanted different sex that night and brought with her 2 enormous toys which she put in her pussy and ass, she was crying with pleasure at the end. Wouldn't take any money directly but eventually accepted $200 and I suppose she got 2 nights board and food, I got to come multiple times over whatever part of her I wanted! But definitely not a working girl
    (Review # 24838)
  • Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Aug 27 2008 Submitted by: Jean-Luc

    Mauritius is very quiet and conservative. The prostitution scene is hard to find (illegal). You have ads (in French) in the newspaper "L'express" for massage parlors but even if you manage to understand the accent of the person answering and the address, you might find the parlor closed after 4 pm and it is not clear what kind of massage they do. They want to make it look like normal massages even when you could get more. Then you have to negotiate with the girls but sometimes, it is even impossible because the rooms are not really separate and all other girls and clients can hear what you say.


    In Port Louis, there are quite a few whores around the central Garden (Company Gardens) but I guess you'll need a car then. The place does not look safe at night There is a strip club in Grand Bay (formeryl called "Le Rocher" the name is still there on a board. Taxi drivers will know the place. It is also formerly known as "les Zéclairs"). When you exit the big supermarket SUPER U you go left and at the first crossroads by the shell gas station you turn right. You drive then 5 minutes and you get to the place. Entrance fee is 1'000 rupees (about 35 USD) and I think you can get more from girls inside (I did not pay the fee).


    On the opposite side of the road, there is a club called "mar dance" but it seems closed. In the same place (there are small hand written boards), 50 yards down a dirt road is a nigthclub (discotheque) called ero. There seems to be some low quality adult action in there with loud music (entrance fee I was given as a tourist: 200 rupees). Again, I did not pay it. The regular girls in this island are very hard to get although many of them dream of getting married to a foreigner and leave the place If you know better places: massage parlors, open minded girls N°, etc, please share with me!

    (Review # 24589)

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